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Busty Milf Sitting On Guy's Face 00:06:00 2 days ago ExtremeTube
Catherine Foxx Castrates And Whores Out Her Ex Lance Hart, Catherine Foxx Is Hanging Out With Her Boyfriend Lance Hart. She Lets Him Know That She Is Unsatisfied With Their Sex Life And She's Going Out To Find A Bigger Dick. He Starts To Complain And That's When She Tells Him That She's Going To Castrate Him, Possibly By Simply Pulverizing His Nuts With Kicks And Stomps And Keep Him As Her Sissy To Be Fucked And Whored Out To Other Guys. She's Wearing Sexy Pink Leggings, White Socks, And Sneakers, His Favorite, And She Even Takes Her Bra Off, To Let Lance Touch Her Perfect Breasts One Last Time Before He Loses His Nuts, While She's Crushing His Nuts With Her Pretty Hands. She Leaves Him On The Couch In Agony To Get Changed. Catherine Returns To Lance With A Big Purple Strap-on In Her Hand. She Slaps Him In The Face With It And Reminds Him That He Will Be Losing His Balls Tonight. She's Going To Make Him Cum While She Fucks Him. Catherine Kicks Him In The Nuts A Few Times With Her High Heels And Tramples His Cock. All This Gets Her Horny So She Gets Her Hitachi Out And Makes Him Lick And Worship Her Feet While She Stomps His Nuts In. She Brings Herself To Orgasm Twice With The Vibrator. The Harder She Cums, The Harder She Crushes His Nuts With Her Foot, Demanding The Whole Time That He Lick Her Fishnet Covered Foot. She Then Bends Him Over The Couch And She Slides Her Big Purple Rubber Dick Into His Ass While She Begs Her Not To. She Talks About How She's Going To Start Selling His Ass To Guys With Huge Cocks And He's Going To Be Dick And Taking It In The Ass For Her Money. His Nuts Are Going To Be In A Jar In Her Room And She Might Even Show Them To Him While He's Getting Railed And Cum All Over His Face. She Moves Him To The Futon To Be Fucked Doggy Style. After She Fucks His Brains Out, She Slaps Him In The Face, Reminding Him How Much Bigger It Is Than His Little Dick. She Teases Him With Her Perfect Tits, Telling Him How He'll Never Touch Them Again. She Crushes His With Her Foot, And Makes Him Say That He Loves To Get Fucked In The Ass. She Isn't Even Going To Jerk Him Off. She Needs Both Of Her Hands To Bust His Nuts While He Jerks His Last Load Out. He's Not Worthy To Get A Handjob From His New Mistress. He Begs Her Not To Castrate Him. She Stands Up And Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Nuts, Sweetly And Seductively Telling Him To Cum For Her, All Over His Face Before She Take His Nuts And Puts Them In A Jar. As He's Cumming All Over His Face And In His Hair And In His Eye, She Giggles And Drives Her Foot Harder Into His Nu 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
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Dressed In Matching Lingerie Sets, Elaina Rae And Veronica Rodriguez Exchange Leisurely Touches And Caresses In Bed As They Wait For Their Man To Join Them. When Ryan Driller Arrives, The Girls Are Eager To Get Him Onto His Back And To Release His Erection From The Confinement Of His Jeans. Ryan Leans Back And Watches As Veronica And Elaina Exchange Another Kiss Over His Prone Body And Slip Out Of Their Bras. They Lean Forward In Tandem, Each Taking Half Of His Tender Shaved Ball Sac And Pulling It Into Their Gentle Mouths. Soon, They Shift Their Attention To His Hard Shaft Where They Take Turns Licking And Sucking, And Stroking Their Hands Over Ryan's Cock. While Veronica Keeps Her Man Hard, Elaina Slips Out Of Her Panties. Ryan Slides His Hand Down Her Back, Testing Her Wetness With His Fingers Before Rising And Drawing Elaina To Her Knees So He Can Enter Her From Behind. Conveniently Facing Veronica, Elaina Takes Advantage Of Her New Position To Tease Her Tanned Lover's Breasts And Pussy With Her Talented Fingers And Tongue. The Trio Shifts Positions So That Ryan Can Pleasure Both Girls At The Same Time. Lying Flat On His Back With Elaina Riding His Dick, He Laps At Veronica's Juicy Shaved Slit When She Settles Over His Face. Facing Each Other, The Girls Maintain Intimate Eye Contact Until Elaina Leans Forward To Suckle Veronica's Breast. Veronica Returns The Favor, And Then Teases Her Own Nipples With The Long Silk Of Elaina's Hair. The Lovers Continue Until Elaina's Orgasm Shudders Through Her. After A Moment To Catch Their Breaths, The Trio Repositions Themselves So That Elaina Is On The Bottom With Veronica Draped On Top Of Her In Perfect 69 Position. Ryan Drives Himself Into Veronica's Hot Twat, Pumping Steadily As The Two Girls Enjoy Eating Each Other Out. Veronica Drives Elaina To Another Orgasm, And Ryan And Elaina Combine To Send Veronica Over The Edge As Well. When Ryan Reaches The End Of His Endurance, He Fills Veronica's Pussy To Overflowing With His Essence Before Withdrawing. Elaina And Veronica Continue Their Pursuit Of Mutual Pleasure, Lapping At Each Other's Pussies In The 69 Position. As Ryan's Cum Flows From Veronica's Pussy To Elaina's Hungry Lips, The Blonde Makes Sure To Lick Off Every Bit Of Her Treat. 00:08:08 3 years ago HDZog
Red Rose Jizzed On Face After Rough Anal 00:08:00 2 days ago ExtremeTube
AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass. Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 year ago HotMovs
Whore Sits On His Face 00:05:09 2 days ago EmpFlix
AmateurSmothering Video: Breast Fest. What A Lovely Tableau-the Ultra Sexy Shay Sights And Kianna Dozing In Bed Together, Dressed In Pjs. The Girls Wake Up And Talk About How They Love To Get Each Other Off. Kianna Suggests A Control Thing -by Which She Means Smothering. The Girls Take Off Their Tops, Revealing Four Of The Most Extraordinary Ever To Stun You Into Silence. Shay Makes Her Position Clear: I Want To Pass Out! So Kianna Climbs Atop Her Body And Wraps Her Hands Around Her Mouth And Nose For Long Seconds...minutes. She Begins To Wiggle And Shake. Finally Her Pretty Face Is Released And She Gasps For Air...but Only For A Few Seconds. Kianna Buries Her Roomie Between Her Huge Breasts, What An Incredibly Sexy Vision! They Massage Each Others Tits Slowly And Then Use Those Lethal Weapons To Restrict Access To Air. Perhaps The Sexiest Scene Involves Strangulation. Kianna Wraps Her Hands Around Her Girlfriends?? Neck And Slowly Wrings It, The Gagging Sounds Are Incredible! Now It Is Shays Turn To Subject Kianna To HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation. It Makes You Dizzy, Shay Purrs. It Makes You Lose Control. I Want To Know What Kind Of Visions You Have... Now Kianna Is On The Bottom, And Shay Bottomless, Sits Atop Her Friends Face. This Ass-ault Is Followed By A Long Bout Of Hand Over Mouth Torment. Kianna Obviously Loves It! She Would Probably Give Her Life To Please Her Lover And Tormentor. You'll See Every Second Of Kianna's Submission In Extreme Close Up, And You??ll Know That Can??t Even Get A Sip Of Air. When She Finally Comes To She Whispers I Think I Was Out For A Little Bit! This Means That Shay Must Now Increase The Period Of Outage . Shay Even Suckles Kiannas Nipples While Choking Her! Kianna Backs Her Twat Onto Shays Face And Grinds Into Her With Total Abandon. You About Ready To Pass Out Yet? Asks Kianna. Mmm...just A Bit More! Shay Whispers. These Curvy And Incredibly Sexy Ladies Look Amazing Lodged Together, Breasts To Stomach, Thighs Around Faces, Lungs Rapidly Losing All Hope Of Oxygen. Kianna Looks Like She Is About To Cum As She Strangles Shay! What An Incredible Turn On! 00:07:50 1 year ago HotMovs
Nikki Darling & Katharine Cane - Complete Edited Live Show, Nikki And Katharine Are Two Of Our Toughest Models And Their Live Show Was A Solid Example Of What These Bitches Can Take. In Scene One They Are Bound In Identical Rigs And Both Get To Face One Another Riding The Wooden Pony. Nipple Torment, Tickling Of The Feet, And Single Tail Are All On The Menu. Their Gags Are The Panties From The Other Girl And These Helpless Bitches Are Worked Up Into A Frenzy Until They Are Finally Fully Suspended By The Board Nestled Hard In Their Crotches!Second, Both Girls Give Us Their Best Spreads, Face Up And Face Down. Nikki Is On Top And Katharine's Face Is Right At Pussy Height. Katharine's Whole Objective Is To Be A Good Cunt Licker And Get Discerning Nikki Off. The Bitches Are Tormented With Canes And Rubber Bands And Katharine Is Given An Intense Breath Play Predicament And Pussy Hook. Both Are Made To Only Cum At The Same Time. The Pressure Is On For Each Cunt To Be A Good Fucked Whore.Finally We Revive A DeviceBondage Classic Position - The Double Sybian. Both Katharine And Nikki Are Bound For An Intense Joy Ride And Neck Play Predicament They Will Not Soon Forget. Both Mz Berlin And Claire Adams Work The Girls Over With Pain And Pleasure. This Is Nikki's First Time On A Sybian And We Get To Observe What Her Surprise And Awe Is Over The Intense Vibration. Keeping Up Score, The Sybian Adventure Does Not End Until Both Girls Have Cum The Same Amount. The Other Has To Keep Riding In Torment! 00:04:00 1 year ago HDZog
Jizz On Face After Sex 00:05:13 2 days ago EmpFlix
CircleJerkBoys Video: Knight's Stick, Leon Knight Is Back In The House And We’re Glad To Have Him Back With Us. Leon Is 21 Years Old And He’s Originally From Washington DC. Leon Is In Store For A Real Treat Because Sebastian Keys Is Making His Return And Looking Hotter Than Ever. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With This West Coast Fan Favorite, Sebastian Is 21 And Though He’s Originally From Colorado, He Now Calls San Francisco Home. We Wondered When The Last Time These Two Party Animals Got Loaded. Sebastian Got Hammered Just Last Week When He Went Out To A Bar And Spent A Lot More Time There Than He Wanted To. Leon Recalls The Last Time He Tied One On Was New Year’s Eve Down Here On South Beach. Fortunately These Two Are Pretty Grounded And It’s Not All About Partying. Leon Has A Boyfriend Back Home That He’s Still Getting To Know And He’s Excited To See Where That Goes. Sebastian Isn’t Dating The Same Girl He Was With Last Time We Saw Him, She’s Long Gone. It Gets Better. “Currently I’m Seeing A Lovely Gal Out In San Francisco,’ Sebastian Confesses. ‘She’s Actually Married But They’re Swingers And It Was Her Husband’s Idea That We Start Dating. So We’re All One Big Happy Family.” Hmmm. Did He Say “gal”? That’s Kinda Odd. Well, No Gals On Set Today And The Only Swinging Going On Will Be An Awful Lot Of Cock. So Let’s Get To It…Sebastian And Leon Make It Back To Leon’s Place And As They Drop On The Couch Leon Suddenly Realizes He’s Sitting On Something. He Reaches Under Him And Pulls Out A Butt Plug. “Your Girlfriend Lets You Fuck Her In The Ass?’ Leon Beams. ‘Mine Won’t Let Me Anywhere Near Hers.” Sebastian Blushes And Tells Leon That’s Not His Girlfriend’s. Leon Seems Confused So Sebastian Tells Him He Loves Getting His Ass Played With. Leon Is In Disbelief But Before Time To Process The Intel, Sebastian Stands Up And Pulls His Jeans Down Showing Off That Sweet Ass. He Grabs Leon’s Head And Shoves His Face Up Into That Ass. “Believe Me Now?” He Grins As Leon Starts To Eat Out That Hot Hole. Leon Buries His Tongue Deep Making Sebastian Moan As He Gets Tongue Fucked. Sebastian Then Pushes Leon Onto His Back So That He Can Ride His Face. He Squats Over Leon’s Eager Tongue And Starts To Grind That Ass On Leon’s Face. “Eat That Hole!’ He Coos Before Falling Forward To Get At Leon’s Thick Dick. In A Perfect 69 These Two Go At It Each With Their Own Mouthful To Work On As They Swallow Each Other’s Meat. Leon’s Thick Dick Is Rock Hard As Sebastian Goes Up And Down On It Like There’s Oil In Them Balls. Meanwhile Leon Is Back To Eating That Ass As He Spreads Those Cheeks Wide And Helps Himself To More Ass. Sebastian Then Gets A Taste Of Leon’s Ass As Leon Finds That Butt Plug And Starts To Use It On Sebastian’s Hole. Sebastian Gets Up And Bends Over To Give Leon Better Access To That Ass. Leon Shoves That Plug Deep Inside And Starts To Fuck It. Sebastian Takes It Deep Before Turning Around And Shoving His Cock Back Into Leon’s Mouth. Leon Then Gets To Play With That Ass Some More As Sebastian Pulls Out An Even Bigger Butt Stick—the Night Stick. Leon Teases That Hole Before Sliding That Massive Pole Inside. Sebastian Can’t Get Enough As He Writhes In Ecstasy While Leon Shoves That Night Stick Deep Inside. Leon Then Pulls It Out And Replaced It With His Own Cock As He Starts To Fuck Sebastian’s Ass. He Kneels On The Couch And Get In A Push Up Position Over Sebastian As He Continues To Bury His Meat. Then They Flip As Sebastian Bends Leon Over And Gives Him Some Of The Same, Pounding Away At That Hot Ass. Sebastian Takes Multi-tasking To New Heights As He Slides That Fat Night Stick Back Up His Own Ass While Drilling Leon’s. He’s Giving And Getting As They Work Each Other Into A Sexual Frenzy. Sebastian Gets Sent Over The Edge As He Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Leon’s Back. Leon Then Strokes His Hard Cock Off All Over Sebastian’s Face Drenching It With A Hot Facial. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Gimme That Dick, This Week We Have A Familiar Face With Us, Mr. Marxel Rios. Marxel, For Those Of You Unaware Of Marxel's Reputation, Is 27 Years Old And From Ft. Lauderdale. A Definite Fan Favorite, Marxel Is Going To Help Us Welcome A New Face To The Circle Jacobey London. Jacobey Is 20 Years Old And From Virginia. They Say Virginia Is For Lovers, But As Far As We Know That's Hearsay. We're From Florida-we'll Need Proof! The Holidays Are Fast Approaching And We Wondered What These Two Would Wish For In Their Stocking. Jacobey Is Going To Need A Rather Large Stocking To Fit The Range Rover He'd Like. We Think That's What He Said; While Marxel Would Want Tons Of $100 Bills Wrapped Up In A Nice Wad. Well The Holidays Aren't All About Receiving, They're Also About Being Thankful For The Things You Do. Marxel Is Very Proud And Thankful For His Cybersocket Nomination As Best Newcomer For The 2013 Awards. Jacobey Is Thankful For His…uhh, Roommate. We Then Put These Two To The Test To Determine How They Like To Distribute The Goodies. Would They Prefer More Foreplay Or More Action? Jacobey Thinks Most People Would Agree With Him, Prefering 80% Be Foreplay And The Remaining 20 Be Getting It. Marxel With A Twinkle In Them There Eyes Disagrees And Likes His Fun 50/50. 'Share And Share Alike', Imagine That!Marxel's Horny Today And By The Time We Start Filming He's Already Groping Jacobey's Crotch. That Dick Is Hard Anticipating That Mouth As Marxel Undoes His Fly. Marxel Knows Just What He Wants As He Wraps His Mouth Around Jacobey's Hard Cock. He Looks Up At Him With Those Pretty Eyes As He Services His Meat, Easily Taking Every Inch Of It Down His Throat. He Spits On It Getting It Nice And Sloppy Before Going Back Down On It. 'Suck That Dick' Jacobey Orders As He Grabs Marxel's Head And Helps Bob Him On His Dick. Jacobey Then Stands Up And Drops His Pants As He Gets Right To Fucking That Mouth. Marxel Gags On That Dick As He Gets His Face Fucked Deep. He Loves That Cock And Soon Is On The Floor So That Jacobey Can Kneel Over His Mouth And Feed Him Some More. Marxel's Own Dick Is Hard And Needing Attention And Once He Takes It Out Jacobey Goes Down On Him Landing In A Hot 69. Marxel Sucks That Dick While His Fingers Explore Jacobey's Smooth Hole. That Gets Jacobey Horny For More As He Repositions To Get Marxel's Hole Wet And Ready For More. Marxel Moans As He Gets That Ass Rimmed And Ready. Once That Ass Is Ready, Jacobey Slides Inside And Gets Right To Burying That Dick. Marxel Just Moans As He Gets That Ass Fucked. Jacobey's Low Hangers Slap Away At That Hole As He Slams Inside Over And Over As He Holds One Of Marxel's Legs Over His Shoulder. He Knows Just How To Fuck That Ass Pounding It Hard And Deep Making Marxel Moan For More. Jacobey Then Gets Up And Sits Back On The Incline Bench And Just Watches As Marxel Straddles His Dick And Takes A Seat. Once He's Back On That Dick He Gets Right To Riding That Cock. He Bounces Up And Down On It Until He Can No Longer Ride It. He Then Just Holds Still As Jacobey Takes Over Slamming That Dick Up Into His Hole Like A Well-oiled Piston. Marxel Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Railed Hard. That Tight Ass Sends Jacobey Over The Edge As He Stands Over Marxel And Unloads All Over His Face Leaving His Hot Load Dripping All Over Marxel's Face. Jacobey Just Admires His Handy Work As Playfully Slaps His Dick On Marxel's Face As He Splatters His Thick Load Everywhere. 1 year ago Txxx
Sadie Holmes & Jerks Off Her New Coworker, Shooter Is Busy At Work When A New Hire Approaches Him. Her Name Is Sadie Holmes. She's Wearing A Tight Mini-skirt, Black Pantyhose And Thigh High Boots. She's Very Flirty And Hot And Hops On His Lap. Shooter Gets Excited. When He Touches Her Boob She Switches Gears On Him And Hits Him In The Nuts Hard. She's Not That Kinda Girl! She Puts Her High Heel Boot On His Crotch And Knees Him In The Balls A Couple Times. After She Gets Him On The Ground She Makes Him Worship And Lick Her Pantyhose Covered Feet. She Rammed Her Foot In His Mouth, Making Him Suck It Like A Dick, Taking Breaks To Beat His And Let Him Know Whos In Charge. Shooter Is Partly Turned On And Partly Scared, So She Climbs On Top Of Him, And Teases Him With Her Body, Mocking Him While She Knees Him Hard. She Even Sits On His Face And Smothers His Entire Face With Her Incredible Ass. She's Just Getting Started. Later On, Shooter Finds Himself Laid Out On The Floor And Sadie Has Returned In A New Outfit. All The Other Co-workers Have Left For The Night. She Has Him All To Herself Now. She's Wearing A Tight Thong Teddy, Fishnets And Red High Heels. She Wants To Continue Wear She Left Off, Teasing Shooter, Getting Him Aroused And Busting His Cock More For Her Amusement. This Time She Sits On His Face, Making Him Smell Her Pussy. She Rubs Her Body All Over His, Driving Him Crazy, Knowing She Has Complete Control Over Him Even When She Knees Him Hard In The Nuts. Eventually, She Puts Him In A Scissorhold So His Last Memory Will Be Her Perfect Thighs. She Still Has More Plans For Him. Some Time Passes And Shooter Wakes Up And He's Tied To A Bed. His Feet Are Kept Apart With A Spreader Bar. Sadie, His Insane Sexy Coworker Has More Fun In Store For Him, Including: Face Sitting, Foot Sucking, Ballbusting, And Other Kinds Of Sweet Femdom Fun. She Pulls Out A Vibrator And Gets Her Self Off With Her Pussy Inches From His Cock And Balls, Tapping His Sore Nuts From Time To Time With The Powerful Vibrator. She Rips Open Her Fishnets At Her Ankles And Makes Him Suck On Her Feet, Then Lubes Up Her Feet And Teases Him With A Little Foot Job, Just Before She Leaves Him On The Bed With Blue Balls For Awhile. She's Going To Let Her New Toy Cum, But She's Going To Sit On His Face, Make Him Lick And Smell Her Feet, And Knee And Kick His Balls Before She Milks His Huge Load Out All Over Her Black Leggings. This Is A Very Long Mean Handjob With Many Fetishes Wrapped In, And Sadie And Shooter Made It Very Sexy. 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
India Summer, Alexa Grace In Playing Hooky, When Alexa Grace And Jessy Jones Cut Class To Go House And Finish The Blow Job She Started In The Car, The Last Thing They're Expecting When They Get To Her House Is For Their Teacher India Summer To Let Herself In. Miss Summer Had A Sneaking Suspicion She'd Find Them Playing Hooky. And With Alexa Being Precariously Close To Failing The Class, She Doesn't Think Either Of Them Will Want To Disobey Her. Confident They'll Come To An Arrangement That's Mutually Satisfying, She Gives Them The Option Of Telling Their Parents, Or Working It Out Between The Three Of Them. The Stern Brunette Sits Beside Them Authoritatively And Unzips Jessy's Trousers. She Pulls Out His Hard Dick And Feeds It To Alexa. She Watches Them Have Oral Sex, Before Helping Herself To A Mouthful Of Cock. After He Fucks Her Face For A Few Minutes, Jessy Lets Miss Summer Put His Penis In Alexa's Pussy. The Educator Strips Down Naked And Positions Her Shaved Pussy In Front Of Alexa's Face And Down On Jessy's Cock. When Jessy Fucks A Few Orgasms Out Of His Teen Squeeze, He Conquers His Teacher's Quim, While She Licks Alexa's Luscious Lower Lips. Miss Summer Really Wants Her Students To Learn Their Lesson About Skipping Her Class. If She Has To Hammer It Into Their Brains, Like Jessy Is Jackhammering Her Pussy, She Won't Stop Until She Cums. And When Jessy Pummels Alexa From Behind Until She Cums, The MILF And Her Protege Jack Jessy's Dick Til He Unloads His Sperm On Their Faces. 00:08:24 1 year ago HDZog
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Michelle Peters Helps Courtney Cameron Get CBT Revenge On Her Ex. Courtney Cameron And Her Gf Michelle Peters Are Talking About Courtney's Ex-boyfriend And How He Is A Jerk. Courtney Tells Michelle Why She's Dressed Up In Lingerie: She Called Him For What He Thinks Is A Booty Call. But She Wants Michelle To Help Her. She Tells Him She Wants To Kick Him In The Nuts Until They Don't Work Anymore. Lance Hart Shows Up And Thinks He Is Really In Luck When He Finds Michelle There Too, Thinking He's About To Have A Threesome. He Quickly Finds Out His Luck Has Run Out When Michelle Holds His Arms Behind His Back And Giggles In His Ear While His Hot Ex-gf Reels Back And Knees Him Hard In The Nuts, Followed By A Couple Of Hard Kicks. Lance Drops To The Ground, But Michelle Throws Him On The Couch So She Can Tramples His Cock And Balls While His Ex-chick Cheers Her On. They Get Sick Of Hearing Him Scream, So Courtney Sits On His Face With Her Amazing Fishnet Covered Ass, Making Him Worship The Ass He Used To Have. They Smothering His Face With Their Asses, And Even Take A Break To Kiss Each Other While Straddling Him, Then Leave Him On The Ground. While They're Gone, The Wonder If He Still Can Cum After The CBT Fun They Left Him With. Michelle Thinks She Can Still Make Him Cum, And Courtney Disagrees, So They Make A Bet. They Return To Lance, Strip Off His Boxers And Michelle Starts To Lube Up And Milk His Sore Cock. Courtney Does Not Want To Lose The Bet, And Still Loves Watching Her Ex Suffer, So She Cheats By Kicking Him In The Nuts While Michelle Tries To Milk Him. Michelle Tells Her It Isn't Fair, So She Makes Her Rub Her Perfect Tits In His Face To Make Up For It. Eventually, Michelle Does Make Lance Cum, While He Looks Into The Eyes Of His Ex, Who He Will Never Get To Fuck Again, Then His Ex Nails Him In The Balls One Last Time And The Girls Tell Him To Pack Up His Stuff And Leave. After He Leaves The Two Hotties Giggle And Michelle Makes Fun Of Courtney For Having Cum All Over Her Leggings. Courtney Tries To Rub The Cum On Michelle, And Michelle Tries To Get In It Courtney's Face. 00:07:52 1 year ago HotMovs
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CircleJerkBoys Video: Ride And Prejudice, Sound The Big Dick Alarm As We Welcome A New Face To The CircleJerkBoy Family, Monsieur Jacques LaVere. Jacques Is As French As The Statue Of Liberty (She's Totally French-look It Up!) And Packing A Colossal Cock. Just Ask Any Of Our Members On Our Brother Site Where The Sexy 22 Yr Old Made His Debut Last Month. Tall, Uncut, Hung And Parisian: What Else Could You Ask For? Lol This Week Jacques Going To Put His Charms To Good Use As We Also Welcome Andrew Austen To The Circle. Andrew Is In For A Wild Ride As This 20 Yr Old Dallas Native Gets Some French Infusion One Way Or Another. We Asked These Two If They Could Have Front Row Seats To Any Artist's Venue; Which Venue Would They Choose. Andrew Would Love To See Beyoncé Or Nicki Minaj. Jacques Would Rather See The Life Of The Hip Hop Party Himself Rick Ross. We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking These Two Horn Dogs What Their Fantasy Fuck Was At The Moment (cuz You Know We Like To Change Our Minds, Often) Andrew Wants To Land A Hot Brasileiro He Could Dance Samba With (horizontally, Of Course) For Jacques, He's Had His Heart Set On Fucking An Asian Girl And He Won't Stop ‘til He Does. We Wish Him The Best Of Luck. You Know What They Say: Once You Go Asian-you Never Go Caucasian! Jacques Makes It Home After Being Out In The Heat And Decides To Take A Quick Shower. He Strips Off His Clothes And Heads For The John. Andrew Comes In And Sees Jacques Clothes On The Floor And Can't Help But Pick Up His Boxers To Get A Good Whiff. Just As He Has His Face Full Of Scent Of Jacques' Cock, Jacques Returns And Busts Him Doing It. 'I'm Sorry' Andrew Blushes As Jacques Assures Him It's Ok. He Kinda Figured What He Was Into. With That, Jacques Drops His Towel And Orders Andrew To Get On His Knees. Andrew Takes One Look At Jacques 9' Uncut Cock That's Standing At Attention And His Knees Buckle For Him. Jacques Quickly Slides His Meat Into Andrew's Mouth As He Gets That Fat Dick Worshiped. Jacques Loves To Fuck Face And He Goes To Town As He Slides His Thick Cock In And Out Of That Wet Mouth Wanting To Get It In As Deep As Andrew Can Take It. Jacques Then Decides To Get Comfortable As He Kicks Back On The Couch With Andrew On His Knees Between His Legs Sucking On That Massive Cock As If There Was Oxygen In Them Balls. Jacques Is Writhing In Ecstasy As Andrew Feverishly Works That Dick But Takes His Time Savoring Every Moment He Gets On It.Jacques Hand Starts To Roam South As He Starts To Play With Andrew's Ass. His Shorts Come Off To Give Jacques Better Access As His Dick Starts To Want More Than Just That Mouth On It. Jacques Gets On The Incline Bench As Andrew Straddles His Thick Cock. He Impales His Hot Smooth Ass On It As He Takes That Fat Dick Deep. Once He Gets That Dick Up Inside Him, He Starts To Ride It. He Is In Bliss As He Grinds On That Fat Cock. Jacques Just Sits Back And Lets Andrew Do All The Work For A Bit Before Taking Over And Slamming His Cock Up Inside Him. 'You Like That Dick?' Jacques Grunts As Andrew Gets That Ass Stretched Wider. Jacques Then Gets Up And Repositions The Bench So He Can Fuck Andrew On It Doggy Style. Andrew Groans As Jacques Starts To Really Deliver The Entire Length Of His Oversized Cock Inside Him. Jacques Takes What's His As He Piston-fucks That Tight Ass Hard And Deep Making Andrew Moan For More. Jacques Then Gets Andrew On His Side As He Goes Right Back To Pounding That Hole And Slapping That Ass. That Does The Trick As Jacques Pulls Out And Moves To Straddle Andrews Face Just In Time To Shoot His Huge Load All Over It. French Facials Are ALL The Rage. With That, He Hands Andrew A Towel (str8 Boy Move In...3...2...1)- And Dips! Andrew, Covered In Cum, Is Left To Take Care Of His Own Nut; While Jacques Goes For A Quick Cigarette. ¡Que Romantico! 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass, Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 year ago Txxx
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Samantha Hayes & Mindi Mink In My Daughter's Secret Job: Part One - AllGirlMassage, Girl Masseuse Samantha Hayes Is Prepping For Her Next Client When Her Step Mother Mindy Mink Saunters In. Samantha's Back Is Facing The Entrance So She Mistakes Her Step Mom For Her Client And Announces In A Cutesy Voice That She's Ready To Give Her The 'schoolgirl Special'. When She Realizes It's Really Her Father's MILF Wife At The Door, Samantha Tries To Lie Her Way Out Of Trouble. She Doesn't Want Her Daddy To Know She's Not So Innocent Anymore, Even Though Her Body Is Blossoming Into Womanhood And She Likes To Show It Off In What Mindy Calls Slutty Clothes. Desperate To Provide Adequate Excuses, Samantha Says She's Working To Save Some Money Before College Starts In The Fall. Mindy Proposes An Idea That Might Make It Possible To Keep This Information From Samantha's Father. Mindy Suggests That Samantha Gives Her A Massage. The MILF Pulls Off Her Dress And Lies Down Fully Nude Face Up On The Table. When Samantha Offers Her A Cover, Mindy Is Bold And Unapologetic About Her Exposed Pussy Sprouting A Luxurious Tuft Of Hair. She Confrontationally Lets Samantha Know That She Knows What Kind Of Place This Is. Mindy Agrees To Turn Onto Her Tummy So Samantha Can Drizzle Oil Over Her Back. Mindy Begins To Relax As Samantha Smooths The Oil Over Her Skin, As Long As She Knows Mindy Mink Is No Fool. As The Massage Progresses To An Ass Rub, Mindy Requests The 'schoolgirl Special' Without Batting An Eye. Samantha Is Surprised Mindy Would Dare Ask, But Even More Surprised To Hear Mindy Has Been Wanting This Kind Of Thing From Samantha For A Long Time. Mindy Tells Her To Cut The Innocent Act. She Directs The Girl To Suck Her Toes And Praises Her For Giving A Slow Seductive Toe Job. Mindy's Just Warming Her Up For More Amazing Tongue Work. When She Turns Onto Her Back For The Frontal Portion Of The Massage, She Asks Samantha To Rub Her Huge Boobs, Or She'll Tell Her Father. Mindy Wants To Teach Samantha A Trick Or Two About Rubbing Pussy. She Parts Her Legs And Encourages Her To Use Slow Deliberate Movements, Caressing Up And Down Her Pink Wet Slit. Samantha Applies Light Pressure To Her Clitoris And Watches Her Step Mother. The Gentle Squeezes Send Mindy Into A Fit Of Shudders And Moans. Samantha Hates What She's Doing, She Clearly Knows It's Wrong As Wrong Can Be. Mindy Makes Her Lick Her Pussy, Grabbing Her By The Pigtails. But Samantha's Mouth Work Isn't Impressing The Experienced MILF. Mindy Tells Her To Get Undressed And Comes Onto Her Step Daughter, Seductively Encouraging Her To Stop Thinking And Start Feeling, Incentivizing Her With Conditions Like Letting Her Keep Her Secret Job. She Lays Her Down And Lowers Her Face Into Her Bushy Pussy, Slowly Exciting Her With Her Mouth. The Build Up Makes Samantha Beg Her To Stop Or She'll Cum In Her Face. After She Releases All Over Her Mother's Mouth Samantha's Hungry To Kiss Her And Reciprocate What She Did To Her Pussy. Then Their Matching Bushy Pussies Kiss And Mindy Clutches Samantha's Ass As She Grinds Her Pussy Into Her, Tribbing Till They Cum Really Hard At The Same Time! 10 months ago Txxx
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ExtraBigDicks Video: It's A Hard Cox Life, We're Excited To Have A Familiar Face Make His Debut On ExtraBigDicks. From Our Brother Site MenOver30, Lucas Knowles Is In The House. Lucas Is 32 Years Old And Originally From Poland. We Know This 6'3', Hung Import Won't Disappoint. Mason Coxx Is Also Back And We Know Our Fans Love This 26 Year Old New Englander With The Thick 9' Cock. That Sparkling Personality Is Just Irresistible. We Asked These Two What Their Favorite Way To Unwind Was After A Stressful Day. It Would Be Cocktails And TV For Mason; While Lucas Would Rather Hit The Gym And Listen To Some Great Music. As Two Well Hung Men We Wondered What Guys Out There Wanting To Handle That Kind Of Equipment Should Know. 'I Think It's All Mental' Says Lucas, 'if You Want It Bad Enough It Won't Hurt.' Mason Thinks More Lube Always Helps. They Both Agree That Bigger Is Better And Even Though They Are Hung It's Nice To Have A Bigger Dick. Lucas Would Bottom For A Guy With A Bigger Dick Than His Own. If He Was Less Endowed He Probably Wouldn't Be Eager To Give It Up. Mason Agrees. They Won't Have To Worry About That Today Cuz There's Plenty Of Dick To Go Round.Mason Is Admiring A Pic Of Lucas With His Hair Slicked Back. He Definitely Likes The Look And Shows Lucas Just How Much As He Goes In For A Kiss. They Start To Make Out As They Peel Each Other's Clothes Off. Mason's Cock Is Already Tenting His Boxers As Mason Gropes It. Lucas Then Stands To Let Mason Get At His Own Throbbing Cock. Mason Obliges As He Pulls Down Lucas' Shorts And Frees His Thick Uncut, Polish Meat. He Opens Wide As He Gets That Beautiful Cock Wet. He Grabs Lucas' Smooth Nuts As He Deep Throats Every Inch Of It. Lucas Playfully Slaps His Thick Dick On Mason's Face Before Shoving It Back Down His Throat. Lucas Then Pushes Mason Off His Cock And Strips Off His Underwear To Get Some Big Dick Of His Own. He Grabs Mason's Cock And Slams It Down His Throat. He Loudly Slurps On All The Dick Mason Has To Offer And Rubs It All Over His Rugged Face. Mason Holds Lucas' Hair Up So He Can Watch His Thick Dick Disappear Into That Hungry Mouth. Lucas Can't Get Enough Of That Big Dick And He's In Good Company Cuz Mason Feels The Same Way As They Take Turns Servicing Each Other's Throbbing Cocks.Lucas Then Suits Up And Lies On The Couch As Mason Straddles His Thick Cock. He Slowly Impales Himself On It As His Ass Starts To Give Way. Lucas Gasps As That Tight Ass Lets Him Inside. 'Ride It' He Groans As Mason Starts To Do Just That. Mason Is Soon Grinding His Hot Ass All The Way Down Wanting Every Inch Of That Dick Buried Deeper. Mason Then Holds Still As Lucas Starts To Slide That Cock Up Into That Hot Ass. Lucas Then Bends Mason Over So He Can Tap That Ass Doggy Style. Mason Takes It Like A Man As Lucas Goes Right Back To Feeding Him Dick. He Pushes Mason's Ass Lower To Get It Just Where He Wants It Before Picking Up The Pace. His Engorged Sac Slaps Away At That Hot Ass As Lucas Pounds Mason's Willing Hole. Lucas Teases Mason, Pulling His Thick Cock Free Of His Ass Then Slamming It Back Inside. But Wait. There's More. Missionary Is Next As Lucas Gets Mason's Legs In The Air And Slides Back Inside. Missionary Always Does The Trick As His Fat Cock Hits Mason's Sweet Spot. Mason Shoots His Load All Over Himself As Lucas Fucks Him. Lucas Then Stands And Unloads That Huge Signature Batch Of His ALL Over His New Friend. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
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Amiee Cambridge & Catherine Foxx Double Team Lance Hart With Strapons, Lance Hart Just Took Amiee Cambridge Out On A Date. The Last Time They Met She Fucked Him In The Ass With A Strap-on And Jerked Him Off On His Own Face. So Needless To Say He Was Nervous On The Date. As They Return To Her House She Walks Him Into Her Living Room And Brings Up Their Last Time Together. He Is Embarrassed To Even Talk About It But Amiee Seems To Be Really Into That Kind Of Thing. Her Sexy Roommate, Catherine Foxx Walks In And Starts Asking If This Is The Guy Amiee Fucked With A Strap-on. Now Lance Is Really Embarrassed, And Even More So Confused When Both Sexy Ladies Are Clearly All Over Him. They Make Him Strip Down In Front Of Them And Start To Tease Him. Lance Can't Resist Their Domination. Amiee Starts To Get His Cock Hard While The Girls Talk About Some Of Things They Want To Do With Him. It Seems To Involve A Lot Of CBT Fun. Lance Is Desperately Turned On, But Nervous About What They Have In Store For Him. Anytime He Tries To Protest Their Plans, Amiee Slaps Him In The Balls To Let Him Know She's Serious. Catherine Smothers His Face With Her Perfect Tits While Aimee Strokes His Cock And They Tease Him Together. Amiee Gets Lance Right To The Edge Of Cumming A Few Times, Making Him Beg For Release. They Have Him Right Where They Want Him. He'd Do Anything To Cum. Just When He Thinks She's Going To Let Him Cum They Stop. She Stands Up, Puts Her Foot On His Cock And Tells Him They Are Going To Get Their Strap-ons. His Edging Cum Denial Continues And Will Be More Difficult. Blue Balls Are Tough To Hand, Right? They Make Him Get On His Knees And Worship Their Cocks. At First He Is Humiliated And Reluctant, But They Easily Turn Him Into Their Sissy Cocksucker And Make Him Beg To Get Fucked By Their Cocks. It's Time To Fuck His Brains Out. Amiee Pounds His Ass From Behind While Catherine Encourages Her To Fuck Him Harder And Makes Lance Suck On Her Big Pink Strap-on. At First Lance Is Writhing And Squirming At The End Of Amiee's Strap-on. After Some Good Deep Dicking, She Converts Him To A Total Ass Slut And He Starts Begging Her For More. They Have Him In A Complete Submissive Trance. They Flip Him On His Back And Amiee Pile Drives Him While Catherine Makes Him Suck Her Cock More, And Smothers Him With Her Perfect Tits. Of Course They're Busting His Balls With Hard Punches And Knees. Amiee Tells Him He Can Cum Anytime He Wants Since It's Going All Over His Slutty Face. She Makes Him Ride Her Long Strap-on Like A Good Slut Until He Blows His Load All Over Himself. Femdom Self Facial! Then Catherine Sops It Up With Her Pink Dildo And Makes Him Lick It Off. 00:07:52 2 years ago UPornia
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Busted Watching Porn At Work-Boss Punishes Bad Employee W/Her Own Cock, Aleska Is Not A Model Employee - She Flirts With Vendors, She Fucks Around On Facebook All Day, She Texts And Tweets To Friends And Fucks Up Nearly All Of Her Tasks. Working Late To Catch Up On Data Entry That She Should Have Had Done Hours Earlier, Aleska Opens A Distracting Email From A Friend That Shows A Spitting Image Look Alike Of Her In A Porn! It's Too Good Not To Look At, Just To See If She Really Does Look Like The Girl In The Porno. Not Only Does Aleska Look Like The Girl, The Porn Is So Hot She Starts To Rub Her Clit Under Her Stockings And Actually Jerks Off At Her Desk. The Following Morning, Her Boss Just KNOWS Something Is Up And Sneaks A Peak At Aleska's Browser History. Sure Enough, There It Is, Porn On The Server. Jessica Finally Has Enough Reason To Fire Her Terrible Employee. But Why Not Blow Off Some Steam First With This Annoying Insuppordinant. Jessica Grabs Aleska By The Hair, Makes Her Watch The Porn While She Bends Her Over The Desk And Spanks Her. No One Will Believe Aleska, So Jessica Doesn't Care. She Whips Out Her Hard Cock And Slaps Aleska's Shocked Face With It. Aleska's Shocked Face With It, Then Fucks Her Every Which Way She Wants, Humiliating Aleska And Making Her Spread Herself And Crawl And Beg. Jessica Demands Aleska Rub Her Clit While She Cums On Her, Making Her Re-enact What She Did The Night Before At Her Desk Only This Time, When Jessica Cums All Over Her Tits And Face, Aleska's Well Fucked Pussy Squirts All Over The Floor. 00:04:00 1 year ago Txxx
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MenOver30 Video: Family Splatters, David Chase Is Here To Help Us Kick Off 2012 Right. David Also Brought Along A Familiar Face To Help Do Just That, Chris Stevens. David Is Now 31 And Originally From Jacksonville, FL. 'Born In Jacksonville; Grew Up In Jacksonville; Ain't Ever Gonna Get Outta That Place!' David Groans With A Grin. Chris Is 42 And Originally From West Virginia But Grew Up In Ohio. It Being The New Year And The Spirit Of Giving Abounds, We Wondered What Charity They Firmly Believe In All Year Round. For Chris It Would Be The ASPCA. He Has Two Young Girls And Anything That Keeps Pets Safe He's All For. David Who Has A Few Rug Rats Of His Own Is For Any Charity That Protects Children And Their Innocence. They Are Both Looking Great These Days But We Wondered What Their Weakness Is When It Came Time To Cheatin' On Their Diets. It's Breyers Ice Cream For David. He Loves Their Plain Chocolate And Can Eat It All Day Long. Chris' Weakness Is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups With Anything Ben & Jerry's Coming In A Close Second. Hmmm. Well Today, Hold The Ice Cream Because These Two Will Have All The Temptation They Need Right Here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No Cream Needed Today. Soon We'll Be Swimming In Plenty Of Our Own. David Comes Home Lookin For His Wife But Finds Chris Instead Baby Sitting His Kids Until She Gets Off Of Work. They Start Catching Up On Stuff When David Starts To Bitch About How His Wife Won't Put Out Anymore. He Starts Grabbing His Cock Through His Shorts Which Is All The Invitation Chris Needs. He Gets On His Knees And Gets To Work As He Pulls Off David's Tee And Runs His Tongue All The Way From David's Mouth Down To His Growing Cock. Brother In Law Of The Year Goes To Chris Who Is More Than Happy To Perform Her Spousal Duties As He Devours David's Cock. David Groans As He Watches Chris Eagerly Nurse On His Meat. 'She Better Not Know About This' Chris Grins As He Slaps David's Thick Cock On His Tongue. David Then Stands Chris Up And Gives Him Plenty Of Leverage As He Gets Chris' Cock In His Face And Down His Throat. David Is Hungrier Than Expected As He Goes Nuts On That Hard Dick. Family That Stays Together... David Then Bends Chris Over On The Couch And Gets To Work Eating That Ass. Chris Arches His Back Wanting To Give David All Access As David Shoves His Face Deep Into That Ass Sending His Tongue Deep Inside.Chris Then Straddles That Dick And Sits On It In A Reverse Cowgirl. He Wastes Little Time Before He Starts To Ride It Like A Seasoned Jockey. His Dick Is Rock Hard As He Fucks Himself With David's. At The Rate These Two Are Going At It, Chris Needs To Baby Sit More Often. David Bounces Chris' Hot Ass On His Dick Harder As Chris Welcomes Every Thrust. Chris Then Twirls Around And Rides That Dick Looking At David. He Watches The Look On David's Face As He Continues To Get That Ass Stretched Open. David Then Changes Up The Pace And They Lay Back On The Couch. David Lies Behind Chris And Slides That Meat Back Inside. He Starts To Fuck Him Slowly Giving That Ass Of His A Much Needed Break...but That Doesn't Last Long. He's Back To Slamming That Dick Deep Inside As He Gets Hornier And Harder. Next He Gets Chris On His Back, Flips His Legs Up Over His Head And Pile Drives His Dick Deep Into That Hole. He Does Squats Into That Ass As He Jacks Chris's Dick Off. He Fucks Him Deep And Jacks That Cock In Time Making Him Cum As He Aims It At Chris' Own Mouth. David Then Pulls Out And Kneels Over Chris' Face And Adds Even More Cream All Over Chris' Mouth And Cum-covered Face. Cream, It Does A Body Gooooood. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia

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