Broke Straight Guy Busting His Balls For Money Part5

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Ball Busting 00:03:04 5 years ago RedTube
Vanessa Cage & JC Simpson Play With Their Bound Sex Slave, Vanessa Cage Has Lured Lance Hart Into Her Dungeon To Have Some Fun. He Thinks They Are Going To Hook Up But She Has Other Plans. She Teases Him And Lightly Knees His Balls At First, Letting Him Know That She's Into Some Freaky Stuff. She's Very Sweet And Flirty And Seems So Innocent In Her Pigtails And Purple Leggings. She Tells Him That She'll Suck His Dick If He Can Take A Little Ballbusting. After A Few Kicks, She Convinces Lance To Let Her Tie Him To A Wall. As Soon As He's Naked And Fully Restrained, She Leaves Him Tied Up With Sore Balls. Vanessa Returns To Lance In The Dungeon. She Has Left Him Tied Up For A Very Long Time. Honestly, I Kind Of Forgot About You. She's Wearing Black Pantyhose And A Tight Black Teddy. Now That He's Completely Restrained And His Balls Are As Blue As Possible, She Lets Loose With Some Real Hard Kicks. He Only Gets A Break When She Decides To Tease Him With Her Body To Get His Cock Harder And Hear Him Beg, Just To Giggle And Return To More Ball Torment With Knees, Kicks And Squeezes Vanessa Wants To Really Drive Lance Crazy. She Gets Some Lube And Starts To Jerk Him Off But Just Barely. Every Stroke She Gives His Cock She Counts And Then Kicks Him Or Knees Him In The Balls. She Is Very Seductive And Sensual With The Handjob Part And Heartless With The Ballbusting That Follows. That's What We Consider A Masterful Mean Handjob. She Leaves Him Again In Agony And With No Release On The Wall. Vanessa Returns To Lance After A Few Days. She's Just Getting Back From School And He's Begging Her To Untie Him But She Loves Having Him In Bondage. She Can Play With Him Anytime She Wants. He's Suffering From Her Ballbusting But He Can't Deny The Raging Hard On That She Gives Him. She Loves It. She Strips Off Her Tight Skirt And Teases Him Some More, Then Kicks His Exposed Balls And Laughs At Him And Smiles While He Moans. Then Starts With The Counting Handjob Game Again. She Runs Off With A Smile And Tells Him To Have A Good Time With His Blue Balls. Vanessa Has Returned To Lance And This Time She Brought Her Hot Friend JC Simpson. They Are Both Wearing Black Lingerie Teddies. Vanessa Tells JC About How She's Had Him Bound For A Long Time. JC Thinks This Is Awesome And Jumps Right In On The Ball Busting. The Two Hotties Joke Around With Each Other While They Torment Him And Giggle. They Joke About The Idea Of Castrating. Vanessa Was An Angel Compared To JC With The Ballbusting. JC's Legs Are A Mile Long And Her Knees And Kicks Are No Joke. As A Team They Are Terribly Sexy And Brutal. Especially When They Are Both On Their Knees Squeezing His Balls And Jerking Him Off, Telling Him How They Want To Cut Off His Balls And Keep Them In A Jar. Lance Finally Cums All Over Vanessa But His Huge Orgasm Is Ruined By JC Immediately After As She Torments His Super Sensitive Cock And Balls. 00:07:51 1 year ago UPornia
My Ball Busting Ladyboy Part 1 00:02:37 3 years ago xHamster
Mylo's Ball Busting 00:05:00 2 years ago Tube8
Brutal Femdom Ball Busting 02 - Scene 3 00:45:03 2 years ago ExtremeTube
Ball Busting Training 00:03:01 6 months ago xHamster
Emasculatrix Vaness Vixon Toys With Another Perverted Loser, Vanessa Vixon Is A Professional Emasculatrix And She Has Been Hired To Remove Lance Hart's Cock Because He Is A Chronic Masturbating Pervert. She Shows Up To His Apartment And Walks In On Him Jerking Off. This Ball Busting Hotty Loves Exploiting Men For Their Perversions, And She Loves Being The Last Woman To Ever Turn Them On Before She Removes Their Manhood. Vanessa Orders Him To Keep Stroking His Cock, No Matter What She Does, Then Kicks Him Hard In The Nuts, Dropping Him To The Ground. She Giggles, Squeezes Hard And Tells Him To Keep Stroking. She Smothers His Face With Her Ass, Drives Her Heel Into Them, And Does Not Let Him Stop Stroking, Until She Leaves Him On The Ground, Still Stroking His Cock In Agony. You Are Not Allowed To Cum, But You Have To Keep Yourself On Edge Until I Return! . Vanessa Returns To Lance, Now Wearing A Tight High Cut Leotard, Shiny Pantyhose And Heels. Lance Is Still Jerking Off Naked On The Floor. He Has Kept Himself On Edge, Like She Told Him, Because He Will Do Anything To Keep His Cock Just A Little Longer. But Vanessa Has A Job To Do. She Is There To Destroy In The Most Drawn Out And Painful Way Possible. She Loves It. Vanessa Teases Him, Giving Him Specific Instructions On How To Jerk His Cock While She Slaps And Squeezes His Balls, Sits On His Face, Teases Him With Her Body. She Slaps His Cock Hard, Talks Sweetly About The Different Ways She Might Destroy His Balls When The Time Comes, Then Leaves Him Again, Ordered To Stay On Edge With Extremely Full Balls. Vanessa Returns To Lance To Finish Her Job. She Has Been Keeping Him On Edge For A Long Time, Knowing That As Soon As She Finally Lets Him Cum, She Will Be Taking His Balls, And Taking Her Time With That As Well. She Told Lance To Keep Stroking His Cock While He Waited For Her. She Struts Up To Him In Her Shiny Leotard, Black Pantyhose, And High Heels. Vanessa Slaps And Squeezes His Balls While He Jerks Off To Her, Then Sits On His Face And Grabs His Throbbing Hard Cock With Both Hands, Talking About The Different Ways She Is Thinking About Taking His Balls After She Lets Him Release. She Gives Him A Mean Handjob, Makes Him Fuck Her Pantyhose Covered Legs, Giggling At How Abrasive It Must Be On His Raw Hard Cock, And When He's Is About To Cum, She Spreads Her Legs Wide And Teases Him. Finally She Tells Him To Cum And Milks Him Until He Explodes All Over Her Pantyhose. She Smiles And Starts To Drive Her High Heel Into One Of His Balls. Time For Castration! 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
Brutal Femdom Ball Busting - Scene 2 00:18:43 5 months ago PornHub
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Ball Busting Sophie 00:35:40 1 year ago xHamster
Lesbian Duo, Vanessa Vixon And Cory Chase, Castrate!, Vanessa Vixon Walks A Gagged Naked Man Into The Room Holding A String Tied Around His. She Yanks Him Over To Her Lover, Cory Chase, And Explains That This Is Her Ex-boyfriend. He No Longer Needs His Cock. The Two Sexy Evil Ladies Are Very Turned On By The Idea Of Ending His Manhood Together. They Want To Drag The Process Out, So They Tease Him. They Want Him To Experience One Last Time. Vanessa Sits On His Face And Makes Him Breath In Her Pussy And Ass, Worship Her Ass Completely, Which He Will Never Have Again, While Cory Slaps His Balls And Makes Out With Her. Vanessa Even Lubes Up His Cock And Plays With It To Make Sure He Is Fully Hard. Every Time He Gets On The Edge Of Cumming, Vanessa Lets Go Of His Cock And Cory Slaps His Balls Harder. Lesbians Really Know About Ball Busting. Cory And Vanessa Get So Turned On, They Leave Him To Go Have Fun Together. They Will Be Back To Take His Balls. Then, Cory Chase And Vanessa Return To Their Victim After That Just Got Each Other Off In Another Room. No Handjobs Needed. They Left Him Tied Up By His Balls And Gagged To Hear Them. They Tell Him That They Want Him To Cum One Last Time Before They Cut His Balls Off. It's Up To Him To Keep His Balls, Well, As Long As He Can While Vanessa Strokes His Cock And Cory Chase Teases Him With Her Amazing Body, Pulling On The String Around His Balls The Whole Time. He Doesn't Last Long And Cums All Over Her Pantyhose Covered Ass While She Is Teasing Him. So She Makes Him Lick It Up, Then Walks Him Off To Be Castrated By His Leash. 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
Barefoot Ball Busting 00:01:23 7 months ago xHamster
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Lance Hart Flirts With The Ballbusting Queen Vanessa Vixon - MeanHandJobs, Lance Hart Is Hanging Out With Vanessa Vixon Between Production Shoots. This Is The First Time They've Really Hung Out. He Wants To Have A Little Fun With Her While Their Waiting. She's Game But She's A Real Ballbuster, Even Off Camera. Some Say She's The Queen Of Femdom CBT. She Tells Him That They Can Fool Around But Only If He'll Let Her Torment His Balls. At First Lance Thinks She's Just A Little Freaky. After She Gets Him Naked, She Mentions That She's Ruptured A Few Sets Of Testicles Before. This Might Get A Little Rough. She Goes Light On Him At First, But Definitely Gets Some Really Hard Shots In There, Dropping Him To The Floor. He's Horny Enough To Hang In There And She Isn't Messing Around. Either She Busts His Balls Or He Doesn't Get Off. She Teases Him A Little More, Then Grabs His Nuts And Makes Him Choose Between More Kicks Or Crushing With Her Hands. In Between The Ball Torment, She Encourages Him To Continue With Sensual Teasing And Mind Games Of The Ultimate Emasculation: Castration! As The Ball Busting Continues, Vanessa Lets Him Know That Most Guys Have Made It Through Much Worse Before She Eventually Cuts His Balls Off. She Lets Him Touch Her Perfect Tits, But Squeezes His Balls Harder With Every Touch, Fucking With His Head More. The Game Quickly Changes Once She Has Her Foot On His Balls. She's Going To Bust His Balls Until He Begs Her To Stop. She Does Stroke His Cock A Bit But Keeps The Handjob Mean. Will He Cum? Let's See If She Keeps Denying Him. 00:08:00 10 months ago Txxx
Brutal Femdom Ball Busting 7 - Scene 2 00:29:09 2 years ago Tube8
Needle Castration, Ball Busting 00:04:23 1 year ago xHamster
Brutal Femdom Ball Busting 07 - Scene 4 00:32:06 3 years ago PornHub
Cute Latin Busting His Balls Part1 00:04:15 1 year ago ExtremeTube
Busting My Balls For You 00:05:36 2 years ago xHamster
Brutal Femdom Ball Busting 03 - Scene 2 00:52:10 3 years ago PornHub
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Big Butt Bitch Busts Balls 00:06:39 2 years ago xHamster
Broke Straight Guy Busting His Balls For Part6 00:04:14 2 years ago ExtremeTube
Dude Busting His Hairy Balles By Gothimout 00:04:16 2 years ago SpankWire
Cute Latin Busting His Balls Part4 00:04:15 2 years ago ExtremeTube
Alain Lamas Oiled Up N Busting 00:02:31 3 years ago YouPorn
Sadie Holmes Loves Busting Sex With Lance Hart - MeanHandJobs, Sadie Holmes Invited Lance Hart Over. It's Late, So He Thinks It's A Booty Call. She's Only Wearing A Bra And Black Leggings. Sadie Tells Lance That Before He Can Fuck Her He Has To Indulge Her Little Fetish. She Loves Kicking Boys. She Makes Him A Deal. If He Can Take Ten Hard Kicks, She Will Fuck Him. She Makes Him Spread His Legs And Kicks Him Hard. Sadie Teases Lance In Between Dropping Him With Hard Kicks, Encouraging Him To Keep Going, Giving Him Blue Balls At The Same Time Until She Finally Leaves Him Holding While She Giggles And Bounces Away. Sadie Convinced Lance To Come Back And Promised To Fuck Him This Time. Now She's Just Wearing Thigh Highs With Skulls On Them And Sexy Laced Panties. Lance Tells Her His Are Healed Up And He Is Ready To Fuck. She Tells Him She Only Wants To If It's Going To Hurt Him. She Loves The Idea Of Her Ass Bouncing Hard Against His Sore Aching Balls. So She Is Going To Have To Damage His Nuts Some More. This Time There Is No Counting Game, No Lies, Just Ballbusting. She Does Take Advantage Of Him While He Is On The Ground By Straddling His Face And Slapping His Balls. She Can Feel Him Scream Into Her Pussy, Making Her Horny. After She Is Convinced That His Balls Are Hurting Enough, She Kicks Him Hard Again While He Is Laying On The Ground And Walks Off. Later On, How Are Your Balls! Sadie Holmes Asks Giggling. Lance Struts Into The Room With Lube. He Is Holding His Balls After She May Have Just Broken Them In. She Talks Sweet To Him And Strokes His Cock. After You Cum, You Are Mine Forever! Sadie Explains That If She Makes Him Cum And Relieves His Aching Swollen Blue Balls, Then He Is Her Ball Breaking Toy Forever. She Is Going To Use His Balls Day And Night, Teasing Him And Making His Balls Fill With Cum And Probably Never Letting Him Release Again. Or She May Let Him Cum But From Rough Mean Femdom Handjobs. Lance Is In No Position To Argue With His Domination. He Is Desperate For Relief. She Works His Cock So Good And Even Lets Him Play With Her Perfect Tits. You're Lucky That I'm Going To Own Your Balls When We're Done. She Brings Him To The Edge A Couple Times, Making Him Beg To Cum Before She Finally Lets Him Blow His Load All Over Her Stockings. 00:08:00 1 year ago Txxx
Ball Busting And Orgasm Foursome 00:14:02 5 months ago xHamster

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