Eurocreme: Kayden Gray, Leo Marco And Lyle Boyce. The Boys Arrive At The Cottage, And Being Shown To Their Rooms By Sexy French Boy Leo. There's Already An Air Of Discord Among The Couples And Baby Faced Lyle Boyce Is Caught Right In The Middle Of Muscled Young Stud Kayden And Cute Twinky Zac's Relationship Angst. Pouring Wine The First Evening And Being Left Alone In The Lounge, Lyle Lets Slip How Sexy He Finds Kayden, And Always The Player, Kayden Picks Up On It And Gets What He Wants From The Slim Pale Young Boy. Seeing Lyle's Face Pushed Up Against Kayden's Rock Hard Abs And Pecs, He Loves The Thought Of Being Used By Him, And Boy Is He Used! Kayden Flops Out His Solid 9 Meat, Thick Enough To Be A Struggle For Lyle To Even Fit In His Mouth, But That's Not Going To Stop Him! Getting Face Fucked Hard By The Dark And Handsome Kayden, Lyle Is Almost Split In Two When He's Pulled On Top Of That Monster Dick And Lowered Over It, Filling Him Up With More Dick Than He's Ever Had In His Young Life. All The While, CottageBoy Leo Is At The Window, Enjoying The Show From The Darkness Outside, Watching And Wanking Intently Until He Himself Creams All Over The Ivy, And Kayden Squirts A Massive Load All Over Lyle, Leaving This Freshly Fucked Young Lad Sore, Used And Definitely Abused, But With The Broadest Grin On His Face Ever.

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MenOver30 Video: Rain Men, This Week Troy Halston Is Helping Us Welcome A New Member To The MenOver30-by-injection Club, Mr. Micah Andrews. Micah Is 23 And Originally From Denver, CO. Troy Knows A Little About Denver Himself, Since That Is His Home Town. With All The Occupy Movements Going On And So Many People Unhappy With The Ways Things Are Being Run, We Asked These Studs What Upsets Them These Days. Troy Is Upset That Everything Is Moving Toward World Domination And The Truth Behind All Of These Protests Is So Real. Micah Gets Angry With Liars And Stealers. We Then Switched It Around And Asked Them What Makes Them Happy. For Micah, He Likes To Fight Competitively So He Loves To Train. Troy Likes Even The Simplest Things In Life Like A Smile From One Of His Daughters. We Then Brought The Focus Back To The Hot And Present Asking Them What They Feel Their One Sexual Act They Are Best At. Micah Thinks He Is A Pretty Amazing Bottom So He'd Go With That. Troy Tries To Be Good At All Of It So He Would Answer With That. Humility Is In The Air This Week. Lol Well Lets Let These Two Get At It And Let Them Figure Out Who's Good At What (while We Watch...)Micah Shows Up At Troy's Soaking Wet And Gets The Third Degree From His Boss. Troy In Incensed About How Irresponsible He Could Be Going Out In The Rain Like That. Micah Tells Him To Stop Acting Like His Dad Already And That Sets Troy Off. He Grabs Micah And Pulls His Shirt Off Telling Him He Knows He's Always Looking At His Cock In The Office And Maybe It Was About Time He Gets A Closer Look. He Shoves Micah's Face Into His Crotch Before Undoing His Jeans And Giving Him A Taste Of The Real Thing. Micah Doesn't Struggle As He Gets His Face Fucked. Micah's Mouth Is Soon Stuffed Full Of Cock As He Sucks It Deep. Troy Then Drops To His Knees To See If Micah Has Anything To Offer. He Takes Out Micah's Cock And Starts To Return The Favor. He Laps And Sucks On Micah's Smooth Balls Before Shoving His Dick So Deep He Makes Himself Gag On It. Micah Then Bends Over As Troy Starts To Play With His Hot Ass Fingering It As He Gets Micah Even Hornier. Once Troy's Done Playing With That Hot Ass He Sits Back And Gets Micah's Mouth Back On His Dick. He Fucks Micah's Mouth As He Bobs His Head Up And Down On His Cock. Micah's Tongue Then Moves South As He Starts To Eat Troy's Ass. Troy's Cock Gets Rock Hard And That Mouth Just Isn't Enough...Troy Gets Micah On His Knees And Pushes Him Down Until His Ass Is Up And Begging For It. He Aims His Cock South And Slides Inside. Micah Moans As Troy Takes That Ass Deep. He Pile Drives Deep As Micah Struggles To Accommodate Troy's Hard Cock. Troy Pounds That Ass And Gets Tired Of Looking At The Back Of Micah's Head So He Turns Him Over On His Back. He Flips Micah's Legs Up And Goes Right Back To Pile Driving His Dick. He Can Now Watch Micah's Face As He Begs Him For More Dick. Micah Was Right About Having A Hot Ass That Could More Than Take A Pounding. Troy Then Gets Up And Sits On The Chair And Watches As Micah Lowers Himself Back Onto That Meat. He Sits On Troy In A Reverse Cowgirl And Takes That Dick To The Hilt. He Rides That Meat Like A Seasoned Jockey Driving Troy Wild. Troy Isn't One To Just Sit Back So He Too Starts To Slam His Hard Cock Up Into Micah's Hungry Ass. That Does The Trick As Micah's Cock Explodes. He Busts His Thick Load All Over His Smooth Chest And Navel. Troy Then Stands And Jacks His Cock Off All Over Micah's Face Coating It With His Thick Seed. 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
Nikki Darling & Katharine Cane - Complete Edited Live Show, Nikki And Katharine Are Two Of Our Toughest Models And Their Live Show Was A Solid Example Of What These Bitches Can Take. In Scene One They Are Bound In Identical Rigs And Both Get To Face One Another Riding The Wooden Pony. Nipple Torment, Tickling Of The Feet, And Single Tail Are All On The Menu. Their Gags Are The Panties From The Other Girl And These Helpless Bitches Are Worked Up Into A Frenzy Until They Are Finally Fully Suspended By The Board Nestled Hard In Their Crotches!Second, Both Girls Give Us Their Best Spreads, Face Up And Face Down. Nikki Is On Top And Katharine's Face Is Right At Pussy Height. Katharine's Whole Objective Is To Be A Good Cunt Licker And Get Discerning Nikki Off. The Bitches Are Tormented With Canes And Rubber Bands And Katharine Is Given An Intense Breath Play Predicament And Pussy Hook. Both Are Made To Only Cum At The Same Time. The Pressure Is On For Each Cunt To Be A Good Fucked Whore.Finally We Revive A DeviceBondage Classic Position - The Double Sybian. Both Katharine And Nikki Are Bound For An Intense Joy Ride And Neck Play Predicament They Will Not Soon Forget. Both Mz Berlin And Claire Adams Work The Girls Over With Pain And Pleasure. This Is Nikki's First Time On A Sybian And We Get To Observe What Her Surprise And Awe Is Over The Intense Vibration. Keeping Up Score, The Sybian Adventure Does Not End Until Both Girls Have Cum The Same Amount. The Other Has To Keep Riding In Torment! 00:04:00 1 year ago HDZog
Sadie Holmes & Jerks Off Her New Coworker, Shooter Is Busy At Work When A New Hire Approaches Him. Her Name Is Sadie Holmes. She's Wearing A Tight Mini-skirt, Black Pantyhose And Thigh High Boots. She's Very Flirty And Hot And Hops On His Lap. Shooter Gets Excited. When He Touches Her Boob She Switches Gears On Him And Hits Him In The Nuts Hard. She's Not That Kinda Girl! She Puts Her High Heel Boot On His Crotch And Knees Him In The Balls A Couple Times. After She Gets Him On The Ground She Makes Him Worship And Lick Her Pantyhose Covered Feet. She Rammed Her Foot In His Mouth, Making Him Suck It Like A Dick, Taking Breaks To Beat His And Let Him Know Whos In Charge. Shooter Is Partly Turned On And Partly Scared, So She Climbs On Top Of Him, And Teases Him With Her Body, Mocking Him While She Knees Him Hard. She Even Sits On His Face And Smothers His Entire Face With Her Incredible Ass. She's Just Getting Started. Later On, Shooter Finds Himself Laid Out On The Floor And Sadie Has Returned In A New Outfit. All The Other Co-workers Have Left For The Night. She Has Him All To Herself Now. She's Wearing A Tight Thong Teddy, Fishnets And Red High Heels. She Wants To Continue Wear She Left Off, Teasing Shooter, Getting Him Aroused And Busting His Cock More For Her Amusement. This Time She Sits On His Face, Making Him Smell Her Pussy. She Rubs Her Body All Over His, Driving Him Crazy, Knowing She Has Complete Control Over Him Even When She Knees Him Hard In The Nuts. Eventually, She Puts Him In A Scissorhold So His Last Memory Will Be Her Perfect Thighs. She Still Has More Plans For Him. Some Time Passes And Shooter Wakes Up And He's Tied To A Bed. His Feet Are Kept Apart With A Spreader Bar. Sadie, His Insane Sexy Coworker Has More Fun In Store For Him, Including: Face Sitting, Foot Sucking, Ballbusting, And Other Kinds Of Sweet Femdom Fun. She Pulls Out A Vibrator And Gets Her Self Off With Her Pussy Inches From His Cock And Balls, Tapping His Sore Nuts From Time To Time With The Powerful Vibrator. She Rips Open Her Fishnets At Her Ankles And Makes Him Suck On Her Feet, Then Lubes Up Her Feet And Teases Him With A Little Foot Job, Just Before She Leaves Him On The Bed With Blue Balls For Awhile. She's Going To Let Her New Toy Cum, But She's Going To Sit On His Face, Make Him Lick And Smell Her Feet, And Knee And Kick His Balls Before She Milks His Huge Load Out All Over Her Black Leggings. This Is A Very Long Mean Handjob With Many Fetishes Wrapped In, And Sadie And Shooter Made It Very Sexy. 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Gimme That Dick, This Week We Have A Familiar Face With Us, Mr. Marxel Rios. Marxel, For Those Of You Unaware Of Marxel's Reputation, Is 27 Years Old And From Ft. Lauderdale. A Definite Fan Favorite, Marxel Is Going To Help Us Welcome A New Face To The Circle Jacobey London. Jacobey Is 20 Years Old And From Virginia. They Say Virginia Is For Lovers, But As Far As We Know That's Hearsay. We're From Florida-we'll Need Proof! The Holidays Are Fast Approaching And We Wondered What These Two Would Wish For In Their Stocking. Jacobey Is Going To Need A Rather Large Stocking To Fit The Range Rover He'd Like. We Think That's What He Said; While Marxel Would Want Tons Of $100 Bills Wrapped Up In A Nice Wad. Well The Holidays Aren't All About Receiving, They're Also About Being Thankful For The Things You Do. Marxel Is Very Proud And Thankful For His Cybersocket Nomination As Best Newcomer For The 2013 Awards. Jacobey Is Thankful For His…uhh, Roommate. We Then Put These Two To The Test To Determine How They Like To Distribute The Goodies. Would They Prefer More Foreplay Or More Action? Jacobey Thinks Most People Would Agree With Him, Prefering 80% Be Foreplay And The Remaining 20 Be Getting It. Marxel With A Twinkle In Them There Eyes Disagrees And Likes His Fun 50/50. 'Share And Share Alike', Imagine That!Marxel's Horny Today And By The Time We Start Filming He's Already Groping Jacobey's Crotch. That Dick Is Hard Anticipating That Mouth As Marxel Undoes His Fly. Marxel Knows Just What He Wants As He Wraps His Mouth Around Jacobey's Hard Cock. He Looks Up At Him With Those Pretty Eyes As He Services His Meat, Easily Taking Every Inch Of It Down His Throat. He Spits On It Getting It Nice And Sloppy Before Going Back Down On It. 'Suck That Dick' Jacobey Orders As He Grabs Marxel's Head And Helps Bob Him On His Dick. Jacobey Then Stands Up And Drops His Pants As He Gets Right To Fucking That Mouth. Marxel Gags On That Dick As He Gets His Face Fucked Deep. He Loves That Cock And Soon Is On The Floor So That Jacobey Can Kneel Over His Mouth And Feed Him Some More. Marxel's Own Dick Is Hard And Needing Attention And Once He Takes It Out Jacobey Goes Down On Him Landing In A Hot 69. Marxel Sucks That Dick While His Fingers Explore Jacobey's Smooth Hole. That Gets Jacobey Horny For More As He Repositions To Get Marxel's Hole Wet And Ready For More. Marxel Moans As He Gets That Ass Rimmed And Ready. Once That Ass Is Ready, Jacobey Slides Inside And Gets Right To Burying That Dick. Marxel Just Moans As He Gets That Ass Fucked. Jacobey's Low Hangers Slap Away At That Hole As He Slams Inside Over And Over As He Holds One Of Marxel's Legs Over His Shoulder. He Knows Just How To Fuck That Ass Pounding It Hard And Deep Making Marxel Moan For More. Jacobey Then Gets Up And Sits Back On The Incline Bench And Just Watches As Marxel Straddles His Dick And Takes A Seat. Once He's Back On That Dick He Gets Right To Riding That Cock. He Bounces Up And Down On It Until He Can No Longer Ride It. He Then Just Holds Still As Jacobey Takes Over Slamming That Dick Up Into His Hole Like A Well-oiled Piston. Marxel Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Ass Railed Hard. That Tight Ass Sends Jacobey Over The Edge As He Stands Over Marxel And Unloads All Over His Face Leaving His Hot Load Dripping All Over Marxel's Face. Jacobey Just Admires His Handy Work As Playfully Slaps His Dick On Marxel's Face As He Splatters His Thick Load Everywhere. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
CircleJerkBoys Video: Riding On Rails, Bobby Rail Is Back This Week And He's Looking Better Than Ever. His Hair's Getting Longer And Frankly There Isn't A Look This Bad Boy Can't Rock. For Those Unfamiliar With This Sexy Florida Native, Bobby Is 24 Years Old And Comes To Us From West Palm Beach. We Also Have Another Familiar Face For You This Week. Chicago's Own Ryan Middleton, Now 19 Years Old, Is Also Back For More. Bobby Is Still With The Same Girl He Was With Last Time We Had Him Here. In Fact, That 'special' Girl Is A Few Blocks Away From Our Studios On The Beach. She’s Waiting For Her Man To Finish. That's One Understanding Girlfriend. Ryan Doesn't Have A Special Lady In His Life (other Than His Mom.) Awwww. They Both Have Future Travel Plans And Both Have New York In Their Sights As Well As The West Coast. They're Both Adventurous And We Asked Them Where They Would Want To Have Sex That They Haven't Yet. Bobby Wants To Be Able To Fuck On A Rooftop. 'It Would Have To Be A Really Tall Building' Ryan One Ups That Scenario And Says He Wants To Be Able To Fuck On A Roller Coaster. Hmmm. Now There's A Visual And A Possible 'Just In—Breaking Story' Once They Discovered Where The Two Crazy Kids Eventually Land. Lol Well, We're Not Sure When Ryan Will Get A Chance To Ride That Ride; But Today Bobby Will Prove To Be A Hotter And More Exciting Ride Than Any Rollercoaster. …ALL ABOARD!Ryan Is Sitting On His Laptop Surfing For Porn And Getting A Chubby While Bobby Is Asleep On The Couch. Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playground And Soon His Cock Isn't Enough. He Walks Over To Bobby And Lets His Hands Do Some Exploring On His Cock Instead. He Rubs Bobby's Cock Till It Starts To Wake Up. Bobby Isn't Far Behind, Waking Up A Bit Startled But Not Against The Idea Entirely. Bobby Takes Off His Shirt As They Start To Kiss. They Help Each Other Out Of Their Shirts As Their Hands Start To Roam Their Muscular Bodies. Once Their Pants Come Off, Bobby Gets Ryan's Boner Out And Goes To Work On His Woody. Ryan Sighs As Bobby Takes His Hard Cock Deep In His Throat. He Swirls His Tongue Around The Throbbing Shaft As Ryan's Hand Helps Guide Him Up And Down. Ryan Stands Up To Give Bobby Better Access To His Meat. Bobby Kneels Before Him As Ryan Starts To Face Fuck Him. Bobby Then Gets Up And Drops His Briefs And Watches As Ryan Returns The Favor. He Sucks That Thick Cock Into His Mouth And Does His Best To Accommodate Every Inch Of It. Bobby Groans As He Finally Gets Some Attention On That Aching Cock Of His. Ryan's Only Getting Started And There's More In Store For Bobby.Ryan Gets Bobby On All Four So He Can Explore That Sweet Ass He'll Soon Own. He Spreads Those Smooth Cheeks Apart And Teases That Tight Ass With His Fingers. He Slips His Digits In And Makes Bobby That Much Hornier For The Fucking That's Coming. Ryan Then Sits Back And Watches As Bobby Sits Down On His Thick Cock. Riding That Meat In A Reverse Cowgirl; Bobby Starts To Ride Faster As His Ass Gets Used To Its Intruder. He Then Swings Around And Rides It Facing Ryan So He Can Watch His Face As He Takes That Hole. The Chemistry Between These Two Is On Fire And Soon Ryan Has Bobby Bent Over The Couch. Ryan Slams His Cock Back Inside That Hot Ass. 'Take My Dick' He Grunts 'take All Of It!' Bobby Just Groans As He Begs For More. Ryan Rams That Dick Hard And Deep. Ryan Isn't Playing Around And He Is Fucking Bobby's Hot Ass With Everything He's Got. Bobby Is Bent Over And Taking Every Deep Thrust Like A Champ As He Gets His Ass Railed. Ryan's Balls Slap Away At That Ass And Soon These Two Are Ready To Explode. They Sit Back, Side By Side, And Jerk Their Loads All Over Their Furry Happy Trails. Whew. Damn That Was Some Hot Fuckin'. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: Dave's Not Here, Opposites Attract' Is Something We Have Proven Here Many Times On But Today We Add A New Moniker, 'Similarity Leads To Passion' As Brett Bradley And Tristan Sterling Finally Pair Up An A Sizzling Big Dick Take All Sex Fest That Was Destined In The Cards To Be A Ball Churner. Barley Breaking 250 Pounds Between The Two Of Them, Both Of These Lean, Nimble Fuckers Have A High Sex Drive And Weak Spot For Their Fellow Feather Weights. Tristan Would Love To Be Known As 'such A Hot Bottom,' And The Way He Handles The Salami Sized Slab Of Cock On Brett, He Want A Long Way To Advance His Career Aspirations Today. Brett Also Showcases Something We Have Learned Over The Years, 'never Underestimate What A Skinny Guy May Be Packing,' And From The First Time He Unleashed His Hose Here Back In January, We Could Not Wait To See That Pole In Use And Luckily For Us All, Neither Could Tristan. After Taking One Look At Brett Standing Looking Back At Him, Tristan Didn't Seem Too Upset That His Friend David Wasn't At Home To Say The Least. As Brett Took One Step Towards Him, Tristan's Open Seemed Pulled Into The Snake Running Across Brett's Jeans Like It Was Guided By A Tractor Beam Of Desire. Brett Goes In For A Kiss Before Tristan Drops To His Knees, Opens His Jeans Nuzzles His Face Across The Bugle In Brett's Underwear That Outlined The Full Girth And Length Of That Pole That Practically Extended Beyond His Thigh. Taking Out That Massive Pole, Tristan Feast On The Big Mushroom Head And Begins To Power Suck That Fat Cock, Forcing As Much Of It Into His Mouth Before Sliding His Knees To Open His Throat To Try And Take Even More. Looking Up At Brett With His Mouth Bloated With Dick, Tristan Bangs It On His Tongue, Licks His Balls Then Stands Up And Allows Brett To Liberate A Cock Ready For Its Turn. Brett Proves To Be Quite The Cocksmith Himself, Slurping On Tristan's Meat Before Standing Up And Filling Tristan's Mouth Again. Arching His Back And Turning Around, Brett's Tongue Invades Tristan's Hole, Getting It Warm And Wet For The Big Task It Will Be Tackling Next. Facing Brett On The Chair, Tristan Reaches Down And Holds Brett's Cock By The Base He Is Pressed His Tight, Smooth Ass Downward As That Hole Tries To Accommodate The Girthiest Piece Of Meat He Had Ever Encountered. With Brett's Hands Massaging His Back, Tristan Slowly Raises And Lowers Himself Up And Down, Taking More And More Of That Massive Cock, Moaning Louder And Louder And After A Good Hard Smack On His Ass, He Licks Brett's Face As He Bounces Up And Down On That Pole, His Own Hard Cock Leaving A Trail Of Pre On Brett's Pecs And Abs. Now On His Back 'fuck, Yeah!' Tristan Growls As Brett Pushed Back On Tristan's Thighs, Opening Him Up For As He Pressed Forward And Drives His Cock Back Home. 'You Like That Hole?' Tristan Asks And Brett Replies By Fucking Him Even Faster And Deeper. With Bit A Stoke Or Two On His Cock, Tristan Releases His Nut On His Belly Then Brett Pulls Out And Seals The Deal With A Big Oversized Load Worthy Of The Piece That Produced It. 1 year ago Txxx
CircleJerkBoys Video: Cumming Around, We've Got Two New Faces For You This Week On CircleJerkBoys. The First Is Kemer Diaz Who Is 20 Years Old And A Homegrown Hottie From Miami. Hailing From The Volunteer State Of Tennessee Is 24 Year Old Jesse Bryce. Jesse Volunteered To Help Welcome Kemer Since It's His First Trip To The Man's Table. We Hope Jesse Brought His Appetite; Cuz Kemer's Packin'. It Didn't Take Long For Kemer To Realize He Had A Larger Than Average Dick. 'Basically, Ever Since I Was 12 And Had Some Fun With A Girl' He Beams, ‘it's Been Going On Since Then'. Rest Assured, Everyone In His Family Always Told Him He Had A Big Dick Since He Was Little; So...they Kinda Ruined His Surprise, Huh? Fortunately, Jesse Isn't Slacking In The Dick Department, Packing A Big Thick Cock Too. We've Got Cock A Plenty Today. Jesse Admits He Thinks Bigger Is Always Better. We Couldn't Agree With Him More. We Asked Kemer What The Best Sex He'd Ever Had Was. 'Whenever They Take The Whole Thing' He Grins. Poor Kemer Has Only Had A Few Girls Managed To Take Every Inch Of His Thick, Cuban Cock. Silly Rabbit, Dicks Aren't For Chicks-they're Amateurs! Well, Kemer's In Good Hands With Jesse; Whom Soon Enough Will Be Saying, 'Look Guys-NO HANDS!' Jesse Has Gay Porn On Trying His Best To Seduce Kemer. 'You Can't Tell Me That Isn't Hot' Jesse Grins. Kemer Isn't Amused By The All-dick Scene. 'I'm Used To Jackin Off To Girls' He Says. Jesse Decides To Offer A More Hands On Approach And Moves Closer. He Starts To Grope Kemer's Cock Which Slowly Starts To Come To Life. Kemer's Eyebrows Raise As A Confused, But Consenting, Look Washes Over His Boyish Face. Jesse Has Him Stand Up So He Can Get Better Access. After Tugging At It For A Few Through His Boxers, Kemer's Cock Is Now Throbbing And At Attention. Jesse Opens Wide And Swallows Kemer's Str8 Cock To The Hilt. Kemer Gasps As He Watches His Dick Disappear. Kemer Immediately Starts To Face Fuck His New Buddy. Kemer's Smooth Balls Are Pulled Up Tight As Jesse Continues To Slurp On His Thick 8.5' Cock. Jesse Then Stands And Strips, Hauling Out His Cock For Kemer To Play With. Kemer Reluctantly Starts To Stroke Jesse's Cock As It Gets Rock Hard In His Hand. That's As Good As It Gets For Jesse So He Goes Back Down On That Thick Cock Again. Kemer's In Awe As He Gets His Thick Cock Deep Throated. 'Are You Ready For This Ass?' Beams Jesse As He Gets That Thick Cock Slapped On His Face. 'Lets See If It Fits' Teases Kemer Before Bending Him Over And Sliding That Dick Into His Hot Ass. Guess Taking It All Won't Be A Problem This Afternoon As Jesse's Hot Hole Is Taking Every Delicious Inch. Kemer Then Sits Back On The Floor As Jesse Squats On That Thick Cock And Starts To Ride It. Kemer Starts To Fuck That Ass Like A Champ; Repeatedly Bucking Up Into That Hot Hole. The Sound Of Kemer's Balls Slapping Against That Hole Fill The Room. Missionary Is Next As Kemer Slams Back In For More. That Thick Dick Is Hitting Jesse's Prostate Perfectly As Jesse Explodes Shooting His Load All Over Himself. Kemer Isn't Far Behind Pulling Out And Jacking Off All Over Jesse's Cum Covered Abs. 1 year ago Txxx
CircleJerkBoys Video: Ride And Prejudice, Sound The Big Dick Alarm As We Welcome A New Face To The CircleJerkBoy Family, Monsieur Jacques LaVere. Jacques Is As French As The Statue Of Liberty (She's Totally French-look It Up!) And Packing A Colossal Cock. Just Ask Any Of Our Members On Our Brother Site Where The Sexy 22 Yr Old Made His Debut Last Month. Tall, Uncut, Hung And Parisian: What Else Could You Ask For? Lol This Week Jacques Going To Put His Charms To Good Use As We Also Welcome Andrew Austen To The Circle. Andrew Is In For A Wild Ride As This 20 Yr Old Dallas Native Gets Some French Infusion One Way Or Another. We Asked These Two If They Could Have Front Row Seats To Any Artist's Venue; Which Venue Would They Choose. Andrew Would Love To See Beyoncé Or Nicki Minaj. Jacques Would Rather See The Life Of The Hip Hop Party Himself Rick Ross. We Then Wrapped It Up By Asking These Two Horn Dogs What Their Fantasy Fuck Was At The Moment (cuz You Know We Like To Change Our Minds, Often) Andrew Wants To Land A Hot Brasileiro He Could Dance Samba With (horizontally, Of Course) For Jacques, He's Had His Heart Set On Fucking An Asian Girl And He Won't Stop ‘til He Does. We Wish Him The Best Of Luck. You Know What They Say: Once You Go Asian-you Never Go Caucasian! Jacques Makes It Home After Being Out In The Heat And Decides To Take A Quick Shower. He Strips Off His Clothes And Heads For The John. Andrew Comes In And Sees Jacques Clothes On The Floor And Can't Help But Pick Up His Boxers To Get A Good Whiff. Just As He Has His Face Full Of Scent Of Jacques' Cock, Jacques Returns And Busts Him Doing It. 'I'm Sorry' Andrew Blushes As Jacques Assures Him It's Ok. He Kinda Figured What He Was Into. With That, Jacques Drops His Towel And Orders Andrew To Get On His Knees. Andrew Takes One Look At Jacques 9' Uncut Cock That's Standing At Attention And His Knees Buckle For Him. Jacques Quickly Slides His Meat Into Andrew's Mouth As He Gets That Fat Dick Worshiped. Jacques Loves To Fuck Face And He Goes To Town As He Slides His Thick Cock In And Out Of That Wet Mouth Wanting To Get It In As Deep As Andrew Can Take It. Jacques Then Decides To Get Comfortable As He Kicks Back On The Couch With Andrew On His Knees Between His Legs Sucking On That Massive Cock As If There Was Oxygen In Them Balls. Jacques Is Writhing In Ecstasy As Andrew Feverishly Works That Dick But Takes His Time Savoring Every Moment He Gets On It.Jacques Hand Starts To Roam South As He Starts To Play With Andrew's Ass. His Shorts Come Off To Give Jacques Better Access As His Dick Starts To Want More Than Just That Mouth On It. Jacques Gets On The Incline Bench As Andrew Straddles His Thick Cock. He Impales His Hot Smooth Ass On It As He Takes That Fat Dick Deep. Once He Gets That Dick Up Inside Him, He Starts To Ride It. He Is In Bliss As He Grinds On That Fat Cock. Jacques Just Sits Back And Lets Andrew Do All The Work For A Bit Before Taking Over And Slamming His Cock Up Inside Him. 'You Like That Dick?' Jacques Grunts As Andrew Gets That Ass Stretched Wider. Jacques Then Gets Up And Repositions The Bench So He Can Fuck Andrew On It Doggy Style. Andrew Groans As Jacques Starts To Really Deliver The Entire Length Of His Oversized Cock Inside Him. Jacques Takes What's His As He Piston-fucks That Tight Ass Hard And Deep Making Andrew Moan For More. Jacques Then Gets Andrew On His Side As He Goes Right Back To Pounding That Hole And Slapping That Ass. That Does The Trick As Jacques Pulls Out And Moves To Straddle Andrews Face Just In Time To Shoot His Huge Load All Over It. French Facials Are ALL The Rage. With That, He Hands Andrew A Towel (str8 Boy Move In...3...2...1)- And Dips! Andrew, Covered In Cum, Is Left To Take Care Of His Own Nut; While Jacques Goes For A Quick Cigarette. ¡Que Romantico! 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass, Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 year ago Txxx
Catherine Foxx Castrates And Whores Out Her Ex Lance Hart, Catherine Foxx Is Hanging Out With Her Boyfriend Lance Hart. She Lets Him Know That She Is Unsatisfied With Their Sex Life And She's Going Out To Find A Bigger Dick. He Starts To Complain And That's When She Tells Him That She's Going To Castrate Him, Possibly By Simply Pulverizing His Nuts With Kicks And Stomps And Keep Him As Her Sissy To Be Fucked And Whored Out To Other Guys. She's Wearing Sexy Pink Leggings, White Socks, And Sneakers, His Favorite, And She Even Takes Her Bra Off, To Let Lance Touch Her Perfect Breasts One Last Time Before He Loses His Nuts, While She's Crushing His Nuts With Her Pretty Hands. She Leaves Him On The Couch In Agony To Get Changed. Catherine Returns To Lance With A Big Purple Strap-on In Her Hand. She Slaps Him In The Face With It And Reminds Him That He Will Be Losing His Balls Tonight. She's Going To Make Him Cum While She Fucks Him. Catherine Kicks Him In The Nuts A Few Times With Her High Heels And Tramples His Cock. All This Gets Her Horny So She Gets Her Hitachi Out And Makes Him Lick And Worship Her Feet While She Stomps His Nuts In. She Brings Herself To Orgasm Twice With The Vibrator. The Harder She Cums, The Harder She Crushes His Nuts With Her Foot, Demanding The Whole Time That He Lick Her Fishnet Covered Foot. She Then Bends Him Over The Couch And She Slides Her Big Purple Rubber Dick Into His Ass While She Begs Her Not To. She Talks About How She's Going To Start Selling His Ass To Guys With Huge Cocks And He's Going To Be Dick And Taking It In The Ass For Her Money. His Nuts Are Going To Be In A Jar In Her Room And She Might Even Show Them To Him While He's Getting Railed And Cum All Over His Face. She Moves Him To The Futon To Be Fucked Doggy Style. After She Fucks His Brains Out, She Slaps Him In The Face, Reminding Him How Much Bigger It Is Than His Little Dick. She Teases Him With Her Perfect Tits, Telling Him How He'll Never Touch Them Again. She Crushes His With Her Foot, And Makes Him Say That He Loves To Get Fucked In The Ass. She Isn't Even Going To Jerk Him Off. She Needs Both Of Her Hands To Bust His Nuts While He Jerks His Last Load Out. He's Not Worthy To Get A Handjob From His New Mistress. He Begs Her Not To Castrate Him. She Stands Up And Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Nuts, Sweetly And Seductively Telling Him To Cum For Her, All Over His Face Before She Take His Nuts And Puts Them In A Jar. As He's Cumming All Over His Face And In His Hair And In His Eye, She Giggles And Drives Her Foot Harder Into His Nu 00:07:51 2 years ago UPornia
India Summer, Alexa Grace In Playing Hooky, When Alexa Grace And Jessy Jones Cut Class To Go House And Finish The Blow Job She Started In The Car, The Last Thing They're Expecting When They Get To Her House Is For Their Teacher India Summer To Let Herself In. Miss Summer Had A Sneaking Suspicion She'd Find Them Playing Hooky. And With Alexa Being Precariously Close To Failing The Class, She Doesn't Think Either Of Them Will Want To Disobey Her. Confident They'll Come To An Arrangement That's Mutually Satisfying, She Gives Them The Option Of Telling Their Parents, Or Working It Out Between The Three Of Them. The Stern Brunette Sits Beside Them Authoritatively And Unzips Jessy's Trousers. She Pulls Out His Hard Dick And Feeds It To Alexa. She Watches Them Have Oral Sex, Before Helping Herself To A Mouthful Of Cock. After He Fucks Her Face For A Few Minutes, Jessy Lets Miss Summer Put His Penis In Alexa's Pussy. The Educator Strips Down Naked And Positions Her Shaved Pussy In Front Of Alexa's Face And Down On Jessy's Cock. When Jessy Fucks A Few Orgasms Out Of His Teen Squeeze, He Conquers His Teacher's Quim, While She Licks Alexa's Luscious Lower Lips. Miss Summer Really Wants Her Students To Learn Their Lesson About Skipping Her Class. If She Has To Hammer It Into Their Brains, Like Jessy Is Jackhammering Her Pussy, She Won't Stop Until She Cums. And When Jessy Pummels Alexa From Behind Until She Cums, The MILF And Her Protege Jack Jessy's Dick Til He Unloads His Sperm On Their Faces. 00:08:24 1 year ago HDZog
MenOver30 Video: Glutton For Punishment, Strangelove'. Will You Take The Pain; I Will Give To You, Again And Again—and Will You Return It? Depeche Mode Sang About It; And This Week We Get To Explore It. In Order To Do So, We Intend To Leave 40yo Brenn Wyson To His Own Devices. Brenn's In For A Real Treat As We Pair Him With A Like-minded Accomplice, 22yo Sebastian Keys. Sebastian Loves It Mild To Wilder; And Today We're Going To Let These Two Get As Wild As They Want. Buckle Up Boys, It's Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride. No Need To Pose! 'Standing And Modeling' Isn't On The Menu Today. We Wondered When These Boys First Got The Urge To Get Into S&M. Sebastian Was Always Curious To Try It; But Never Had The Balls To Until He Got A Chance To On Set. He Loved It From The Minute He Tried It And Has Continued To Do It Both On Set And In His Personal Life. Brenn's First Experience Was Growing Up When He Had A Man Take Total Advantage Of Him In High School, Smacking And Beating Him, Forcing Him To Do All Sorts Of Things. That Was Until Brenn Flipped It On Him; Overpowered Him; Beat And Then Fucked Him Instead. Brenn's Been Into Domination Ever Since. Brenn Loves To Find Submissive Bottoms That Aren't About Getting Pain But About Getting Pleasure. Sebastian Agrees And Adds That A Dominant Top Has To Be Skilled In Reading Their Submissive And Know Just How Far To Take It.Sebastian Is Alone And So Horny He's Decided To Put A Fat Dildo He Finds To Good Use. He Slides It Deep Inside That Hot Ass Of His As He Starts To Fuck Himself With It. He Shoves It All The Way Inside And Gets Caught By Brenn Who Walks In On Him. 'You're Gonna Use My Fucking Toys Staying In My House?' Brenn Barks As He Pulls That Dildo Out Of His Ass; Strips Sebastian's Pants Off And Orders He Put His Legs Up. Sebastian Complies Immediately As Brenn Kneels Between His Legs And Shoves That Dildo Deep Inside That Hungry Hole. 'You Like Using My Toys, You Lil Bitch!' He Taunts As He Starts To Lick That Hole He's Fucking With That Thick Toy. He Plunges That Dildo In And Out As He Gets To Work Sucking On Sebastian's Cock And Balls. He Holds The Dildo In Place And Orders Sebastian To Ride It. Sebastian Squats Up And Down On It With Ease As Brenn Whips Out His Own Cock And Feeds It To Sebastian. He Grabs Hold Of His Head As He Slaps His Face Around Before Shoving His Dick Down That Throat. 'Take It, You Fucking Little Whore!' Brenn Grunts Before Slapping His Face And Chest Some More. Sebastian Groans Loving Every Bit Of It. Brenn Gets Him On His Knees And Orders Him To Sit On That Dildo While He Sucks That Dick. Brenn Totally Has Sebastian Under His Control As Sebastian Totally Submits To His Dominant Energy. Sebastian Then Gets On All Four As Brenn Bites That Dildo And Fucks That Hole With It. Brenn Loves To Watch As That Hungry Ass Just Swallows That Thick Toy. He Slaps That Ass Hard As He Fucks It. Brenn Slaps At Sebastian's Nuts As He Winces In Pain And Pleasure. Brenn Then Suits Up And Slides The Real Thing Inside That Hot Ass. He Goes Right To Work Fucking That Hole As He Orders Sebastian To Pull On His Nuts While He Fucks That Ass. Brenn Leans Down To Tell Sebastian He's Being A Good Boy As He Spits In His Face. Brenn Mounts That Ass Hard As Sebastian Takes A Pounding. Brenn Then Gets Sebastian By The Neck As He Pins Him To The Wall. He Hoists Him Up And Shoves His Dick Into Him As He Carries Him. He Bounces Sebastian On His Dick Up Against The Wall Before Turning Him Towards The Side Table Knocking Everything Off Of It As He Continues To Take That Hole. From There They Take It To The Floor Where Brenn Brings It Home Missionary Fucking That Ass With That Dick And A Double Headed Dildo At The Same Time. Sebastian Explodes All Over Himself Before Begging Brenn For His Hot Load. Brenn Pins His Head To The Floor As He Busts His Nut All Over Sebastian's Face As He Holds Still Like A Good Boy. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: Steady Eddie, This Week We Have 2 Fresh Faces On MenOver30 That Are Both Packing Some Serious Dick. The First Is A Windy City's Son Named Eddie Kordova. Eddie Is 36 And This Sexy Latino Has A Lean Defined Body And An 8'+ Dick To Boot. This Week Eddie's In Good Company With One Of Our Local Florida Boys By The Name Of Ken Tanner. Ken Is 26 And Originally From Ocala, FL. Ken Has That All-American Jock Look With The Dirty Blond Hair And The Athletic Frame To Go With It. We Asked These Studs If They Could Be Any Character From Either The Star Trek Or Star Wars Series, What Character Would It Be. Eddie Went With Darth Vader. He Must Love To Be In Control And Own The Force. Ken Also Went With A Star Wars Character And Chose Yoda. How Appropriate, Since He Will Soon Feel The Force-inside Him. We Then Asked Them If They Could Be A Panelist For CNN And They Could Be An Expert On A Certain Subject What Subject It Would Be. Eddie Chimed In With Big Dicks. Well Alright For Eddie And His Phallic Expertise. Ken Went A Tad Safer And Went With Music. He Loves Rock And His Favorite Band Is, Believe It Or Not, Blink 182. Sweet! They Both Like Big Muscular Guys And Both Get Tongue Tied Around Guys They Find Intimidating. Well, It's Nice To Know Even They Have Moments Of Weakness. They Start Making Out As They Start To Explore Each Other's Body. Eddie Peels Off Ken's Shirt As He Starts To Lick His Chest And Suck At His Nips. Ken Follows Suit, Taking Off Eddie's Tank Top And Going To Work On His Smooth Chest As He Makes His Way South Past His Pierced Nips To The Tent That's Popping His Jeans. He Undoes His Jeans And Explores The Bulge Straining Against His Briefs. Ken Slowly Hauls Out Eddie's Fat Cock As His Tongue Begins To Sample The Goods. He Laps At Eddie's Heavy Hangers A Bit Before Going To Work On His Uncut Cock. Anticipation-look Into It! Ken Loves Every Inch Of Eddie's Dick And Sucks Away At It Looking Up At Eddie's Face While He Does. Eddie Gets So Hot With Ken On His Dick He Can't Wait To Get A Sample Of That Smooth Ass. He Bends Ken Over A Chair Before Shoving His Hot Tongue Deep Into His Ass. The Look Of Lust And Awe That Come Over Ken's Face As Eddie Rims His Ass Is Inspiring. Ken Then Turns Around And Shoves His Own Thick Meat Down Eddie's Throat. Eddie Does His Best To Keep Up As Ken Slaps And Fucks His Face With His Heavy Cock.They Then Get Up And Make Out As They Play Mock Sword Fights As They Show Off Their Fat Cocks To Each Other. All This Show And Tell Is Working Them Up Into An Even Hotter Frenzy And By Now Ken Wants More. Eddie Lies Back As Ken Straddles His Defined Frame And Starts Slowly Lowering Himself Onto That Thick Cock. Little By Little His Tight Ass Concedes And Starts To Take It Inside. Ken Needs To Accommodate As Soon As He Can Because Eddie Has Plans For That Hole And They Involve Fucking It. Ken Moans And Groans As Eddie Starts To Pump His Thick Dick Up Into His Tight Ass. Ken Can Only Jack His Meat To Distract Him From The Fucking He's Getting. If He Keeps This Up He May Not Last Very Long As He Tries To Deal With The Pain And Pleasure All Produced By Eddie's Huge Cock. As Ken Bounces And Grimaces On That Meat He Jerks Noticeably Faster. Sure Enough He Moans And Grunts Out An 'Oh, I'm Cumming' As He Jacks His Load All Over Eddie's Smooth Chest. After He Shoots His Load, Ken Gets On His Knees To Help Eddie Out. He Sucks And Works His Beefy Uncut Dick With His Mouth And Hands. Eddie Doesn't Need Much More To Blow His Wad And Once He's Ready He Strokes Off An Impressive Batch That Flies Everywhere. Damn, These Two Definitely Had Some Mad Hot Chemistry Going On And We're Glad We Had Front Row Seats. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: Smother Or Bust, Peter Has Committed The Ultimate, And We Mean The ULTIMATE Sin: He Has Been Rooting For A Football Team NOT Supported By Mistress Francesca And Mistress Zana (who Looks INCREDIBLE In Her Tight Red Fetish Wear!). Now That Is An Unendurable Insult! So They Him To The Carpet And Chain His Ankles To The Staircase Railing. With His Stomach Fully Exposed, He Cannot Help But Flail And Wail As They Slap His Stomach With Their Hands And With Leather Straps. Nice And Secure! Cackles Francesca As His Feet Are Locked Into Position. I'll Get The Rope! Zana Says. You'll See Every Detail Of The Process As They Bind His Wrists Together While Francesca Buries His Nose And Mouth Beneath Her Power Pussy. Yet This Knot-head Still Refuses To Support Their Team! So They Continue To Subject Him To The Most Propulsive And Twat Suffocation Any Sub Ever Had To Endure. Oh, Look At The Pretty Colors In Your Face! Zana Coos As She Slaps His Magenta Cheeks Repeatedly. Then She Doffs Her Costume In Order To Bury His Face Beneath Her Nicely-shaped Tits. You May Have Seem Double-bitch Breast Smotherage Before, But Nothing Like This - And Check Out The Way Francesca Backs Her Ass Up Into His Nose While Zana Strangles Him! You Hold His Nose, Zana Directs. Francesca Does So - He Seems To Turn Purple! I Do Know CPR, Zana Admits, But I Would Never Give It To Him. This Is Followed By Foot-in-face Suffocation And LOTS Of Delicious Boob Smotherage. These Girls POWERDRIVE Those Pussies Into His Head! Believe It Or Not, He STILL Continues To Resist - So Francesca Makes A Sincere Attempt To Breast Choke Him Until He Passes Out. Then Comes The Ultimate In Facesitting! He Can't Breathe, And He Can't Move, Says Zana. SO Francesca Strangles Him While Zana Shoves Her Feet Down His Throat! In The End, They TIE A ROPE AROUND HIS NECKthat's Right! They Noose Him Into Submission, Combining The Hangman's Approach With Full-pussy Power! 00:07:50 1 year ago Txxx
Return Of The Lawn Dude, One Thing About The Rain..it Of Course Makes Your Plants And Grass Grow! And Don't U Know, When We Were Up In Atlanta A Hardly Any Weeks Agone, I Ended Up Bumping Into My Landscaping Dude At The Hotel? This Chab Too Does Their Landscaping Work, And It Was So Humorous To Watch Him There! What A Tiny World! This Guy Was Just As Surprised To Watch Me As I Was Him, And I Remembered What Joy We Had The Final Time We Got Jointly, So I Said Him To Come Up To Our Room When That Guy Had A Break! I Wasn't In The Room Lengthy When There Was A Knock At The Door And It Was Him! This Chab Told That Guy Didn't Have Much Time, Which Was Valuable With Me Since I Was Already Stripped And Willing To Go. This Chab Naked Down, Well All Except The Socks, And We Got Right To Work. His Shlong Grew Good And Hard As I Sucked On It, And My Slit Got Precious And Moist As This Chab Explored My Dark Hole! I Was Willing To Feel His Hard Pecker Inside Me, So This Chab Flipped Me Up And Over, And Even Sideways, And At One Point This Guy Nearly Flipped Me Off The Ottoman:) I Was Willing And Wanted To Smack His Cum Afresh, So I Laid Upside Down With His Balls Hitting My Face, And Took His Rod In My Face Hole, Until My Face Hole Was Full Of His Hawt Sticky Cum, Which Was So Much, It Was Even Leaking Out The Sides! Now That Is A Great Way To Spend Your Break! That Guy Left With A Hop In His Step And A Large Smile On His Face And Was Willing To Acquire Back To The Task At Hand! Have U Ever Had A Immoral Experience On One Of Your Work Breaks That U Can Share With Me?? I Would Love To Hear All About It! 00:10:00 1 year ago HClips
Feature Update The Dom Next Door Turns Sting Operation Into Threesome. Another Incredible Threesome On Debuting Nicki Hunter To The Site And Starring TS Venus And New Talent, Chad Diamond. The Cops Are Hot On The Trail Of A Local Dominatrix Who Has A Dungeon In Her House. Her Clients Are Powerful Men And The Cops Want To Expose This Disgusting Sex Ring And Shut Her Down. They Secretly Planted A Camera In Her Dungeon And Staged A Stake Out In Her Neighbors Apartment. The Plan Is Simple, The Plan Is Set, The Plan Is About To Fail. Caught In A Sex Ring With The Dom And Her Partner, Agent Diamond Wakes Up Tied To The Bed In Inescapable Rope With Two Women Looking Down At Him With Hungry Eyes And Vengeance. Nicki Hunter Uses Her Whip Tongue And Punishing Dom Skills To Humiliate Her Bound Cop. And Her Partner, Venus Uses Her Cock To Fuck Nicki While Nicki Explains Very Explicitly Why His Cock Would Never Be As Big, As Hard, Or As Satisfying As Venus's Cock. The Fucking Goes On Through The Night Until Both Doms Are Convinced Their Little Copper Friend Confessions That He Is Truly Turned On He Is By All This Sick Punishment. Nicki Allows Him To Fuck Her Pussy While Venus Fucks Her Ass And The Girls Take Turns Fucking His Mouth And Ass With A Great Double Anal Fucking To Stretch Him Out Enough So Nikki Can Shove Her Vibrator In His Ass And Make Herself Squirt All Over Him While He Is Propped Helpless In Pile Driver. That Is Not Even The End - After Nicki Squirts All Over Him, Venus Pops A Huge, Streaming, Never-ending Load On His Face And Then The Girls Make Him Cum On His Own Face. Two Loads Of Cum And A Burst Of Squirt Cover Him And His Face. 00:04:00 1 year ago HotMovs
Natasha Beatifull Face 00:15:11 1 day ago Tube8
MenOver30 Video: Rivers Edge, Bells Are Ringing This Week As We Help Celebrate A Special Occasion. Alexander Garrett, A MenOver30 Favorite And Mike Rivers, His Real Life Boyfriend, Are Here This Week Sharing Their 7 Month Anniversary. That's Like 2 Reincarnations With The Same Mate In Heterosexual Terms. For Those Of You Who Aren't Familiar With Them, Mike Rivers Is 27 And Originally From Jersey. Alexander Is 36, A Colombian Import And Looking Even Hotter Than Ever With That Scruff On. These Two Crazies Met Through Their Mutual Agent Who Put Them To Work A Booth Together At The Erotica Convention In Orlando. Little Did They Know That Sparks Would Be Flying. Their First Official Date Was Back Down In South Florida Having A Romantic Night On Las Olas Boulevard, A Strip Of Restaurants, Cafes And High End Boutiques Located In The Heart Of Ft. Lauderdale. When It Comes To Having Your Significant Other Working In The Industry We Wondered If Jealousy Was Ever A Problem. Mike Answered 'Yes' Immediately Admitting That Sometimes It Has Come Up. Alexander Grins And Chimes In With '...sometimes'. Mmmhmm. Depending On Who The Other Is Paired Up With Has At Times Caused Friction; But With The Proper Communication Everything Works Out. Mike Is Kicking Back With Sore Feet As Alexander Begins To Give Him A Foot Massage. Mike Is Getting Turned On As Alexander Decides Those Toes Are Too Delicious To Pass Up. He Starts To Lick And Suck On Them Making Mike's Cock Stir. Alexander Kisses His Way Up To His Boyfriend's Face As They Start To Make Out. Mike Pulls Alexander's Tee Off And Goes To Work On His Chiseled Frame. He Licks His Nips And Pits As He Gropes That Cock He Wants. He Lowers Alexander's Shorts As He Sets That Uncut Colombian Cock Free. Alexander Moans As Mike Wraps His Mouth Around It. Alexander Slowly Starts To Fuck That Face As He Holds Mike By A Fistful Of Hair. Mike Gets On His Back As He Nurses On That Meat From Below Unable To Get Enough. Mike's Cock Is Now Rock Hard And Alexander Knows Just What It Needs. He Leans Forward And Starts Sucking On Mike's Dick Landing Them In A Steamy 69. They Each Have As Much Cock As They Want As They Suck And Savor To Their Heart's Content. Alexander Then Flips Mike Up And Over So That He Can Get At That Ass He Will Soon Fuck. He Shoves His Tongue Inside And Along With A Few Fingers Gets Mike Hungry For More.He Teases His Beau's Ass As He Gets A Fat Dildo, Lubes It Up And Shoves It In. His Tight Ass Gives Way As That Dildo Disappears Inside. Mike Loves That Toy Stretching His Ass Open And Knows It Will Soon Be Replaced By The Real Thing. After Teasing That Ass A Bit, Alexander Gets That Ass Primed And In Need. He Then Suits Up And Gets Behind That Ass And Replaces That Big Toy With His Real One. 'Gimme The Real Thing' Mike Coos Begging For That Dick. Alexander Fucks Him Doggy Style As Mike Eggs Him On. 'Ugh, This Is The Best Anniversary Gift Ever' He Groans As He Begs Alexander To Give It To Him. Alexander Fucks That Ass Deep, Pulling Out Almost Entirely Before Slamming It Back In For More. He Then Gets Mike On The Floor And Hoists His Legs Up Over His Own Head So He Can Pile Drive That Dick In For More. Alexander Pistons His Thick Dick In And Out Of That Hot Ass As Mike Just Watches Him Fuck And Strokes His Own Dick. Alexander Picks Up The Pace And Soon He Gets That Familiar Tingle In His Smooth Balls. He Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Mike's Face And Neck. Mike Cums Seconds Later As Alexander Is Still Bathing His Neck And Face With His Massive Creamy Load. Mike May Have Thought That That Fuck Was The Best Anniversary Present Ever—but That Was Way Before He Got His Very Own Pearl Necklace! 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
ExtraBigDicks Video: King Cobras, Mike King Is Back In The House After Making Quite The Impression Last Week When He Showed Off His Thick 9” Cock. Our Members Screamed For More So We Decided To Bring This Sexy 22 Year Old Georgia Native Back And See What He Can Do With All That Cock. Today We Have A Familiar Face From New Jersey By The Name Of Alexander Greene. Alexander Is 20 Years Young And Looking As Hot As Ever. Both Of These Boys Like To Get Out And Have A Good Time. They Both Admit They Love A Little Karaoke. “Get A Few Drinks In Me And I’m Right On Stage”, Says Alexander Who Loves To Belt Out Old Rock Songs. We Know Mike Discovered He Was Bigger Than The Average Guy Back In Junior High; But Alexander Didn’t Really Notice He Was Above Average In That Department Until He Started Doing Porn. Go Figure! We Then Asked If They Had A Sweet Tooth. Topping The Chocolate Chart Is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate For Alexander While Mike Loves Nestles Crunch Bar. They Both Love Being Well Hung And Alexander Loves That He’s Never Gotten Any Complaints. More Than Anything Mike Loves The Expression Of Amazement On Guy’s Faces When He Whips It Out. Well, With A Set Up Like That One, We Should Definitely Let Mike Do His Thing… Prepare To Be Amazed. Mike Is Toweling Off After His Shower When Alexander Comes In Sad He Missed Catching Him In The Shower. Mike Is More Than Happy To Make That Up To Him As He Grabs Him And Starts To Make Out With Him. Their Hands Start To Explore Each Other As Alexander Drops To His Knees And Starts To Tease Mike, Licking Near His Crotch Before Unveiling His Half Hard Cock. He Opens Wide And Takes Mike’s Growing Cock In His Mouth. Mike’s Mammoth Meat Is Hard In Seconds As Alexander Sucks On It Taking As Much Of It As He Can In His Mouth. Mike Groans As He Starts To Fuck Alexander’s Face. “Choke On My Dick” He Groans As Alexander Worships His Meat. Alexander Then Strips Down To His Briefs And Sits Back On The Couch Giving Mike Access To His Own 9” Uncut Cock. Mike Hauls Alexander’s Thick Dick And Goes To Work Returning The Favor. It’s A Meat Lover’s Kinda Day And More Than Enough Cock To Go Around As These Two Work Each Others Cocks. Mike Takes His Time Savoring That Jersey Meat Before Coming Up To Make Out Some More As They Rub Their Throbbing Cocks Together.They Get On The Couch And Keep Making Out As They Explore Each Other’s Smooth Asses. Mike Needs That Ass And Alexander Straddles Him And Takes It In A Reverse Cowgirl. His Ass Slowly Gives In As He Starts To Ride That Thick Cock. He’s Soon Taking That Dick To The Hilt As He Grinds His Hot Ass Deep Wanting Every Inch Of It Inside Him. “Ride That Cock!”, Mike Orders As He Sits Back And Watches Alexander Go To Town On His Meat. Alexander Then Gets Put On All Four On The Couch As Mike Moves In Behind Him And Takes That Ass Doggy Style. He Slams That Dick Back Inside As Alexander Winces Trying To Accommodate Every Thick Inch. Mike Fucks Him Harder And Deeper As He Gets That Dick Pleasured. The Chemistry Between Them Is Off The Chart And Soon Its Alexander’s Turn. He Lies Back And Suits Up As Mike Straddles His Cock And Eases Down On It. Mike Starts Riding That Cock As He Looks Down At The Expression On Alexander’s Face In Ecstasy. Alexander Then Flips Mike Over Onto His Back And Starts To Pound Him Missionary. He Fucks Him Fast And Deep And Sends Mike Over The Edge As He Pumps His Thick Load Out All Over His Smooth Navel. Alexander Pulls Out And Explodes His Huge Load All Over Mike’s Cum Covered Navel. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
Amateur Facial Cumshot 1660 00:00:19 2 weeks ago XVideos
Dancer Karlie Montana Loves Teasing Your Dick, Karlie Is Home From Dance Class And She's Still Wearing Her Skin Tight Leotard With Black Pantyhose And Matching Black Socks. She Lets You Know Right Up Front That Making Old Men And Dads Squirm In Her Tight Spandex Uniforms Is What Makes Her Day. It Gets Her Off Knowing That When These Guys Go Home To Their Wife's They Are Still Thinking About Her In Her Tight Spandex. She Giggles As She Accuses You Of Busting Your Nut Already. She Demonstrates The Power She Has Over You As She Moves To The Floor And Spreads Her Legs Wide Open In Front Of Your Face. She Talks About The Sexy Poses Making Guys Cum In Their Pants And She Loves It. She Brags About How She Never Puts Out And She Still Has All The Guys Following Her Around. She Points Out Your Weakness For Her Feet And Then She Rubs Them In Your Face And Offers You To Cum All Over Them. The Socks Come Off First And She Puts Them Up To Her Face As She Inhales Her Sexy Sweaty Foot Smell From The Socks. Next She Lowers The Leotard Down Over Her Breasts And Tells You How Lucky You Are To See Them Before Peeling The Leotard All The Way Off. In Only Her Black Wolford Pantyhose She Stands Over The Top Of Your Face And Pulls Them High And Tight Against Her Horny Little Pussy And Giggles Some More As You Begin To Sweat. Karlie Slides Her Fingers Up And Down Her Pussy Over The Top Of Her Pantyhose While Instructing You To Jerk That Cock Off For Her. She Moves Back To The Floor And Begins To Thrust Up And Down While You Watch From Behind And Then Stands Back Over The Top Of You For Some More In Your Face Pussy Play. The Pantyhose Come Off And Karlie Tells You That You're Her New Little Puppy. 00:07:50 1 year ago UPornia
MenOver30 Video: Family Splatters, David Chase Is Here To Help Us Kick Off 2012 Right. David Also Brought Along A Familiar Face To Help Do Just That, Chris Stevens. David Is Now 31 And Originally From Jacksonville, FL. 'Born In Jacksonville; Grew Up In Jacksonville; Ain't Ever Gonna Get Outta That Place!' David Groans With A Grin. Chris Is 42 And Originally From West Virginia But Grew Up In Ohio. It Being The New Year And The Spirit Of Giving Abounds, We Wondered What Charity They Firmly Believe In All Year Round. For Chris It Would Be The ASPCA. He Has Two Young Girls And Anything That Keeps Pets Safe He's All For. David Who Has A Few Rug Rats Of His Own Is For Any Charity That Protects Children And Their Innocence. They Are Both Looking Great These Days But We Wondered What Their Weakness Is When It Came Time To Cheatin' On Their Diets. It's Breyers Ice Cream For David. He Loves Their Plain Chocolate And Can Eat It All Day Long. Chris' Weakness Is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups With Anything Ben & Jerry's Coming In A Close Second. Hmmm. Well Today, Hold The Ice Cream Because These Two Will Have All The Temptation They Need Right Here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No Cream Needed Today. Soon We'll Be Swimming In Plenty Of Our Own. David Comes Home Lookin For His Wife But Finds Chris Instead Baby Sitting His Kids Until She Gets Off Of Work. They Start Catching Up On Stuff When David Starts To Bitch About How His Wife Won't Put Out Anymore. He Starts Grabbing His Cock Through His Shorts Which Is All The Invitation Chris Needs. He Gets On His Knees And Gets To Work As He Pulls Off David's Tee And Runs His Tongue All The Way From David's Mouth Down To His Growing Cock. Brother In Law Of The Year Goes To Chris Who Is More Than Happy To Perform Her Spousal Duties As He Devours David's Cock. David Groans As He Watches Chris Eagerly Nurse On His Meat. 'She Better Not Know About This' Chris Grins As He Slaps David's Thick Cock On His Tongue. David Then Stands Chris Up And Gives Him Plenty Of Leverage As He Gets Chris' Cock In His Face And Down His Throat. David Is Hungrier Than Expected As He Goes Nuts On That Hard Dick. Family That Stays Together... David Then Bends Chris Over On The Couch And Gets To Work Eating That Ass. Chris Arches His Back Wanting To Give David All Access As David Shoves His Face Deep Into That Ass Sending His Tongue Deep Inside.Chris Then Straddles That Dick And Sits On It In A Reverse Cowgirl. He Wastes Little Time Before He Starts To Ride It Like A Seasoned Jockey. His Dick Is Rock Hard As He Fucks Himself With David's. At The Rate These Two Are Going At It, Chris Needs To Baby Sit More Often. David Bounces Chris' Hot Ass On His Dick Harder As Chris Welcomes Every Thrust. Chris Then Twirls Around And Rides That Dick Looking At David. He Watches The Look On David's Face As He Continues To Get That Ass Stretched Open. David Then Changes Up The Pace And They Lay Back On The Couch. David Lies Behind Chris And Slides That Meat Back Inside. He Starts To Fuck Him Slowly Giving That Ass Of His A Much Needed Break...but That Doesn't Last Long. He's Back To Slamming That Dick Deep Inside As He Gets Hornier And Harder. Next He Gets Chris On His Back, Flips His Legs Up Over His Head And Pile Drives His Dick Deep Into That Hole. He Does Squats Into That Ass As He Jacks Chris's Dick Off. He Fucks Him Deep And Jacks That Cock In Time Making Him Cum As He Aims It At Chris' Own Mouth. David Then Pulls Out And Kneels Over Chris' Face And Adds Even More Cream All Over Chris' Mouth And Cum-covered Face. Cream, It Does A Body Gooooood. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
AmateurSmothering Video: A Face Full Of Ass. Chelsea And Taylor St Clair Look Absolutely Smashing In Their Black Evening Gowns. They Are Late For A Benefit Dinner - And Tickets Cost A Cool Grand Apiece. Unfortunately, Their Chauffeur Shows Up Two Full Hours After The Show Started! So They Lock The Mofo In The Dreaded Smother Throne, Which Keeps His Head Firmly Locked In Place. Did You Ever Think You Were Going To Die While Being Smothered By My Ass? Taylor Asks. He Has No Escape. In Fact - He's Even Smiling! This Makes The Girls Even Angrier. He Is NOT Allowed To Breathe, Taylor Says, As He Gurgles And Spits And Gasps For Even A Morsel Of Air. Chelsea Considers This Behavior Disrespectful, So She Slaps His Face - Hard. After Another Session Of Ass-phixiation, They Remove Him From The Throne/prison, Make Him Sit Against The Wall, And His Nose Up Chelsea's Anal Area. Taylor, For Her Part, Subjects Him To Breast Suffocation Supreme. (Nobody Has Better Equipment For This Form Of Torment!) Then She Backs Up And Yells: Stick Your Face In My Ass! Taylor Lies On The Floor, Ass Up, As Chelsea Uses All Her Might To Grind His Nose Deep Between His Cheeks. Taylor Bares Her Breasts. Slays Him On The Floor Face Up, Then Alternates Between Titty Suffocation And By Hand Strangulation. The Girls Sandwich His Noggin Between Their Bodies And It Into Breastage And Ass Crevices. There's HOM (hand Over Mouth) Suffocation, Twat Asphyxiation, Sock-suffocation, Bare Foot Breath-play - And Did I Mention Lots Of Ass-work? Other Videos Have Had Butt-chokitude, But Nothing Like This: This Video Gives You Smash And Cram And Shove And Gasp Action To The MAX. Taylor Sits On His Head As He Lies Face Down In Order To His Head Further Into Chelsea's Rump. 00:07:51 1 year ago HotMovs
ExtraBigDicks Video: Diesel Power, It's Been Far Too Long Since Our Studio Has Been Diesel Driven But This Week We're In For A Treat As We Welcome Back Diesel Washington. The Man, The Myth, And This Afternoon, The Lover As Diesel Decides To Take Things Down A Notch And Show Us And His Co-star, Dylan Roberts, The 'softer Side' Of Diesel. You Heard It Here First! This Will Be 21 Years Old Dylan's 2nd Time On EBD And We're Pretty Sure This Valentine’s Day Will Be One To Remember. We Wondered What These Two Party Animals Did For New Year's Eve. Dylan Spent The Night Hanging Out With His Mom At Home; While Diesel Stayed Home As Well; Read Some Comic Books And Watched The Ball Drop On TV. Hmmm These Two Have A Lot In Common It Seems. St Patrick's Day Is Coming And We Wondered What Plans They Would Want. Dylan Being Part Irish Dreams Of Going To The Motherland And Getting Shit-face Drunk In A Real Irish Pub Decked Out In Green. Diesel Took The Green And Ran With It. He Wants To Have A Lot Of Green With Him, Wear A Lot Of Green, Have A Lot Of 'green' And Try Not To Step On Any Green Throw Up. Well Dylan Won't Need To Worry About Anything Besides Accommodating Some Diesel As He Gets The Irish Fucked Right Out Of Him For Valentine’s Day. <3 Diesel And Dylan Start Off All Flirty Telling Each Other How Excited They Are To Meet The Other When Diesel Tells Dylan That Rather Than Bang Out He's About To Give Him Some McLovin'—OH-NO-HE-DI-NT! They Start To Kiss As Diesel Kicks It Into Sensual Mode. He Runs His Tongue Along Dylan's Neck Sending Him Into A Frenzy. They Stand And Continue The Tongue Fest As They Each Lick Necks And Peeks, Taking Their Time As They Do. Diesel Lies Back As Dylan Gets A Better Look At What's For Lunch. He Opens Wide And Slides His Mouth Over Diesel's Thick Cock. Diesel Coos As Dylan Samples The World's Finest Chocolate. Diesels Cock Throbs As It Gets The Attention It's Been Needing. Dylan Goes Nuts Struggling To Take Diesel's Thick Dick Down His Throat. 'Let Me Have A Taste' Says Diesel Wanting To Return The Favor As He Wraps His Lips Around Dylan's Cock. Diesel Loves To Pleasure His Partners And This Bad Boy Can Suck A Mean Dick. Dylan's Head Is Spinning As He Watches Diesel Nursing On His Rock Hard Cock. Soon Enough Dylan Wants More Of Diesel's As He Kneels To Continue Servicing His Massive Cock. Diesel Starts To Fuck That Pretty Face As His Balls Slap Away At Dylan's Chin Giving Him What He Wants. Diesel Then Turns Dylan Around And Gets A Taste Of That Sweet Hole He'll Soon Be Stretching Open. He Tongue Fucks That Hole As Dylan Whimpers With Excitement. As Soon As That Hot Ass Is Spit Lubed And Ready For Some Dick, Diesel Gets Into Position.Diesel Gets Dylan On His Back As He Looks Down And Sees That Hot Ass, Glistening With Spit Begging To Be Filled. He Slides That Thick 10' Cock In As Dylan Whimpers And Groans Trying To Take That Dick. 'My God Your Dick's So Fucking Big' He Whimpers As Diesel Slides That Horse Cock Home. Diesel Starts To Fuck That Hot Ass Deep And Fast Like Only Diesel Can. Dylan Is Rock Hard And Struggling To Take The Fucking He's Being Given When He Yells Out 'Stop It—you're Gonna Make Me Cum!' For The Unassuming Boy Who Said 'size Never Really Mattered To Him', Things May Have Just Changed Forever. Diesel Eases Off And Assures Him He Wants To Make It Last. And Goes Back To Tappin' That Ass Nice And Slow. Diesel Then Lets Dylan Sit On His Thick Dick. Dylan Rides That Big Dick Pleasuring Himself On Diesel's Dong. Diesel Then Gets Him On His Side And Slips Into Him In A Spoon Position. He's Bouncing Dylan's Tight Ass Off His Thick Dick So Hard That It Sends Dylan Over The Edge. Dylan Busts Out A Load That Flies All Over His Chest And Face. Someone Was A Tad Excited. Diesel Follows Suit As He Unloads A Thick Nut All Over Dylan's Face As Well . Whew. Just When You Think They're Done, Diesel Bends Over And Laps His Load Clean Off. …Oh Mr. Diesel, Bravo! 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia

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