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ExtraBigDicks Video: My Little Cocksucker, We Have None Other Than Girth Brooks In The House. We Will Give You A Minute To Let That Sink In. Lol Born In Massachusetts, Girth Just Hit The Big 3-0! We're Sure He Hit It In Stride Since He's Used To All Things 'big'. We're Getting Ahead Of Ourselves; And Besides We Don't Wanna Spoil His Costar's Surprise. Back By Popular Request Is Brazilian Hottie Daniel León Who Left Our Members Wanting More After Teasing Us With Just His Oral Talents A Month Ago. That's About To Change. We Asked These Guys What Their Favorite Way To Fuck Is. Girth Likes To Sit Back, Watch A Game As He Gets His Dick Sucked. Not The Question We Asked But Still A Rather Nice Visual. Daniel Loves It Doggy Style. (...that's Foreshadowing) Girth Is Str8 And More Of An Ass And Leg Man. He Also Confesses He Waits To Tell Girls He's Sweet On About His Work In The Industry. 'They Need To Fall In Love First' He Beams. Daniel Isn't Into Women; But He's Into Masculine Guys And With All The Attributes That Girth Brings To The Buffet Table Daniel Unabashedly Admits He's Looking Forward To That Big Dick The Most. If That's The Case, There's No Need To Keep The Brasileiro Waiting Is There? Girth Makes It Home After A Long Day And Starts To Undress As He Makes Himself At Home. His Hand Slips Into His Briefs As He Wakes Up That Cock Of His Before Peeling Off His Jeans. He Needs To Get Dressed Before His Lunch Date Arrives. Just As He Takes Off His Pants Daniel Walks Into The Room Catching Him Off Guard. 'Sorry I'm Late' He Says 'I Haven't Eaten And I'm So Hungry I Could Eat A Horse' Hmmm. Girth Assures Him Its Ok And As He Turns Around With His Cock At Full Mast He Offers Daniel Something Else Instead. 'How About My Horse Cock?' Daniel Doesn't Have To Be Asked Twice As He Takes Girth's Cock Out And Gets To Work Sucking It. He Opens Wide As He Shoves As Much As He Can Take Down His Throat. He Laps At His Shaft As Girth Slaps His Face And Tongue With It. He Can't Get Enough Of That Cock And Girth Is Perfectly Ok With Less Talk And More Mouth. Daniel Gets On His Knees As He Worships Girth's Fat Cock Getting It Rock Hard. Girth Then Lies Back As He Watches Daniel Continue To Nurse On His Massive Meat. Watching This Hottie Chow Down Is Just Making Girth Hornier To Bury His Thick Dick Up Daniel's Tight Ass.Daniel Gets Up And Peels Off His Briefs As He Shows Off That Smooth Ass For Girth. Girth Spreads Those Cheeks As He Gets A Better Visual Of The Hole He's About To Stretch Wide Open. He Stands Behind Daniel As He Pushes His Fat Knob Inside. Daniel Moans As His Hole Gives In Taking Girth's Monster Meat Deep Inside. Daniel Holds On To The Chair As Girth Taps That Ass Doggy Style. Careful What You Wish For. He Loves Every Thick Inch He's Given As He Bucks That Hot Ass Back Onto Girth's Dick Fucking Him Right Back As He Begs For More. Girth's Smooth Nuts Slap Away At That Tight Ass As Girth Groans Its Praises. Girth Slaps That Hot Ass As He Slow It Down And Fucks Him Slower So He Can Feel Every Juicy Inch Of It. Missionary Is Next As Girth Fucks Him Some More Before Daniel Wants To Ride It. Girth Sits Back As Daniel Impales Himself On His Meat. He Bounces On It As That Dick Sends Him Over The Edge. He Lays Back On Girth And Jacks Off As Girth Pounds Up Into Him Making Him Shoot All Over Himself. Girth Then Gets Daniel On His Knees As He Busts His Thick Nut All Over His Face And Chest. Liquid Lunch Anyone? ...Its Atkins Approved! 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
ExtraBigDicks Video: Madison Cuntry. This Week We Have Matthew Rush With Us And He's Here For His Play Date With CJ Madison. Matthew, Who Made His First Ever Web Episode For Our Brother Site , Is Back And Wanting More. Matthew Is 37 And Originally From A Small 'burg' In Pennsylvania. He Now Calls Ft. Lauderdale Home. Matthew Has An Impressive Body As Well As His Body Of Work In Film And Print. This Afternoon, We Decided To Pair Matthew Up With Another Veteran Of The Industry Who Has As An Impressive Cock. Originally From New York City, CJ Madison Now Lives In Miami Beach. CJ And Matt Both Admit The First Time They Were Recognized On The Street Was A Bit Odd. CJ Had A Guy In Starbucks That Kinda Leaned In While In Line And Said 'I'm A Big Fan'. It Caught Him Off Guard, But He Found It Flattering. Matthew's Was A Little Different. He Was Standing At An ATM When Some One Kept Yelling 'Matthew!' Matthew Heard Him Yelling But He Had No Idea They Were Screaming At Him. Hmm. They Both Agree That Being Recognized Is A Good Thing And Shows People Enjoy What They Do...but It Also Helps To Remember Your Aliases (just In Case). These Two Don't Waste Any Time Before Making Out And Groping Each Other. They Peel Off Their Tees As They Stand In Front Of The Other. CJ Undoes Matthew's Jeans As They Get Pushed Down, Taking CJ With Them As He Falls To His Knees Before Matt. Matt Can Only Groan As CJ Gives His Cock A Work Out. He Shoves His Cock Deep Down His Throat As He Sucks Every Delicious Inch Matt Has To Offer. Matthew Then Returns The Favor As He Too Gets A Mouthful Of CJ's 9' Italian Sausage. CJ Wasn't Done With Matthew's Cock, And Is Soon Back On His Knees Getting His Fill Of Rush's Rod. CJ Is Stroking His Cock As He Sucks Matthew And His Cock Is Rock Hard. Matthews Smooth Everywhere And Even Keeps His Crotch Fur-free. CJ Doesn't Mind And Continues Worshiping His Meat. Matthew Sits Back And Spreads His Massive Thighs Wide To Let CJ Get Back To Work As He Continues Licking And Milking His Cock With His Hungry Throat. CJ Then Directs Matt Back Onto His Own Uncut Neat And Watches As Matthew Licks And Sucks On His New York Nine. He Slaps Matthew's Face And Tongue With His Fat Cock As Matt Sucks On His Heavy Balls. CJ Then Gets Back To Work On Matthew's Cock And Balls As He Dives Even Further South To Taste That Sweet Ass. CJ Tongue Fucks Matthew's Beefy Ass Getting Him Rock Hard And Ready For More.Matthew Sits Still As He Watches CJ Sit On His Cock In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. His Muscular Ass Is Soon Giving Way To Matthew's Thick Meat. Once He's Got Every Inch Inside, CJ Starts To Ride As He Bounces Up And Down On That Dick. Matthew Is Moaning And Groaning As CJ's Tight Ass Bucks Back Against Him, Burying His Cock Deeper And Deeper. Matt Then Starts To Fuck Up Into CJ As He Just Holds Still As Matthew Fucks Him Silly. Matt Then Gets Up A Bit And Starts Fucking CJ In A Doggy Position. He's Pounding His Cock Deep Inside Him As He Grunts And Talks Dirty. 'Yeah Daddy' Matt Grunts 'take That Dick'. Matthews's Thick Cock Is Slamming Deep Inside Him With Ease As CJ Takes The Grudge Fuck He's Getting. 'Fuck That Hole!' CJ Begs As Matt Continues To Give His Ass A Pounding. He Then Gets Him On All Fours On The Rug To Continue Tapping That Ass. The Chemistry Between These Two Is Sizzling As They Continue Their Intense Fuck Session. CJ Then Gets On His Back And Has Matt Fuck Him Missionary. This Position Does The Trick, As He Watches Matthew's Face As He Takes His Ass Added To Matthew's Thick Meat Hitting Him In All The Right Places. They Lie Back Side By Side As They Jack Themselves Off To Climax. Matt Busts His Nut As It Coats His Cock And Balls While CJ Uses A Dildo To Fuck A Rather Massive Load Out. Whew. 00:06:00 2 weeks ago HotMovs
MenOver30 Video: Menage A Trey, This Week We Have A Pairing That's Been Months In The Making. We've Wanted To Get These Two Together Ever Since Our MenOver30 By Injection, Trey Turner, Told Us He Would Love To Be In A Scene With Matthew Rush. Trey Is A Hot 23 Year Old That Hails From New Jersey. Matthew Is In His 30s And Is Originally From Pennsylvania. We Asked These Two How Politically Savvy They Were On A Scale Of 1-10. Matthew Says He's About A 5 After That It Gets To Be Too Much. Trey Seconds That Emotion And Says He's About A 5 As Well. We Then Wondered What Their Favorite TV Network And Show Are. Trey Loves HBO And Is A Fang Bangin' Fan Of True Blood. Matthew Likes FOX And Is Hooked On Hell's Kitchen. On The Line Of Favorites, We Asked These Two What Is Their Favorite Thing To Do Sexually And What Do They Considered Themselves Great At. Trey Loves To Bottom And Considers Himself A Damn Good One. Matthew Agrees. For Matthew He Loves To Rim. That Is The One Thing He Can Single Out As His Favorite To Do In The Bedroom Among So Many Other Possibilities. Well, Let's Not Keep The Young'n Waiting And Give Him What He's Been Craving-one Hell Of A Rush.Trey Is Laying On The Bed Looking At A Pic Of Matthew In A Folder Thinking All Sorts Of Things When Matthew Comes In; Takes The Folder Out Of His Hands And Replaces It With The Real Thing. They Start To Kiss As Trey Starts To Strip Matthew. He Goes To Work Licking At His Massive Chest As Matthew Groans His Approval. Trey Moves South To The Growing Bulge In Matt's Shorts As He Starts To Work That Cock Through His Shorts. Trey Figures He's Waited Long Enough As He Undoes Matt's Shorts And Gets To Work On That Swollen Cock. He Takes That Dick Into His Mouth And Finally Gets To Run His Tongue Along Matt's Smooth Balls And Cock. He Sucks It All The Way Down His Throat As He Looks Up At Matt For Approval. Matt Holds His Head As He Helps Bob Him On His Meat. Trey Deep Throats That Thick Cock With Ease And Soon They Are Making Out As They Rub Their Cocks Together. Trey Then Gets Back On His Knees For More Of Matt's Dick. Matthew Begins To Feel Left Out As He Takes His Turn At Bat. Trey Sits Back And Watches As Matt Sucks On His Cock Greedily Swallowing Every Inch He's Given. Trey Is Rock Hard And Not About To Complain Any Time Soon. Things Then Turn Around (literally) As Matt Gives Trey Access To That Ass So That He Can Get His Tongue Up In It. Trey Rims Matt Getting That Ass Nice And Wet. It Makes Matt Horny As Matt Then Wants To Taste Trey's Ass. He Gets That Tongue Deep Inside Trey's Ass And Shows Off His Best Skills. Trey's Backing That Ass Up Onto Matthew's Face As He Gets That Hole Teased. Once It's Nice And Slick, Matt Gets Behind Him And Pushes That Dick Inside. He Fucks Trey Doggy Style As Trey's Ass Slowly Gives In. Matt Fucks That Sweet Ass Deep And Once That Ass Gets Used To His Cock He Switches It Up And Has Trey Sit On His Cock. Trey Obliges Finally Getting That Dick He's Wanted For So Long Shoved Deep As He Starts To Ride It. He Squirms And Grinds That Hot Ass All The Way Down As Matt Bounces Him On His Cock. Matt Grunts And Groans As Trey Rides That Meat Hard. Missionary Is Next As Matt Gets Trey On His Back To Fuck Him Some More. Trey Is Moaning As He Gets That Ass Stretched. Missionary Always Does The Trick And As Matt Pounds Him Deeper Trey Loses It, Shooting His Load All Over Himself. Matt Then Follows Suit Shooting His Load All Over Trey. 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
MenOver30 Video: Splendor In The Ass, This Week We Have A Familiar Face Back With Us And This Stud’s Always A Welcome Sight. David Chase Is Back And Looking Better Than Ever. David Is A Prime Example Of A Man Over 30. David Is 6’3 And Originally From Florida. Today He Has A Hot Little 24 Year Old From Denver Named Darin Silver To Play With. We Asked These Two Should They Each Play The Lottery And Win $1K What Would They Spend Their Winnings On. Darin Would Blow It On Alcohol. That’s A Lot Of Cosmos. David Would Work On Getting His Passport So He Could Travel Overseas. We Also Wanted To Know If They Had More Time To Pursue Something They Don’t Have Time To Now What Would That Be. Darin Wants More Time To Devote To Sex. (Sex And Alcohol? Really—oh To Be 24 Again.) David Would Love To Get More Time To Enjoy Nature. Living In Florida There’s So Much Of It Around You Kinda Forget It’s Even There. We Asked Them, Recalling Their First Sexual Experiences If They Had A Chance To Redo Them Would They. They Both Said They Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Turns Out They Were Both Sloppy Drunk And Had A Great Time Doing It. To Wrap Things Up We Asked Them If We Were To Ask Their Former Lovers What They Were Best At What That Would Be. David Said Giving Head For Sure; While Darin Said He Is Honestly Just Good At Everything. David’s Reading When He Gets A Knock On The Door. It’s Darin Who Is Done With The Chores David Has Hired Him To Do. Dave Gives Him His Money Then Asks If He’d Like To Stay And Cool Off. It’s Hot Outside And Darin Agrees To. David Then Offers Him A Pair Of Shorts To Change Into. Just As Darin Is About To Put On The Shorts, David Tugs On Them And It Doesn’t Take Long For Darin To Realize This Isn’t About His Shorts. David Then Peels Down His Underwear And Goes To Work On His Growing Cock. Darin Figures He Might As Well Get Comfortable So He Sits Back On The Chair Giving David Better Access. David Kneels Between Darin’s Smooth Thighs And Starts To Worship That Meat. David Sucks That Dick Like An Oil Rigger. “I’ve Wanted To Do This For Weeks” He Groans Before Going Back On It For More. David Then Stands Up To Get Some Relief Of His Own As Darin Returns The Favor. David Slaps His Thick Cock On Darin’s Tongue As He Gets His Fat 8” Cock Sucked As Well. Darin Strokes His Rock Hard Cock While Servicing David’s.Darin Then Bends Over And Gives David Access To That Hot Ass Of His. David Buries His Face Inside As He Eats That Tight Ass. Darin Moans As David Tongue Fucks His Hole. “I’ve Got Something For Ya” David Teases As He Starts To Slide His Thick Cock Inside. He Starts To Take Darin’s Hot Ass Doggy Style As That Ass Concedes. Darin’s Tight Ass Is Driving David Crazy As He Continues His Assault. David Fucks That Hot Ass At A Fast Pace Unable To Get Enough Of That Ass. They Then Move The Fun Over To The Couch Where David Sits Back And Has Darin Sit On His Cock. Darin Sits On His Thick Dick In A Reverse Cowgirl Position. He Starts Riding That Dick While David Holds His Waist And Helps Bounce Him On His Meat. Darin’s Hot Ass Is Taking Every Thick Inch David Has To Offer And These Two Aren’t Done Yet. David Gets Darin On His Back And Goes Back In For More Only This Time In A Hot Missionary Position. David Fucks Darin’s Ass While He Jacks Darin’s Throbbing Cock As Well. All This Stimulation Is Leading To One Sensory Overload For Darin Who Is Soon Ready To Cum. He Blows His Wad All Over His Smooth Abs And Chest While David Gets His Tongue In The Action For A Taste Test. Got Milk? David Then Unloads His Own Batch That Explodes All Over Our Newest Addition. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: Drake Me In The Morning, Drake Jaden Is Back This Week And He’s In For A Great Time As We Introduce Him To Chris Cox. Florida Is Definitely In The House! Drake Is 26 Now And Is Originally From Central Florida. Chris Is A Local Boy; 25 Years Young And Just Another Hot Miami, Cuban Boy. They Seem To Be Everywhere Down Here. We Asked These Boys If They Could Spend 2 Weeks On Vacation One Week Domestic The Other International Where Would They Want To Go. Drake Would Want To Spend His First Week Here At ExtraBigDicks Getting His Ass Plowed. The Second Week He’d Want To Spend It In Germany Also Getting His Ass Plowed By Some Big Hairy German Bear. Chris Would Want To Go To San Francisco For A Week Then Take That Big Cock Of His To Greece. Chris Would Probably Be Kicking Back With His Patron While On Vacation While Drake Would Want A Jack And Diet Coke. They Both Love A Sexy Chest The Most On A Man’s Body And On Their Own Bodies They Both Love Their Extra Big Dicks. We Imagine Those Big Cocks Have Served Them Well Over The Years And This Afternoon Drake Will Be Taking One For The Team. No Sacrifice There, He Gleefully Volunteered. Drake Is Hanging Out On The Couch When Chris Comes In All Upset About Having To Bottom In His Next Scene. Seems Once They Get A Look At His Nice Eyes And Ass They Want Him To Bottom. Drake Admits He Really Does Have Nice Eyes As They Start To Make Out. “I’m Sure You Have A Really Nice Ass’ Says Drake As He Rubs Chris’ Cock, ‘but I’ve Been Told I Have One Of The Nicest Asses In Porn”. Drake Stands And Pulls Down His Shorts Showing Off His Spectacular Ass. Chris Is In Awe As He Starts To Grope That Smooth Ass. Drake’s Cock Starts To Stir And Since It’s Already So Close To Chris’ Face, Chris Does Some Exploring As He Pulls That Cock Free And Gets His Mouth On It. Drake Grabs His Head And Starts To Bob It On His Dick As Chris Takes Every Inch Of It. Drake Loves The Attention On That Big Meat Of His But At The Moment His Curiosity Is Getting The Best Of Him. He Sits Chris Back And Finally Gets To Feast His Eyes On Chris’ Thick 9” Cock. He Opens Wide And Does His Best To Take That Dick Down His Throat. Chris Is Rock Hard As He Watches Drake Worship And Gag On His Meat. Drake Repeatedly Chokes On That Thick Cock Wanting To Take It All. Drake Then Bends Over On The Couch And Shows Off His Ass. Chris Watches As Drake Plays With His Hole; Beckoning For Someone To Play With It. Chris Takes Him Up On The Offer As He Dives In Tongue First. “Eat That Ass!” Drake Orders As Chris Shoves His Tongue Inside Getting That Hole Ready For More. Chris Then Suits Up And Watches As Drake Straddles Him And Slowly Impales That Tight Ass On Chris’ Mammoth Cock. Drake Holds Still As Chris Starts To Piston That Thick Dick Deeper And Deeper Into That Ass Of His. If Drake Was On That Vacation, He’d Be Off To A Great Start. Drake Grunts And Moans As Chris Takes That Ass, Stretching It Wide Open. Chris Then Gets Drake Up Off His Cock And Bends Him Over To Tap That Ass Doggy Style. He Holds On To Drake’s Tight Waist As He Slams Back Inside For More. Drake’s Hungry Hole Is Taking Every Inch Of That Cock Now As Chris’ Smooth Balls Slap Away At That Ass. But Wait—there’s More—as Chris Moves The Party South; Getting Drake On His Back And Fucking Him Missionary. Drake Rubs His Rock Hard Cock On Chris’ Abs As He Gets Plowed. That Cock Hits Him In All The Right Spots Making Drake Shoot His Load All Over Himself. Chris Pounds The Last Drop Out Of Him Before Pulling Out And Exploding All Over Drake’s Face And Chest. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
3D Big Ass Monica Santhiago 00:07:36 2 weeks ago RedTube
Huge Ass Babe Enjoy Great Anal 00:06:50 2 weeks ago EmpFlix
Futbol Follies, Look At We Got A Here...a Group Of Sexy Ass Sporty Chicks Showing Off The Round Booties On A Soccer Field. While The Boys Got A Pick-up Game Kicking The Round One Around For A While, Candace And Jenaveve Put Their Nice Juicy Apple Bottoms In A Pair Of Tight Shorts And Put Their Tantalizing Tits In A Zebra Striped Referee Uniform And Became The Two Finest Referees With The Sexiest Asses You Have Ever Seen. The Action Got Tense Between The Fellas When Preston Fouled JT And The Two Sweet Ass Referees Had To Pull Out His Yellow Card And Punish The Guys..wink-wink...with The Meanest Double Dicked Blow Job You Have Ever Seen. Jenaveve Stuck Her Perfectly Shaped Round Ass In The Air And Went Down On Preston With A Fury. While JT Got His Cock Sucked From Candace, Who Couldn't Stop Touching Her Wet Pussy While She Was On His Dick. The Action Got Even Wilder When Nyomi, Sativa, Kaiyalynn Put Their Fine Asses In The Mix And Started An All Out Orgy With Noah And Alex Who Had Stop Playing And Just Stared At The Juicy Asses That Shook All Across The Field. All The Fucking On The Field Was Intense Seeing Those Beautifully Shaped Bottoms Getting Fucked By Rock Hard Cocks...reminded Me Why I'm Such An Ass Worshiper. Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Seeing An All Out Orgy Especially When The Girls Have Such Great Asses. The Fucking Was Never Ending The Moans, Groans And Sound Of Ass Slaps Filled The Field And Finally The Guys Were Able To Cum All Over The Faces Of These Beautifully Bottomed Girls. This One Definitely Changed The Game...Enjoy It. 00:07:00 1 year ago Txxx

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