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Sadie Holmes Loves Busting Sex With Lance Hart - MeanHandJobs, Sadie Holmes Invited Lance Hart Over. It's Late, So He Thinks It's A Booty Call. She's Only Wearing A Bra And Black Leggings. Sadie Tells Lance That Before He Can Fuck Her He Has To Indulge Her Little Fetish. She Loves Kicking Boys. She Makes Him A Deal. If He Can Take Ten Hard Kicks, She Will Fuck Him. She Makes Him Spread His Legs And Kicks Him Hard. Sadie Teases Lance In Between Dropping Him With Hard Kicks, Encouraging Him To Keep Going, Giving Him Blue Balls At The Same Time Until She Finally Leaves Him Holding While She Giggles And Bounces Away. Sadie Convinced Lance To Come Back And Promised To Fuck Him This Time. Now She's Just Wearing Thigh Highs With Skulls On Them And Sexy Laced Panties. Lance Tells Her His Are Healed Up And He Is Ready To Fuck. She Tells Him She Only Wants To If It's Going To Hurt Him. She Loves The Idea Of Her Ass Bouncing Hard Against His Sore Aching Balls. So She Is Going To Have To Damage His Nuts Some More. This Time There Is No Counting Game, No Lies, Just Ballbusting. She Does Take Advantage Of Him While He Is On The Ground By Straddling His Face And Slapping His Balls. She Can Feel Him Scream Into Her Pussy, Making Her Horny. After She Is Convinced That His Balls Are Hurting Enough, She Kicks Him Hard Again While He Is Laying On The Ground And Walks Off. Later On, How Are Your Balls! Sadie Holmes Asks Giggling. Lance Struts Into The Room With Lube. He Is Holding His Balls After She May Have Just Broken Them In. She Talks Sweet To Him And Strokes His Cock. After You Cum, You Are Mine Forever! Sadie Explains That If She Makes Him Cum And Relieves His Aching Swollen Blue Balls, Then He Is Her Ball Breaking Toy Forever. She Is Going To Use His Balls Day And Night, Teasing Him And Making His Balls Fill With Cum And Probably Never Letting Him Release Again. Or She May Let Him Cum But From Rough Mean Femdom Handjobs. Lance Is In No Position To Argue With His Domination. He Is Desperate For Relief. She Works His Cock So Good And Even Lets Him Play With Her Perfect Tits. You're Lucky That I'm Going To Own Your Balls When We're Done. She Brings Him To The Edge A Couple Times, Making Him Beg To Cum Before She Finally Lets Him Blow His Load All Over Her Stockings. 00:08:01 2 years ago Txxx
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Breaking Up And Taking His Balls, Olivia Lowe Is Breaking Up With Derek. She Tied Him Up Under The Ruse That They Were Going To Have Some Fun, And Then Let Him Know That She's Done With Him Once He's Tied Up And Naked. She's Wearing A Black Tank Top And Tight Jeans That Make Her Ass Look Amazing. Olivia Teases Him With Her Body, And Starts To Lube Up His Cock. She Tells Him How She Never Was Happy With The Sex, He's A Mamma's Boy, And She's Going To Take His Balls With Her When She Leaves. She Wants Him To Miss Her As Much As Possible So She's Teasing Him Once Last Time. Before She Castrates Him, She Wants Him To Cum Because She Thinks It Will Be Less Messy This Way, But She's Going To Drag It Out As Long As Possible With Knees And Kicks To The Balls As She Strokes Him And Humiliates Him. He Begs Her Not To Leave, But She?s Not Interested. She Teases Him With Her Ass, Bounces Around Him, Kicks And Knees His Balls And Teases His Cock With A Lubey Handjob Till He Gets Right To Wear He Could Cum, Just To Threaten To Castrate Him Again And Knee Him In The Balls. She Gets On Her Back, And Plays With His Cock And Balls With Her Pantyhose Covered Feet. Olivia Still Won?t Let Him Cum, She Wants His Balls To Be Nice And Blue Before She Empties Them And Removes Them. She Jerks, Bounces, Dances, Knees, Kicks. Derek Can't Hold Out Any Longer. He Really Wants To Keep His Balls But She Jerks His Cum Out Of Him, All Over Her Leotard And Black Pantyhose, Then Leaves Him To Go Get Some Tools. He Will Be A Eunuch Soon 00:07:41 3 years ago UPornia
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Ariella Ferrera Charlotte Cross In The Breast Feeder - GirlsWay. Newly Married Ariella Ferrera Is Gabbing With Her Teenage Step Daughter Charlotte Cross On The Sofa. Charlotte Wants To Know If Ariella Is Her Stepmom Just By Being Married To Her Father. Ariella Confirms It. She Wants To Help Charlotte With Clothes And Boys And Advice. Ariella's Not Used To Being A Mom, But She's Really Excited To Start, And Charlotte Is Happy To Hear That. When Ariella Starts Talking About Breastfeeding, Charlotte Is Confused Again. Does That Mean Her Parents Are Going To Conceive? Ariella Clarifies, She Wants Charlotte To Simulate The Experience Of Breastfeeding. Sharing Her Fascination With The Motherly Duty Of Breastfeeding, She Feels Like Giving Her Breast Milk Is Partly Her Purpose In Life. Ariella's Tits Are Indeed Huge, But Charlotte Doesn't Want To Be A Breast Feeder. Ariella Won't Give Up And Pulls Out Her Huge Knockers. She Sweet Talks The Teen Into Indulging Her Fantasy. After A Bunch Of Pretty Pleas, She Pulls The Teen's Head To Her Bosom Giving Charlotte An Awkward Mouthful. When Charlotte Pulls Away Unwilling, Ariella Sweetens The Pot With The Promise Of A New Car. Soon Enough, Charlotte Folds And Dutifully Looks Up At Her Step Mom With Her Big Brown Eyes While Sucking On Her Nipples. Ariella Asks Her To Think About How Her Milk Is Nourishing Her As It Pours Down The Back Of Her Throat. She Wants To Hear How Hungry She Is, While She Slips A Finger Up Her Skirt And Masturbates Her Pussy. She Coos That She's Going To Cum. When Ariella Asks If She Can Suck On Charlotte's Boobs, The Teen Decides She's Done With Her Feeding. Ariella Won't Give Up, She Acknowledges That Charlotte Has A Sex Life And A Boyfriend, But She Wants Her To Try Out Boob Play Too. She Shoves Charlotte's Face In Her Cleavage Then Yanks Off Her Panties. She Rubs Her Step Daughter's Naked Pussy With Her Tits, Wishing She Could Squirt Breast Milk Into Her Pussy. Charlotte's Confused, Because Ariella's Supposed To Be Her Mom. But Soon She Warms Up To Her Boob Play, She Figures It Feels Like They're Bonding. She Lets Ariella Suck On Her Nipples Using Different Techniques. Ariella Decides It Would Be Best If They Took Off All Their Clothes. Charlotte Gets Naked From The Waist Down, Leaving Her Tits Poking Out Of Her Bra. Naked Ariella Starts Tribbing Her Step Daughter. It's All New To Charlotte. The Teen Asks What She's Doing, It Feels Really Good. Ariella Bounces Her Tits Energetically While Grinding Her Pussy Onto Charlotte's. Charlottes Thinks She's Done Once She Cums, But Step Mommy Ariella Wants To Keep Playing. She Pulls Out The Stops, Promising To Send Charlotte On Vacation. She Sucks On The Teen's Tits Then Licks Her Pussy, Determined To Demonstrate That Stimulating Both Places Can Make Her Cum. When Charlotte Objects, Step Mommy Ariella Offers A Trip To Bermuda, And A Shopping Spree. Charlotte's Huge Clit Is Swollen When She Straddles Her Step Mother's Face. Ariella Promises To Milk Her Clit, And True To Her Word, Charlotte Cums In Her Mouth. Then Ariella Convinces Her Step Daughter To Suck On Her Nipples So Her Milk Can Give Her All The Strength She Needs To Keep Her Beautiful. Charlotte Masturbates While Suckling, Wanting To Cum, So Ariella Rubs Her Pussy Till She Orgasms. Mommy Ariella Turns Charlotte Over And Pats Her Back To Burp Her. But Charlotte Wants To Cum Again, So She Humps Her Step Mother's Nipple. Then She Scissor Fucks Ariella, Tribbing Wildly Until Both Lesbians Cum! 00:06:15 8 months ago HotMovs
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Amiee Cambridge & Catherine Foxx Double Team Lance Hart With Strapons, Lance Hart Just Took Amiee Cambridge Out On A Date. The Last Time They Met She Fucked Him In The Ass With A Strap-on And Jerked Him Off On His Own Face. So Needless To Say He Was Nervous On The Date. As They Return To Her House She Walks Him Into Her Living Room And Brings Up Their Last Time Together. He Is Embarrassed To Even Talk About It But Amiee Seems To Be Really Into That Kind Of Thing. Her Sexy Roommate, Catherine Foxx Walks In And Starts Asking If This Is The Guy Amiee Fucked With A Strap-on. Now Lance Is Really Embarrassed, And Even More So Confused When Both Sexy Ladies Are Clearly All Over Him. They Make Him Strip Down In Front Of Them And Start To Tease Him. Lance Can't Resist Their Domination. Amiee Starts To Get His Cock Hard While The Girls Talk About Some Of Things They Want To Do With Him. It Seems To Involve A Lot Of CBT Fun. Lance Is Desperately Turned On, But Nervous About What They Have In Store For Him. Anytime He Tries To Protest Their Plans, Amiee Slaps Him In The Balls To Let Him Know She's Serious. Catherine Smothers His Face With Her Perfect Tits While Aimee Strokes His Cock And They Tease Him Together. Amiee Gets Lance Right To The Edge Of Cumming A Few Times, Making Him Beg For Release. They Have Him Right Where They Want Him. He'd Do Anything To Cum. Just When He Thinks She's Going To Let Him Cum They Stop. She Stands Up, Puts Her Foot On His Cock And Tells Him They Are Going To Get Their Strap-ons. His Edging Cum Denial Continues And Will Be More Difficult. Blue Balls Are Tough To Hand, Right? They Make Him Get On His Knees And Worship Their Cocks. At First He Is Humiliated And Reluctant, But They Easily Turn Him Into Their Sissy Cocksucker And Make Him Beg To Get Fucked By Their Cocks. It's Time To Fuck His Brains Out. Amiee Pounds His Ass From Behind While Catherine Encourages Her To Fuck Him Harder And Makes Lance Suck On Her Big Pink Strap-on. At First Lance Is Writhing And Squirming At The End Of Amiee's Strap-on. After Some Good Deep Dicking, She Converts Him To A Total Ass Slut And He Starts Begging Her For More. They Have Him In A Complete Submissive Trance. They Flip Him On His Back And Amiee Pile Drives Him While Catherine Makes Him Suck Her Cock More, And Smothers Him With Her Perfect Tits. Of Course They're Busting His Balls With Hard Punches And Knees. Amiee Tells Him He Can Cum Anytime He Wants Since It's Going All Over His Slutty Face. She Makes Him Ride Her Long Strap-on Like A Good Slut Until He Blows His Load All Over Himself. Femdom Self Facial! Then Catherine Sops It Up With Her Pink Dildo And Makes Him Lick It Off. 00:07:52 3 years ago UPornia
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The Pope,Ashley Lane In Girl Next Door Ashley Lane In Extreme Bondage With Squirting Orgasms! - TheTrainingofO. Tall And Athletic Muscle Stud Hunter Samson Visits KinkMen's Dungeon For The First Time. Right From The Start His Rock Hard Cock Is Throbbing With Anticipation. As He Methodically Gets Restrained With Tight And Severe Rope Bondage, His Cock Gets Examined With Black Leather Gloves. He Purrs As He Submits To The Sadistic Whims Of Two Male Dom's. Slowly The Tip Of His Penis Is Licked Until Pre-cum Begins To Ooze From His Cock Hole. As Two Sets Of Lubbed Hands Massage This Huge Cock He Begs To Cum. He Pleads With His Handlers To Allow Him To Blow His Load But They Only Laugh And Revel In The Orgasm Denial. The Two Dom's Take Turns Sucking His Balls And Deep Throating His Cock. They Keep Edging Him Closer And Closer To Cumming And Each Time They Laugh As Hunter Trembles From The Pain Of Being Denied His Orgasm. But The Torment Has Only Just Begun. Next Hunter Gets Thrown On His Back With His Legs Tied In A Spread Eagle. The Edging Takes Up Again And Within Seconds Hunters Begs To Cum. But The Sadists Have Only Just Begun To Torment Their Masochistic Male Slave. They Jam A Huge Dildo Into His Tight Asshole And Stimulate His Foreskin With A Hitachi. As The Dildo Massages His Sensitive Prostate He Mumbles Garbled Requests For Mercy From The Sides Of A Huge Gag That Is Stuffed Into His Mouth. As His Nipples Are Squeezed By Severe Clover Clamps He Edges Closer And Closer To Cumming. And When He Can't Possibly Contain Himself Any Longer His Male Dom's Allow Him To Blow A Massive Load Of Cum All Over Himself. As Hunter Is Fed A Big Handful Of His Own Jizz, He Revels In The Joy Of Pleasing His Sadistic Dom's And Serving Their Most Depraved Desires. 00:04:00 7 months ago HotMovs
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Kristina Rose - Filthy Whore - Live Show Part 1, The First Part Of Our Live Show Starts With The Amazing Kristina Rose On The Floor With A Wooden Spreader Bar With Spiked Ends Bound To Her Knees, Prying Them Uncomfortably Open And One Ankle Drilled Into The Floor With A Metal Cuff. She Chats With The Members Offering Them Friendly Responses With A Pretty Girl Smile.The First Challenge Is The 5 Minute Challenge. The Deal Is The Model Has 5 Minutes To Escape From The Bondage. If She Can Get Free, She Gets An Orgasm. If She Can't Get Free, Then She Does Not Get To Cum And Gets Punished. JP Binds Kristina In A Gag, Wrists And Elbows Strapped Together, Thighs Strapped Together, And Ankles Strapped Together. She Squirms And Tries As Much As She Can To Get Free. Her Breathing Is Labored And Moans Are Rhythmic... She Doesn't Get Free.Kristina Is Released And Gets Her Punishment For Not Being Able To Get Out - Cane Strokes On The Feet From JP And Flip Cat Strokes From Isis. Tears Roll Down Her Face From Fear Of The Cane, But She Takes It Like A Champ And Perseveres.After She Has Paid The Price Of Not Being Able To Get Free, She Is Asked To Crawl Across The Stage On Her Hands And Knees To A New Device. JP Straps Her Ankles To Her Thighs In Leather And Places Her Neck And Wrists In To Metal Stocks. She Looks Stunning. JP Has Kristina Try And Recite The Alphabet Backwards As He Adds Clamps And Ties Them To Her Toes. She Is Having A Hard Time Reciting Her Alphabet. They Asked Her To Also Recite Nursery Rhymes. She Fails There Too. JP Increases Her Predicament By Adding Tits Clamps Underneath The Top Row And Then Weights Onto The Clamps. JP Then Adds Weights To Her Toes Pulling Her Tits Both Up And Down. Finishing It Off, JP Adds An Enormous Clothespin To Her Tongue, Weighing It Down.JP Makes Kristina Beg To Suck Cock But She Is Is Not Very Convincing. JP Encourages Her To Talk About What A Dirty Whore She Is, What A Dirty Fucking Slut She Is.... She Begs And Begs And Finally Gets To Suck Cock. Her Mouth Gets Filled With Cock. She Services It And Streams Of Drool Seep Onto The Floor. The Giant Clothespin That Was On Her Tongue Now Gets Clamped On Her Pussy. JP Wants Her To Feel More Pain And Her Nipples Are Flogged. She Continues To Beg More Cock And Eventually More Cock She Gets. JP Flogs Her Breasts Again And Into A Frenzy. She Becomes More Overwhelmed And JP And Isis Come In And Remove The Tits Clamps.Its Time For Pleasure. Isis Vibrates Kristina To Orgasm As JP Pinches Her Breasts One More Time. Kristina Builds To An Intense Orgasm, Cums, Cums Again, And Cums Again! 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
Vanessa Vixon Torments Her Boyfriend With CBT Fun For Days - MeanHandJobs. Vanessa Vixon Just Got Home From The Gym. She's Wearing A Leotard, Fishnets, Socks And Sneakers. She's Sweaty And Horny. She Tells Her Boyfriend Kyle That She Wants To His Dick But Wants To Do Something Else First. Vanessa Loves To Break Nuts. Since She's Been With Kyle, She's Been Fantasizing About Kicking Him In The Nuts, Giving Him And Even Castrating Him. Now She's About To Put Her Fantasy Into Action. She Tempts Him With A Blow Job, But Only If He'll Let Her Try Some New Tricks She Learned: Kicks And Knees To His Nuts. She's Thoroughly Enjoying Herself The Whole Time. Vanessa Knows That She's Going To Need To Manipulate Kyle To Keep Her Game Going. She Teases Him With Her Sexy Body The Whole Time. Once He's Bewildered And Laid Out On The Floor From All The Pain, She Sits On His Crouch, Squeezing His Nuts While She Shoves Her Dirty Sweaty Feet In His Face, Making Him Worship Her Dirty Socks While She Giggles. The Fun Has Just Begun. Vanessa Leaves Him On The Ground, Only To Return And Torment Him Some More. Later On, Kyle Is Hanging On The Couch, Recovering From The Sore Nuts Vanessa Recently Gave Him. She Walks Up On Him And Tells Him She's Horny Again. She Pulls Out A Vibrator And Goes To Town, Putting Her Sexy Crotch Up Against His With The Vibrator On Her Clit Over Her Tight Grey Leggings. She Presses Her Bare Feet Against His Nuts, Telling Him How Horny It Makes Her To Think About Crushing And Popping Them. She Presses Harder With Her Feet And Squeezes His Nuts With Her Hand While He Can't Do Anything But Hope She'll Cum Soon And Maybe Let Him Too. As Soon As She Cums, She Gets Up, Steps On His Throbbing Boner And Tells Him To Take A Cold Shower And Enjoy The Nuts. Soon After, Vanessa Vixon Comes Home To Find Kyle On The Couch Again. Now She's Dressed To In A Super Tight Black Mini Dress, Shiny Pantyhose And High Heels. Never Mind That She's Been Out Getting Attention From Everything With A Dick. She's Home And It's Time To Torment Her Boyfriend. She's Been Keeping Him From Ejaculation. She's Been Busting His Nuts But Now She Wants To See Just How Much He Can Take. She Strips Him Down Naked, Lubes Up His Cock And Brings Him Right To The Edge Of Orgasm. He's Dying For Release But She Won't Give It To Him. She Completely Owns His Manhood And Knows It. Vanessa Tells Kyle That He Won't Be Cumming This Time, Brings Him To The Edge And Back And Leaves Him With The Bluest Nuts Of His Life. The Torment Continues. Kyle's Nuts Are Blue And Sore. Vanessa Has Been Walking Around The Apartment In Tight And Skimpy Outfits, Driving Him Crazy, Teasing His Cock And When He Gets Hard, She Kicks Him In The Nuts. Now The Day Has Finally Come To Cum. Vanessa Is Going To Give Her Boyfriend Release. She's Going To Milk The Cum Out Of His Sore Nuts All Over Her Tight Black Leggings. But As Soon As He Cums, He's Going To Realize That Her Sexy Legs Tightly Around His Cock While She Milks Them Are There For A Reason. Vanessa Plans To Rip His Dick Off With Her Sexy Legs. 00:08:00 1 year ago HotMovs
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