Gia Steel Gets Face-fucked Outdoors And Enjoys It A Lot

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ExtraBigDicks Video: Pumpkin Cream Pie, We've Got Two New Faces For You This Week On ExtraBigDicks. The First Is Kemer Diaz Who Is 19 Years Old And A Homegrown Favorite From Miami. Hailing From The Volunteer State Of Tennessee Is 23 Year Old Jesse Bryce. Jesse Has Volunteered To Help Christen Kemer As He Makes His First Visit To The Man Table. It Didn't Take Long For Kemer To Realize He Had A Larger Than Average Dick. 'Basically, Ever Since I Was 12 Years Old And Had A Little Fun With A Girl...and It's Been Going On Since Then' He Beams. Rest Assured Everyone In His Family Had Always Told Him He Had A Big Dick Since He Was Little; So It Must Not Have Come As A Big Shock. Jesse Isn't A Slouch In The Big Dick Department Either. He Also Packs A Thick Cock So We Are All Stocked Up Today. Jesse Admits He Thinks Bigger Is Always Better. We Couldn't Agree With Him More. We Asked These Studs What The Best Sex They'd Ever Had Was. 'When They Take The Whole Thing' Grins Kemer. Apparently For Poor, Hung Kemer, Very Few Have Managed To Take Every Inch Of His Thick Cock. Silly Rabbit, Dicks Aren't For Chicks--they're Amateurs! Lol Well, We Know Kemer's In Good Hands With Jesse; And Soon Kemer Will Find Himself 'in' A Lot More Than That.Jesse Has Gay Porn On Trying His Best To Seduce Kemer. 'You Can't Tell Me That's Not Hot' Jesse Grins. Kemer Isn't Amused By The All Dick Scene. 'I'm Used To Jackin Off To Girls' He Says. Jesse Decides To Offer A More Hands On Approach And Moves Closer. He Starts To Grope Kemer's Cock Which Slowly Starts To Come To Life. Kemer's Eyebrows Raise As A Confused, But Consenting, Look Washes Over His Boyish Face. Jesse Has Him Stand Up So He Can Get Better Access As He Pulls Down Kemer's Pants. After Tugging At It For A Few Through His Boxers, Kemer's Cock Is Now Throbbing And At Attention. Jesse Opens Wide And Swallows Kemer's Str8 Cock To The Hilt. Kemer Gasps As He Watches His Dick Disappear. Kemer Is A Quick Study As He Immediately Starts To Face Fuck His New Buddy. Kemer's Smooth Balls Are Pulled Up Tight As Jesse Continues To Slurp On His Thick 8.5 Inch Cock. Jesse Then Stands And Strips, Hauling Out His Cock For Kemer To Play With. Kemer Reluctantly Starts To Stroke Jesse's Cock As It Gets Rock Hard In His Hand. That's As Good As It Gets For Jesse So He Goes Back Down On That Thick Cock Again. Kemer's In Awe As He Gets His Thick Cock Deep Throated.'Are You Ready For This Ass?' Teases Jesse As He Gets That Thick Cock Slapped On His Face. 'Lets See If It Fits' Teases Jesse Before Bending Him Over And Sliding That Dick Deep Into His Hot Ass. Jesse Grunts As Kemer Starts To Pound Him Deep. Guess Taking It All Won't Be A Problem This Afternoon As Jesse's Hot Hole Is Taking Every Delicious Inch. 'You Like That!?' Grunts Kemer As He Slaps That Ass. Kemer Then Sits Back On The Floor And Orders Jesse To Sit On His Dick. Jesse Squats On That Thick Cock And Starts To Ride It. Soon All He Has To Do Is Hold Himself Steady As Kemer Takes Over. Kemer Is Fucking That Ass Like A Champ As He Repeatedly Bucks Up Into That Hot Hole. At 19, Kemer Knows Exactly What To Do With That Thick Dick And Its Driving Jesse Wild. The Sound Of Jesse's Balls Slapping Away At Jessie's Hot Hole Fill The Room. Missionary Is Next As Kemer Slams Back In For More. That Thick Dick Is Wreaking Havoc On Jesse's Prostate Which Is In Heaven. Jesse Explodes Shooting His Load All Over Himself. Kemer Isn't Far Behind. Once He's Done Fucking The Cum Out Of Jesse, He Pulls Out And Jacks Off All Over Jesse's Cum Covered Abs. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
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CircleJerkBoys Video: Gimme That Dick, This Week We Have A Familiar Face With Us, Mr. Marxel Rios. Marxel, For Those Of You Unaware Of Marxel's Reputation, Is 27 Years Old And From Ft. Lauderdale. A Definite Fan Favorite, Marxel Is Going To Help Us Welcome A New Face To The Circle Jacobey London. Jacobey Is 20 Years Old And From Virginia. They Say Virginia Is For Lovers, But As Far As We Know That's Hearsay. We're From Florida-we'll Need Proof! The Holidays Are Fast Approaching And We Wondered What These Two Would Wish For In Their Stocking. Jacobey Is Going To Need A Rather Large Stocking To Fit The Range Rover He'd Like. We Think That's What He Said; While Marxel Would Want Tons Of $100 Bills Wrapped Up In A Nice Wad. Well The Holidays Aren't All About Receiving, They're Also About Being Thankful For The Things You Do. Marxel Is Very Proud And Thankful For His Cybersocket Nomination As Best Newcomer For The 2013 Awards. Jacobey Is Thankful For His…uhh, Roommate. We Then Put These Two To The Test To Determine How They Like To Distribute The Goodies. Would They Prefer More Foreplay Or More Action? Jacobey Thinks Most People Would Agree With Him, Prefering 80% Be Foreplay And The Remaining 20 Be Getting It. Marxel With A Twinkle In Them There Eyes Disagrees And Likes His Fun 50/50. 'Share And Share Alike', Imagine That!Marxel's Horny Today And By The Time We Start Filming He's Already Groping Jacobey's Crotch. That Dick Is Hard Anticipating That Mouth As Marxel Undoes His Fly. Marxel Knows Just What He Wants As He Wraps His Mouth Around Jacobey's Hard Cock. He Looks Up At Him With Those Pretty Eyes As He Services His Meat, Easily Taking Every Inch Of It Down His Throat. He Spits On It Getting It Nice And Sloppy Before Going Back Down On It. 'Suck That Dick' Jacobey Orders As He Grabs Marxel's Head And Helps Bob Him On His Dick. Jacobey Then Stands Up And Drops His Pants As He Gets Right To Fucking That Mouth. Marxel Gags On That Dick As He Gets His Face Fucked Deep. He Loves That Cock And Soon Is On The Floor So That Jacobey Can Kneel Over His Mouth And Feed Him Some More. Marxel's Own Dick Is Hard And Needing Attention And Once He Takes It Out Jacobey Goes Down On Him Landing In A Hot 69. Marxel Sucks That Dick While His Fingers Explore Jacobey's Smooth Hole. That Gets Jacobey Horny For More As He Repositions To Get Marxel's Hole Wet And Ready For More. Marxel Moans As He Gets That Ass Rimmed And Ready. Once That Ass Is Ready, Jacobey Slides Inside And Gets Right To Burying That Dick. Marxel Just Moans As He Gets That Ass Fucked. Jacobey's Low Hangers Slap Away At That Hole As He Slams Inside Over And Over As He Holds One Of Marxel's Legs Over His Shoulder. He Knows Just How To Fuck That Ass Pounding It Hard And Deep Making Marxel Moan For More. Jacobey Then Gets Up And Sits Back On The Incline Bench And Just Watches As Marxel Straddles His Dick And Takes A Seat. Once He's Back On That Dick He Gets Right To Riding That Cock. He Bounces Up And Down On It Until He Can No Longer Ride It. He Then Just Holds Still As Jacobey Takes Over Slamming That Dick Up Into His Hole Like A Well-oiled Piston. Marxel Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Railed Hard. That Tight Ass Sends Jacobey Over The Edge As He Stands Over Marxel And Unloads All Over His Face Leaving His Hot Load Dripping All Over Marxel's Face. Jacobey Just Admires His Handy Work As Playfully Slaps His Dick On Marxel's Face As He Splatters His Thick Load Everywhere. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Cumming Around, We've Got Two New Faces For You This Week On CircleJerkBoys. The First Is Kemer Diaz Who Is 20 Years Old And A Homegrown Hottie From Miami. Hailing From The Volunteer State Of Tennessee Is 24 Year Old Jesse Bryce. Jesse Volunteered To Help Welcome Kemer Since It's His First Trip To The Man's Table. We Hope Jesse Brought His Appetite; Cuz Kemer's Packin'. It Didn't Take Long For Kemer To Realize He Had A Larger Than Average Dick. 'Basically, Ever Since I Was 12 And Had Some Fun With A Girl' He Beams, ‘it's Been Going On Since Then'. Rest Assured, Everyone In His Family Always Told Him He Had A Big Dick Since He Was Little; So...they Kinda Ruined His Surprise, Huh? Fortunately, Jesse Isn't Slacking In The Dick Department, Packing A Big Thick Cock Too. We've Got Cock A Plenty Today. Jesse Admits He Thinks Bigger Is Always Better. We Couldn't Agree With Him More. We Asked Kemer What The Best Sex He'd Ever Had Was. 'Whenever They Take The Whole Thing' He Grins. Poor Kemer Has Only Had A Few Girls Managed To Take Every Inch Of His Thick, Cuban Cock. Silly Rabbit, Dicks Aren't For Chicks-they're Amateurs! Well, Kemer's In Good Hands With Jesse; Whom Soon Enough Will Be Saying, 'Look Guys-NO HANDS!' Jesse Has Gay Porn On Trying His Best To Seduce Kemer. 'You Can't Tell Me That Isn't Hot' Jesse Grins. Kemer Isn't Amused By The All-dick Scene. 'I'm Used To Jackin Off To Girls' He Says. Jesse Decides To Offer A More Hands On Approach And Moves Closer. He Starts To Grope Kemer's Cock Which Slowly Starts To Come To Life. Kemer's Eyebrows Raise As A Confused, But Consenting, Look Washes Over His Boyish Face. Jesse Has Him Stand Up So He Can Get Better Access. After Tugging At It For A Few Through His Boxers, Kemer's Cock Is Now Throbbing And At Attention. Jesse Opens Wide And Swallows Kemer's Str8 Cock To The Hilt. Kemer Gasps As He Watches His Dick Disappear. Kemer Immediately Starts To Face Fuck His New Buddy. Kemer's Smooth Balls Are Pulled Up Tight As Jesse Continues To Slurp On His Thick 8.5' Cock. Jesse Then Stands And Strips, Hauling Out His Cock For Kemer To Play With. Kemer Reluctantly Starts To Stroke Jesse's Cock As It Gets Rock Hard In His Hand. That's As Good As It Gets For Jesse So He Goes Back Down On That Thick Cock Again. Kemer's In Awe As He Gets His Thick Cock Deep Throated. 'Are You Ready For This Ass?' Beams Jesse As He Gets That Thick Cock Slapped On His Face. 'Lets See If It Fits' Teases Kemer Before Bending Him Over And Sliding That Dick Into His Hot Ass. Guess Taking It All Won't Be A Problem This Afternoon As Jesse's Hot Hole Is Taking Every Delicious Inch. Kemer Then Sits Back On The Floor As Jesse Squats On That Thick Cock And Starts To Ride It. Kemer Starts To Fuck That Ass Like A Champ; Repeatedly Bucking Up Into That Hot Hole. The Sound Of Kemer's Balls Slapping Against That Hole Fill The Room. Missionary Is Next As Kemer Slams Back In For More. That Thick Dick Is Hitting Jesse's Prostate Perfectly As Jesse Explodes Shooting His Load All Over Himself. Kemer Isn't Far Behind Pulling Out And Jacking Off All Over Jesse's Cum Covered Abs. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Diesel Power, It's Been Far Too Long Since Our Studio Has Been Diesel Driven But This Week We're In For A Treat As We Welcome Back Diesel Washington. The Man, The Myth, And This Afternoon, The Lover As Diesel Decides To Take Things Down A Notch And Show Us And His Co-star, Dylan Roberts, The 'softer Side' Of Diesel. You Heard It Here First! This Will Be 21 Years Old Dylan's 2nd Time On EBD And We're Pretty Sure This Valentine’s Day Will Be One To Remember. We Wondered What These Two Party Animals Did For New Year's Eve. Dylan Spent The Night Hanging Out With His Mom At Home; While Diesel Stayed Home As Well; Read Some Comic Books And Watched The Ball Drop On TV. Hmmm These Two Have A Lot In Common It Seems. St Patrick's Day Is Coming And We Wondered What Plans They Would Want. Dylan Being Part Irish Dreams Of Going To The Motherland And Getting Shit-face Drunk In A Real Irish Pub Decked Out In Green. Diesel Took The Green And Ran With It. He Wants To Have A Lot Of Green With Him, Wear A Lot Of Green, Have A Lot Of 'green' And Try Not To Step On Any Green Throw Up. Well Dylan Won't Need To Worry About Anything Besides Accommodating Some Diesel As He Gets The Irish Fucked Right Out Of Him For Valentine’s Day. <3 Diesel And Dylan Start Off All Flirty Telling Each Other How Excited They Are To Meet The Other When Diesel Tells Dylan That Rather Than Bang Out He's About To Give Him Some McLovin'—OH-NO-HE-DI-NT! They Start To Kiss As Diesel Kicks It Into Sensual Mode. He Runs His Tongue Along Dylan's Neck Sending Him Into A Frenzy. They Stand And Continue The Tongue Fest As They Each Lick Necks And Peeks, Taking Their Time As They Do. Diesel Lies Back As Dylan Gets A Better Look At What's For Lunch. He Opens Wide And Slides His Mouth Over Diesel's Thick Cock. Diesel Coos As Dylan Samples The World's Finest Chocolate. Diesels Cock Throbs As It Gets The Attention It's Been Needing. Dylan Goes Nuts Struggling To Take Diesel's Thick Dick Down His Throat. 'Let Me Have A Taste' Says Diesel Wanting To Return The Favor As He Wraps His Lips Around Dylan's Cock. Diesel Loves To Pleasure His Partners And This Bad Boy Can Suck A Mean Dick. Dylan's Head Is Spinning As He Watches Diesel Nursing On His Rock Hard Cock. Soon Enough Dylan Wants More Of Diesel's As He Kneels To Continue Servicing His Massive Cock. Diesel Starts To Fuck That Pretty Face As His Balls Slap Away At Dylan's Chin Giving Him What He Wants. Diesel Then Turns Dylan Around And Gets A Taste Of That Sweet Hole He'll Soon Be Stretching Open. He Tongue Fucks That Hole As Dylan Whimpers With Excitement. As Soon As That Hot Ass Is Spit Lubed And Ready For Some Dick, Diesel Gets Into Position.Diesel Gets Dylan On His Back As He Looks Down And Sees That Hot Ass, Glistening With Spit Begging To Be Filled. He Slides That Thick 10' Cock In As Dylan Whimpers And Groans Trying To Take That Dick. 'My God Your Dick's So Fucking Big' He Whimpers As Diesel Slides That Horse Cock Home. Diesel Starts To Fuck That Hot Ass Deep And Fast Like Only Diesel Can. Dylan Is Rock Hard And Struggling To Take The Fucking He's Being Given When He Yells Out 'Stop It—you're Gonna Make Me Cum!' For The Unassuming Boy Who Said 'size Never Really Mattered To Him', Things May Have Just Changed Forever. Diesel Eases Off And Assures Him He Wants To Make It Last. And Goes Back To Tappin' That Ass Nice And Slow. Diesel Then Lets Dylan Sit On His Thick Dick. Dylan Rides That Big Dick Pleasuring Himself On Diesel's Dong. Diesel Then Gets Him On His Side And Slips Into Him In A Spoon Position. He's Bouncing Dylan's Tight Ass Off His Thick Dick So Hard That It Sends Dylan Over The Edge. Dylan Busts Out A Load That Flies All Over His Chest And Face. Someone Was A Tad Excited. Diesel Follows Suit As He Unloads A Thick Nut All Over Dylan's Face As Well . Whew. Just When You Think They're Done, Diesel Bends Over And Laps His Load Clean Off. …Oh Mr. Diesel, Bravo! 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: The Big Finnish, This Week We Have A Special Treat As We Welcome Back Steven Daigle. Steven Is Gonna Have His Hands Full With One Of Our Alumni That Is Coming Out Of Retirement After 8 Years. Peter Finland Is Back And Looking Hot As Ever At 45. Steven Is Now 38 And We Know Peter's In Good Hands With Our Resident Exhibitionist. Both Of These Guys Love To Be In Front Of An Audience And They Both Have Current Projects Underway. Steven, Of 'Big Brother' Fame, Will Be Featured In A New Gay Movie Called 'Eating Out 4—Drama Camp'. It's Due To Be Released Soon And He's Excited About It. Peter Also Has A Flick On The Way Due Out This Spring Called 'Bear City 2' In Which He'll Have A Cameo As A Boat Captain. 'It's Gonna Be Hilarious!' He Assures Us. We Then Asked These Two When They Are Out At The Movies What They Like To Eat At The Concession Stand. Steven Loves Hot Tamales While Peter Is Hooked On Sour Gummy Bears. We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking These Studs What They Enjoy Most About Working In The Adult Industry. They Both Couldn't Agree More On Being Fortunate Enough To Be Able To Travel While Meeting Incredibly Hot Men And Get Paid To Have Sex With Them. ...Makes One Suddenly Want To Question Their Career Path. Peter Is Kicking Back On The Couch With His Feet Up Talking To A Friend On The Phone. He Wraps The Call Up And As The Camera Pans Out You Realize That Steven Is On All Four Acting As His Ottoman. Peter Figures It's About Time To Put Him To Better Use As He Slides His Hand Inside Steven's Shorts And Explores That Hot Ass. He Pulls Those Shorts Down To Get A Better View Of That Ass And Then Grabs Steven And Begins To Make Out With Him. Peter Peels Off His Tee As He Shoves Steven's Face Into His Chest. Steven Licks At His Chest And Works His Way South To That Hard Cock In His Jeans. He Undoes Them To Get At That Dick And Soon He Has Peter's Uncut Cock In His Mouth. Peter Fucks His Face For A Bit Before Sitting Back To Have Steven Worship His Meat Some More. Steven Can't Get Enough As He Takes That Dick Down His Throat. Peter Stands Up Again So He Can Shove That Meat As Deep As He Wants To As Steven Coughs And Gags On It Trying To Take It All. Peter Slaps That Face With His Cock And Then With His Hand Making Steven Even Hornier For It. Peter Then Bends Steven Over And Gets That Sweet Ass Nice And Wet As He Dives In Tongue First. Steven Can Barely Contain Himself As Peter French Kisses His Smooth Hole. Peter Then Stands In Front Of Steven And Fucks His Face Some More Wanting To Get His Cock Rock Hard Again Before Sliding It Inside That Hole He Just Got Through Eating. Steven Takes It Like A Good Boy As He Services Peter. Peter Bends Forward And Starts Sucking On Steven's Cock And His Tongue Ends Up Back In Steven's Hole. Hmmm. He Gets Steven On All Four And Slowly Pushes His Meat Inside That Tight Ass. Steven Groans As He Gets Used To That Dick In His Hole. Peter Pounds Him Hard And Deep From The Start As Steven Just Begs For More. Peter Pounds That Ass Doggy Style Before Pulling Out And Laying Back On The Floor. Steven Knows His Place As He Straddles That Daddy Dick And Goes Right Back To Taking It. 'That's M' Boy' Groans Peter As He Watches Steven Bounce Up And Down On His Meat. Steven's Doing All The Work; And He's Not Complaining. He Grinds That Hot Ass Deep Wanting Every Inch Of Peter's Cock Inside Him. Peter Grabs Him And Shoves Inside Even Deeper As He Fucks Him Missionary. He Pounds Away Hitting Steven's Sweet Spot As Steven Begs For More As He's About To Cum. Steven Blows All Over Himself With Peter Still Buried Inside Him. Peter Then Pulls Out And Unloads All Over His Own Chest Leaving Himself A Cum-covered Mess. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Cum Logan Cum, Dayton O’Connor Is The Flavor Of The Week And Everyone Knows That This Sexy, Smooth 25 Year Old San Diego Native Never Fails To Please. Joining Dayton This Week Is Logan Drake. This Is Logan’s First Shoot Anywhere. A VIRGIN?! How Often Do You Hear That On A Porn Site? Logan Is 21 And From Virginia Beach, VA. With His Clean Cut Looks And Room Brightening Smile He’s In For Quite The Career. Dayton Is A Seasoned Veteran And Admits He Remembers His Very First Scene. If He Had To Do It All Over Again He Would’ve Been More Of A Champ About It. We Asked Logan What He Was Most Nervous About On His Way Here. Logan Blushes As He Admits Wondering Who His Co-star Was Going To Be. Mostly Logan Was Excited To Get Out In Front Of Everyone And Start A New Chapter In His Life. We Then Asked These Boys To Pick 3 Adjectives They Want People To Think About When They Ponder Their Careers As Adult Film Stars. Dayton Wants To Be Thought Of As Aggressive, Hot And Desirable. Logan Would Like To Become The Kind Of Film Star That People Know As Amazing, Sexy And Fun. Well, We Are Pretty Sure That Dayton Can Figure Out How To Have An Amazing And Fun Time With Mr. McSexy Sitting Right Next To Him.Dayton Is Kicking Back On The Bench Flippin’ Through A Gay Porn Mag And Groping His Dick When There’s A Knock On The Door. Logan Walks In Needing A Place To Crash For A Bit. As Dayton Goes To Get Him A Pillow, Logan Finds The Magazine He’s Hidden Under A Cushion. “What’s This?” He Asks. Dayton Blushes And Does What Anyone Would Do When Cornered, He Makes Out With Him… SCORE!! They Pull Off Each Other’s Tees As They Start To Explore Each Other’s Bodies. Logan Leans Back On The Weight Bench As Dayton Starts To Grope His Growing Cock. Both Of These Studs Are Naturally Smooth And Defined. Dayton Hauls Out Logan’s Cock And Starts Sucking On It. Logan Is Rock Hard In Seconds As He Gets His Balls Licked And Cock Swallowed. Dayton Bobs His Head Up And Down On That Dick While Letting His Fingers Roam South Getting A Sneak Peak At That Hot Ass He Has His Eyes On.Logan Then Gets On His Knees As He Strips Dayton’s Briefs Off. He Licks His Lips Before Sliding That Throbbing Cock Inside Them. Dayton’s Eyes Roll Back As The Newbie Shows Him Just What He Can Do On That Thick Dick Of His. Dayton Loves It As He Holds Logan’s Head And Face Fucks Him. He Impales His Cock All The Way Down Logan’s Throat. “Look At Me When You Do That” He Coaches As He Watches Logan Swallow Every Inch Of Dick He’s Given. Logan Effortlessly Deep Throats That Huge Cock At Will. The New Kid Got Skillz, Yo!Logan Then Gets On The Couch As Dayton Gets A Better Taste Of That Sweet Untapped Ass. He Licks And Fingers That Hole As He Jacks His Dick. “Yeah, Put Your Ass In My Face” He Grunts As He Gets That Hot Hole Ready For A Proper Fucking. His Fingers Open That Sweet Ass Up Making Way For A Much Larger Digit. He Lays Logan On His Back As He Lubes Up That Ass And Pushes Inside. Slowly That Hole Concedes As Dayton Starts To Fuck Away At That Ass. Logan Is Taking That Dick Like A Champ As Dayton Picks Up The Pace. He Slams That Cock Deep As He Holds Logan’s Legs Up. Dayton Then Starts To Have At That Ass As His Hot Little Waist Gyrates Sending That Cock Deeper Into Logan’s Ass. Dayton Then Bends Logan Over On All Four As He Slides In For More Doggy Style. A View From Below Gives Us A Spectacular Shot As Dayton’s Cock Slams In And Out Of Logan’s Ass. Missionary Is Next As Dayton Continues The Fuck Fest. This Position Usually Does The Trick And As Dayton’s Thick Cock Is Hitting Logan’s Prostate It Sends Him Over The Edge. “I’m Gonna Cum, Fuck Me Hard” Logan Grunts As Dayton Obliges Railing His Ass Deep. Logan Explodes All Over Himself With Dayton Pounding Him. Dayton Then Pulls Out And Unloads Another Huge Load All Over Logan. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: DareOn Stevens, This Week We Have Two Blasts From Our Not So Distant Past As We Welcome Back Drake Jaden And Chris Stevens. The Chemistry Between These Two Even Had Our Cameras Steaming Up. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With These Two, Chris, Now 42, Is Originally From Ohio. Drake Is 26 And A Native Floridian. We Asked These Two If There Was A Book That Really Impacted Them. “Kamasutra” Says Drake As Chris Interjects “—that’s What I Was Gonna Say!” Great Minds Think Alike. We Asked Them, Keeping Up With Current Events, Since Oprah Is Now Giving Up The Mic, Were They To Take Over Her Show Who Would They Pick To Be Their First Guest. Chris Would Bring On President Obama While Drake Would Want To Bring On Oprah Herself. We Then Wondered Which Of These Is The Bigger Turn On, Getting Their Balls Licked Or Their Nipples Worked On. It’s A Unanimous Nipples Crowd With Drake Chiming In With “…sucked, Bitten, Pulled, Electrocuted, Burned” There Is A Rumor That Porn Stars Have So Much Sex That They Never Beat Off; But These Two Are Here To Say That That’s Just Not True. Drake Jerked Off Last Thinking About All The Fun He Was Gonna Have At I.M.L. In Chicago; While Chris Jerked Off Last Night Thinking About His Shoot With Drake Today. AwwwThese Two Were Ready To Rumble Before We Even Got The Cameras Ready And Once We Called Action They Went Right To It. They Lip Locked Immediately As They Groped Each Other Kissing Passionately. Drake Takes His Tee Off As He Shoves Chris’ Face Into His Crotch. “Yeah, You Know You Fucking Want It” He Grunts As He Grinds His Crotch Into Chris’ Face. He Pulls Off His Jeans Still Holding Onto Chris By A Fistful Of His Hair. He Pulls Out His Cock And Slaps It In His Face Before Finally Shoving It Into His Mouth. He Shoves It All The Way Down His Throat As He Orders Him To Take It And Not Give Him Any Teeth. Chris Happily Obliges As Drake Uses His Mouth As He Sees Fit. Chris Licks Drake’s Hairy Balls And Cock As Drake Continues His Oral Assault On His New Friend. Chris Then Sits Back As Drake Returns The Favor. He Shoves Chris’ Underwear Into His Mouth As He Goes Down On His Cock. Chris Is Rock Hard As Drake Deep Throats His Meat. He Sucks On His Smooth Balls As Chris Starts Fucking His Face And Making Him Gag On His Meat. Drake Does His Best To Take That Cock As Chris Shoves It Deeper And Deeper. Drake Spits On Chris’ Cock As He Services It.Drake Then Gets Up On The Couch As Chris Slides Underneath Him To Get A Taste Of That Hot Ass. “Stick It In There And Tongue-fuck My Ass!” Drake Orders As He Grinds His Sweet Hole On Chris’ Face. Drake’s Cock Is Rock Hard As He Rides That Hot Tongue. They Then Move Onto The Couch As Chris Continues To Eat That Ass As Drake Helps Himself To Chris’ Hairy Hole. This Hot 69 Action Is Getting Them Both Hotter For More Than Just Oral As Drake Lies Behind Chris And Takes His Ass. Drake Starts To Fuck That Ass Deep As He Pounds Away. “Oh Fuck My Ass” Chris Moans As He Takes A Proper Fucking. Drake Then Sits Back And Has Chris Straddle His Meat. Chris Sits On His Cock And Starts To Ride It As Drake Slams His Dick Up Into His Ass Harder And Harder. Chris Holds On To Drake’s Shoulders As He Bounces Up And Down On His Cock. From There They Take It Home As Chris Gets Put On His Back And Fucked Deep. Drake Slides His Aching Cock Into That Hungry Ass And Powers Away Until Chris Can’t Hold Back Any Longer Exploding All Over Himself. Drake Then Pulls Out And Shoots His Own Thick Batch All Over One Cum Soaked And Satisfied Chris. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Riding On Rails, Bobby Rail Is Back This Week And He's Looking Better Than Ever. His Hair's Getting Longer And Frankly There Isn't A Look This Bad Boy Can't Rock. For Those Unfamiliar With This Sexy Florida Native, Bobby Is 24 Years Old And Comes To Us From West Palm Beach. We Also Have Another Familiar Face For You This Week. Chicago's Own Ryan Middleton, Now 19 Years Old, Is Also Back For More. Bobby Is Still With The Same Girl He Was With Last Time We Had Him Here. In Fact, That 'special' Girl Is A Few Blocks Away From Our Studios On The Beach. She’s Waiting For Her Man To Finish. That's One Understanding Girlfriend. Ryan Doesn't Have A Special Lady In His Life (other Than His Mom.) Awwww. They Both Have Future Travel Plans And Both Have New York In Their Sights As Well As The West Coast. They're Both Adventurous And We Asked Them Where They Would Want To Have Sex That They Haven't Yet. Bobby Wants To Be Able To Fuck On A Rooftop. 'It Would Have To Be A Really Tall Building' Ryan One Ups That Scenario And Says He Wants To Be Able To Fuck On A Roller Coaster. Hmmm. Now There's A Visual And A Possible 'Just In—Breaking Story' Once They Discovered Where The Two Crazy Kids Eventually Land. Lol Well, We're Not Sure When Ryan Will Get A Chance To Ride That Ride; But Today Bobby Will Prove To Be A Hotter And More Exciting Ride Than Any Rollercoaster. …ALL ABOARD!Ryan Is Sitting On His Laptop Surfing For Porn And Getting A Chubby While Bobby Is Asleep On The Couch. Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playground And Soon His Cock Isn't Enough. He Walks Over To Bobby And Lets His Hands Do Some Exploring On His Cock Instead. He Rubs Bobby's Cock Till It Starts To Wake Up. Bobby Isn't Far Behind, Waking Up A Bit Startled But Not Against The Idea Entirely. Bobby Takes Off His Shirt As They Start To Kiss. They Help Each Other Out Of Their Shirts As Their Hands Start To Roam Their Muscular Bodies. Once Their Pants Come Off, Bobby Gets Ryan's Boner Out And Goes To Work On His Woody. Ryan Sighs As Bobby Takes His Hard Cock Deep In His Throat. He Swirls His Tongue Around The Throbbing Shaft As Ryan's Hand Helps Guide Him Up And Down. Ryan Stands Up To Give Bobby Better Access To His Meat. Bobby Kneels Before Him As Ryan Starts To Face Fuck Him. Bobby Then Gets Up And Drops His Briefs And Watches As Ryan Returns The Favor. He Sucks That Thick Cock Into His Mouth And Does His Best To Accommodate Every Inch Of It. Bobby Groans As He Finally Gets Some Attention On That Aching Cock Of His. Ryan's Only Getting Started And There's More In Store For Bobby.Ryan Gets Bobby On All Four So He Can Explore That Sweet Ass He'll Soon Own. He Spreads Those Smooth Cheeks Apart And Teases That Tight Ass With His Fingers. He Slips His Digits In And Makes Bobby That Much Hornier For The Fucking That's Coming. Ryan Then Sits Back And Watches As Bobby Sits Down On His Thick Cock. Riding That Meat In A Reverse Cowgirl; Bobby Starts To Ride Faster As His Ass Gets Used To Its Intruder. He Then Swings Around And Rides It Facing Ryan So He Can Watch His Face As He Takes That Hole. The Chemistry Between These Two Is On Fire And Soon Ryan Has Bobby Bent Over The Couch. Ryan Slams His Cock Back Inside That Hot Ass. 'Take My Dick' He Grunts 'take All Of It!' Bobby Just Groans As He Begs For More. Ryan Rams That Dick Hard And Deep. Ryan Isn't Playing Around And He Is Fucking Bobby's Hot Ass With Everything He's Got. Bobby Is Bent Over And Taking Every Deep Thrust Like A Champ As He Gets His Ass Railed. Ryan's Balls Slap Away At That Ass And Soon These Two Are Ready To Explode. They Sit Back, Side By Side, And Jerk Their Loads All Over Their Furry Happy Trails. Whew. Damn That Was Some Hot Fuckin'. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: Leche Fresca, Brenn Wyson Is Finally Making His Debut On ExtraBigDicks. Brenn, The Boxer From Boston, Makes 39 Look Delicious. We Also Have Another New Face Making His Debut This Week, Christian Ray. Christian Was Featured On Our Brother Site, CircleJerkBoys, To Rave Reviews So We Didn't See Why We Couldn't Let Brenn At This Hot 20 Year Old Import. Feed Him To The Christian! (...or Is That The Other Way Around?) We Asked These Studs What Their Favorite Vacations Had Been. Lithuania For Brenn Who Found It To Be Beautiful While Over There Researching His Family Roots. Christian Loves Vacationing On The Beach With His Family. They Both Knew They Had Big Dicks By The Time They Were 12 And While Brenn Considers Himself To Be A Freak In The Sack Christian Considers Himself To A Bit More Reserved. Don't Let The Innocent Face Fool You, Christian May Be More Reserved But He Boasts That He's Good No Matter Where He Lands. Versatility Is Key! Well, The Challenge Has Been Made Since Brenn Considers Himself To Be Not Only A Power Fucker But A Hot Bottom As Well. 'We'll Have To See', Brenn Grins. Place Your Bets Gentlemen, Things Are About To Get A Hell Of A Lot More Interesting...Brenn's Feeling Horny And Is In His Room Doing Something About It. He Undoes His Pants To Give His Growing Cock Some Room. Unbeknownst To Him, Christian Peeked In The Door And Is Now Transfixed Staring At Brenn Playing With His Thick Cock. Brenn Pulls It Out Of His Briefs And Starts To Jack Off. Christian's Own Cock Comes Alive As He Watches The Show. It's The Classic Boy Stalks Boy Stalk. Get It? 'Stalk' First As A Verb; Then As A Nou--never Mind. Christian Can't Hold Back Any Longer And Walks In On Brenn. Brenn Is Happy To See Him As They Start To Make Out. They Strip Down To Their Briefs As Brenn Sticks His Dick Down Christian's Throat. He Face Fucks His New Friend As Christian Struggles To Take All Of It. Brenn Lies Back As Christian Gets Right Back On His Dick Giving Him One Hell Of A Spit Shine. 'I Wanna Suck Your Cock' Brenn Moans As He Gets The Chance To Return The Favor. Christian Stands And Once Brenn Wraps His Lips Around His Cock, Starts To Throat Fuck Brenn Making Him Gag. Christian Then Takes Top Bunk In A Hot 69 As He Sucks On Brenn's Dick While Fucking His Throat.The Party Moves To The Chaise Where Christian Sits On Brenn's Massive Cock. Christian's Tight Bod Slowly Impales Itself Taking All Of Brenn's Meat Up Inside Him. Christian's Cock Is Rock Hard As He Starts To Ride That Dick. Brenn Shoves His Dick Up Into That Ass As He Makes Him Take It. Christian Isn't About To Back Down And Orders Him To Give It To Him Harder. 'Ride That Fucking Dick, My Little Cubano Boy' Brenn Grunts As He Watches His Thick Boston Bone Slide Inside That Hot Ass. Brenn Is Soon Bent Over As Christian Takes His Turn At Bat. 'You Like It?' Christian Asks As He Starts To Pound Brenn's Tight Ass. Brenn Loves That Cuban Cock As He Gets That Hole Pounded. Christian Grabs Brenn By The Waist As He Slams His Meat Home. The Sound Of Fucking Fills The Room As Christian's Balls Slap Away At That Hot Ass. Brenn Loves That Dick But He Wants The Driver Seat Again As They Flip Again. 'Fuck That Ass' Christian Begs As Brenn Goes Back To Fucking That Tight Ass Missionary. The Chemistry Between These Two Is Explosive And We're About To See Just How Explosive As Christian Fucks Himself On That Dick Busting A Huge Nut All Over His Defined Abs. Brenn Is Next As He Pulls Out And Coats Christian's Navel With Even More Leche. Mmmm, Leche...it Does A Body Goooood. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Knight's Stick, Leon Knight Is Back In The House And We’re Glad To Have Him Back With Us. Leon Is 21 Years Old And He’s Originally From Washington DC. Leon Is In Store For A Real Treat Because Sebastian Keys Is Making His Return And Looking Hotter Than Ever. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With This West Coast Fan Favorite, Sebastian Is 21 And Though He’s Originally From Colorado, He Now Calls San Francisco Home. We Wondered When The Last Time These Two Party Animals Got Loaded. Sebastian Got Hammered Just Last Week When He Went Out To A Bar And Spent A Lot More Time There Than He Wanted To. Leon Recalls The Last Time He Tied One On Was New Year’s Eve Down Here On South Beach. Fortunately These Two Are Pretty Grounded And It’s Not All About Partying. Leon Has A Boyfriend Back Home That He’s Still Getting To Know And He’s Excited To See Where That Goes. Sebastian Isn’t Dating The Same Girl He Was With Last Time We Saw Him, She’s Long Gone. It Gets Better. “Currently I’m Seeing A Lovely Gal Out In San Francisco,’ Sebastian Confesses. ‘She’s Actually Married But They’re Swingers And It Was Her Husband’s Idea That We Start Dating. So We’re All One Big Happy Family.” Hmmm. Did He Say “gal”? That’s Kinda Odd. Well, No Gals On Set Today And The Only Swinging Going On Will Be An Awful Lot Of Cock. So Let’s Get To It…Sebastian And Leon Make It Back To Leon’s Place And As They Drop On The Couch Leon Suddenly Realizes He’s Sitting On Something. He Reaches Under Him And Pulls Out A Butt Plug. “Your Girlfriend Lets You Fuck Her In The Ass?’ Leon Beams. ‘Mine Won’t Let Me Anywhere Near Hers.” Sebastian Blushes And Tells Leon That’s Not His Girlfriend’s. Leon Seems Confused So Sebastian Tells Him He Loves Getting His Ass Played With. Leon Is In Disbelief But Before Time To Process The Intel, Sebastian Stands Up And Pulls His Jeans Down Showing Off That Sweet Ass. He Grabs Leon’s Head And Shoves His Face Up Into That Ass. “Believe Me Now?” He Grins As Leon Starts To Eat Out That Hot Hole. Leon Buries His Tongue Deep Making Sebastian Moan As He Gets Tongue Fucked. Sebastian Then Pushes Leon Onto His Back So That He Can Ride His Face. He Squats Over Leon’s Eager Tongue And Starts To Grind That Ass On Leon’s Face. “Eat That Hole!’ He Coos Before Falling Forward To Get At Leon’s Thick Dick. In A Perfect 69 These Two Go At It Each With Their Own Mouthful To Work On As They Swallow Each Other’s Meat. Leon’s Thick Dick Is Rock Hard As Sebastian Goes Up And Down On It Like There’s Oil In Them Balls. Meanwhile Leon Is Back To Eating That Ass As He Spreads Those Cheeks Wide And Helps Himself To More Ass. Sebastian Then Gets A Taste Of Leon’s Ass As Leon Finds That Butt Plug And Starts To Use It On Sebastian’s Hole. Sebastian Gets Up And Bends Over To Give Leon Better Access To That Ass. Leon Shoves That Plug Deep Inside And Starts To Fuck It. Sebastian Takes It Deep Before Turning Around And Shoving His Cock Back Into Leon’s Mouth. Leon Then Gets To Play With That Ass Some More As Sebastian Pulls Out An Even Bigger Butt Stick—the Night Stick. Leon Teases That Hole Before Sliding That Massive Pole Inside. Sebastian Can’t Get Enough As He Writhes In Ecstasy While Leon Shoves That Night Stick Deep Inside. Leon Then Pulls It Out And Replaced It With His Own Cock As He Starts To Fuck Sebastian’s Ass. He Kneels On The Couch And Get In A Push Up Position Over Sebastian As He Continues To Bury His Meat. Then They Flip As Sebastian Bends Leon Over And Gives Him Some Of The Same, Pounding Away At That Hot Ass. Sebastian Takes Multi-tasking To New Heights As He Slides That Fat Night Stick Back Up His Own Ass While Drilling Leon’s. He’s Giving And Getting As They Work Each Other Into A Sexual Frenzy. Sebastian Gets Sent Over The Edge As He Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Leon’s Back. Leon Then Strokes His Hard Cock Off All Over Sebastian’s Face Drenching It With A Hot Facial. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
Fuck My Wife's Pussy Cum On My Face 00:22:37 1 day ago xHamster
Catherine Foxx Castrates And Whores Out Her Ex Lance Hart, Catherine Foxx Is Hanging Out With Her Boyfriend Lance Hart. She Lets Him Know That She Is Unsatisfied With Their Sex Life And She's Going Out To Find A Bigger Dick. He Starts To Complain And That's When She Tells Him That She's Going To Castrate Him, Possibly By Simply Pulverizing His Balls With Kicks And Stomps And Keep Him As Her Sissy To Be Fucked And Whored Out To Other Guys. She's Wearing Sexy Pink Leggings, White Socks, And Sneakers, His Favorite, And She Even Takes Her Bra Off, To Let Lance Touch Her Perfect Breasts One Last Time Before He Loses His Nuts, While She's Crushing His Nuts With Her Pretty Hands. She Leaves Him On The Couch In Agony To Get Changed. Catherine Returns To Lance With A Big Purple Strap-on In Her Hand. She Slaps Him In The Face With It And Reminds Him That He Will Be Losing His Balls Tonight. She's Going To Make Him Cum In His Own Mouth While She Fucks Him. Catherine Kicks Him In The Balls A Few Times With Her High Heels And Tramples His Cock. All This Gets Her Horny So She Gets Her Hitachi Out And Makes Him Lick And Worship Her Feet While She Stomps His Balls In. She Brings Herself To Orgasm Twice With The Vibrator. The Harder She Cums, The Harder She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, Demanding The Whole Time That He Lick Her Fishnet Covered Foot. She Then Bends Him Over The Couch And She Slides Her Big Purple Rubber Dick Into His Ass While She Begs Her Not To. She Talks About How She's Going To Start Selling His Ass To Guys With Huge Cocks And He's Going To Be Sucking Dick And Taking It In The Ass For Her Money. His Balls Are Going To Be In A Jar In Her Room And She Might Even Show Them To Him While He's Getting Railed And Cum All Over His Face. She Moves Him To The Futon To Be Fucked Doggy Style. After She Fucks His Brains Out, She Slaps Him In The Face, Reminding Him How Much Bigger It Is Than His Little Dick. She Teases Him With Her Perfect Tits, Telling Him How He'll Never Touch Them Again. She Crushes His Balls With Her Foot, And Makes Him Say That He Loves To Get Fucked In The Ass. She Isn't Even Going To Jerk Him Off. She Needs Both Of Her Hands To Bust His Balls While He Jerks His Last Load Out. He's Not Worthy To Get A Handjob From His New Mistress. He Begs Her Not To Castrate Him. She Stands Up And Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Balls, Sweetly And Seductively Telling Him To Cum For Her, All Over His Face Before She Take His Balls And Puts Them In A Jar. As He's Cumming All Over His Face And In His Hair And In His Eye, She Giggles And Drives Her Foot Harder Into His Balls. 00:07:52 1 year ago UPornia
Samantha Rone & Angela WhiteEva Lovia In Dream Pairings: Birthday Surprises - SquirtingLesbian, Eva Lovia Wakes Up Excited To Celebrate Her Birthday Today! But, Her Girlfriend Angela White Doesn't Seem To Remember. Eva Hides Her Disappointment, And Goes About Her Day, Unaware That Angela's Planning A Birthday Surprise. When Eva Gets Home After Work, She Finds Angela Naked And Covered In Whipped Cream And Sprinkles. But That's Not All, Angela's Baked Her A Birthday Cake, Expressly To Eat It Off Her Ass!Angela Sits The Birthday Girl On The Cake And Eats It Off Her Perfect Ass And Pussy. She Smears The Sweet Colorful Cream All Over Their Skin, And They Make A Ginormous Mess Licking It Off Each Other's Bodies. After The Lesbians Face Fuck, Finger And 69, Devouring Every Drop Of Cum From Their Pussies, Eva Confesses Her Fantasy Of Having Threesome With Angela And Another Girl.So, The Following Morning, Angela Secretly Calls Samantha Rone For An Extra Special Birthday Surprise. Later That Evening, The Girls Get All Dolled Up In Sexy Lingerie. Angela Blindfolds Eva And Sits Her On The Bed. Eva's Completely Unaware That Samantha Is Present And Fondling Her Pussy. Angela Rubs Samantha's Pussy While The Newcomer Makes Eva Cum In Her Mouth. Other Than Noticing A Difference In Technique, Eva's None The Wiser, Until Angela Removes Eva's Blindfold And Makes The Formal Introduction. The Lesbian Threesome Delight In Each Other's Company For The Remainder Of The Night. And The Surprises Keep On Cumming, Along With Some Show Stopping Squirt! Click To Enjoy! 00:06:14 1 day ago Txxx

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