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ExtraBigDicks Video: Hart Broken. Chasen Hart Is Back Looking All Sorts Of Manly Sporting A Rugged Beard And Trimmer Than We've Seen Him Before. Steven Ponce Is Also Back And We Know He'll Be Able To Handle Anything Chasen Throws At Or 'in' Him. Chasen Is 22 Years Old And Originally From Hollywood, Florida. Steven Ponce Is 31 And He's From San Juan, Puerto Rico. As For Colors Chasen's Favorite Is Purple While Ponce Loves Blue. As For Their Favorite Things To Watch, Chasen Loves Swamp People While Steven Loves Watching World's Dumbest Criminals. To Round Up The Favorites Hit List We Asked What Their Favorite Comfort Food Was. Chasen Loves Skylight Chili Or Sushi. Steven Loves 'comida Criolla' Or Home Spun Island Food Like Rice And Beans And Pork Chops. Summer Is Almost Over And We Asked These Two What They Were Looking Forward To Starting. Chasen Is Looking Forward To Starting School. Ponce Just Wants To Get To Travel As Much As He Can. We Asked Chasen Who Favors The Ladies If He Could See Himself Dating Women Exclusively In The Future And He Says He Wouldn't Want To Be Limited To Just Girls. Well We Couldn't Agree More...Chasen's Showing Off His Boner Through His Shorts Teasing Steven. 'Think You Can Suck This Better Than My Girlfriend?' Not One To Back Down From A Challenge, Steven Gets Chasen On His Feet As He Kneels Before Him To Get A Better Look. 'That's A Man's Dick In Need Of A Man's Mouth' Chasen Chuckles As He Watches Steven Strip Him And Awe At His Massive Meat. Steven Rubs His Face On The Tent That Chasen's Sporting Before Finally Setting It Free. Once The Boxers Come Off He Laps At Chasen's Heavy Nuts And Runs His Tongue Up Along The Shaft. He Then Opens Wide And Starts To Slurp On Chasen's Thick Dick. Chasen Moans As He Gets That Extra Thick Cock Sucked On. Steven Slurps On That Pole Getting It Nice And Wet. Chasen Loves The Attention His Fat Knob Is Getting And He Doesn't Want It To End Anytime Soon. Chasen Gets Back On The Couch Where Steven Lies Between His Massive Thighs And Gets Back To Worshipping That Meat. Chasen's Hands Start To Roam As He Checks Out Steven's Hot Ass. Steven Just Deep Throats His Cock Even Deeper Wanting To Please Chasen And Show Him What A Man Can Do. Chasen Then Starts To Fuck Steven's Hot Mouth As He Buries As Much Of That Beer Can Cock As Steven's Throat Will Permit.Steven Then Strips His Own Jeans Off And Bends Chasen Over To Get A Taste Of That Sweet Ass. He Can't Get Enough Of That Beefy Ass As He Shoves His Tongue Deep Inside Chasen's Hole. Steven Is Rock Hard As He Buries His Face Inside That Str8 Ass. They Stand And Compare Cocks Before Chasen Gets Steven Back On His Knees To Fuck That Face Some More. Steven Gets Him Rock Hard Before Handing Him An XL Rubber. Chasen Grins And Watches As Steven Slides That Cock Loving Ass Of His Down On His Fat Pole. It Isn't Long Before Steven Is Bouncing On That Cock As He Groans And Licks On Chasen's Neck. 'You're Ass Is Gonna Be So Sore' Chasen Groans As Steven Helps Himself To All The Dick He Can Get. Chasen's Monster Cock Has Met Its Match. Chasen Then Pulls Out And Bends Steven Over And Fucks Him Doggy Style. Steven Groans And Just Begs For More. Chasen Is Totally Into It Loving How Cock Crazed Steven Gets On The End Of His. He Starts To Slap That Ass As He Pounds Away At That Ass Deeper Than He Ever Has. Chasen Moves Them To The Couch Where He Lays Behind Steven And Keeps Fucking Him Until He Explodes All Over Himself. Chasen Then Pulls Out And Shoots His Own Thick Batch All Over His Happy Trail. 00:06:00 2 years ago HotMovs
Threesome Passion With Maddy Oreilly And Natalia Star, Dressed In Matching Black Lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly And Natalia Star Exchange A Lingering Kiss Over Their Man Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni Is Content To Watch As Both Of His Women Flirt And Tease Each Other Above Him, Slowly Removing Their Matching Lingerie Until They Are Both Nude. Rising To His Knees, Giovanni Switches Places With Maddy. He Positions Himself So That Maddy Can Kiss His Erection As She Lies On The Bed, And So That Natalia Can Join In The Fun By Leaning Over From Above. The Two Girls Take Their Time Worshipping Their Man's Hard Cock, Sucking And Licking. Soon, The Lovers Reposition Themselves So That The Pleasure They Are Generating Is Distributed Equally Among All Three Of Them. Maddy Remains On Her Back With Her Face Buried In Natalia's Warm Juicy Pussy And Giovanni's Dick Deep Inside Maddy's Tight Sheath. As Maddy Grows Closer To Her Climax, Natalia Drops To Her Hands And Knees Beside Her Friend To Tease Maddy's Hard Nipples With Her Mouth. Giovanni Follows Suit, Sliding Down His Belly And Using His Tongue To Eagerly Lap At Maddy's Tender Nub And Send Her Falling Over The Edge. Natalia Climbs To Her Hands And Knees To Present Her Luscious Ass To Giovanni. He Takes Her Invitation, Sinking Into Her Plush Warmth And Thrusting With Long Sure Strokes. As Maddy Recovers, She Is Eager To Take Part In Her Lover's Pleasure. She Reaches Out To Fondle Natalia's Tender Clitoris, Inching Steadily Closer Until She Can Suckle Her Friend's Big Breasts As Well. With Such Devoted Attention, Natalia Is Soon Moaning And Gasping Her Ecstasy. The Trio Takes A Moment To Catch Their Breaths And Reposition Themselves Before Things Heat Up Again. Starting At Natalia's Sensitive Feet, Maddy Begins Kissing Her Way Up Her Friend's Body. She Doesn't Get Very Far Before Giovanni Takes Advantage Of Her Open Position And Anchors Her Hips So That He Can Slide Into Her Warm Wet Channel. Stymied In Her Climb Up Her Friend's Body, Maddy Reaches Forward To Slide A Finger Into Natalia's Tight Twat While Natalie Takes Charge Of Her Own Pleasure, Massaging Her Clitoris As She Watches Her Lovers Move Together. After A Second Body-shaking Orgasm, Maddy Finally Reaches Her Goal Of Nuzzling And Licking Her Friend's Weeping Pussy. Giovanni Is Ready To Help Natalia Cum Again, Lying Down On The Bed So That His Woman Can Crawl On Top Of Him And Slide Down So That They Come Together In Reverse Missionary Style. Maddy Is There To Help Both Of Her Lovers Feel Incredible, Licking Giovanni's Balls As He Thrusts In And Out Of Natalia's Warmth, And Then Massaging Her Friend's Hanging Tits As Natalia Climaxes Again. Satisfied Twice Over, The Girls Fixate All Of Their Attention On Helping Their Man Cum. They Help Giovanni To His Knees And Take Turns Sucking And Pumping His Pulsing Erection Until He Is On The Edge Of Ecstasy. With A Few Quick Flicks Of Her Wrist, Maddy Helps Him Finally Achieve His Climax All Over Natalia's Ample Bosom. Never One To Let A Delicious Treat Go To Waste, Maddy Leans Forward To Lick Giovanni's Essence From Her Friend's Chest. When She Has Lapped Her Sticky Treat Up, The Two Girls Exchange A Long Kiss As They Share Their Man's Flavor. 00:08:12 3 years ago HDZog
CircleJerkBoys Video: Str8 Flush. Leave It To Halloween To Stir Up The Caldron And Bring About Unexpected Delights. Well, That's What Happened This Week Discovering None Other Than Miami Hottie, Richie Sabatini At Our Door. He Said 'Trick Or Treat' But, Like Hymens Everywhere We Were Torn With That Decision. So, We Called On Our Sexiest Ginger Devil To Make That Call For Us. Evan Mercy Was More Than Happy To Oblige And We're So Glad This 21yo Kentucky Stud Did. Having Just Survived Another All Hallows Eve, Next On The List Is Thanksgiving. We Asked These Two What They Enjoy Most About It. Socializing Is What Evan Enjoys The Most While Richie Enjoys Stuffing The Turkey. In All Honesty, We Can't Be Sure He Means The Actual Bird. If They Were Asked To Bring A Favorite Dish, Richie Would Bring Sweet Potato Pie And Evan Would Bring Zucchini And Squash. We Then Threw A Curve Ball At Em Asking If They Had To Choose Between Either, Lasting Longer In The Sack Or Delivering A Bigger Orgasm. They Both Confidently Opted Out Of The Endurance Challenge And Both Prefer Bigger Loads. Who Doesn't? We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking Them To Describe The Taste Of Their Loads In A Word. Richie Chimes In With 'Bitter-Sweet' For His Load. Evan Then Unwittingly Steals The Show. 'Well, As Long As We Don't Have To Use Words We Can Spell' He Grins 'I'm Gonna Say Immaculate... Flawless.' Awww...Bless His Heart! Richie And Evan Are Playing Strip Poker When Evan Lays Down His Winning Hands And Orders Richie To Get Naked. Richie Stands And Drops His Shorts. To The Victor Go The Spoils As Evan Gets On His Knees To Inspect His Prize. He Pulls Out Richie's Growing Cock And Gets To Work Sucking On It. Richie Moans As He Gets That Dick Deep Inside Evan's Throat. Evan Knows Just What To Do To Make Richie's Cock Hard As A Rock As He Spits And Slobbers On His Hard Cock. After Working On That Dick A While, Evan Gets Up And Starts To Make Out With Richie As He Drops His Own Shorts. If He Won The Game He May As Well Get His Own Dick Wet As He Sits On The Couch And Has Richie Return The Favor. Richie Gets On His Knees And Gladly Engulfs Evan's Hard Cock As He Swallows It To The Hilt. He Runs His Tongue All Along Evan's Throbbing Cock As His Mouth Literally Waters Tasting That Dick. He Can't Wait To Give It Up As He Gets On All Four And Shows Off That Ass Evan Will Soon Claim. Evan Gets On His Knees Behind Him And Takes A Closer Look Tongue First As He Eats That Ass A Bit Getting It Ready For More.Evan Takes Out A Butt Plug And Slowly Slides It Inside Wanting To Open That Tight Ass A Bit Before Sliding His Own Dick Inside. Richie Groans As He Gets That Ass Stretched. 'Enough Of That' He Orders 'Fuck Me Already!' Evan Is More Than Happy To Oblige As He Suits Up And Slowly Slides His Dick In That Wet Hole. He Slides His Meat All The Way Inside Until His Balls Meet That Hole. Richie Is Grunting As He Struggles To Accommodate That Dick In His Hole. He's Not One To Give Up So He Begs Evan To Fuck Him Harder. That Does The Trick As Evan Gets To Work Railing His Cock Deep Into Richie's Ass. Evan Slaps That Ass As He Fucks His Friend Doggy-style. He Can't Get Enough Of That Tight Ass So He Sits Back And Has Richie Ride Him In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. Richie's Cock Is Rock Hard As He Squats On That Dick Making It Bounce Like A Trampoline. Evan Slides His Dick Up Into That Ass Wanting To Get It In As Deep As Possible. Missionary Is Next As Richie Gets Put On His Back. Evan Gets Back In That Hot Ass And Slams It Home. He Pounds That Hole Faster And Harder Hitting Richie's Sweet Spot Repeatedly. Richie Can't Hold Off Any Longer And Blasts His Load All Over His Abs And Chest. Evan Isn't Far Behind As He Pulls Out And Unloads His Own Batch All Over An Already Glazed Sabatini. 00:06:00 2 years ago HotMovs
Corbin Dallas & James Darling & Jesse In Ts Dominatrix Jesse Fucks And Punishes A Submissive Man And A Ts Man - TSSeduction. Sometimes One Just Isn't Enough. TS Dominatrix Extraordinaire Jesse Woke Up And Was Hungry For Some Young, Hot, And Athletic Submissives To Worship Her Heavenly Form. Lucky For Her James Darling And Corbin Dallas Want To Book An Appointment To Serve Jesse For The Same Day And At The Same Time. Unbeknownst To The Two Pathetic Little Subs They Are About To Be Fucked And Sucked With A Rough Sex Ride That Will Leave Them Breathless For Weeks. First Our Blonde Haired Vixen Locks Her Slaves In A Cage. Dressed In Only Their Boxers And Work Ties, Corporate Moguls James And Dallas Can Only Stare And Drool Over The Perfection Of Jesse Fem Dom Form. She Is Dressed In Beautiful Sheer Nylons And Gorgeous Patent Leather High Heels While Reclining Like A Goddess On Her Couch. She Teases Her Pets And Pits Their Competitive Corporate Spirits Against Each Other. Who Can Serve Her Better? Whose Holes Are Juicier? Who Can Pleasure With Oral Sex The Best? Which Can Devote Themselves Fully To Cock Worship? Jesse Is A Stern Mistress And Demands Absolute Submission From Her Underlings. After Letting Them Stare From The Cage For A Good Long While Jesse Tosses Them The Key And Lets Them Crawl To Her Across The Floor. Cowering In Submission They First Sit At The Feet Of Their Goddess, Content To Just Smell Her Divine Presence. But The Allure Of Her Big Tits And Throbbing Cock Is Too Much For Them To Handle. They Beg To Sniff Her, Lick Her High Heels, Touch Her Golden Blonde Hair...anything To Show Their Devotion. Jesse Allows Them Touch Her And They Gorge On Her Mystical, Seductive Powers. She Tears Open Her Nylons And Face Fucks Both Her Subs Until They Gag Sloppy Wet Drool All Over Themselves. After Their Pathetic Mouth Holes Are Warmed Up, Jesse Begins To Explore The Multitude Of Whore Holes At Her Disposal. To Her Delight She Discovers That James Is A TS Man With A Dick That Jesse Can Fuck!! And The Orgy Begins. Jesse Fucks James Dick Every Which Way While Dallas Devours All The Juices. After Jesse Tires Of James, She Rolls Over And Pegs Dallas In His Tight Little Asshole. She Pounds Away And Dives Deep Into The Inner Reaches Of Dallas' Sexual Soul. Ass To Mouth Over And Over Again...the Hungry Subs Devour It All. In A Desperate Attempt To Gain The Approval Of His Queen, James Offers His Asshole To The Altar Of Jesse's Divine Cock. Jesse Pounds Away And James Squeals With Delight. Finally Jesse Is Through With Her Devoted Holes Of Her Toys And Unloads A Huge Wad Of Cum On To Faces Of Her Devotees. They Lick It Clean And Thank Their Mistress For The Nourishment Of Her Heavenly Nectar. 00:04:00 5 months ago HotMovs
Bella Rossi,Violet Monroe,Emma Heart In Young New Slave Brutally Inducted Into The Redhead Lesbian Dungeon - TheTrainingofO. While The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play. When Maya Kendrick's Boyfriend Pays A Surprise Visit From Jail She And Her Sexy Play Thing Kendra Spade Are Caught Fucking Around With Each Other Redhanded! Markus Dupree Can't Believe His Eyes When He Sneaks Up On His Cheating Girlfriend Kissing And Flogging Some Other Chick But He's So Horny From Being In Prison He Decides Pretty Quick To Get In On The Action And Relieve His Aching Cock. After A Little Bit Of Flogging And Cropping To Remind These Beauties Who Is Boss, The Girls Get Down On Their Knees To Worship Markus's Dick With Some Deep Throat, Sloppy Cock Sucking. They Want Nothing More Than To Please Him And It Shows With Their Eager Excitement. Markus Ties The Two Of Them Up In Doggie And Goes In For Some Ass Fucking Right Off The Bat. Mayas Tight Ass Can Barely Take His Huge Cock But Its Driving Her Crazy With Pleasure And Kendra Is Happy To Taste Her Friends Ass When Markus Stuffs His Cock In Her Mouth. Ass To Mouth And Back Again Markus Fucks Both Of Them In The Ass And Pussy Deep And Hard Getting Them All Warmed Up For The Slutty Squirt Fest That Is About To Come. Flipped Over On Their Backs With Wrists Tied To Ankles Markus's Hard Cock Pounds Maya's Pussy Out And Then Kendra's Hungry Ass. She Wants It Harder And Deeper And Markus Delivers Until Kendra's Hot Pussy Explodes And Gushes Squirting Again And Again.The Squirting Never Ends Until Markus Shoots His Load All Over Their Faces. There Is No Crime In Cumming In This Week's SAS Update My Hard Time Boyfriend. Check Out 19 Year Old Newcomer Kendra Spade In Her First SAS Shoot Ever! It's A Squirt Fest With Pussy Eating, Girl On Girl, Ass To Mouth, Toe Sucking, Wild Orgasms And More! 00:04:00 4 months ago HotMovs
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Street Meat, Big Dicks Galore This Week As We Welcome Back Cole Streets To Help Us Introduce A New Face To The Stable. Ricky Larkin Finally Makes His Debut With The Big Boys And He’ll Be In Excellent Company. Ricky Is 25 And From Fort Lauderdale, FL. Cole Is 32 Years Old And Originally From Texas. At 6'5 With A Beefy 8' Cock We're Guessing They Really Do Grow Them Big! We Asked These Two If They Had A $500 Gift Certificate To EBay What They Would Spend It On. Cole Wants A Louis Vuitton Bag. The Weekender Is Only $2200 So That Might Help. Ricky Would Buy Himself An Entire Collection Of Air Jordan Shoes. Ricky Took A Break From The Industry And Is Back After Two Years And He Says He Missed The Attention. We're Definitely Glad He's Back And Wife Free. We Know Cole Is Happy He's Unattached Too. Cole Is A Firm Believer That Bigger Is Better When He's Giving Or Receiving. He Likes To Know Its 'happening”. Yeah, We've All Been There. Both Of These Guys Have High Sex Drives But Even Though They Get A Lot Of Attention On Their Dicks On Cam They Still Like To Jack Off At Home As Well. They Both Like To Jerk Off To Porn And Ricky Admits He's Into Swinging These Days; So Those Fantasies Come In 'handy” As Well.Ricky Is Having Trouble With His Laptop And It's Not Working. Fortunately Cole Comes In And Saves The Day Letting Ricky Borrow His. Cole Warns Him To Not Look Around In It Too Much Or He May Run Into Things He May Not Wanna See. Ricky's Curiosity Is Peaked As He Gets It Out Of Cole That What He's Referring To Is Gay Porn. Ricky's Eyes Light Up As He Assures He'd Rather See That Kind Of Action In Person. They Start To Kiss And Undress Each Other As Their Hands And Tongues Explore Each Other. Cole Strokes On Ricky's Cock Through His Underwear Til It Gets Rock Hard And Ready For Attention. Cole Gets To Work As He Runs His Tongue Along Its Meaty Shaft. Ricky's Huge Cock Is Rock Hard As He Slides It All The Way Into Cole's Mouth. Cole Gets That Hard Cock Nice And Wet While Ricky Watches Him Worship His Meat. Ricky's Dick Is So Big It Makes Eager Cole Choke And Gag. …amateurs! Ricky Then Wants To Get Some Dick Of His Own As He Strips Cole And Gets To Work On His Raging Hard On. He Sucks That Big Dick And Pays Attention To Cole's Smooth Balls As He Chokes And Gags On That Thick Meat As Well. These Two Can't Get Enough Of Each Other And Eventually End Up In A Hot 69 Giving Each Of Them Exactly What They Wanted-more.Ricky Then Gets Cole On The Couch And Gets That Tongue Up Inside It. He Rims That Sweet Ass Getting It Ready For His Fat Dick. Cole Is Squirming At The Sensation And Is Begging Ricky For That Dick Within Minutes. Ricky Takes His Time Eating That Ass And Licking All The Way From Cole's Tight Ass To The Tip Of His Swollen Dick. When He's Ready Ricky Sits Back And Watches As Cole Straddles And Mounts His Meat. He Takes That Dick Like A Champ As He Bounces Harder And Harder On Ricky's Cock. 'Ride On That Long Dick” Ricky Groans As He Helps Bounce Cole On His Dick. Ricky Then Switches It Up And Bends Cole Over On The Couch Again And Slides Inside Doggy Style. Cole Moans As Ricky Pulls His Meat All The Way Out And Slams It Back Inside. Ricky's Smooth Balls Are Soon Banging Away At That Hot Ass As He Pummels That Tight Hole. Fucking Cole In This Position Lets Ricky Watch As His Dick Slides In And Out Of That Sweet Ass. Ricky Then Brings It Home Missionary As He Slides It Back In And Starts To Fuck Cole Deep. That Prostate Pounding Makes Cole Explode As He Gets The Cum Fucked Out Of Him. Ricky Continues Pumping That Ass Then Pulls Out And Blows His Wad All Over Cole's Furry, Cum-soaked Abs And Chest. 00:06:00 3 years ago UPornia
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NubileFilms Video: Her Pussy Craves. Super Sexy Aidra Fox Is Keeping Herself Occupied Throughout The Afternoon As She Waits For Her Man Bruce Venture To Return Her Text So That She Can Hook Up With Him For A Good Time. When He Finally Does Get Back To Her, A Big Smile Crosses Aidra's Face And She Rises To Meet Him. The Lovers Are Finally Able To Come Together And They Do With A Passion! Their Clothes Go Flying As They Get Skin To Skin As Quickly As Possible, And Within Moments Aidra Is Able To Take Her Man's Already Hard Cock And Wrap Her Eager Lips Around The Head To Start A Wet Warm Blowjob. In Her Excitement She Takes Every Inch Of Her Beau's Dick Deep In Her Throat! After Enjoying The Oral Pleasure For A Few Minutes, Bruce Just Can't Take It Any Longer. Lifting Aidra Up, He Flips Up Her Miniskirt And Slams His Cock Deep Into Her Tight Pussy That Is Already Dripping With Pleasure. Aidra Is Happy To Ride Her Man Cowgirl Style, Thrusting Her Hips To Piston Bruce's Fuck Rod In And Out Of Her Cum Hungry Twat. Turning His Woman Over On Her Back, Bruce Uses The Perfect Height Of The Couch To Slam Himself Home From An Angle That Hits Aidra's G-spot And Causes Instant Moans Of Ecstasy From His Woman. With Aidra Rubbing Her Clit In Time To Her Man's Thrusts, It Is Only A Few Moments Before She Experiences Her First Trembling Climax. Moments Later After Aidra Has Rewarded Her Guy With A Second Dick Sucking, She Re-mounts His Rock Hard Dick To Enjoy The Power Of Being On Top. Bruce Plays Along For A While, But As Aidra's Second Orgasm Grows Closer He Flips Them Into A Spooning Position And Then Drops Down To Eat Out Her Still Pulsing Pussy For A Quick Third Shivering Moment Of Ecstasy. Next Aidra Goes Up On Her Hands And Knees And Offers Her Luscious Ass To Her Guy So That Her Soft Pussy Is Fully Exposed. Bruce Instantly Takes Advantage And Delivers A Proper Pussy Pounding That Goes On Until The Last Moment When He Pulls Out To Let Aidra Drink Down All Of His Salty Warm Cum In Her Eagerly Open Mouth. 00:09:02 1 year ago HotMovs
CircleJerkBoys Video: Waters' Edge, Turn Down The Thermostat, Fellas; It’s About To Get Hotter In Here. Back With Us This Week Is None Other Than Gavin Waters. Gavin Is Looking As Hot As Always And This 23 Year Old Never Fails To Please. He’s The Epitome Of Southern Charm. Speaking Of Charming, We Have A New Face To Add To The Circle Today That Comes From The West Coast. Dylan Roberts Is Here And We Can’t Wait To Welcome Him Into The Fold. Dylan Is 21 And From That City By The Bay - San Francisco. We Asked These Two What Drink Would Best Describe Their Lives. Dylan Says He Just Loves Shots Of Tequila Str8 Up. Guess This One Hit The Ground Running As Soon As He Hit 21. “He Likes Quickies” Laughs Gavin. Gavin Says He Would Go With Sex On The Beach Or Just Add More Liquor And Make It An Orgy On The Beach. Now There’s A Drink Worth Looking Into. We Asked These If There Was Anything Our Viewers Would Be Surprised To Know About Them Past The Usual Assumptions. Dylan Feels If Guys Take The Time To Know Him He’s Very Personable. So, Don’t Assume Just Cuz He’s Hot He’s Got Nothing To Offer. Gavin Just Wants People To Know He’s Just A Laid Back Kind Of Guy And That He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously. Well, We’ll Go With That And Let’s Get This Party Started…Gavin Is Lying In Bed And Is Tugging On His Cock When Dylan Comes Knocking Wondering What’s Taking Him So Long? Apparently There’s More Than Basketball On Gavin’s Mind And He Blushes As He Confesses He Wants To Play With Something Else As He Pulls Dylan Into Bed. They Start To Make Out As They Get This Game Going. This Is A Much Better Game Regardless Since Everybody Wins. Dylan Licks At Gavin’s Pecs And Smooth Body As His Own Clothes Get Peeled Off. Gavin’s Body Is Defined And Dylan Pulls His Uncut Cock Out Of One Of The Holes In Gavin’s Jeans. Not Just Fashionable, These Jeans Are Functional As Well As Dylan Gets A Mouthful Of Cock To Work. He Sucks On Gavin’s Rock Hard Cock As He Licks And Savors That Cock And Foreskin. Dylan Deep Throats That Meat While Gavin Just Moans In Ecstasy. They Then Get On The Bed And Into A Hot 69 So That Gavin Can Return The Favor. He Works Dylan’s Rock Hard Cock While Dylan Continues Nursing On His. All This Foreplay Is Just Getting These Two Hornier For A Lot More Than Just Oral.Dylan Suits Up And Sits Back As He Watches Gavin Ease Himself Onto His Rock Hard Cock. Gavin’s Sweet Ass Soon Envelopes His Rock Hard Cock And The Real Fun Begins. He Helps Gavin As He Bounces Him On His Cock. Gavin Loves Every Inch Of It As He Grinds Away At That California Cock. Then They Switch As Gavin Bends Dylan Over And Delivers Some Southern Hospitality. He Fucks That Ass Doggy Style As He Slams That Thick Uncut Cock Deep Inside Out Newest Discovery. Gavin Then Moves Dylan Back To His Bed Where He Starts To Fuck Him Missionary. Dylan Holds His Legs Up In The Air As He Gives Up That Sweet Ass To Gavin. Gavin Pounds Away At That Hole As His Balls Pull Tight. The Chemistry Between These Two Is Obvious And At The Rate Their Going It Won’t Be Long Before They Explode. Gavin Fucks Dylan Some More Before Pulling Out And Moving Up To Dylan’s Chest To Unload All Over Him. Dylan’s Chest Becomes The Target As Gavin Drenches It With His Thick Load. Dylan Then Jacks His Own Thick Load Out All Over His Delicious Frame As Gavin Eggs Him On. Mmmm. Fuck Basketball, That’s The Way To Spend A Lazy Afternoon. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
Dawn, Ass To Mouth With Dildo. 00:02:51 3 years ago xHamster
MenOver30 Video: Adam's Rib, Adam Rogue Makes His Action Debut With Us This Week On . Adam Is A Big Boy And Carries A Bigger Than Average Club. After Originally Doing A Sexy Solo Scene, We Figured It Was About Time To Watch This Hunk Get It On. Adam Is Originally From Chicago And Still A Head Turner At 44. When You Got It, Flaunt It. Helping Us Welcome Back Mr. Rogue Is Our Very Own, Alexander Garrett. Alexander Is A Hot Colombian Who Now Calls South Florida Home. Alexander Is A Natural Fit Since He Too Is Packing Quite The Big, Uncut Cock. These Two Are Bound To Have A Good Time And The Chemistry Seems To Be Working. We Asked These Two If There Was Any Other Country They Could Live In Which Would It Be. Adam Wants A Cultural Destination Steeped In History. Italy Is His Top Pick Which Has More Than Just Culture To Admire. Alexander Would Love To Live In Brazil. Brazil Has Many Things To Offer And The Men Aren't Bad To Drool Over Either. Neither Of These Studs Realized They Were Packing More Than The Average Guy Down Below Until They Were In Their 30s. Makes You Kinda Wonder What They Weren't Doing In Their 20s, Huh? Well, This Afternoon You Won’t Have To Wonder Much At All. Just Sit Back, Get Hard And Enjoy.Adam Is Relaxing And Flipping Through A Dirty Magazine When He Gets A Knock On The Door. Alexander Arrives To Measure Him For Some Alterations. He Begins To Take His Measurements: Chest, Arms And Biceps. As He Kneels To Measures For His Inseam His Hand Lands Squarely On Adam’s Already Swollen Crotch. He Stands Up As They Start To Make Out. They Begin To Undress Each Other As They Kiss And We See Our First Glimpse At Adam’s Huge Frame. Alexander Undoes His Pants And Takes Out Adam’s Rock Hard Cock. He Playfully Measures It Before Getting To Work On It. He Opens Wide For Adam’s Thick Cock And Sucks It Down To The Hilt. Adam Moans In Appreciation As Alexander Spit Shines His Meat. Adam Then Wants To Suck Some Dick To As He Sits Before His New Latin Playmate. Alexander Gives Him More Than A Mouthful Of Uncut Colombian Cock To Work. As Adam Sucks On That Sweet Meat He’s Busy Stroking His Own Meat Down Below. They Then Get Back To Making Out As They Compare Dicks And Stroke Them Together. Adam Then Goes Back Down For More Of Alexander’s Cock As Alexander Bobs His Head On His Pole.Adam Then Gets Alexander On The Couch And Puts Him On All Four So He Can Get A Better Appreciation Of That Ass He’ll Soon Fuck. Alexander Serves It Up On A Platter As He Arches His Back And That Delicious Ass Beckons Adam Closer. Adam Fingers That Sweet Ass A Bit Before Giving It A Lick Or Two To Get It Ready For More. Adam Then Suits Up And Sits Back While Alexander Straddles His Thick Meat And Impales Himself On It. It Takes A Few Seconds To Get All That Cock Inside That Ass; But Once It’s In—it’s In! Alexander Starts To Ride That Meat As He Bounces Up And Down On It. “You Like That Big Cock?” Adam Grunts While He Watches Alexander Go To Town. Adam Then Gets Alexander Back On The Couch And Slides His Thick Meat Back Inside His Hot Ass Doggy-style. He Fucks That Hungry Hole Deep As Alexander Braces And Takes It Like A Man. Alexander’s Tight Ass Is Driving Adam Wild As He Palms Alexander’s Head Using It To Bounce His Defined Frame Back Onto His Thick Dick. Adam Then Gets Alexander On His Back And Fucks His Ass Missionary. Alexander Strokes His Meat While Adam’s Cock Is Hitting His Sweet Spot. As They Near Climax, They Sit Back And Beat Off. Alexander Soon Explodes All Over His Smooth Abs Just As Adam Unloads All Over His Own Furry Frame. 00:06:00 3 years ago UPornia
DeepThroat. Assfuck. Ass To Mouth And Cum 00:05:11 1 year ago xHamster
18 Year Alice Fucking Well, Alice March And Her Man Tyler Nixon Have Found Themselves Naked In Bed Together, And This Voracious Couple Knows Exactly How To Pass The Time. Tyler Starts By Kissing His Way Down Alice's Body, Taking Time To Suckle Her Diamond Hard Nipples Before Urging Her To Her Feet. Using The Wall For Support, Alice Rises Above Her Man's Eager Mouth Until Her Sweet Shaved Pussy Is At Exactly The Perfect Height For A Thorough Exploration By Tyler's Tongue. After A Few Minutes Of Velvet Caresses From Her Man's Tongue, Alice Turns And Presses Her Back To The Wall For Another Round Of Enthusiastic Licking. When Alice Is Wet And Ready, She Straddles Her Man's Hips And Sinks Down Slowly Until He Is Buried To The Hilt Inside Of Her. Rocking Her Hips Slowly To Draw Out The Moment, Alice Leans Forward To Create Intimate Eye Contact And To Indulge In A Long, Lingering Kiss. The Couple Is Ready To Switch Things Up, But As Alice Curls Up On The Bed She Is Unable To Resist The Temptation Of Her Beau's Long Pulsing Dick. Leaning Forward To Wrap Her Lips Around His Hardness, This Redheaded Beauty Takes Her Time Ensuring That Her Man Is Primed For Action. Settling Into An Intimate Spooning Position, Tyler And Alice Come Together Once Again. Their Movements Are Gentle At First, But Soon Grow Harder And Faster. Alice Climbs To Her Knees, Offering Her Luscious Ass To Her Man So That He Can Sink Even Deeper Into The Tight Glove Of Her Body. The Friction Sends Alice Over The Edge, Her Body Convulsing With Pleasure. Moments Later, Tyler Reaches His Climax As Well And Pulls Out To Pump His Essence All Over Alice's Waiting Back And Bottom In A Final Act Of Intimacy. 00:08:00 1 year ago HDZog
Ass To Mouth 00:00:47 1 year ago xHamster
NubileFilms Video: Anal Pleasures, Peeling His Woman Out Of Her Clothes As She Smiles Indulgently Down At Him, Totti Starts His Seduction By Feasting Eagerly On Anita's Sweet Shaved Pussy And Asshole. Anita Shows Off Her Flexibility, Lifting One Leg High To Give Her Man Plenty Of Easy Access To The Moist Hot Heart Of Her. Things Get Even More Acrobatic When Totti Lifts His Woman And Urges Her To Hang On To The Edge Of The Canopy That Shades Them So That He Can Tease And Torture Her Swollen Clitoris With Stiff Touches Of His Tongue. Anita Hangs On Tightly, Gasping And Moaning As Her Man Works His Magic On Her Sensitive Shaved Snatch. Although She Loves The Attention, Anita Is Always Eager To Make Sure That Her Partner Experiences The Same Intense Pleasure That She Is Receiving. She Drops To Her Knees And Unwraps The Towel That Has Hidden Her Man's Growing Erection Until That Moment. With A Naughty Grin, She Works Totti's Member With Her Hands And Mouth. Her Winds His Hands Through Anita's Hair To Guide Her, Pulling And Pushing As She Takes His Whole Length Deep Into Her Throat With Obvious Enjoyment. They Finally Come Together With The Sweet Spinner Riding Her Man In Reverse Cowgirl Style. Her Petite Body Arches In Pleasure As Her Hips Undulate Up And Down With The Help Of Totti's Guiding Hands. From There The Couple Transitions Into A 69 That Allows Them Each To Give And Receive Pleasure Simultaneously. Although The Sensation Is Exquisite, Anita Can't Stay Away From The Lure Of Feeling Her Man's Cock Deep Inside Of Her Tight Twat; She Soon Remounts Him And Resumes Her Interrupted Ride Atop Her Own Personal Stud As Totti Grips And Slaps Her Butt. Both Of Them Return To Their Feet So That Anita Can Bend Over And Expose The Entirety Of Her Shaved Pussy And Lovely Ass To Her Man, Opening Herself To His Pleasure So That He Can Take Her In Whatever Way He Wants. Totti Pumps Into Her Eager Pussy, Filling Her Doggystyle. Next It Is Time For A Special Treat For Both Of The Lovers. Anita Lies Down On The Outdoor Rug On Her Side And Spreads Her Legs So That Totti Can Push Himself Deep Into The Tightness Of Her Ass. They Spend Plenty Of Time Indulging In The Pleasure Of Anal Sex As Ria Squeezes Her Sensitive Tis And Then Slips A Hand Down To Work Her Sensitive Clit. The Pace Grows Fast And Frenzied As The Brunette Cries Out Her Climax, Shivering With The Pleasure Coursing Through Her Whole Body. Eager To Bring Her Man To The Same Pleasurable Release That She Just Experienced, Anita Returns To Her Knees To Suck And Rub Totti's Cock. She Flicks Him With Her Tongue And Teases Him With The Promise Of Her Open Waiting Mouth As He Gets Close, Smiling With Feminine Satisfaction When He Finally Loses It All Over Her Face And Sucking The Residual Cum From His Dick Until He Is Clean And Sated. 00:08:32 1 year ago Txxx
NubileFilms Video: Sweet Feelings, Rising, Whitney Captures Lorena's Lips In A Long Loving Kiss. She Moves Down Slowly, Worshipping Lorena's Long Neck. She Urges Her Lover To Turn Around So That She Can Remove Lorena's Underwear And Drop Kisses On The Smooth Curve Of Her Ass. Lorena's Shaved Pussy Is Already Glistening With Her Passion When Whitney Presses Her Warm Tongue Into The Moist Folds And Goes To Work Pleasuring Her Woman. She Takes Her Time, Sucking And Licking With Obvious Enthusiasm, And Then Sliding Her Fingers Deep Into Lorena's Tight Sheath As Her Lover Guides Her Motions. As Lorena Grows Closer To Her Climax, Whitney Raises High On Her Knees And Surprises Her Woman By Capturing Her Toes In Her Mouth And Taking Plenty Of Time To Suck And Lick The Sensitive Digits. Lorena Is Happy To Play, Sliding Her Feet Down Whitney's Lean Body And Then Using Her Toes To Massage Her Woman's Bald Pussy. Returning To A Seated Position, Whitney Curls Up Near Lorena's Feet As The Brunette Stands And Parts Her Thighs To Give Her Woman Unrestricted Access To Pleasure Her Twat With Her Talented Mouth Once Again. Sinking Back To The Footstool, Lorena Lies Down On Her Flat Belly So That Her Pussy Is Right In Front Of Whitney. The Blonde Takes Full Advantage Of This New Position To Drive Her Woman Wild, Driving Her Fingers Hard And Fast Into Lorena's Ultra-sensitive Pussy Until She Dissolves Into A Pulsing Orgasm. Determined To Get Her Woman Off, Lorena Shifts Position So That She Is Beneath Whitney. She Burrows Her Face In Her Lover's Wet Slit While Her Hands Caress Whitney's Body And Pay Particular Attention To Her Tightly Budded Nipples. As The Girls Each Come Close To Reaching Their Crescendo Of Passion Lorena Returns To Her Position Above Whitney's Mouth Where Her Lover Drives Her Wild With Fast Flicks Of Her Tongue. As Lorena's Body Continues To Quiver From Her Climax, She Uses Quick Pulses Of Her Fingers To Bring Whitney Over The Same Edge In A Frenzied Coupling That Leaves The Lovers Breathless But Satisfied. 00:09:02 2 years ago UPornia
Dominique - Ass To Mouth In Latex 00:02:36 1 year ago xHamster
ExtraBigDicks Video: On Sleazy Street, We're Taking A Walk On Easy Street This Week As We Welcome Back Cole Streets. This 31 Year Old Sexy Hottie From California’s Bay Area Is A Definite Crowd Pleaser. Well Today It's Cole Who Will Be Pleasantly Pleased By A 34 Year Old Hailing From Colombia, Alexander Garrett. The Chemistry Between These Two Is On Fire And They're Still Fully Clothed. Yum! We Decided To Ask What Food They Each Looked Forward To. It’s Thanksgiving With All The Trimmings For Cole, Who Is Especially Fond Of The Dressing. Alexander Has A Sweet Tooth And Would Love To Focus His Interests On Desserts Like Chocolate Cake Or Cheesecake. We Then Wondered What They Would Love To Have More Time To Do If They Had More Time To Do It. Cole Would Love To Be Able To Just Kick Back And Relax And Catch Up On His TV Shows. Alexander Would Also Love To Lay Back And Play With His Remote And Maybe Watch Some Porn. Well, We're Guessing It'll Be More Than The Remote He Ends Up Playing With. They Both Discovered They Had Larger Than Average Cocks Relatively Young And Both Agree It's Nice Not Having To Worry About Disappointing Their Lovers. Well, We Know We Definitely Won't Be Disappointed… ROLL EM!They Start Kissing Even Before We Start Filming. Alexander's Hands Roam All Over Cole's Hairy Chest As They Explore Each Other. Alexander Takes Off His Warm Up Jacket Showing Off His Smooth And Defined Abs. He Slides Off His Pants And His Cock Is Ready For Action. Cole Doesn't Waste Any Time As He Hauls That Colombian Meat Out And Goes Down On It. Alexander Is Rock Hard As Cole Gives It The Attention It Needs. Alexander Loves That Mouth On His Dick; But He's Beginning To Feel Left Out. He Takes Out Cole's Thick Cock And Gets Some Dick Too. He Licks Along The Throbbing Shaft Before Swallowing It To The Hilt. Cole's Cock Is Throbbing As It Gets Spit Shined. Alexander Then Stands Up Wanting More Attention On His Own 'situation'. Cole Is More Than Happy To Help As He Goes Back To Gorging On That Thick Uncut Cock. These Two Can't Get Enough Of Each Other As They Take Turns On Their Dicks And Suck Face. When Cole's Not Choking On Alexander's Meaty Cock Alexander’s Worshipping Cole’s. Cole Then Gets Alexander On All Four So He Can Get A Taste Of That Hot Ass. He Runs His Tongue Along That Tight Ass As He Slides His Fingers Inside, Getting That Ass Hungrier For More Than Just His Digits.When Cole's Ready He Stands And Starts To Push His Thick Cock In. Alexander Groans As He Gives It Up. Cole's Smooth Balls Are Soon Slapping Away At That Hot Ass As He Fucks Alexander Doggy Style. Alexander's Own Cock Is Rock Hard And At Attention As He Gets That Hot Ass Railed. Cole Can't Get Enough Of That Hot Ass Wrapped Around His Meat As He Continues To Drive It In Deep. Cole Then Moves The Party Back To The Couch As He Gets Alexander On His Back. He Lifts Those Muscular Legs As He Aims South And Slides Back Inside. He Grabs Alexander's Boner And Starts To Stroke It As He Fucks That Hot Hole. An Overhead Shot Shows Cole's Thick Cock Stretching Alexander's Hole Wide Open. Alexander Can't Get Enough Cock. We Can't Say We Blame Him. The Party Then Moves Back To The Chaise As Cole Sits Back And Watches Alexander Sit On His Meat. He Impales Himself Back On For More As He Starts To Ride That Cock. Alexander Can't Help But Start To Jack His Cock Off As He Gets That Ass Filled And It Sends Him Over The Edge. He Lies Back And Explodes All Over His Own Cock. Cole Cums In A Close Second As He Shoots Jet After Jet Of Load All Over His Furry Pecs. Damn Baby! 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
Latin Wolf Ass To Mouth With Cumshot 00:06:30 4 months ago ExtremeTube
Pounding Bam Dildo Standing Ass To Mouth 00:02:12 2 years ago xHamster
Hot-bodied Twink Going For Ass-to-mouth 00:03:01 1 year ago RedTube

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