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Crissy Cums In Some Ass To Mouth Action 00:22:57 2 days ago YouPorn
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Threesome Passion With Maddy Oreilly And Natalia Star, Dressed In Matching Black Lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly And Natalia Star Exchange A Lingering Kiss Over Their Man Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni Is Content To Watch As Both Of His Women Flirt And Tease Each Other Above Him, Slowly Removing Their Matching Lingerie Until They Are Both Nude. Rising To His Knees, Giovanni Switches Places With Maddy. He Positions Himself So That Maddy Can Kiss His Erection As She Lies On The Bed, And So That Natalia Can Join In The Fun By Leaning Over From Above. The Two Girls Take Their Time Worshipping Their Man's Hard Cock, Sucking And Licking. Soon, The Lovers Reposition Themselves So That The Pleasure They Are Generating Is Distributed Equally Among All Three Of Them. Maddy Remains On Her Back With Her Face Buried In Natalia's Warm Juicy Pussy And Giovanni's Dick Deep Inside Maddy's Tight Sheath. As Maddy Grows Closer To Her Climax, Natalia Drops To Her Hands And Knees Beside Her Friend To Tease Maddy's Hard Nipples With Her Mouth. Giovanni Follows Suit, Sliding Down His Belly And Using His Tongue To Eagerly Lap At Maddy's Tender Nub And Send Her Falling Over The Edge. Natalia Climbs To Her Hands And Knees To Present Her Luscious Ass To Giovanni. He Takes Her Invitation, Sinking Into Her Plush Warmth And Thrusting With Long Sure Strokes. As Maddy Recovers, She Is Eager To Take Part In Her Lover's Pleasure. She Reaches Out To Fondle Natalia's Tender Clitoris, Inching Steadily Closer Until She Can Suckle Her Friend's Big Breasts As Well. With Such Devoted Attention, Natalia Is Soon Moaning And Gasping Her Ecstasy. The Trio Takes A Moment To Catch Their Breaths And Reposition Themselves Before Things Heat Up Again. Starting At Natalia's Sensitive Feet, Maddy Begins Kissing Her Way Up Her Friend's Body. She Doesn't Get Very Far Before Giovanni Takes Advantage Of Her Open Position And Anchors Her Hips So That He Can Slide Into Her Warm Wet Channel. Stymied In Her Climb Up Her Friend's Body, Maddy Reaches Forward To Slide A Finger Into Natalia's Tight Twat While Natalie Takes Charge Of Her Own Pleasure, Massaging Her Clitoris As She Watches Her Lovers Move Together. After A Second Body-shaking Orgasm, Maddy Finally Reaches Her Goal Of Nuzzling And Licking Her Friend's Weeping Pussy. Giovanni Is Ready To Help Natalia Cum Again, Lying Down On The Bed So That His Woman Can Crawl On Top Of Him And Slide Down So That They Come Together In Reverse Missionary Style. Maddy Is There To Help Both Of Her Lovers Feel Incredible, Licking Giovanni's Balls As He Thrusts In And Out Of Natalia's Warmth, And Then Massaging Her Friend's Hanging Tits As Natalia Climaxes Again. Satisfied Twice Over, The Girls Fixate All Of Their Attention On Helping Their Man Cum. They Help Giovanni To His Knees And Take Turns Sucking And Pumping His Pulsing Erection Until He Is On The Edge Of Ecstasy. With A Few Quick Flicks Of Her Wrist, Maddy Helps Him Finally Achieve His Climax All Over Natalia's Ample Bosom. Never One To Let A Delicious Treat Go To Waste, Maddy Leans Forward To Lick Giovanni's Essence From Her Friend's Chest. When She Has Lapped Her Sticky Treat Up, The Two Girls Exchange A Long Kiss As They Share Their Man's Flavor. 00:08:12 1 year ago HDZog
MenOver30 Video: Family Splatters, David Chase Is Here To Help Us Kick Off 2012 Right. David Also Brought Along A Familiar Face To Help Do Just That, Chris Stevens. David Is Now 31 And Originally From Jacksonville, FL. 'Born In Jacksonville; Grew Up In Jacksonville; Ain't Ever Gonna Get Outta That Place!' David Groans With A Grin. Chris Is 42 And Originally From West Virginia But Grew Up In Ohio. It Being The New Year And The Spirit Of Giving Abounds, We Wondered What Charity They Firmly Believe In All Year Round. For Chris It Would Be The ASPCA. He Has Two Young Girls And Anything That Keeps Pets Safe He's All For. David Who Has A Few Rug Rats Of His Own Is For Any Charity That Protects Children And Their Innocence. They Are Both Looking Great These Days But We Wondered What Their Weakness Is When It Came Time To Cheatin' On Their Diets. It's Breyers Ice Cream For David. He Loves Their Plain Chocolate And Can Eat It All Day Long. Chris' Weakness Is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups With Anything Ben & Jerry's Coming In A Close Second. Hmmm. Well Today, Hold The Ice Cream Because These Two Will Have All The Temptation They Need Right Here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No Cream Needed Today. Soon We'll Be Swimming In Plenty Of Our Own. David Comes Home Lookin For His Wife But Finds Chris Instead Baby Sitting His Kids Until She Gets Off Of Work. They Start Catching Up On Stuff When David Starts To Bitch About How His Wife Won't Put Out Anymore. He Starts Grabbing His Cock Through His Shorts Which Is All The Invitation Chris Needs. He Gets On His Knees And Gets To Work As He Pulls Off David's Tee And Runs His Tongue All The Way From David's Mouth Down To His Growing Cock. Brother In Law Of The Year Goes To Chris Who Is More Than Happy To Perform Her Spousal Duties As He Devours David's Cock. David Groans As He Watches Chris Eagerly Nurse On His Meat. 'She Better Not Know About This' Chris Grins As He Slaps David's Thick Cock On His Tongue. David Then Stands Chris Up And Gives Him Plenty Of Leverage As He Gets Chris' Cock In His Face And Down His Throat. David Is Hungrier Than Expected As He Goes Nuts On That Hard Dick. Family That Stays Together... David Then Bends Chris Over On The Couch And Gets To Work Eating That Ass. Chris Arches His Back Wanting To Give David All Access As David Shoves His Face Deep Into That Ass Sending His Tongue Deep Inside.Chris Then Straddles That Dick And Sits On It In A Reverse Cowgirl. He Wastes Little Time Before He Starts To Ride It Like A Seasoned Jockey. His Dick Is Rock Hard As He Fucks Himself With David's. At The Rate These Two Are Going At It, Chris Needs To Baby Sit More Often. David Bounces Chris' Hot Ass On His Dick Harder As Chris Welcomes Every Thrust. Chris Then Twirls Around And Rides That Dick Looking At David. He Watches The Look On David's Face As He Continues To Get That Ass Stretched Open. David Then Changes Up The Pace And They Lay Back On The Couch. David Lies Behind Chris And Slides That Meat Back Inside. He Starts To Fuck Him Slowly Giving That Ass Of His A Much Needed Break...but That Doesn't Last Long. He's Back To Slamming That Dick Deep Inside As He Gets Hornier And Harder. Next He Gets Chris On His Back, Flips His Legs Up Over His Head And Pile Drives His Dick Deep Into That Hole. He Does Squats Into That Ass As He Jacks Chris's Dick Off. He Fucks Him Deep And Jacks That Cock In Time Making Him Cum As He Aims It At Chris' Own Mouth. David Then Pulls Out And Kneels Over Chris' Face And Adds Even More Cream All Over Chris' Mouth And Cum-covered Face. Cream, It Does A Body Gooooood. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Onward Tristan Soldiers. Plenty Of Sunshine This Week As We Welcome Back Daytona Beach's Favorite 21 Year Old Son, AJ Banks. AJ Isn't The Only Florida Boy Today As Tristan Sterling Makes His Debut. Tristan, Also From The Sunshine State Is 21 And From Orlando. We Decided To Ask These Two About Some Of Their Favorites. Favorite Color For AJ Is Neon Green While Tristan Loves Blue. Blueberry Ice Cream Makes AJ Come Running While Chocolate Is Tristan's Weakness. When It Comes To TV Shows, It's 'GLEE' For Tristan And 'How I Met Your Mother' For AJ. When It Comes To Pizza Toppings, Sausage Is AJ's Favorite; While Tristan Prefers A Fungi. (Well, Who Doesn't?) They Both Love Reality TV And AJ Would Want To Be In A Series Of The 'Real World'. Tristan Would Want A Part In His Favorite Show 'GLEE'. We Then Turned The Topic To The Nitty-gritty And Asked What The Naughtiest Things They've Done At Home. AJ Blushes And Admits He's Tried Some Water Sports. Tristan Confesses To Having A Bit Of A Leather Fetish That He's Slowly Cultivating. We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking Them Their Favorite Way To Cum. AJ Loves Cumming On Someone While Tristan Prefers To Cum While On His Back. Feel Free To Visualize Amongst Yourselves.Tristan Is Hungry And Found Some Old Marshmallow Peeps From Halloween. AJ Walks In And Asks Him Why He's Eating Those? 'I'm Just Really Hungry And I Need Something In My Mouth' Tristan Whines As AJ Decides To Save The Day. 'I Got Something For Your Mouth' He Grins As He Stands And Gropes His Dick. Tristan's Onboard Instantly As He Drops To His Knees In Front Of AJ And Gets To Work. AJ Moans As He Gets His Hard Cock Serviced. AJ Holds Tristan's Head As He Bobs Him Up And Down On It Wanting To Get It In As Deep As Possible. Tristan's Not About To Complain As He Shoves That Hard Cock Even Deeper, Wanting All Of It Down His Throat. AJ Then Gets Tristan On His Back; Straddles His Chest And Starts To Fuck His Mouth. Tristan Just Looks Up At AJ As He Gets His Face Fucked. AJ Then Returns The Favor As He Takes Out Tristan's Cock And Opens Wide. AJ Shoves It So Deep He Makes Himself Gag On It As He Tries Over And Over To Deep Throat That Meat. Then They Take The Party South And Get Into A Hot 69 On The Floor So That They Could Get As Much Of Each Others Cocks As They Want. Tristan Then Straddles AJ's Cock And Teases Him A Bit As They Make Out. When Tristan Is Ready, He Arches His Back; Aims That Dick Home And Sits On It. AJ Moans As He Gets That Throbbing Cock Buried All The Way In. Once He Gets Used To That Dick Inside Him Tristan Starts To Ride That Dick With Ease. 'Aww I Love Riding That Big Cock!' Tristan Groans As He Bounces On It. AJ Then Stands Tristan Up And Bends Him Over So That He Can Tap That Ass Doggy Style. Tristan Just Begs For More As AJ Slaps That Ass And Fucks Him Even Harder. Tristan Moans And Begs For It Wanting To Get That Dick As Deep As He Can. He Bucks Back Onto It Making Sure He Gives It Up Completely As AJ's Smooth Balls Slap Away At That Hairy Ass. AJ Grabs Tristan's Shoulders, Giving Him The Leverage He Needs To Shove It In Even Harder. Missionary Is Next As AJ Gets Tristan On His Back; Lifts Up His Legs And Gets To Work Pumping That Ass With His Hard Cock. Tristan Starts Jacking His Cock Off Faster And Begs AJ To Make Him Cum. AJ Slams It In Harder Wanting To Get Him Off On His Back The Way He Likes It. Tristan Blows All Over Himself And Once He Does AJ Pulls Out And Empties His Thick Batch All Over Tristan's Cum-covered Cock And Abs. Careful What You Wish For...you Might Just Get It. 00:06:00 9 months ago HotMovs
CircleJerkBoys Video: Str8 Flush. Leave It To Halloween To Stir Up The Caldron And Bring About Unexpected Delights. Well, That's What Happened This Week Discovering None Other Than Miami Hottie, Richie Sabatini At Our Door. He Said 'Trick Or Treat' But, Like Hymens Everywhere We Were Torn With That Decision. So, We Called On Our Sexiest Ginger Devil To Make That Call For Us. Evan Mercy Was More Than Happy To Oblige And We're So Glad This 21yo Kentucky Stud Did. Having Just Survived Another All Hallows Eve, Next On The List Is Thanksgiving. We Asked These Two What They Enjoy Most About It. Socializing Is What Evan Enjoys The Most While Richie Enjoys Stuffing The Turkey. In All Honesty, We Can't Be Sure He Means The Actual Bird. If They Were Asked To Bring A Favorite Dish, Richie Would Bring Sweet Potato Pie And Evan Would Bring Zucchini And Squash. We Then Threw A Curve Ball At Em Asking If They Had To Choose Between Either, Lasting Longer In The Sack Or Delivering A Bigger Orgasm. They Both Confidently Opted Out Of The Endurance Challenge And Both Prefer Bigger Loads. Who Doesn't? We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking Them To Describe The Taste Of Their Loads In A Word. Richie Chimes In With 'Bitter-Sweet' For His Load. Evan Then Unwittingly Steals The Show. 'Well, As Long As We Don't Have To Use Words We Can Spell' He Grins 'I'm Gonna Say Immaculate... Flawless.' Awww...Bless His Heart! Richie And Evan Are Playing Strip Poker When Evan Lays Down His Winning Hands And Orders Richie To Get Naked. Richie Stands And Drops His Shorts. To The Victor Go The Spoils As Evan Gets On His Knees To Inspect His Prize. He Pulls Out Richie's Growing Cock And Gets To Work Sucking On It. Richie Moans As He Gets That Dick Deep Inside Evan's Throat. Evan Knows Just What To Do To Make Richie's Cock Hard As A Rock As He Spits And Slobbers On His Hard Cock. After Working On That Dick A While, Evan Gets Up And Starts To Make Out With Richie As He Drops His Own Shorts. If He Won The Game He May As Well Get His Own Dick Wet As He Sits On The Couch And Has Richie Return The Favor. Richie Gets On His Knees And Gladly Engulfs Evan's Hard Cock As He Swallows It To The Hilt. He Runs His Tongue All Along Evan's Throbbing Cock As His Mouth Literally Waters Tasting That Dick. He Can't Wait To Give It Up As He Gets On All Four And Shows Off That Ass Evan Will Soon Claim. Evan Gets On His Knees Behind Him And Takes A Closer Look Tongue First As He Eats That Ass A Bit Getting It Ready For More.Evan Takes Out A Butt Plug And Slowly Slides It Inside Wanting To Open That Tight Ass A Bit Before Sliding His Own Dick Inside. Richie Groans As He Gets That Ass Stretched. 'Enough Of That' He Orders 'Fuck Me Already!' Evan Is More Than Happy To Oblige As He Suits Up And Slowly Slides His Dick In That Wet Hole. He Slides His Meat All The Way Inside Until His Balls Meet That Hole. Richie Is Grunting As He Struggles To Accommodate That Dick In His Hole. He's Not One To Give Up So He Begs Evan To Fuck Him Harder. That Does The Trick As Evan Gets To Work Railing His Cock Deep Into Richie's Ass. Evan Slaps That Ass As He Fucks His Friend Doggy-style. He Can't Get Enough Of That Tight Ass So He Sits Back And Has Richie Ride Him In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. Richie's Cock Is Rock Hard As He Squats On That Dick Making It Bounce Like A Trampoline. Evan Slides His Dick Up Into That Ass Wanting To Get It In As Deep As Possible. Missionary Is Next As Richie Gets Put On His Back. Evan Gets Back In That Hot Ass And Slams It Home. He Pounds That Hole Faster And Harder Hitting Richie's Sweet Spot Repeatedly. Richie Can't Hold Off Any Longer And Blasts His Load All Over His Abs And Chest. Evan Isn't Far Behind As He Pulls Out And Unloads His Own Batch All Over An Already Glazed Sabatini. 00:06:00 9 months ago HotMovs
ExtraBigDicks Video: On Sleazy Street, We're Taking A Walk On Easy Street This Week As We Welcome Back Cole Streets. This 31 Year Old Sexy Hottie From California’s Bay Area Is A Definite Crowd Pleaser. Well Today It's Cole Who Will Be Pleasantly Pleased By A 34 Year Old Hailing From Colombia, Alexander Garrett. The Chemistry Between These Two Is On Fire And They're Still Fully Clothed. Yum! We Decided To Ask What Food They Each Looked Forward To. It’s Thanksgiving With All The Trimmings For Cole, Who Is Especially Fond Of The Dressing. Alexander Has A Sweet Tooth And Would Love To Focus His Interests On Desserts Like Chocolate Cake Or Cheesecake. We Then Wondered What They Would Love To Have More Time To Do If They Had More Time To Do It. Cole Would Love To Be Able To Just Kick Back And Relax And Catch Up On His TV Shows. Alexander Would Also Love To Lay Back And Play With His Remote And Maybe Watch Some Porn. Well, We're Guessing It'll Be More Than The Remote He Ends Up Playing With. They Both Discovered They Had Larger Than Average Cocks Relatively Young And Both Agree It's Nice Not Having To Worry About Disappointing Their Lovers. Well, We Know We Definitely Won't Be Disappointed… ROLL EM!They Start Kissing Even Before We Start Filming. Alexander's Hands Roam All Over Cole's Hairy Chest As They Explore Each Other. Alexander Takes Off His Warm Up Jacket Showing Off His Smooth And Defined Abs. He Slides Off His Pants And His Cock Is Ready For Action. Cole Doesn't Waste Any Time As He Hauls That Colombian Meat Out And Goes Down On It. Alexander Is Rock Hard As Cole Gives It The Attention It Needs. Alexander Loves That Mouth On His Dick; But He's Beginning To Feel Left Out. He Takes Out Cole's Thick Cock And Gets Some Dick Too. He Licks Along The Throbbing Shaft Before Swallowing It To The Hilt. Cole's Cock Is Throbbing As It Gets Spit Shined. Alexander Then Stands Up Wanting More Attention On His Own 'situation'. Cole Is More Than Happy To Help As He Goes Back To Gorging On That Thick Uncut Cock. These Two Can't Get Enough Of Each Other As They Take Turns On Their Dicks And Suck Face. When Cole's Not Choking On Alexander's Meaty Cock Alexander’s Worshipping Cole’s. Cole Then Gets Alexander On All Four So He Can Get A Taste Of That Hot Ass. He Runs His Tongue Along That Tight Ass As He Slides His Fingers Inside, Getting That Ass Hungrier For More Than Just His Digits.When Cole's Ready He Stands And Starts To Push His Thick Cock In. Alexander Groans As He Gives It Up. Cole's Smooth Balls Are Soon Slapping Away At That Hot Ass As He Fucks Alexander Doggy Style. Alexander's Own Cock Is Rock Hard And At Attention As He Gets That Hot Ass Railed. Cole Can't Get Enough Of That Hot Ass Wrapped Around His Meat As He Continues To Drive It In Deep. Cole Then Moves The Party Back To The Couch As He Gets Alexander On His Back. He Lifts Those Muscular Legs As He Aims South And Slides Back Inside. He Grabs Alexander's Boner And Starts To Stroke It As He Fucks That Hot Hole. An Overhead Shot Shows Cole's Thick Cock Stretching Alexander's Hole Wide Open. Alexander Can't Get Enough Cock. We Can't Say We Blame Him. The Party Then Moves Back To The Chaise As Cole Sits Back And Watches Alexander Sit On His Meat. He Impales Himself Back On For More As He Starts To Ride That Cock. Alexander Can't Help But Start To Jack His Cock Off As He Gets That Ass Filled And It Sends Him Over The Edge. He Lies Back And Explodes All Over His Own Cock. Cole Cums In A Close Second As He Shoots Jet After Jet Of Load All Over His Furry Pecs. Damn Baby! 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: My Two Dads, This Week, We Have Two Hotties We’ve Been Trying To Get Together For A While Now. East Coast Meets West As We Finally Have Los Angeles Based Doug Jeffries Back In Florida. Looking As Hot As Ever, 44 Year Old Daddy Daydream Doug Is Back. Joining Doug This Week Is A Local Hottie That Some Of You May Have Heard Of. Well If Matthew Rush Rings A Bell, Then You’re In For A Treat. These Two Are Going To Be A Lot Of Fun. Doug Has Been Taking Good Care Of Himself Since We’ve Seen Him Last. He’s Still Toned And Buff And Has Been Actually Doing More Things Behind The Camera Than In Front Of It. Doug Has Gone More Into The Directing Side To The Industry And Has No Regrets. “It Makes Me A Better Model Because I’m More Aware Of Where The Cameras Are At All Times.” Matt Agrees Since He’s Also Had A Chance To Direct A Few Films. Working With So Many Actors, We Asked These Two If They Can Ever Jack Off To Guys They’ve Already Done Scenes With. “Absolutely Not!” Is Matthew’s Response. Once He’s Been With Them They Are On Another Level And It Weirds Him Out To Want To Fantasize About Them. Doug Says He Doesn’t Have That Problem Since He’s Directed His Friends In Scenes And Has Found Himself Aroused While Doing It. That Being Said, Lets Knock 1 More Daddy Out Of Matt’s List Of “strokabilities”.They Start Off Wondering What A Scene Between These Two Would Look Like When They Decide To Make It Happen Instead. They Start To Kiss As Matthew Nervously Goes In For His First Kiss. They Stand And Take Their Shirts Off As Doug Explores Matthew’s Rock Solid Chest. He Pounds On His Pecs As Matt Grunts His Approval. Their Hands Are All Over Each Other As They Try To Contain Their Excitement. Matt Slides His Hand Inside Doug’s Underwear As They Come Off. His Finger Darts Inside That Beefy Ass To Get An Idea Of What That Ass Is Like. They Pull Out Each Others Cocks That By Now Have Been Aching To Be Set Free. They Stroke Each Other's Cocks A Bit Before Doug Drops To His Knees. He Takes Matt’s Cock In His Mouth, Sending Him Into Orbit. He Sucks On Matt’s Fat Cock As Matt Starts To Fuck His Face. “You Like That Dick?” Matt Grunts As He Shoves His Dick So Deep It Makes Doug Gag A Few Times. Do Not Try This At Home, Doug Is A Trained Professional. Matt Then Gets On His Knees To Taste That Daddy Dick He’s Beat Off Thinking About. He Sucks Down Doug’s Cock Like A Champ As Doug Orders Him To Finger His Ass. Matt Is Getting That Ass Ready For More As He Fingers And Then Eats That Sweet, Smooth Hole.Doug’s Smooth Hole Is Getting Fucked By Matt’s Strong Tongue And Soon He’s Just Begging For It. Just When You Think You Know What’s Coming ,we See Doug Sliding His Daddy Dick Inside Matt’s Ass. Matt Groans As He Gets That Hole Stretched. “Fuck Me” He Rants As He Begs Doug To Tear His Ass Up. Oh The Pressure! Matt Loves That Dick In His Ass, And Doug Just Pounds Away At That Hole. Matt Then Sits Back On The Couch As Doug Straddles Him And Slowly Sits On That Thick Cock. Once He’s Ball Deep, Matt Starts To Pound At That Ass. Payback’s A Bitch, Doug. Doug Groans As Matt Bounces Him On His Meat, Determined To Pound That Ass. From There, Matt Puts Doug On His Back As He Slams That Cock In Missionary. He Holds Doug’s Legs Up In The Air As He Goes Right Back To Fucking That Ass. Doug Is Jacking His Hard Cock Faster And Faster As Matt Picks Up The Pace. Soon Doug Is Double-fisting His Rod As Matt Repeatedly Buries His Cock In His Hole. That Does The Trick As Doug Announces He’s Coming. “Shoot Your Load, Daddy” Matt Orders As He Fucks Him Even Harder. Matt Fucks The Cum Out Of Our West Coast Daddy. He Leans Back And Releases His Own Load All Over His Rock Hard Cock And Balls. Whew. That Was As Intense As We’d Hoped For. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Latin Wolf Ass To Mouth And Cumshot 00:30:05 3 weeks ago NuVid
ExtraBigDicks Video: Street Meat, Big Dicks Galore This Week As We Welcome Back Cole Streets To Help Us Introduce A New Face To The Stable. Ricky Larkin Finally Makes His Debut With The Big Boys And He’ll Be In Excellent Company. Ricky Is 25 And From Fort Lauderdale, FL. Cole Is 32 Years Old And Originally From Texas. At 6'5 With A Beefy 8' Cock We're Guessing They Really Do Grow Them Big! We Asked These Two If They Had A $500 Gift Certificate To EBay What They Would Spend It On. Cole Wants A Louis Vuitton Bag. The Weekender Is Only $2200 So That Might Help. Ricky Would Buy Himself An Entire Collection Of Air Jordan Shoes. Ricky Took A Break From The Industry And Is Back After Two Years And He Says He Missed The Attention. We're Definitely Glad He's Back And Wife Free. We Know Cole Is Happy He's Unattached Too. Cole Is A Firm Believer That Bigger Is Better When He's Giving Or Receiving. He Likes To Know Its 'happening”. Yeah, We've All Been There. Both Of These Guys Have High Sex Drives But Even Though They Get A Lot Of Attention On Their Dicks On Cam They Still Like To Jack Off At Home As Well. They Both Like To Jerk Off To Porn And Ricky Admits He's Into Swinging These Days; So Those Fantasies Come In 'handy” As Well.Ricky Is Having Trouble With His Laptop And It's Not Working. Fortunately Cole Comes In And Saves The Day Letting Ricky Borrow His. Cole Warns Him To Not Look Around In It Too Much Or He May Run Into Things He May Not Wanna See. Ricky's Curiosity Is Peaked As He Gets It Out Of Cole That What He's Referring To Is Gay Porn. Ricky's Eyes Light Up As He Assures He'd Rather See That Kind Of Action In Person. They Start To Kiss And Undress Each Other As Their Hands And Tongues Explore Each Other. Cole Strokes On Ricky's Cock Through His Underwear Til It Gets Rock Hard And Ready For Attention. Cole Gets To Work As He Runs His Tongue Along Its Meaty Shaft. Ricky's Huge Cock Is Rock Hard As He Slides It All The Way Into Cole's Mouth. Cole Gets That Hard Cock Nice And Wet While Ricky Watches Him Worship His Meat. Ricky's Dick Is So Big It Makes Eager Cole Choke And Gag. …amateurs! Ricky Then Wants To Get Some Dick Of His Own As He Strips Cole And Gets To Work On His Raging Hard On. He Sucks That Big Dick And Pays Attention To Cole's Smooth Balls As He Chokes And Gags On That Thick Meat As Well. These Two Can't Get Enough Of Each Other And Eventually End Up In A Hot 69 Giving Each Of Them Exactly What They Wanted-more.Ricky Then Gets Cole On The Couch And Gets That Tongue Up Inside It. He Rims That Sweet Ass Getting It Ready For His Fat Dick. Cole Is Squirming At The Sensation And Is Begging Ricky For That Dick Within Minutes. Ricky Takes His Time Eating That Ass And Licking All The Way From Cole's Tight Ass To The Tip Of His Swollen Dick. When He's Ready Ricky Sits Back And Watches As Cole Straddles And Mounts His Meat. He Takes That Dick Like A Champ As He Bounces Harder And Harder On Ricky's Cock. 'Ride On That Long Dick” Ricky Groans As He Helps Bounce Cole On His Dick. Ricky Then Switches It Up And Bends Cole Over On The Couch Again And Slides Inside Doggy Style. Cole Moans As Ricky Pulls His Meat All The Way Out And Slams It Back Inside. Ricky's Smooth Balls Are Soon Banging Away At That Hot Ass As He Pummels That Tight Hole. Fucking Cole In This Position Lets Ricky Watch As His Dick Slides In And Out Of That Sweet Ass. Ricky Then Brings It Home Missionary As He Slides It Back In And Starts To Fuck Cole Deep. That Prostate Pounding Makes Cole Explode As He Gets The Cum Fucked Out Of Him. Ricky Continues Pumping That Ass Then Pulls Out And Blows His Wad All Over Cole's Furry, Cum-soaked Abs And Chest. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Orlandoboy First Timer Ass To Mouth 00:07:10 1 month ago PornHub
Catherine Foxx Castrates And Whores Out Her Ex Lance Hart, Catherine Foxx Is Hanging Out With Her Boyfriend Lance Hart. She Lets Him Know That She Is Unsatisfied With Their Sex Life And She's Going Out To Find A Bigger Dick. He Starts To Complain And That's When She Tells Him That She's Going To Castrate Him, Possibly By Simply Pulverizing His Balls With Kicks And Stomps And Keep Him As Her Sissy To Be Fucked And Whored Out To Other Guys. She's Wearing Sexy Pink Leggings, White Socks, And Sneakers, His Favorite, And She Even Takes Her Bra Off, To Let Lance Touch Her Perfect Breasts One Last Time Before He Loses His Nuts, While She's Crushing His Nuts With Her Pretty Hands. She Leaves Him On The Couch In Agony To Get Changed. Catherine Returns To Lance With A Big Purple Strap-on In Her Hand. She Slaps Him In The Face With It And Reminds Him That He Will Be Losing His Balls Tonight. She's Going To Make Him Cum In His Own Mouth While She Fucks Him. Catherine Kicks Him In The Balls A Few Times With Her High Heels And Tramples His Cock. All This Gets Her Horny So She Gets Her Hitachi Out And Makes Him Lick And Worship Her Feet While She Stomps His Balls In. She Brings Herself To Orgasm Twice With The Vibrator. The Harder She Cums, The Harder She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, Demanding The Whole Time That He Lick Her Fishnet Covered Foot. She Then Bends Him Over The Couch And She Slides Her Big Purple Rubber Dick Into His Ass While She Begs Her Not To. She Talks About How She's Going To Start Selling His Ass To Guys With Huge Cocks And He's Going To Be Sucking Dick And Taking It In The Ass For Her Money. His Balls Are Going To Be In A Jar In Her Room And She Might Even Show Them To Him While He's Getting Railed And Cum All Over His Face. She Moves Him To The Futon To Be Fucked Doggy Style. After She Fucks His Brains Out, She Slaps Him In The Face, Reminding Him How Much Bigger It Is Than His Little Dick. She Teases Him With Her Perfect Tits, Telling Him How He'll Never Touch Them Again. She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, And Makes Him Say That He Loves To Get Fucked In The Ass. She Isn't Even Going To Jerk Him Off. She Needs Both Of Her Hands To Bust His Balls While He Jerks His Last Load Out. He's Not Worthy To Get A Handjob From His New Mistress. He Begs Her Not To Castrate Him. She Stands Up And Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Balls, Sweetly And Seductively Telling Him To Cum For Her, All Over His Face Before She Take His Balls And Puts Them In A Jar. As He's Cumming All Over His Face And In His Hair And In His Eye, She Giggles And Drives Her Foot Harder Into His Balls. 00:07:52 1 year ago UPornia
Tattoo Gays Ass To Mouth And Cumshot 00:39:42 1 week ago NuVid
ExtraBigDicks Video: Full Moon Rizzing, Packin' More Than The Average Hottie, Jay Rizzing Is Back This Week To Show Everyone The Top 10 Reasons Why Our Members Love Him. By 'reasons' We, Of Course, Mean Inches; And Who Better To Appreciate Such A Monumental Task Than Our Good Friend, Drake Jaden. Drake Is 27 And A Local Florida Boy. Jay Is 24 And A Product Of The Big Apple. We Asked These Two What The Last Thing They Watched On TV Was And For Drake It Was The Grinch With Jim Carry. Jay Watched Family Guy Which He Can't Get Enough Of. We Then Asked These Two What The Biggest Dick They've Ever Seen. Drake's Thickest Would Be His Buddy Girth Brooks Who Is EBD Alumni And As For The Longest Dick He's Seen It Would Be A Guy He Hooked Up With This Past Weekend. 'It Was Practically Down To His Knee' He Says 'it Was Insane.' As Far As Jay Is Concerned, His Is The Biggest Dick He's Ever Seen And Just Another Perk Of Packing A 10' Pole. To Wrap Things Up We Asked These Two Porn Lovers What Kind Of Porn They Watch To Get Themselves Off. Drake Likes To Watch Any Type Of Porn That He Could See Himself Doing In. For Jay, Who Used To Love Watching Girls Get Gang Banged Now Watches His Own Videos Watching Himself Fuck Onscreen... Sign Us Up!Jay Is Squeezing His Thick Dick Through His Pants As Drake Goes In To Investigate. He Starts To Grope At That Dick As They Make Out. Jay Then Stands Up And Puts His Crotch In Drake's Face As Drake Pulls Down Jay's Shorts And Wraps His Lips Around That Horse Hung Dick. Jay Moans As Drake Takes It All The Way To The Hilt. Do No Try This At Home, Boys; Drake Is A Trained Professional. Drake Hauls Out His Own Fat Dick And Starts To Beat Off As He Continues To Ram That Thick Cock Down His Throat. Jay Then Sits Back As Drake Continues Worshipping His Fat Dick Remembering To Pay Attention To His Smooth Balls As Well. Drake Shoves That Dick All The Way Down His Throat And Holds It Down As Long As He Can Before Gagging On It And Having To Come Up For Air. Jay Is In Awe As He Watches Drake Take His Dick Better Than Most. Drake Then Stands And Strips To Give Jay The Opportunity To Give Back. Jay Grabs Drake's Throbbing Meat And Sucks On It. He Bobs His Head Up And Down On That Throbbing Meat Getting As Much Of It Down His Throat As He Can. He Jacks Drake's Dick Into His Mouth As He Sucks On His Knob. Both Of These Studs Are Packing Serious Meat As They Go Back And Forth Pleasuring Each Other's Boners.Jay Then Gets Drake On The Floor As He Kneels Behind Him And Starts To Rub His Fat Dick Along That Hot Hole. Drake Moans Quickly Turn To Groans As Jay's Dick Starts To Slide Inside. 'You Like That Big Fuckin' Dick?' Jay Taunts 'does That Fill You Up?' Drake Grimaces As His Ass Gives In And Takes That Fat Dick Balls Deep. Jay Is Soon Tappin' That Ass Deep As Drake Starts To Back That Ass Up Onto His Meat Wanting Every Inch Of It Inside Him. Jay's Thick Meat Slides In And Out Of That Hungry Hole With Ease As Jay Moans In Ecstasy. Jay Then Gets Drake To Lie On The Couch So He Could Fuck That Ass Missionary. He Grabs Drake's Ankles As He Goes Right Back To Laying That Pipe Deep. Drake Just Begs For More As He Gets That Hole Hammered By Jay's Str8 Dick. That Mammoth Meat Is Feeling Damn Good As It Rams Inside; But Wait...there's More. Jay Then Lies On The Floor And Holds Still As Drake Sits On That Cock. He Bounces Up And Down On That Dick Fucking Himself Harder And Harder Until It Sends Him Over The Edge As He Explodes All Over Jay's Smooth Chest And Abs. Jay Is Next As He Jacks His Own Thick Load All Over His Already Cum-covered Navel. Well, Welcome Back Mr. Rizzing. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Doc Johnson 3 + Ass To Mouth 00:07:20 1 year ago xHamster
CircleJerkBoys Video: Knight's Stick, Leon Knight Is Back In The House And We’re Glad To Have Him Back With Us. Leon Is 21 Years Old And He’s Originally From Washington DC. Leon Is In Store For A Real Treat Because Sebastian Keys Is Making His Return And Looking Hotter Than Ever. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With This West Coast Fan Favorite, Sebastian Is 21 And Though He’s Originally From Colorado, He Now Calls San Francisco Home. We Wondered When The Last Time These Two Party Animals Got Loaded. Sebastian Got Hammered Just Last Week When He Went Out To A Bar And Spent A Lot More Time There Than He Wanted To. Leon Recalls The Last Time He Tied One On Was New Year’s Eve Down Here On South Beach. Fortunately These Two Are Pretty Grounded And It’s Not All About Partying. Leon Has A Boyfriend Back Home That He’s Still Getting To Know And He’s Excited To See Where That Goes. Sebastian Isn’t Dating The Same Girl He Was With Last Time We Saw Him, She’s Long Gone. It Gets Better. “Currently I’m Seeing A Lovely Gal Out In San Francisco,’ Sebastian Confesses. ‘She’s Actually Married But They’re Swingers And It Was Her Husband’s Idea That We Start Dating. So We’re All One Big Happy Family.” Hmmm. Did He Say “gal”? That’s Kinda Odd. Well, No Gals On Set Today And The Only Swinging Going On Will Be An Awful Lot Of Cock. So Let’s Get To It…Sebastian And Leon Make It Back To Leon’s Place And As They Drop On The Couch Leon Suddenly Realizes He’s Sitting On Something. He Reaches Under Him And Pulls Out A Butt Plug. “Your Girlfriend Lets You Fuck Her In The Ass?’ Leon Beams. ‘Mine Won’t Let Me Anywhere Near Hers.” Sebastian Blushes And Tells Leon That’s Not His Girlfriend’s. Leon Seems Confused So Sebastian Tells Him He Loves Getting His Ass Played With. Leon Is In Disbelief But Before Time To Process The Intel, Sebastian Stands Up And Pulls His Jeans Down Showing Off That Sweet Ass. He Grabs Leon’s Head And Shoves His Face Up Into That Ass. “Believe Me Now?” He Grins As Leon Starts To Eat Out That Hot Hole. Leon Buries His Tongue Deep Making Sebastian Moan As He Gets Tongue Fucked. Sebastian Then Pushes Leon Onto His Back So That He Can Ride His Face. He Squats Over Leon’s Eager Tongue And Starts To Grind That Ass On Leon’s Face. “Eat That Hole!’ He Coos Before Falling Forward To Get At Leon’s Thick Dick. In A Perfect 69 These Two Go At It Each With Their Own Mouthful To Work On As They Swallow Each Other’s Meat. Leon’s Thick Dick Is Rock Hard As Sebastian Goes Up And Down On It Like There’s Oil In Them Balls. Meanwhile Leon Is Back To Eating That Ass As He Spreads Those Cheeks Wide And Helps Himself To More Ass. Sebastian Then Gets A Taste Of Leon’s Ass As Leon Finds That Butt Plug And Starts To Use It On Sebastian’s Hole. Sebastian Gets Up And Bends Over To Give Leon Better Access To That Ass. Leon Shoves That Plug Deep Inside And Starts To Fuck It. Sebastian Takes It Deep Before Turning Around And Shoving His Cock Back Into Leon’s Mouth. Leon Then Gets To Play With That Ass Some More As Sebastian Pulls Out An Even Bigger Butt Stick—the Night Stick. Leon Teases That Hole Before Sliding That Massive Pole Inside. Sebastian Can’t Get Enough As He Writhes In Ecstasy While Leon Shoves That Night Stick Deep Inside. Leon Then Pulls It Out And Replaced It With His Own Cock As He Starts To Fuck Sebastian’s Ass. He Kneels On The Couch And Get In A Push Up Position Over Sebastian As He Continues To Bury His Meat. Then They Flip As Sebastian Bends Leon Over And Gives Him Some Of The Same, Pounding Away At That Hot Ass. Sebastian Takes Multi-tasking To New Heights As He Slides That Fat Night Stick Back Up His Own Ass While Drilling Leon’s. He’s Giving And Getting As They Work Each Other Into A Sexual Frenzy. Sebastian Gets Sent Over The Edge As He Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Leon’s Back. Leon Then Strokes His Hard Cock Off All Over Sebastian’s Face Drenching It With A Hot Facial. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Super Cooper, Fur Is All The Rage These Days And This Week We've Got Plenty. Josh Long Is Back And Au Natural Not Having Trimmed His Sexy Chest. Josh Is 24yo And Though Originally From Tennessee, He's Since Relocated To Florida's West Coast And Now Calls Tampa Home. His Costar This Week Is Making His Debut With Us, Mr. Joey Cooper. Joey Is 23yo And Is From Portland, ME. We Decided To Stray Into The Sexual Arena And Asked These Two When They First Started Jerking Off. Both Of Them Got Off To An Early Start At About The Age Of 10. DAMN! Idle Hands Are Definitely The Devil's Playground. When It Comes To What They Use To Get Off When They Have To Depend On Just Their Imaginations, Joey Just Thinks About Some Hot Guy Pounding His Ass. Josh Blushes And Says That Wouldn't Exactly Work For Him. Str8 Boys! Pffff! He Just Likes To Think Of The First Beautiful Person That Comes To Mind And Fantasizes About Doing Dirty Things To Them. We Then Brought It Home With What They'd Been Asked To Do In The Sexual Arena That They Flat Out Refused To Do. 'Pee On Me' Scoffs Joey Who Admits He's Just Not Into That Kind Of Stuff. Josh Isn't As Shy When It Comes To Sex But The One Thing He Won't Do Is Bottom For A Really Big Top. (...amateurs.) LolJosh Is Telling Joey About Getting Picked On By His Friends For Having So Much Chest Hair. 'They Were Telling Me To Take Off My Shirt', He Says Pulling Off His Shirt ‘even Though I Was Shirtless.' Joey Reaches Over And Feels His Chest And Tells Him He Likes His Hairy Chest Before Pulling Off His Own Shirt To Show Josh His Is Completely Smooth. Joey Then Moves In For A Closer Look As He Licks Josh's Nipple. One Thing Leads To Another And Soon Joey Is On His Knees With Josh's Rock Hard Cock In His Mouth. Josh Moans As He Slides His Dick Deep Into Joey's Mouth. Josh's Furry Frame Looks Delicious With His Hairy Chest And Abs Sporting A Very Happy Trail Leading Down To His Sexy Bush-sporting Cock. Josh Then Gets Joey On His Feet So That He Can Give Him Some Of The Same. He Slurps On Joey's Cock Slobbering All Over His Rock Hard Cock. After Getting His Fill He Stands Up As They Start To Make Out While Rubbing Their Hard Cocks Together. Josh's Cock Still Needs Some Attention So He Gets Joey On His Floor So That He Can Fuck That Mouth Some More. His Hairy Ass Is On Display As He Straddles Joey's Face And As His Cock Slides Down Joey's Throat His Hairy Nut Sack Slaps Against Joey's Chin.Josh Is Ready For More As He Gets Joey On All Four. He Kneels Behind Him And Slides His Hard Cock Up That Tight Ass. 'You Got Such A Nice Tight Ass' Josh Groans As He Starts To Fuck That Hole Fast And Deep. Joey Loves It As He Begs For More. Josh Watches As His Thick Cock Slides In And Out Of Joey's Hungry Hole. They Stand Up As Josh Bends Joey Over And Keeps Tapping That Smooth Ass Doggy Style. His Low Hanging Balls Slap Away As He Buries That Dick Deeper And Deeper. Josh Slaps That Ass As He Pounds Him Harder. The Chemistry Between These Two Is On Fire. Josh Then Switches Things Up And Lies Back On The Floor As Joey Straddles That Dick. He Starts To Ride Him In A Reverse Cowgirl As He Leans Back And Bounces That Tight Hole On Josh's Rock Hard Cock. The Only Thing In The Room Not Getting A Workout Is The Incline Bench They're Fucking Right Next To. Lol Josh Then Gets Joey On His Back And Gets Right Back In That Ass Missionary To Bring It Home. He Fucks Him Faster And Hits Joey's Sweet Spot. That Does The Trick And Sends Joey Over The Edge As His Cock Explodes All Over Him. He Shoots Wave After Wave Of Cum All Over His Smooth Chest And Navel. Josh Isn't Far Behind As He Pulls Out And Jacks His Own Thick Load All Over Josh's Cum-covered Cock And Abs. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: Little Big Man. This Week We Have A Special Treat As We Pair Up Sexy Ari Gypsy With Brenn Wyson. Brenn Is Now 40 And Originally From Just Outside Of Boston, MA And Looking Better Than Anyone Has A Right To. Ari Is 32 And He's Originally From New Orleans, LA. We Wondered Where Was The Weirdest Place These Two Ever Fell Asleep. Brenn Admits He Fell Asleep A Lot In Class And Ari Has Been Known To Fall Asleep In The Back Room When He's Waiting For His Dance Sets At Clubs. Both Of Them Love To Be Watched And In This Industry Being An Exhibitionist Is A Very Good Thing. Even Off Set And At The Gym They've Been Known To Give A Good Show When They Realize They're Being Checked Out In The Locker Room. We Then Asked These Two What Is Their Favorite Piece Of Clothing They Own. Both Agree That Their Jeans Would Definitely Be Their Favorite. Ari Actually Has More Jeans Than Shirts. As For Their Sexiest Thing In Their Wardrobe Brenn Has Whips He Finds Sexy And Ari Loves His Toys. We Then Asked What Their Oddest Climax Story Was. Brenn Takes The Cake With 'sounding' Where A Rod Is Inserted Into Your Penis Over And Over And It Makes You Cum. We'll Take His Word On That One. Let's Just Watch These Two Get Off The Old Fashioned Way. Shall We...Ari Is Beating Off To Porn On His Phone When Brenn Walks In And Joins Him. Brenn Undoes His Pants And Hauls Out His Fat Cock That Gets Rock Hard In Seconds As They Both Stroke To The Video. Ari Can't Help But Notice Brenn's Fat Dick And It Peaks His Curiosity. He Shuts Off The Phone And Gets On His Knees To Get Some Of That Dick. He Spits On That Head And Gets To Work On Brenn's Meat. Brenn Moans As Ari Takes His Dick Deep. Brenn Holds Ari's Head As He Bobs It Up And Down On His Throbbing Cock As He Goes Back To Watching Porn On Ari's Phone. Brenn Needs More From Ari As He Shoves His Meat Deeper Into His Throat. Brenn Then Stands To Give Ari Better Access As He Slowly Fucks His Face. Ari Strokes His Cock As He Works The Knob With His Mouth. Brenn Then Gets Ari On The Couch To Give Him A Little Of The Same As He Goes Down On His Cock. Brenn Jacks That Dick For Ari As He Takes It All The Way Down His Throat. Ari Just Lays Back And Watches As His Dick Disappears Into Brenn's Eager Mouth As He Sucks And Slurps On His Rod. Ari's Ass Is Next On The Menu As Brenn Starts To Eat That Ass Out Making Ari Moan Like A Bitch. That Gets Ari Rock Hard And In The Mood To Fuck Some Ass.Brenn Gets On The Couch And Gives It Up As Ari Slides His Dick Inside And Starts Fucking Him Doggy Style. Ari Loves That Tight Ass As He Pounds Away At That Ass. He Drives His Dick Deep Inside Brenn As His Ball Slap At Brenn's Smooth Hole. 'C'mon Fuck My Ass!' Brenn Groans As Ari Taps That Ass. Ari Then Pulls Out And Sits Back As Brenn Straddles His Meat And Sits Down On It. 'Fuck That Ass Is Tight' Ari Grunts As His Dick Goes Back Inside. Brenn Starts To Ride That Dick Like A Jockey Bouncing Up And Down Wanting Every Inch Of That Dick Deep Inside Him. Ari Just Sits Back And Enjoys As Brenn Greedily Does All The Work. Brenn Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Stretched And Can't Help But Jack His Dick As He Gets Plowed. Ari Then Gets Him On His Back On The Chair And Slides Inside For More. Missionary Is Gonna Do The Trick As He Slams That Dick Deep In That Ass. Brenn Beats His Dick Faster As Ari's Meat Sends Him Over The Edge. He Blows His Wad All Over His Abs As Ari Pulls Out And Sends His Own Huge Batch All Over Brenn. He Explodes A Massive Load Coating Everything From Brenn's Face And Chest All The Way Down To His Now Cum Covered Cock. 00:06:00 7 months ago HotMovs
MenOver30 Video: Spencer's Gift, This Week We Have A Scorching New Addition To MenOver30 As We Welcome Spencer Reed. Spencer Is 28 And From The City Of Brotherly Love. This Philly Native Is The Complete Package. He's Huge, Hung And Handsome. This Dark Featured Monolith Is Anyone's Cream Boat. Today Diego Vena Will Get To Try Out Spencer's 'reed' As We Welcome Back This 33 Year Old From South Bend. We Asked If They Liked To Read. Diego Doesn't Have A Favorite Author But Loves Horror Books. Spencer Prefers To Hit The Gym Over The Books And The Results Are Evident. We Then Wondered What They Both Wish They Had More Knowledge About. Spencer Flashed That Killer Smile Of His And Answers Foreign Policies. Riiiight! Diego Goes With American Politics. We Then Turned The Topic Back To Sex And Wondered If They'd Ever Taken Someone's Virginity. Both Of Them Have Been The First For Some Lucky Men And Both Agree The Idea Of It Can Be Hotter Than The Actual Doing That. Those Usually End Up In Either Awkwardness Or They Fall Madly In Love With You Which Can Get Pretty Awkward Too. Well, There Will Be No Awkwardness With This Two Seasoned Pros This Afternoon So Let's Get This Party Started...They Start Off Making Out On The Couch As Diego Starts To Run His Tongue Down Spencer's Massive Chest And Abs. Spencer Flexes For Diego As He Lays Back So That Diego Can Have At Him. Diego Licks His Way South Til He Reaches Spencer's Growing Crotch. He Pulls Off His Jeans As He Starts To Tease That Cock Through His Briefs. Diego Then Teases Spencer Some More As He Starts To Suck On His Toes And Make Him Wait. Spencer Lets Him Work His Sexy Feel For A Few Before Standing Up And Putting His Crotch In Diego's Face. Diego Goes To Town On That Thick Cock As Spencer Starts To Bob His Head On It. Spencer's Cock Is Soon Rock Hard As Diego Deep Throats As Much Of It As He Can. Diego Goes Wild Wanting That Fat Dick As He Slaps His Face With It While He Looks Up At Spencer For Approval. Spencer Loves That Mouth On His Dick And Shoves It Right Back In For More. Diego Works His Heavy Nuts Before Going Right Back To Shoving That Meat All The Way Down His Throat. Spencer Then Bends Diego Over And Gets His Tongue Up In That Smooth Ass He Will Soon Be Stretching Open. Diego Groans As He Gets That Ass Prepped For A Proper Fucking.Spencer Eats That Ass And Starts To Finger That Ass Teasing Diego And Making Him Want That Cock Even More. 'You Want Dick?' Spencer Grins As He Gets Into Position And Starts To Shove Inside. Diego Grunts In Pain As He Gets That Tight Ass Plugged. Spencer Starts To Pound Away At That Ass As His Ball Slap Away At Diego's Hole. Diego Jacks His Cock As He Gets His Ass Plowed. Spencer Loves That Ass And Gets On The Floor To Let Diego Do Some Work. 'Ride That Dick' He Grunts As Diego Starts To Ride. He Squats Up And Down On That Meaty Dick As He Holds On To Spencer's Neck As He Goes In To Make Out As He Impales Himself On That Dick. Spencer Then Gets Diego On This Back And Keeps The Party Going Missionary Style. He Watches As Diego's Hungry Ass Just Swallows His Meaty Dick With Ease. Diego Grunts As He Gets That Dick Shoved Even Deeper Than Before But He's Not About To Start Complaining Now. Spencer Then Gets Him Over On His Side As He Continues To Give That Ass What It Needs- More Dick. Spencer Then Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Diego's Face And Head As Diego Strokes His Own Load All Over His Happy Trail. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: Breast Fest. What A Lovely Tableau-the Ultra Sexy Shay Sights And Kianna Dozing In Bed Together, Dressed In Pjs. The Girls Wake Up And Talk About How They Love To Get Each Other Off. Kianna Suggests A Control Thing -by Which She Means Smothering. The Girls Take Off Their Tops, Revealing Four Of The Most Extraordinary Ever To Stun You Into Silence. Shay Makes Her Position Clear: I Want To Pass Out! So Kianna Climbs Atop Her Body And Wraps Her Hands Around Her Mouth And Nose For Long Seconds...minutes. She Begins To Wiggle And Shake. Finally Her Pretty Face Is Released And She Gasps For Air...but Only For A Few Seconds. Kianna Buries Her Roomie Between Her Huge Breasts, What An Incredibly Sexy Vision! They Massage Each Others Tits Slowly And Then Use Those Lethal Weapons To Restrict Access To Air. Perhaps The Sexiest Scene Involves Strangulation. Kianna Wraps Her Hands Around Her Girlfriends?? Neck And Slowly Wrings It, The Gagging Sounds Are Incredible! Now It Is Shays Turn To Subject Kianna To HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation. It Makes You Dizzy, Shay Purrs. It Makes You Lose Control. I Want To Know What Kind Of Visions You Have... Now Kianna Is On The Bottom, And Shay Bottomless, Sits Atop Her Friends Face. This Ass-ault Is Followed By A Long Bout Of Hand Over Mouth Torment. Kianna Obviously Loves It! She Would Probably Give Her Life To Please Her Lover And Tormentor. You'll See Every Second Of Kianna's Submission In Extreme Close Up, And You??ll Know That Can??t Even Get A Sip Of Air. When She Finally Comes To She Whispers I Think I Was Out For A Little Bit! This Means That Shay Must Now Increase The Period Of Outage . Shay Even Suckles Kiannas Nipples While Choking Her! Kianna Backs Her Twat Onto Shays Face And Grinds Into Her With Total Abandon. You About Ready To Pass Out Yet? Asks Kianna. Mmm...just A Bit More! Shay Whispers. These Curvy And Incredibly Sexy Ladies Look Amazing Lodged Together, Breasts To Stomach, Thighs Around Faces, Lungs Rapidly Losing All Hope Of Oxygen. Kianna Looks Like She Is About To Cum As She Strangles Shay! What An Incredible Turn On! 00:07:50 8 months ago HotMovs
MenOver30 Video: Good Enough To Eat, David Chase Is Back And Looking Hotter Than Ever As He Helps Us Initial A New Member To The MenOver30 Club. From The City By The Bay, Adam Herst Is Redefining The San Francisco Treat. Adam Is 37 And Excited To Be Working With David Chase. He Loves His Beefiness And The Hair Isn’t Hurting Any. David Is Flattered And In Good Company As He Confesses He Can’t Get Enough Of Adam With Those Massive Thighs And Big Beefy Ass. On That Note, David And Adam Both Love To Eat Some Ass And For Adam It’s Probably His Favorite Thing To Do Before Taking A Dick. “It’s Definitely The One Thing That Will Get Me Hardest’ He Says ‘just Eating A Really Nice Ass.” David Whom We Know Can Eat Ass Better Than Most Agrees And Confesses What Turns Him On The Most Is Feeling That His Partner Is Responding To What He’s Doing. “When I Feel Either A Pussy Get Wet Or A Dick Start To Get Hard, I Know I’m Doing Something Right.” Well If Anything This Thick Hottie Does Is Wrong—then We Don’t Wanna Be Right. MmmKay! Well Let’s Not Keep These Horny Boys Dressed Any Longer Than They Need To Be. Shall We? David Is Toweling Off After A Shower Wearing Only A Jock Strap As Adam Enters The Room. David’s Ass Looks Amazing Framed In That Tight Jock As Adam Can’t Help But Comment On It. “That Looks Good Enough To Eat.” David Doesn’t Have To Think Twice Before He Bends Over And Spreads That Ass Open. Adam Lands On His Knees As His Tongue Starts To Make Itself At Home In David’s Hairy Hole. He Pulls That Ass Open As He Buries His Face In It. Fill That Hot Hole With Your Tongue, You Dirty Fucker’ David Groans ‘cuz I’m Gonna Fill Yours Up With My Dick Once You’re Done.” That’s Music To Adam’s Ears As He Gets Lost Eating Out That Hot Hole. David Then Turns Around And Shoves His Swollen Cock Into Adam’s Mouth. Adam Gobbles It Down Without Missing A Beat As He Rams It All The Way Down His Throat. David Teases And Taunts Him As He Feeds Him More Dick Telling Him How Bad He Wants To Fuck Him With It. David Then Hauls Adam To His Feet So He Can Get Some Dick Of His Own. Adam Gladly Slams His Hard Cock Down David’s Throat Making Him Gag On It. As David Gets That Face Fucked We Get An Amazing View Of Adam’s Smooth Bubble Butt. It’s Beefy And So Inviting David Can’t Help But Abandon Adam’s Dick For Deeper Pastures. “That’s A Hungry Hole!” David Grunts As He Makes A Meal Out Of That Hot Ass.Adam Just Grins As He Pushes His Hot Ass Right Back Into That Hot Tongue Already Inside It. He Knows David’s Hooked And It Will Soon Be That Cock Up There Instead. David Suits Up And Sits Back As Adam Straddles His Pole And Lowers That Wet Hole Right On It. He Takes That Thick Dick All The Way Inside As He Starts To Ride That Cock. He Whimpers As He Struggles To Get That Fat Dick Situated In His Tight Hole. David Holds That Beefy Ass Still As He Slides His Dick In Nice And Slow For A Bit Before Going Right Back To Slamming That Hard Cock Deep Inside Him. Adam Is Whimpering The Entire Time He Gets That Hole Railed As He Humbly Begs For More. David Then Puts Him On The Floor And Slides Back Inside That Hot Hole Missionary. “You Love My Fat Dick Don’t You, Fucker!” David Grunts As He Fucks Him. “I Love YOUR Dick” Adam Coos Totally Surrendering To David’s Lust. David The Moves To The Floor As He Lays Behind Adam And Gives Him Some More. Adam Holds His Massive Leg Up As David Pounds That Hole Faster As The Both Near Climax. Adam Is The First To Blow As David Literally Fucks The Cum Out Of Him. David Then Pulls Out And Straddles Adam’s Chest As He Shoots His Thick Nut All Over Adam’s Face. David Then Leans Down And Kisses Adam’s Cum-coated Lips. That Boy Is So Durty! 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Switchy Richie, It's Always A Great Day When We Have Richie Sabatini On Our Couch. Today He's Brought Along A Friend We Haven't Seen In A While, Micah Andrews. This Being The Season Of Giving We Asked These Two Studs What The Last Compliment They Paid Someone Else. Richie's Last One Was About An Hour Ago Walking To The Studios Here On The Beach When He Gave A Guy A Shout Out As He Drove Past Him In A Ferrari. Micah's Last Compliment Was At A Club Recently When He Noticed A Guy With A Huge Cock In His Pants And Felt The Need To Let Him Know. We Then Wondered If They Could Go On A Cruise For Two Who They Would Bring With Them. Richie Would Bring Porn Star Cody Springs. If This Cabin Is A'rockin', Don't Bother Knockin'! Micah Would Just Bring His Girlfriend. ...Really!? Why Bring Sand To The Beach? In Closing We Asked If Their Roles On Cam Reflected Their Sexual Roles At Home. Richie Admits He's Mostly A Top In His Personal Life Though At Times He Gets The Urge To Get Fucked. Micah Who Generally Bottoms On Cam Is Mostly A Top At Home With His Girlfriend (for Anatomical Reasons.) He Has Tried 'pegging' With Her; But She Only Straps One On To Spice Things Up. Well, No Strap On Required Today. Richie's Totally Got This.Micah Is On The Phone Making Plans For Later. Richie Comes In And Tells Him To Hurry Up And Get Off The Phone So They Can Get Going. Micah Turns Around Sporting A Huge Boner In His Shorts. 'I Can't Go Anywhere With This!' Richie Grins As He Grabs Micah's 'problem'. Richie Knows Exactly What To Do. Micah Gets Up On A Chair Leaving His Cock At Mouth Level For Richie To Take Care Of. It Isn't Long Before Richie Has Micah's Cock Down His Throat. He Laps At Micah's Smooth Balls As He Services His Hard Cock. Micah's Dick Is Finally Getting The Attention It's Been Begging For. Micah Then Jumps Down Off The Chair As Ricky Sits In It So Micah Can Give Him Some Of The Same. 'Suck That Dick' Richie Orders As Micah Gets On His Knees And Does What He's Told. He Swallows Richie's Cock To The Hilt As He Looks Up For His Approval. Richie Just Watches As Micah Goes To Town On That Hard Cock. Micah Swirls His Tongue Around Richie's Knob Before Shoving It Down His Throat. Micah Then Has Richie Lie On His Back And Flip His Legs Up So He Can Get At That Ass. Micah Eats That Ass Out Shoving His Tongue Deep Inside Richie's Hot Ass Making His Squirm. Richie's Own Cock Is Throbbing By Now And Soon Wants More Than Just His Hand. Micah Wants That Ass He's Been Eating So He Suits Up As Richie Sits On His Dick. Richie Groans As His Ass Gets Used To That Dick. Soon Richie's Tight Ass Is Riding Micah As He Rides Him In A Reverse Cowgirl. Micah Just Sits Back And Watches As Richie Struggles To Accommodate His Thick Cock. Richie Then Gets Up And Decides It's His Turn. He Bends Micah Over And Slams His Hard Cock Right Up That Ass. Micah Groans As He Gets That Cock-loving Ass Filled. Richie Wastes No Time As He Pounds Away At That Hungry Ass. His Smooth Balls Smack Against Micah's Hole As He Continues To Mount That Ass. Micah Just Takes It As He Gets That Ass Owned. Richie Moves That Dick In And Out Driving Him Wild For A While Before Switching It Up And Getting Micah On The Floor Then Flipping His Legs Up So That He Can Pile Drive More Meat Home. He Starts To Squat Up And Down Into That Hot Ass As His Cock Gets Milked By Micah's Hole. Richie Is Rock Hard As His Thick Dick Slams Into Micah's Sweet Spot Over And Over. That Does The Trick As Micah Busts His Nut All Over His Face And Chest Below. Richie Isn't Far Behind As He Pulls Out And Unloads, Sending His Own Batch Splattering All Over Micah's Cum Covered Cock And Abs. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Sex Slave Ariela And Ass To Mouth Training 00:02:57 6 months ago xHamster
ExtraBigDicks Video: Valentin-O, Valentin Petrov Made His Debut With Us On Our Brother Site; But After Seeing All That This Sexy 33 Year Old Hung, Russian Import Had To Offer—we Knew Exactly Where He Belonged. We Have A Feeling His Costar Won't Mind Welcoming Him Seeing As He Is Packing A Thick 9' Cuban Cock To Match Valentin's Own Uncut Counterpart. Chris Cox Is Back With Us And This Local 26 Year Old Miami Stud Is In For A Real Treat. We Asked These Studs To Tell Us On A Scale Of 1 To 10 How Clean And Tidy They Were At Home. Both Claim To Be 10s In That Department. We Then Wondered What They'd Always Wanted To Do But Hadn't Had A Chance To Do. Chris Wanted To Be A Gymnast While Valentin Wanted To Be A Trainer. These Guys Are Both Packing Big Dicks And Admit They Have Been With Guys Bigger Than Them But That Doesn't Happen Often. They Both Agree That When They Find Guys With Bigger Equipment The Roles Often Change. Bigger, After All, Is Better. You Heard It Here First, Folks! Sexually They Are Both Open To All The Possibilities, Versatile And Willing To Try New Things. We Couldn't Ask For A Better Match Up. The Chemistry Is On High As These Two Go At It Even Before We Hit Record. They Start Making Out As They Slowly Strip Each Other. Both Of These Studs Are Naturally Smooth And Have Sculpted Physiques. Valentin Licks His Way South On Chris' Chest As He Kneels Before Him. He Takes Out Chris' Cuban Cock Which By Now Is Throbbing For Attention. He Takes It In His Mouth And Starts To Work On It As Chris Moans. Valentin Worships That Dick Getting It Nice And Wet As He Savors Every Inch. Valentin Strokes Chris' Meat And Looks Up At Him As He Sucks On Chris' Low Hanging Balls. Chris Then Pulls Valentin Onto His Feet And As They Make Out Chris Undoes Valentin's Pants To Free His Uncut Comrade's Meat. They Stroke Each Other's Cocks Together Before Valentin Gets On The Couch To Let Chris Get Some Cock Of His Own. Chris Grabs Valentin's Balls As He Aims That Meat Home. He Opens Wide As Valentin Starts To Fuck His Face. Valentin Pulls His Thick Foreskin Forward So That Chris Can Suck On It Before Shoving It Back Down His Throat. They Can't Get Enough Of Each Other As They End Up In A Steamy 69 On The Floor. That Gets So Hot That Chris' Tongue Moves Further South And Explores Valentin's Tight Ass. He Munches On That Ass Getting It Ready For More.Once That Hot Ass Is Nice And Wet, Chris Takes Aim And Slides His Thick Cock Home Missionary Style. Valentin Moans As Chris' Cock Slowly Slides Inside. Chris Is Soon Fucking That Ass Deep As Valentin Grunts Trying To Accommodate The Thick Cock He's Taking. Chris Fucks Him Good Shoving His Thick Meat And Out, Kissing Him As His Balls Slap Away At That Ass. 'You Like That?' He Moans As He Continues To Fuck Ass. Chris Then Moves The Party To The Couch As He Sits Back And Has Valentin Sit On His Dick. Valentin Takes It Like A Champ As Chris Bounces Him On His Meat. Valentin Knows Exactly What To Do With That Oversized Meat And Chris Loves Every Second Of It. Chris Then Moves To The Side As He Lays Valentin In Front Of Him. He Holds Valentin's Leg Up And Slides That Cock In For More. He Pounds That Ass Faster And Harder As Valentin Starts To Jack Off. It Isn't Long Before That Ass Makes Chris Want To Explode As He Pulls Out And Shoots A Huge Wad All Over Valentin's Face And Chest. Valentin Then Blows His Wad All Over His Cum-soaked Navel. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Asses WIld, Two Fresh Faces And Friendly Places. Today, We Have Two Hot Young Studs With Us. The First One Is 24 Year-old Zach Alexander. Zach Admits To Moving Around A Lot But Calls Chicago Home. To Zach’s Right Is Ethan Storm. Ethan Is 21. This Charming Southern Child Is From Charleston, SC. We’ve Heard Rumors That Zach Is An Equal Opportunity Employer In The Horizontal Department. To That He Replied, “You Know What? I Love To Top, Very Passionate, Very Aggressive; But If I’m Gonna Bottom —they Better Make Me Their Bitch!” Any Questions? Zach Started With Guys At 18 Then Got Curious About Women And Tried It. He Loves Them Equally With The Only Exception Being That Girls Aren’t Big Enough Sluts. Ethan Started With Boys At The Age Of 13 And Knew He Wasn’t Bothering With Girls. He Hasn’t Looked Back Since. No Pun Intended. Zach Loves Whatever’s Clever. As Long As He Has An Ass To Fuck, He’s Happy. This Will Work Out Just Fine Since Ethan Just Wants To Make Sure He Gets The Dick. He Doesn’t Care If Zach’s Into Guys Or Girls. The Fact That Zach Bones Chicks Isn’t Swaying His Interest Meter One Way Or The Other. Where’s Shania When We Need Her? When It Comes To Impressing Ethan, He’ll Reserve His Comments Til After They’re Done. A Storm’s A Cummin’.They Start Off With A Friendly Card Game That Goes Nowhere But South—FAST! They Tumble On To The Couch As They Begin To Kiss And Strip Off Their Clothes. This Is Strip Poker In Speed Mode. “Yeah Suck That Nipple” Zach Orders As Ethan Goes To Work On His Pecs. They Make Out Passionately As Zach Dry Humps Into Ethan’s Crotch. He Strips His Jeans Off Before Moving Over To The Chair To Let Ethan Have A Go At His Meat. Ethan Tugs Off Zach’s Pants Before Going To Work On His Thick Uncut Meat. Zach’s Cock Is Growing In Its New Environment. Ethan’s Making Sure He’s Taking Care Of Every Inch. Zach Then Stands To Give Ethan Better Access As He Starts Face-fucking His New Friend. His Cock Is Rock Hard Now As He Rams The Back Of Ethan’s Throat. “Take My Cock!’ He Grunts ‘you Like When I Choke You” Hot, Hung And Verbal—damn. Ethan Is On His Knees Worshipping That Dick, And Zach’s Loving Every Minute Of It. We Must Admit The View Is Intoxicating. Zach Then Gets Ethan On The Couch And Discovers He’s Not The Only One Packing. Zach Goes To Work On Ethan’s Thick Cock Which By Now Is Throbbing For Attention. Zach Pays Special Attention To Ethan’s Balls As He Continues To Suck And Savor That Southern Slab Of Meat.Soon It’s Ethan Whose Face-fucking Zach As He Pumps His Cock Up Into Zach’s Hot Mouth. They Then Stand And Stroke Their Dicks Together As They Make Out Some More. “Get Over Here And Get Down” Zach Orders As He Bends Ethan Over. “Fuck That Ass” Ethan Groans As He Gets That Ass Tapped. Zach’s Smooth Balls Are Bouncing On Ethan’s Hungry Hole In No Time. Ethan Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of It As He Begs Zach For More. Zach Slams His Cock Deep Inside Over And Over As He Fucks Ethan Doggy Style. Ethan Then Wants To Ride That Dick. Zach’s Not About To Deny Him Anything That Will Get Him More Time In That Hot Ass. Ethan Impales Himself On That Delicious Uncut Cock As He Rides And Grinds His Hot Ass As Deep As Possible Driving Zach Wild. Zach’s Doing His Best To Shove All Of His Meat Deep. Zach Then Repositions Ethan Getting Him On His Back Where He Can Fuck Him As Hard And As Deep As He Wants. Zach Pistons Away At That Hot Ass And Fucks It Until He Can’t Hold His Load Any Longer. He Pulls Out And Shoots His Thick Seed All Over Ethan. Ethan Then Strokes Off A Massive Nut With Help From Zach Who’s Fingering That Sore Ass He Just Had. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Meating Keading, Two New Faces Grace Your Monitors This Week And We Can't Wait To Introduce You. Sean Evans Is 21 And Though Originally From New York He Currently Lives In Savannah, Georgia. Apparently He Already Picked Up A Southern Twang To His Voice. Matthew Keading Is Just 18 And He's From The West Coast From Northern California. We Asked These Two What They Considered A Perfect Saturday Night. Sean Likes Hangin With His Friends, Having Fun And Staying Out Of Trouble. Matthew's Idea Of A Perfect Saturday Night Would Include Playing Video Games With One Of His Best Friends. As For Education, We Wondered If They Could Get Free Classes What Would They Want To Sign Up For. Matthew Would Sign Up For Either Astronomy Or Physics Class While Sean Would Pursue Mathematics Or Law. We Then Wondered If They Preferred To Jack Off Wet Or Dry. Matthew Likes It Dry While Sean Prefers It Wet. We Then Decided To Ask Them One Last Question Before The Swimsuit Competition And That Was What They Felt They Were Best At In The Bedroom. Survey Says They Both Feel They Are Great In The Oral Department. Well, Let's Put Their Best Assets To Work... Say Aahh! Lol Sean Is Hangin At Home And Not By Choice When Matthew Walks In Umbrella In Hand. Definitely Not Beach Weather Either Apparently As They Start To Bitch About The Weather. Sean Notices The Bulge In Matthew's Pants And Discovers There May Be Life Without Cable. He Starts To Rub His Crotch As They Start To Strip Each Other As They Kiss And Make Out. Matthew Starts To Lick On Sean's Chest As He Makes His Way Down To His Cock. Sean Pulls Off His Jeans Giving Matthew All The Room He Needs To Play. Matthew All The Room He Needs. Matthew Isn't Wasting Any Time And Is Soon Deep Throating As Much Of That Cock As He Can. He Bobs Up And Down On That Thick Cock While Sean Just Kicks Back And Enjoys. They Make Out A Bit As Sean Strokes Matt's Cock. Matt Gets Up So That Sean Can Return The Favor As Sean Gets His Mouth On That Cock. Matthew Stands Up As We Watch Sean Sucking On That Thick Cock And Low Hanging Balls. Matthew Watches As He Gets His Dick Serviced By His Hungry Friend With Benefits. Matt Then Gets On His Knees To Suck Some More Dick Before Turning Sean Around To Eat That Ass And Get Him Rock Hard And Ready For More. Matthew Then Bends Over And Braces Himself As He Gets That Dick Pushed Inside Him. Sean Grabs That Hot Little Waist Of His As He Slides His Thick Cock In And Out Of Him Enjoying That Tight Ass Wrapped Around His Meat. Sean's Balls Slap Away At That Tight Ass As He Pounds Away As They Both Moan And Groan. Matthew Is Taking That Thick Cock Like A Champ. They Then Take The Party To The Couch Where Sean Lays Next To Matthew Who Is On His Back And Slides His Thick Dick Back Inside For More. They Start To Make Out As Sean Fucks Away Into Matthew's Defined Frame. Matthew's Cock Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Hot Ass Filled. Pile Driver Is Next As Matthew Gets On The Floor And Sean Holds His Legs Up. He Aims South As He Slides That Cock Home. He Bounces In And Out Of That Sweet Ass As Matthew Moans In Ecstasy. Sean's Thick Cock Is Hitting Matt In All The Right Places And It Soon Sends Him Over The Edge Shooting His Load All Over Himself. Sean Then Pulls Out And Kneels Over Matthew As He Unloads His Thick Cum All Over Matt's Naturally Smooth Frame. Matt Is Glistening And Cum Covered-but He's Not About To Complain. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CD Dildo Play Ass To Mouth 00:04:06 1 year ago xHamster
CircleJerkBoys Video: Brooks Gets Done, We Have Two Favorites Back In Town! We're Happy To Have Richie Sabatini And Danny Brooks. Richie Is 22 Years Old And A Home Grown Boy From Right Here In Miami. He's From Miami, Bitch! Danny, Who's Been Gone For Over A Year, Is 25 Years Old And From Arizona. Danny's Back To Show Us More Than Just His Papers This Week And We Can't Wait To Get Reacquainted With This Hot Stud. Both Of These Studs Are Young, Hung And In Peak Shape. We Asked Them If They Were Able To Pick What Animal They Came Back As In Their Next Life, What Animal Would That Be? Richie Immediately Said He'd Want To Be A Bird Or Anything That Could Fly. He Best Be Specific Or He'll Come Back As Rocky, The Flying Squirrel. Richie Wants To Be Able To Fly High And Look Into Condos Where Hot Guys Are Fucking And Get A Bird’s Eye View—literally. Danny Wants To Be A Lion, '…because Of The Actual Sophistication And The Actual Domination Of The Kingdom.' Riiiight. We Think He Just Wants A Pride Of Lionesses Doing Everything For Him. We Then Asked Them If There Was Any One Person They Would Switch Places With For 24 Hours, And Lead Their Lives. Richie Wants To Be Hugh Heffner. (…there's A Fantasy Totally Lost On Most Of Us); While Danny Wants To Be The President Of These United States.They Start To Make Out As They Help Each Other Out Of Their Clothes. Both Of These Studs Are Naturally Smooth And They Have Sexy Defined Bodies. Danny’s Tongue Finds Its Way To Richie’s Nipple As It Begins To Explore His Delicious Chest. Richie Then Decides To Take His Own Tongue On An Expedition As He Licks Down Danny’s Abs Heading For The Growing Bulge In His Briefs. Richie Teases Him A Bit Before Hauling Out His Growing Cock As He Pulls Danny’s Brief To The Side. He Swallows Danny’s Cock To The Hilt As Danny Moans And Groans His Appreciation. Richie Knows Just What To Do On That Rock Hard Cock And He Soon Has Danny Exactly Where He Wants Him. Danny Then Asks If He Can Return The Favor. He Drops To His Knees As Richie Obliges. Richie’s Cock Is Rock Hard In Anticipation As Danny Start To Lick His Smooth Low Hangers. He Takes His Cock In His Mouth As He Looks Up At Richie With Lust In His Eyes. “Oh Yeah, That Feels So Good” Coos Richie As He Watches Danny Suck On His Throbbing Meat. Danny Takes His Time As He Works All Over Richie’s Hard Cock And Balls. Richie Begs Him To Deep Throat His Cock Unable To Get Enough Of Danny’s Hot Mouth. Can’t Say We Blame Him Really.They Then Get Into A Steamy 69 So They Can Both Get More Dick To Suck On. Danny Takes Top Bunk As His Head Bobs Up And Down On All The Miami Meat He Can Handle. Richie Is On His Back Sucking Dick And Already Exploring That Sweet Smooth Ass He’ll Soon Be Plowing. “I Want That Ass” He Says As He Playfully Slaps Danny’s Ass. “Oh, Slow Down” Begs Danny As Richie Starts Fucking His Sweet Ass. Danny’s Bent Over The Couch Arm And Taking Richie’s Cock Doggie Style. Richie’s Cock Feels Amazing And It Feels Way To Good To Slow Down As He Continues Tapping That Sweet Ass. Danny Then Wants That Cock In Another Position As He Moves Over To The Chaise And Gets On His Back. Richie’s One Step Behind Him As He Quickly Slides His Dick Back In For More. Danny Grunts As Richie Continues To Stretch Is Ass Wide And Bury His Meat Deep. A Shot From The Back Gives Us A Jaw-dropping View Of Richie’s Own Hot Ass As He Buries That Dick Into Danny’s. Richie Then Gets Danny Into A Hot Pile Driver Position As He Slowly Does Squats Into That Hot Hole. Richie’s Dick Is Rock Hard And Danny Looks Insanely Hot As He Holds His Legs Wide Open In A Spread Eagle. Soon They’re Both Ready To Explode As They Sit Back Side By Side And Unload Their Hot Loads All Over Themselves. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: Hart Broken. Chasen Hart Is Back Looking All Sorts Of Manly Sporting A Rugged Beard And Trimmer Than We've Seen Him Before. Steven Ponce Is Also Back And We Know He'll Be Able To Handle Anything Chasen Throws At Or 'in' Him. Chasen Is 22 Years Old And Originally From Hollywood, Florida. Steven Ponce Is 31 And He's From San Juan, Puerto Rico. As For Colors Chasen's Favorite Is Purple While Ponce Loves Blue. As For Their Favorite Things To Watch, Chasen Loves Swamp People While Steven Loves Watching World's Dumbest Criminals. To Round Up The Favorites Hit List We Asked What Their Favorite Comfort Food Was. Chasen Loves Skylight Chili Or Sushi. Steven Loves 'comida Criolla' Or Home Spun Island Food Like Rice And Beans And Pork Chops. Summer Is Almost Over And We Asked These Two What They Were Looking Forward To Starting. Chasen Is Looking Forward To Starting School. Ponce Just Wants To Get To Travel As Much As He Can. We Asked Chasen Who Favors The Ladies If He Could See Himself Dating Women Exclusively In The Future And He Says He Wouldn't Want To Be Limited To Just Girls. Well We Couldn't Agree More...Chasen's Showing Off His Boner Through His Shorts Teasing Steven. 'Think You Can Suck This Better Than My Girlfriend?' Not One To Back Down From A Challenge, Steven Gets Chasen On His Feet As He Kneels Before Him To Get A Better Look. 'That's A Man's Dick In Need Of A Man's Mouth' Chasen Chuckles As He Watches Steven Strip Him And Awe At His Massive Meat. Steven Rubs His Face On The Tent That Chasen's Sporting Before Finally Setting It Free. Once The Boxers Come Off He Laps At Chasen's Heavy Nuts And Runs His Tongue Up Along The Shaft. He Then Opens Wide And Starts To Slurp On Chasen's Thick Dick. Chasen Moans As He Gets That Extra Thick Cock Sucked On. Steven Slurps On That Pole Getting It Nice And Wet. Chasen Loves The Attention His Fat Knob Is Getting And He Doesn't Want It To End Anytime Soon. Chasen Gets Back On The Couch Where Steven Lies Between His Massive Thighs And Gets Back To Worshipping That Meat. Chasen's Hands Start To Roam As He Checks Out Steven's Hot Ass. Steven Just Deep Throats His Cock Even Deeper Wanting To Please Chasen And Show Him What A Man Can Do. Chasen Then Starts To Fuck Steven's Hot Mouth As He Buries As Much Of That Beer Can Cock As Steven's Throat Will Permit.Steven Then Strips His Own Jeans Off And Bends Chasen Over To Get A Taste Of That Sweet Ass. He Can't Get Enough Of That Beefy Ass As He Shoves His Tongue Deep Inside Chasen's Hole. Steven Is Rock Hard As He Buries His Face Inside That Str8 Ass. They Stand And Compare Cocks Before Chasen Gets Steven Back On His Knees To Fuck That Face Some More. Steven Gets Him Rock Hard Before Handing Him An XL Rubber. Chasen Grins And Watches As Steven Slides That Cock Loving Ass Of His Down On His Fat Pole. It Isn't Long Before Steven Is Bouncing On That Cock As He Groans And Licks On Chasen's Neck. 'You're Ass Is Gonna Be So Sore' Chasen Groans As Steven Helps Himself To All The Dick He Can Get. Chasen's Monster Cock Has Met Its Match. Chasen Then Pulls Out And Bends Steven Over And Fucks Him Doggy Style. Steven Groans And Just Begs For More. Chasen Is Totally Into It Loving How Cock Crazed Steven Gets On The End Of His. He Starts To Slap That Ass As He Pounds Away At That Ass Deeper Than He Ever Has. Chasen Moves Them To The Couch Where He Lays Behind Steven And Keeps Fucking Him Until He Explodes All Over Himself. Chasen Then Pulls Out And Shoots His Own Thick Batch All Over His Happy Trail. 00:06:00 7 months ago HotMovs
ExtraBigDicks Video: Hot Rods, We Have A Special Treat This Week On ExtraBigDicks As Kevin Cavalli Makes His Triumphant Return. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With This Sexy, Inked New Yorker It's About Time You Got Reacquainted. In Order To Appreciate This 6' Stud We Figure The Best Way Would Be To See This Open Minded Str8 Boy In Action. Making His Debut In The Industry This Afternoon Is Beau Kennedy. Beau Is 21 And Originally From Fort Myers, FL. Beau Has A Rather Large Reason He's Gonna Do Well This Afternoon And Kevin Will Know All About That Soon Enough. Kevin Has Dipped His 'toe' In Porn Both Gay And Str8; While This Will Be Beau's First Adult Venture Ever. He Admits He's Had A Few Women Take A Look At His 9'+ Cock And Say 'Hell No!' But Most Of The Time They End Up Rising To The Occasion. Maybe He'll Realize On This Side Of The Fence, It's Never Big Enough. We Asked These Two Players What Their Dream Cars As Well As Their Dream Girls Would Be. Kevin Wants A White On White Lamborghini And His Dream Date Would Be Kim Kardashian. Flashy Much? Lol Well Beau Isn't One To Be Rivaled With, So He Wants A Bugatti Veyron And As His Dream Date He'd Want Lacey Duvalle. Well, Their Choices In Women May Range From Flashy To Exotic But This Afternoon We'll Get To See What It Looks Like When They're Left To Their Own Devices.They Sit On The Couch And Start Comparing Tattoos. They Both Have Tattoos All Over Their Bodies. As They Play Show And Tell The Clothes Come Off. First Their Shirt Come Off Then Beau Drops His Pants To Show Kevin Where He Wants His Next One. He Wants 4 Aces Across His Lower Obliques. Kevin Notices What's Hangin' Inside Those Loose Fitting Boxers And Makes His Move. He Starts To Tug On Beau's Cock As Beau Lets Him Do His Thing. Kevin's Impressed With That Cock And They Start To Compare Cocks. Beau Tells Kevin He's Got About 9'. Kevin Doesn't Believe Him So Beau Moves His Dick Front And Center So That Kevin Can Find Out For Himself. Kevin Tugs On His Boxers As They Come Off Exposing Beau's Thick Dick. Kevin Goes To Work On That Cock As It Grows...and Grows. Beau's Cock Is A Monster And Has A Natural Curve South. Kevin Gags On It Trying To Take All Of It Down His Throat. 'This Thing Hangs Down To Your Knee.' Kevin Teases As Beau Just Beams And Watches Kevin Nurse On That Cock Of His. Beau Dribbles Kevin's Head On His Massive 9'+ Cock As Kevin Continues Gagging On That Huge Cock.Now It's Kevin's Turn As He Offers The New Comer Some Cock. Beau Strokes It Tentatively At First Before Taking It In His Mouth. Beau Does His Best To Imitate The Oral Attention He'd Just Received As He Sucks On His First Cock. Kevin Moans As Beau Slobbers All Over His Throbbing Cock. After A Bit Beau Is Ready For More As He Strokes His Rock Hard Cock. He Bends Kevin Over And Slides That Python Into That Sweet Ass. Beau's Cock Shoves Into His First Ass As Kevin Starts To Buck Back Onto His Meat. Beau Just Holds Still As Kevin Rides Him. 'Awww, That's A Tight Ass', Beau Grunts As He Watches His Dick Disappear Into Kevin's Beefy Ass. Beau Takes Control As He Starts To Fuck Kevin Harder Grabbing Him By The Waist As He Impales Him Back Onto His Pole. 'Fuckin' Big Dick Feels Good' Groans Kevin As Beau Continues To Stretch That Ass Open. Beau Then Sits Back And Has Kevin Straddle Him So He Can Ride That Dick For More. Kevin Eases Himself Up And Down On That Cock Taking As Much Of That Cock As He Can. Beau Fucks That Tight Ass With A Few Inches Never Making It Inside That Hot Ass. Beau Bounces Kevin On That Dick Trying To Get It In Deeper As Kevin's Ass Works Its Magic On Beau's Smooth Balls. As They Get Close They Sit Back, Side By Side, And Jack Themselves Off Blasting Their Heavy Loads All Over Themselves. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Hot Cum Felched From Ass To Mouth 00:02:37 1 year ago SpankWire
NubileFilms Video: Her Pussy Craves, Super Sexy Aidra Fox Is Keeping Herself Occupied Throughout The Afternoon As She Waits For Her Man Bruce Venture To Return Her Text So That She Can Hook Up With Him For A Good Time. When He Finally Does Get Back To Her, A Big Smile Crosses Aidra's Face And She Rises To Meet Him. The Lovers Are Finally Able To Come Together And They Do With A Passion! Their Clothes Go Flying As They Get Skin To Skin As Quickly As Possible, And Within Moments Aidra Is Able To Take Her Man's Already Hard Cock And Wrap Her Eager Lips Around The Head To Start A Wet Warm Blowjob. In Her Excitement She Takes Every Inch Of Her Beau's Dick Deep In Her Throat! After Enjoying The Oral Pleasure For A Few Minutes, Bruce Just Can't Take It Any Longer. Lifting Aidra Up, He Flips Up Her Miniskirt And Slams His Cock Deep Into Her Tight Pussy That Is Already Dripping With Pleasure. Aidra Is Happy To Ride Her Man Cowgirl Style, Thrusting Her Hips To Piston Bruce's Fuck Rod In And Out Of Her Cum Hungry Twat. Turning His Woman Over On Her Back, Bruce Uses The Perfect Height Of The Couch To Slam Himself Home From An Angle That Hits Aidra's G-spot And Causes Instant Moans Of Ecstasy From His Woman. With Aidra Rubbing Her Clit In Time To Her Man's Thrusts, It Is Only A Few Moments Before She Experiences Her First Trembling Climax. Moments Later After Aidra Has Rewarded Her Guy With A Second Dick Sucking, She Re-mounts His Rock Hard Dick To Enjoy The Power Of Being On Top. Bruce Plays Along For A While, But As Aidra's Second Orgasm Grows Closer He Flips Them Into A Spooning Position And Then Drops Down To Eat Out Her Still Pulsing Pussy For A Quick Third Shivering Moment Of Ecstasy. Next Aidra Goes Up On Her Hands And Knees And Offers Her Luscious Ass To Her Guy So That Her Soft Pussy Is Fully Exposed. Bruce Instantly Takes Advantage And Delivers A Proper Pussy Pounding That Goes On Until The Last Moment When He Pulls Out To Let Aidra Drink Down All Of His Salty Warm Cum In Her Eagerly Open Mouth. 00:09:02 1 year ago UPornia
Ass To Mouth With Nathan And Nick 00:04:59 1 year ago PornHub
Kitchen Ass-to-mouth For A Big Swallow 00:03:06 1 year ago xHamster
NubileFilms Video: Ascend To Passion, Perched Atop Rasty's Lap As They Make Out, Brunette Silvie Deluxe Guides Her Man's Hand Down Her Flat Belly To Rest Between Her Thighs. Rasty Knows What To Do, Sliding His Long Fingers Beneath Silvie's Panties And Rubbing His Fingertips Along Her Wet Slit As His Woman Gasps And Moans. Rasty's Touches Grow Firmer And Faster Until Silvie Dissolves In Her First Climax Of The Afternoon. With A Mischievous Smile, Silvie Encourages Her Man To Remove Her Bra And Massage Her Generous Breasts. She Sinks Down Rasty's Body, Dropping To Her Knees And Smiling Up At Him As She Runs Her Teeth And Fingers Lightly Over The Hard Bulge In His Briefs. Finally Pulling Her Man's Cock Out, Silvie Takes His Erection In Her Mouth And Goes To Work Pumping Him With Her Little Hands As She Sucks Him With Her Expert Mouth. Rasty Is Happy To Repay The Favor, Turning His Woman Around So That Her Back Is To Him And Relieving Her Of Her Wet Panties So That He Can Bury His Face In Her Lush Ass And Drive His Tongue Deep Into Her Creamy Twat While She Squirms Within The Anchor Of His Strong Hands. The Incredible Intense Pleasure Seems To Go On Forever, But Rasty Isn't Done With His Woman Yet. Carefully Pushing Silvie Forward, Rasty Rubs The Tip Of His Dick Along Her Dripping Slit And Then Drives Himself Deep Into Her Welcoming Heat. Using Her Hands To Steady Herself On The Stairs, Silvie Turns Around In Rasty's Arms So That They Are Facing Each Other As The Pace Picks Up. When Silvie's Breaths Gradually Change To Short Panting Moans, Her Man Lays Her Down On The Ground With Her Feet Resting On The Second Step And Slides Back Into Her Tight Twat With Deep Long Strokes. Silvie's Orgasm Breaks Over Her Moments Later, And Her Body Bucks Beneath The Restraint Of Rasty's Hand. Wanting Her Beau To Have The Same Incredible Pleasure That She Has Just Experienced, Silvie Returns To Her Knees With Her Man's Cock In Her Eager Mouth. A Few Minutes Of Expert Stroking And Sucking Is All Silvie Needs To Receive A Salty Wet Cumshot All Over Her Voluptuous Tits. Leaning Forward, The Brunette Licks And Sucks Her Man's Cock To Enjoy The Last Few Drops Of His Love. 00:09:02 1 year ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: Costa Rica, Mario Costa Is Back This Week To Finish Off January And Get Us Ready For February. We Also Have Mason Coxx Back This Week After Making Quite The Impression Sending Off 2010 In Our New Year's Update. Mason Is 25 And Originally From Connecticut. Mario Is 24 And A Home Grown Hottie From Miami. We Asked These Hung Hotties What Was The Best Christmas Present They Got This Past Christmas. Mario Got A Sweet Watch While Mason Got A Scratch Off Ticket That Won Him $500. That Skipped His Wallet And Went Directly Towards His Car Payment. Both Of These Guys Are Packing A Little More Than Average With Mason Toting A Thick 9' Cock Which Comes In Just Shy Of Mario's Cuban At 9.5 Inches. We Wondered If Having Such Big Dicks They Were Able To Blow Or Fuck Themselves. They Both Blush That They Can't Even Though They've Tried. Can't Blame A Guy For Trying! Both Of These Skinny Studs Have Huge Cocks And We Wondered If There Was A Down Side To Packing Such Big Dicks. They Both Agree That At Times People Can't Take Them; But They Aren't About To Trade Them In For Anything Smaller. If You Can't Take The Heat Get The Hell Out Da Kitchen. I'm Sure We Speak For Monster Cock Aficionados Everywhere When We Say, 'You Can't Send In An Amateur To Do A Size Queen's Job'...or Something Like That. Mario Comes In All Dressed Up To Head Out To His Reunion. Mason Has Other Plans As He Goes In For A Kiss. The Suit Comes Off Quicker Than A Prom Dress As Mason Starts To Tug On Mario's Massive Cock. Mario's Briefs Can Hardly Contain That Dick. Luckily, Mason Has A Better Place To Put It. He Opens Wide As He Slides Mario's Massive Cock Inside His Eager Mouth. Mario Moans His Approval As He Gets His Cock Sucked To The Hilt. Mario Drops His Briefs And Gets Comfortable As He Starts To Play With Mason's Meat. Finally He Has Someone As Hung To Play With As He Strokes Mason's Thick Cock. He Goes Down On Mason To Return The Favor As He Wraps His Lips Around That Throbbing Cock. Mason Watches As The Cuban Stud Worships His Dick. Mason Then Stands Up To Give Mario Better Access As He Slowly Fucks His Face. Mario Can't Get Enough Of That Dick As He Savors Every Inch He Has To Play With. Mario's Own Cock Is Throbbing As They Move Into A Hot 69. Mason Takes Top Bunk As He Slides His Meat Back Into Mario's Mouth And Bends Forward For More Of Mario's. These Studs Can't Get Enough.'I Want You Inside Me' Coos Mason As He Looks Up At Mario. Mario Is More Than Happy To Oblige As He Suits Up And Watches As Mason Sits On His Thick Cock In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. Mason's Hungry Hole Opens Up For That Thick Dick And Is Soon Riding It Like A Champ. Mason's Own Cock Is Rock Hard And Bouncing Like A Diving Board As He Rides That Cock. Mario's In Ecstasy As He Gets That Cock Ridden. Mario Then Switches It Up As He Bends Mason Over And Gets Some More Of That Ass Doggy Style. No Matter How He Gets It, Mason Takes It. Mario Looks Down To Watch His Thick Cock Sliding In And Out Of That Tight Ass With Ease. He Buries That Dick All The Way To The Base As His Eyes Roll Back With Pleasure. Missionary Is Next As He Gets Mason On His Back With His Legs In The Air. He Gets Right Back To Pounding That Hot Ass As Mason Starts Jacking His Rock Hard Cock. Mario's Thick Cock Is Hitting Him In All The Right Spots As Mason Cock's Explodes Sending His Thick Load All Over His Navel. Mario Isn't Far Behind As He Unloads All Over Mason's Cum Covered Cock. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: Fuck Buddies, This Week We Have A Special Treat As We Welcome Back Valentin Petrov To Remind Us What We've Been Missing. Out Of Temporary Retirement, Valentin Is Back, 34 Years Young And Our Hottest Russian Import. We're Glad To Have Him Back And We Decided To Pair Him Up With Some Local Flavor, Mr. Chris Cox. Chris Is 27 Years Young And Another Miami Boy With Cuban Heritage. Living In The Tropics Has It's Privileges. Both Of These Studs Have Larger Than Average Cocks So We Wondered What The Cut Off Would Be. Chris Says If It Gets Larger Than 9' It Gets To Be Too Big. Valentin Also Agrees That 9' Is The Cut Off. 'Ten Inches' Valentin Says, 'it Probably Doesn't Exist.' Hmm. Out Of The Mouths Of Babes... Lol Well, Here At ExtraBigDicks We Know Better So We Won't Be The One To Tell Him There Are Much Larger Pythons Waiting To Be Had. We Asked These Two When The Last Time They Were With Someone That Surprised Them When They Whipped Out Their Dicks. Well, Both Of Them Agree They Are Usually The Ones That Shock Other Guys When Everything Gets Hauled Out. Luckily These Boys Are The Exception To The Rule And Are Both Perfectly Happy With Their Huge, Cocks As They Are And Wouldn't Want To Change Them In Any Way. Well, We Couldn't Agree More...so, Lets Get These Two Naked!By The Time We Start The Cameras These Two Are Going At It. They Kiss As Their Hands Start To Roam Exploring Each Other. Valentin Isn't Waiting To See What's Waiting For Him In Chris' Pants As He Undoes Those Jeans And Pulls Out That Massive Cock. Chris Moans As Valentin Swallows That Meat. Chris Is Rock Hard As Valentin Gets That Mouth All Over It And Shoves It As Far Down His Throat As He Can. Chris Is Looking Better Than Ever And His Abs Are Ripped. Valentin Goes Back For More As He Shoves His Tongue Into Chris' Mouth And Undoes His Own Pants. His Dick Could Use Some Attention And Chris Is More Than Willing To Return The Favor. Valentin's Uncut Cock Is Soon Fucking Chris' Face As Chris Struggles To Take His Massive Meat. It's Not Every Day We Get Two True ExtraBigDicks On Set And There Is Plenty Of Cock To Go Around. The Chemistry Between These Two Is Obvious As They Continue To Make Out. 'Lemme Eat That Ass' Chris Teases As He Starts To Finger Valentin's Tight Hole While Still Making Out. He Slips His Finger Inside As Valentin Moans With Pleasure. That Finger Is Soon Followed By Chris' Tongue As It Darts Deep Into That Hairy Hole. Valentin Knows What's Next And He Can Hardly Contain His Excitement.Chris Suits Up And Slaps That Fat Cock On Valentin's Hole. He Starts To Shove It Inside Taking His Time As Valentin's Hole Slowly Concedes. His Fat Cock Stretches That Hole Wide Open As Valentin Groans. Once Chris' Balls Meet That Ass He Starts To Fuck That Ass. Valentin Struggles To Accommodate Chris' Fat Cuban Cock As He Rails It In Deep. He Holds Valentin's Tight Waist As He Rams That Ass Doggy Style. Valentin Is In Heaven As He Gets That Hungry Hole Stuffed. Chris Then Gets Valentin On His Back On The Chair And Slides Back Inside Missionary. He Holds His Leg Up Over His Shoulder And Pounds That Ass Hard And Deep. They Can't Get Enough Of Each Other As They Fuck Themselves Silly. Valentin's Cock Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Drilled. Chris Then Sits Back On The Chair And Orders Valentin To Sit On His Dick. Valentin Straddles That Cock And Sits Right Down On It As He Bounces Up And Down On That Fat Cock. Chris Holds Him Steady As He Slams That Dick Up Into Valentin As It Hits His Prostate Making Valentin's Balls Start To Tingle. It Isn't Long Before He's Ready To Blow His Load With Chris' Cock Stuffed Up That Ass. He Moans As His Cock Explodes Sending His Load All Over His Abs And Uncut Cock. Chris Isn't Far Behind And Jacks His Own Thick Load All Over Himself As He Makes Out With His Sexy Comrade. 00:06:00 10 months ago UPornia
Ass To Mouth, 00:05:44 7 months ago Txxx
Twinks Ass To Mouth And Doggie Position 00:05:00 1 year ago ExtremeTube

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