Leilani Leeane. Beautiful, Dark Skinned Leilani Has Amazing Curves And A Stunning Smile. In Scene One, She Is Bound In A Strict Hogtie With Her Knees Bound To Her Chest, Making It Impossible To Close Her Legs. She Is Hoisted Into The Air And Challenged With The Dilemma Of Pain Or Orgasms. Second, She Is Uncomfortably Bound On A Dirty Mattress. Her Leg Is Hoisted Into The Air And Her Other Open And Vulnerable. Claire Brings Out The Cane And Challenges Leilani With What She Can Endure And Stuffs A Double Ended Dildo Into Her Cunt And Ass At The Same Time. Third, Leilani Is Given Predicament Bondage. Her Toes Are Tied Up To Keep Her Legs Elevated. Her Breast Bound Tight Receive Wax And Uncomfortable Suction Cups. Her Neck A Nice Tight Rope. Claire Coaxes An Intense Amount Of Orgasms Out Of Our Model Where She Begged For Mercy To Make The Pleasure Stop.

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Bound Str8 Guy 00:07:02 3 weeks ago xHamster
Bitch Bound In Bag & Extreme Spread Eagle Special!, Welcome Back Tenacious Tia Ling. This Bitch Is One Of The Toughest I've Encountered. With Delight She Is Subjected To Some Of The Most Intense Predicaments Her Body Can Take. In Scene One, Tia Is Bound In An Extremely Limited Duration Spread And Neck Play Predicament. What Makes This Position So Tough Is With The Feet Elevated And The Hands Pulling Back At An Angle, She Has No Back Support And Only Her Ab And Thigh Strength Keep Her In Place. A Crotch Rope Is Added And Soon She Starts Suspending Herself To Avoid The Torments Being Administered, Which Is Super Hot And Sexy. So Much That The Barrel Gets Taken Away Entirely. The Problem For Her At This Point Is If She Lowers Her Body Too Much, She Will Asphyxiate...Second Tia Is Bound In A Face Up Fold, Kind Of Like An Ebi But Very Open. Bitch However Is Wrapped In Plastic Like She Was Found In A Dumpster And Left To Hang Like A Piece Of Meat. The Plastic Adds A New Challenge. It Dulls Her Senses And Makes The Cane On Her Ass Feel Very Different. A Hole Is Cut To Expose Only Her Pussy And The Nice Butt Plug In Her Ass. All She Gets Is Anal Orgasms From A Slick Thick Cock In Her Slut Whole. The Bitch Loves It, Lapping It Up, And Cumming More And More. Finally All Of The Plastic Is Removed And She Is Left To Suffer In Her Bondage.Finally Tia Is Bound In A Discipline Position Where She Has To Will Herself To Stay Still. She Is Extremely Ticklish And Between Tickling And The Cane, Really Can't Behave. She Is Switched Onto Her Stomach Into An Open Arm / Reverse Chicken Wing Hogtie. She Looks Far Too Comfortable And Is Switched Into A Very Uncomfortable Strappado And Hoisted Into The Air In An Intense 5 Point Hogtie Suspension. Made To Cum Again And Again She Suffers And Loves Her Bondage At The Same Time. 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
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Chastity Lynn Run Through Her Paces!, Welcome Chastity Lynn Gorgeous And Young To Hogtied. Scene 1 We Start With Chastity Tied In A Strict Elbows Together Strappado With Her Neck Tied To Her Knees And Her Hair Tied Back And Up To The Point. Chastity Gets Exposed And Violated With The Cane. Her Toes Get Bound, Stretching Her Feet, And Her Tender Soles Are Taken Advantage Of. She Then Gets Hoisted Into A Standing Predicament Bondage And Tested For Her Response To Pleasure.Scene 2 Chastity Is Bound With One Knee Up To The Ceiling And Arms Again Bound And Pulled Strictly Behind Her. We Want To See Her Cum And Get To Watch As Orgasms Are Repeatedly Coaxed Out Of Her Willing Cunt Hole. She Is Hoisted Into The Air Hanging Only By One Knee With Her Torso And Ankles Pulled In Opposite Directions, Like Being Drawn And Quartered. The Harder The Bondage, The Harder The Orgasm...Scene 3 Bound Bent Over A Post With Her Knees Spread, She Gets Tormented In The Face With Panty Hose Pulling Her Face Back And A Flip Cat To Her Back Side. We Get To Watch As Her Muscles Flex And Pull, Straining To Escape The Discomfort Finally, She Is Pulled Into An Open Legged Hogtie, Left To Suffer And Cum In Discomfort.Scene 4 Perched On The Post, We Get To Examine Her Bondage. Her Knees Are Bound To Her Chest And Her Neck Is Bound To Her Hands. If She Chooses To Pull Down On Her Neck, She Can Play With Asphyxiating Herself. The Perch Is Removed And We Get To See Her Fully Suspended. Claire Adds To The Predicament By Having Her Toes Pulled Wide Open By The Pinkies And The Big Toe Attached To Nipple Clamps. Claire Does What She Can To Encourage Chastity To Pull On Those Clamps And Try And Escape The Pain That She Never Quite Can... 00:04:00 3 years ago HDZog
Bound And Whipped CBT 00:03:27 4 days ago xHamster
Smooth Bound Gay Boy Gets A Blowjob 00:07:00 5 years ago HellPorno
Hot And Tight Skin Diamond Pushed To The MAX At , Welcome Amazing Sultry Skin Diamond Back To HogTied.SCENE 1 Skin Is Dragged On Set By Claire And Bound In A Suspended Hogtie With Her Elbows Together. A Nice Red Ball Gag Is Shoved Deep Into Her Mouth And Her Head Pulled Back Tight By Hair Bondage. She Looks Furtively Around As Claire Torments Her. The Pain Heightens Her Pleasure. Her Moans Rhythmic And Seductive.SCENE 2 Bound Against A Pole, Skin Is Suspended Upside Down In An Extremely Challenging Straddle Suspension. She Gets Rubbed With Oil And Glistens, Showing Off All Of Her Curves And Making Her Breasts And Ass Really Stand Out. Claire Takes Note And Beats Her So Hard With The Flip Cat She Takes Most Of The Oil Off. The Cum That We Squeeze From Skin Is Every Bit As Amazing As Her Endurance Bondage.SCENE 3 With Her Legs Above Her Head, Skin Is Bound In An Upright Pile Driver Type Position With Her Arms Tied Severely Above Her Head And Secured To A Spreader Bar. Every Position Has Put Skin To Her Limit And This One Pushes Her The Hardest. Slicked With Grease And Suspended In The Air She Is The Perfect Bondage Puppet Squirting Cum Slut.SCENE 4 Back On The Beam, Her Waist Is Bound To Her Thighs Pushing Her Amazing Ass Out Incredibly Far. Her Arms Are Bound In Reverse Prayer. Her Hands Are Tied To Her Wrists To Keep Her Face Up And Pulled Back To An Extreme Angle. Skin's Head Is Back To Far She Can't Even Swallow! She Takes It, Hard. Skin Diamond Is The Best Of The Best... The Best Orgasms Cum From The Most Challenging Bondage - Only On . 00:04:00 1 year ago HDZog
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Ashli Orion Cums Back For More Brutal Ties Only On HogTied, Amazing Ashli Orion Returns To HogTied For Another Round Of Extreme Rope Bondage To The Severity That Can Only Be Found On The Best Rope Bondage Site On The Net, . In Scene 1, Ashli Is Bound Standing With Her Arms In Elbows Together, Chicken Wing Rope Bondage, Bound Firmly To A Pole. Her Ankles Are Spread Wide With A Pole, And A Crotch Rope Is Added To Her Predicament. She Loves The Pain And The Bondage. As Claire Increases The Tension On Her Elbows It Just Turns Her On More And More. In Scene 2, Ashli Is Folded With Her Knees Open, Toes Tied To Her Thighs, And Arms In Strappado. A Gag Head Harness Is Added And Her Body Is Slathered In Oil. Her Ass Is Repeatedly Violated With A Dick On A Stick. All This Bitch Can Do Is Cum. In Scene 3, Her Knees Are Folded To Her Chest In A Compression Tie And Her Ankles In Leather Cuffs. Her Wrists Are Tied To Her Neck Prisoner Style Which Is Also Attached To The Pulley And She Is Suspended. All This Bitch Wants And Needs Is A Good Fucking. Claire's Fist Slides Easily Into Her Cunt And Claire Steers The Bitch Around In The Air By Her Greedy Fuck Hole. In Scene 4, Ashli Is Bound In A Modified Spread Eagle. A Tall Pipe Is Placed Under Her Hips And Her Knees Are Bound Open, Making Her Do A Kind Of Ballet Pose Laying Down. The Oil Comes Out To Accentuate Every Curve And Fold Of Beautiful Skin She Has, Making The Focal Point Her Cunt Mound. Orgasm After Orgasm We Peel Back Layers Of This Cunt. 00:04:00 3 years ago HDZog
Two Submissive Sluts - TheTrainingofO. Tommy Pistol Anxiously Sits In His Leather Chair, Picks Up The Phone And Orders Two Submissive Sluts. Moments Later A Slight Jingle Of Chains Gets Louder As James Mogul, Holding Two Leashes, Slowly Approaches Walking Two Hot Submissive Brunette Sluts On All Fours, Kimber Woods And Bobbi Dylan. Mogul Has Bobbi And Kimber Get On Their Knees In Front Of Tommy And Commands Them To Rub Each Other's Pussies. James Give Them Both Matching Nipple Clamps And Flog Them As They Try To Make The Other Cum. The Two Then Are Told To Get Back On Their Hands And Knees And James Grabs Kimber's Head And Burry's It In Bobbi's Ass. Tommy Claps His Hands Twice And The Two Come Crawling Over To His Hard Cock. Bobbi And Kimber Work Together Worshiping Tommy's Cock As James Mogul Sticks A Thumb Up Each Of Their Pussies And Smashes Vibrators Against Their Clits. The Two Scream Muffled Screams Of Ecstasy While They Cum With Ones Mouth Stuffed With Cock And The Other Balls. Later We Find Bobbi Dylan With Her Legs Bound With Rope Spread Eagle, Her Small Natural Breasts Bound, Suspended, Swinging Next To Kimber Woods In A Predicament Of Very Her Own, Suspended On Her Side By Her Tits And One Foot. Tommy Pistol Pounds Kimber's Pussy And Ass Then Moves Over And Fucks Bobbi's Pussy While James Flogs. After The Two Get Fucked Senseless In A Double Suspension, They're Taken Down And Bobbi Gets Placed On A Trunk With Her Arms Bound Behind Her Back And One Foot Tied Straight In The Air. Kimber Woods Crawls On All Fours To Bobbi's Pussy And Furiously Licks While Tommy Fucks Kimber's Ass. Bobbi And Kimber Switch Places And Tommy Presses Bobbi's Face Against Kimber's Pussy Giving Him Three Holes To Fuck. 00:04:00 8 months ago HotMovs
Mz Berlin Vs Serena Blair, Today Mz Berlin Is On Her Own Going After Girl Next Door With Simply Amazing Tits, Serena Blair. A Girl Of Natural Beauty - Very Fit From Horse Back Riding, Ball Room Dancing, And Sports Gets Turned Out By Sadistic Bitch Mz. In Scene One, Serena Is Bound Kneeling In A Precarious Metal Ankle And Wrist Predicament. Mz Offsets Her Balance By Using A Heavy Flogger And Then Caning Her Feet. Serena Desperately Tries To Escape, But The Joy Of Device Bondage Is That Escape Is Impossible. Teased And Tormented With The Vibrator And Intensely Tormented With Nipple Clamps, Serena Is A Writhing Hot Mess In The Clutches Of Mz Berlin.Next Serena Is Bound In A Predicament. First She Is Made To Lay Down On A Very Uncomfortable Metal Grate. Her Neck Is Trapped In A Wood . Her Fingers Are Bound Against Another Wood That Is Then Shackled Against Her Body, Keeping Her Torso Down. Her Ankles Are Elevated And Another Wood Is Drilled In, Holding Them In Place. Then The Torment Begins. Rubber Bands On The Feet, Nipple Suction, And A Nice Firm Ass Paddling Set Our Girl Next Door On Fire. Mz Slides A Nice Thick Dildo Into Serena's More Than Willing And Actually Dripping Cunt And Works Her Over. This Cunt Wants To Cum So Bad. Almost Immediately She Is Begging For Release.Finally Out Fit And Tan Slut Is Bound In A Face Down Spread Eagle Arch, Showing Off Her Great Ass. Her Head Is Trapped By A Gag That Is Bolted To A Metal Column. This Bitch Can Barely Move A Muscle. Mz Works Her Hard With Intense Flogging. Our Pretty Princess Doesn't Care For The Pain Too Much, But Mz Calls Serena A Whiny Princess And Is Apathetic Towards The Princess's Protests. After Mz Has Thoroughly Enjoyed Herself With Serena's Suffering, Mz Infiltrates Her Ass With A Hard Dildo Coupled With The Hitatchi. Princess Bitch Is Beside Herself And Cums, Cums, And Cums. Mz Is Relentless And Has No Intentions Of The Intense Orgasms Anytime Soon... 00:04:00 3 years ago HDZog
Bound Hunks 00:05:57 4 years ago xHamster
Big Max Bound 00:02:40 1 year ago RedTube
Bound 00:01:13 2 years ago DrTuber
Andy San Dimas Control Is Key. In Scene One, Andy Is Strapped To A Kneeling X Frame. A Tight Leather Posture Collar And Shirt Are Wrapped Around Her Head And Neck. Claire Adds Water To Andy's New Face Mask, Making It Difficult To Breathe. If You Suck In Air Too Fast, You Suffocate. Control Is Key. She Is Stripped Of Her Clothing, Well Most Of It... And Then Her Torment Begins. Clothespins Are Placed All Over Her Body. A Vibrator Is Added To Distract Her From Her Discomfort And Then The Clothespins Are Removed With The Single Tail. Andy Gets Finished Off With A Thorough Cunt Fucking. Second, Andy Is Bound On A Perch Of Sorts. She Is Very Flexible In The Hips, So Her Feet Are Bound Together With Leather Straps And Attached To Her Chest. Her Knees Are Pulled Open. She Can Struggle As Much As She Wants But There Is No Escape. There Never Really Is Escape From Device Bondage. Painful Clamps Are Attached To Her Pussy And It Is Pulled Open In A Quadrant. Andy Loves The Pain And The Pleasure Is Intensified With A Firm Paddling To Her Ass And Thighs. She Cums Hard, Long, And Heavy. Her Breath Again Is Restricted Through The Breathing Tube Only And Her Moans Echo Through The Room. Finally She Is Bound Doggy On The Table. The Pussy Hook Returns And Is Now Tied To Andy's Hair - Making Andy Elevate Into An Uncomfortable Arch. Andy Is Challenged With A Very Intense Throat Fucking And Face Slapping Session. Her Face Beams With The Pleasure From The Pain And The Orgasms Are The Most Intense Of The Day. Welcome Back Andy. We Missed Your Cunt. 00:04:00 2 years ago HotMovs

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