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NubileFilms Video: Too Hot For Summer, What Better Way To Spend A Warm Summer Afternoon Than Sunbathing By The Pool With A Cool Drink And A Hot Friend You Can't Wait To Make Out With? Elle Alexandra And Hayden Hawkens Spend Some Time Relaxing In The Sun Before Their Shared Longing Looks Drive The Girls Indoors. Settling On The Couch With Her Head In Elle's Lap, Hayden Stares Up At Her Friend With Adoration. They Share A Kiss That Is Playful At First, But That Deepens Quickly. As Things Heat Up, Their Skimpy Bathing Suits Come Off In A Flurry Of Kisses And Tender Touches. Pressing Elle To The Couch, Hayden Licks And Sucks At Her Lover's Tender Shaved Pussy. As Elle's Moans Become More Insistent, Hayden Presses Her Fingers Deep Into Her Friend's Tight Warm Sheathe. The Pleasure Builds Bit By Bit Until Elle Is Writhing On The Couch. As Her Body Pulses, Elle Leans In To Hayden And Plants Open-mouthed Kisses All Over Her Toned Body As She Works Her Way Down Her Friend's Juicy Slit. After A Few Licks And A Teasing Kiss, Elle Gives Hayden One More Intense Kiss Before Resting Her Cheek Against Her Woman's Soft Breast And Pressing The Palm Of Her Hand To Her Woman's Soft Mound. Using Her Fingers To Massage Hayden's Sensitive Clit And To Penetrate Her Horny Hole, Elle Has A Sexy Surprise To Finish Her Friend Off. Reaching Back Where She Has Hidden A Smooth Glass Dildo, Elle Urges Hayden To Part Her Creamy Thighs So That She Can Rub The Cool Tip Across Her Friend's Moist Slit Before Thrusting It Home. She Pumps The Toy In And Out Until Hayden Cums With A Long Moan. 00:08:32 2 years ago Txxx
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NubileFilms Video: More Than Friends, Tanned Beauty Karina White Is In The Midst Of Enjoying A Private Moment When She Is Interrupted By Dani Daniels. Begging Her Friend Not To Stop, Dani Insists On Joining Her And Following Karina's Lead. In Tandem They Run Their Hands All Over Their Supple Bodies, Massaging Their Tender Clits Until They Let Loose In Simultaneous Orgasms. Properly Warmed Up For Passion, The Girls Turn Their Attention To One Another. Dani Smiles Shyly As She Leans In To Suckle Karina's Pert Nipple. Karina Arches Into Her Friend's Touch And Then Locks Her Lips With Dani's In A Tender Kiss That Removes All Doubt That This Encounter Is Everything They Both Need. Dani Accepts Karina's Tentative Advances Before Taking Control Of The Situation, Urging Her Friend To Lay Back And Accept The Pleasure That Her Warm Wet Tongue Can Bring. Rolling Her Tongue, Dani Spears Her Lover's Weeping Pussy Before Backing Off And Licking Her Way Across Karina's Sensitive Slit Until The Brunette Bombshell Dissolves Into Another Explosive Orgasm. Eager To Return The Favor, Karina Stares Hungrily At The Long Slender Glass Toy Dani Has Revealed. She Knows That It Will Be Perfect To Give Both Girls The Penetration They Crave. Karina Lubricates It With Her Tongue, Sucking And Lapping At The Dildo With An Enthusiasm That Only Drives The Tension Between The Friends Higher. Taking Control Once Again, Dani Parts Karina's Pouty Pussy Lips And Slips The Toy Into Her Friend's Tight Hole. Karina Spreads Her Legs Further To Give Dani Room To Thrust The Toy In And Out, Conveniently Exposing Her Tender Clitoris. Dani Takes Advantage, Leaning Forward To Rub The Sensitive Nub While She Suckles Karina's Supple Breast. As Karina Once Again Builds Up Towards Her Peak, Dani Slides Back And Presses The Other End Of The Toy Into Her Tight Twat. Joined By The Glass Dildo, The Brunette Beauties Pump Their Pussies In A Rhythm That Creates Delicious Friction For Both Of Them. They Lean Forward To Massage Each Other's Love Buttons, Moaning At The Pleasure That Spikes Through Them. As They Finally Reach The Culmination Of Their Efforts, The Girls Link Their Hands Together And Bear Down On The Dildo Until Their Fulfilled Twats Nearly Touch. Exploding Into Twin Orgasms, The Sated Pair Smile At One Another Before Sharing An Affectionate Kiss In The Aftermath. 00:09:02 3 years ago UPornia
Reena Sky & Xander CorvusA Wife For A Wife: Part One - PrettyDirty, Xander Corvus Calls His Best Friend Derrick To Bail Him Out Of Jail After A Night Of Debauchery . Derrick Feels Obliged To Help Him Out Despite His Wife Reena Sky's Criticism. When Xander Turns Up At Their House, He Is Immediately Involved In A Barade Of Matrimonial Adultery Accusations Regarding Derrick's Unfaithfulness A While Back. But Xander Has His Own Problems Dealing With His And Being Stuck With The Same Woman Forever. Reena Suggests, Seeing That Derrick Cheated On Her Before And They've Discussed This New Trend Called 'hot Wifing' That She Can Help Him Alleviate His Pre-marital Stress By Fucking His Best Friend's Wife.Reena Leads Xander To Her Bedroom, Leaving Derrick Behind, Clueless As To What Just Happened. As Crazy As This May Seem, Xander Has Some Doubts About Fucking His Best Friend's Wife . But Reena Persuades Him By Kissing Him With Her Soft Lips And Giving Him A Feel Of Her Massive Perky Boobs As She Places Her Pussy Over His Vulnerable Mouth. They Turn To A 69 Position Where She Indulges In Xander's Erect Cock, Deepthroating Until She Begins To Ride His Hard Dick. Xander Fucks Her Tight Pussy Powerfully, Bulldozing Her Hole So Deep She Screams In A Sexual Frenzy Begging For More Thrilling Cock Action. Reena Bounces Her Big, Round Ass In Several Positions Until Xander Is No Longer Able To Control His Hot Cum, Letting It Spew Inside His Best Friend's Wife's Naughty Mouth!To Be Continued... 00:06:15 1 year ago Txxx
Threesome Passion With Maddy Oreilly And Natalia Star, Dressed In Matching Black Lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly And Natalia Star Exchange A Lingering Kiss Over Their Man Giovanni Francesco. Giovanni Is Content To Watch As Both Of His Women Flirt And Tease Each Other Above Him, Slowly Removing Their Matching Lingerie Until They Are Both Nude. Rising To His Knees, Giovanni Switches Places With Maddy. He Positions Himself So That Maddy Can Kiss His Erection As She Lies On The Bed, And So That Natalia Can Join In The Fun By Leaning Over From Above. The Two Girls Take Their Time Worshipping Their Man's Hard Cock, Sucking And Licking. Soon, The Lovers Reposition Themselves So That The Pleasure They Are Generating Is Distributed Equally Among All Three Of Them. Maddy Remains On Her Back With Her Face Buried In Natalia's Warm Juicy Pussy And Giovanni's Dick Deep Inside Maddy's Tight Sheath. As Maddy Grows Closer To Her Climax, Natalia Drops To Her Hands And Knees Beside Her Friend To Tease Maddy's Hard Nipples With Her Mouth. Giovanni Follows Suit, Sliding Down His Belly And Using His Tongue To Eagerly Lap At Maddy's Tender Nub And Send Her Falling Over The Edge. Natalia Climbs To Her Hands And Knees To Present Her Luscious Ass To Giovanni. He Takes Her Invitation, Sinking Into Her Plush Warmth And Thrusting With Long Sure Strokes. As Maddy Recovers, She Is Eager To Take Part In Her Lover's Pleasure. She Reaches Out To Fondle Natalia's Tender Clitoris, Inching Steadily Closer Until She Can Suckle Her Friend's Big Breasts As Well. With Such Devoted Attention, Natalia Is Soon Moaning And Gasping Her Ecstasy. The Trio Takes A Moment To Catch Their Breaths And Reposition Themselves Before Things Heat Up Again. Starting At Natalia's Sensitive Feet, Maddy Begins Kissing Her Way Up Her Friend's Body. She Doesn't Get Very Far Before Giovanni Takes Advantage Of Her Open Position And Anchors Her Hips So That He Can Slide Into Her Warm Wet Channel. Stymied In Her Climb Up Her Friend's Body, Maddy Reaches Forward To Slide A Finger Into Natalia's Tight Twat While Natalie Takes Charge Of Her Own Pleasure, Massaging Her Clitoris As She Watches Her Lovers Move Together. After A Second Body-shaking Orgasm, Maddy Finally Reaches Her Goal Of Nuzzling And Licking Her Friend's Weeping Pussy. Giovanni Is Ready To Help Natalia Cum Again, Lying Down On The Bed So That His Woman Can Crawl On Top Of Him And Slide Down So That They Come Together In Reverse Missionary Style. Maddy Is There To Help Both Of Her Lovers Feel Incredible, Licking Giovanni's Balls As He Thrusts In And Out Of Natalia's Warmth, And Then Massaging Her Friend's Hanging Tits As Natalia Climaxes Again. Satisfied Twice Over, The Girls Fixate All Of Their Attention On Helping Their Man Cum. They Help Giovanni To His Knees And Take Turns Sucking And Pumping His Pulsing Erection Until He Is On The Edge Of Ecstasy. With A Few Quick Flicks Of Her Wrist, Maddy Helps Him Finally Achieve His Climax All Over Natalia's Ample Bosom. Never One To Let A Delicious Treat Go To Waste, Maddy Leans Forward To Lick Giovanni's Essence From Her Friend's Chest. When She Has Lapped Her Sticky Treat Up, The Two Girls Exchange A Long Kiss As They Share Their Man's Flavor. 00:08:12 3 years ago HDZog
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NubileFilms Video: A Time To Remember, Bella Baby Is Just Waking Up From An Afternoon Nap When Leony April Finds Her And Decides To Help Her Friend Awake With A Long, Heated Kiss. When Leony Unties Bella's Halter Top And Pulls It Down, Her Lover Smiles Up At Her And Waits Impatiently For Leony To Plant Tender Kisses And Gentle Licks On Her Firm Perky Breasts. Leony Isn't Ready To Stop There, Though. She Urges Bella To Roll Onto Her Hands And Knees With Her Luscious Bottom Up In The Air, And Then Slides Her Friend's Panties Down And Off As She Peppers Bella's Ass With Kisses And Loving Licks. When Bella Returns To Her Back, Leony Parts Her Thighs And Delves Her Tongue Into Her Creamy Shaved Slit To Lap At Her Woman's Clitoris. Turned On And Incredibly Horny, Bella Isn't About To Let Leony Have All The Fun. She Sits Up And Helps Leony Out Of Her Shirt Before Wrapping Her Arms Around Her Woman And Indulging In Another Long Kiss. Then She Urges Leony To Take Her Turn On The Chaise So That She Can Return The Favor Of Eating Her Lover Out. The Girls Are So Wrapped Up In Pleasuring Each Other That They Are Surprised By The Arrival Of Their Friend Will. Walking In On Two Beautiful Women Making Love To Each Other Has Given Will A Hard On That Only Bella And Leony Can Fix, And Both Blondes Are More Than Happy To Help Him Out. Cupping Her Man's Hard Dick Through His Boxer Briefs, Leony Eagerly Pulls His Underwear Down And Wraps Her Eager Lips Around His Erection. Bella Is Soon Distracted From Feasting On Leony's Pussy By The Appeal Of Kissing And Sucking Will's Cock Alongside Her Friend. Wanting To Participate In The Lovemaking, Will Guides Leony So That She Is Leaning Forward With Her Bottom In The Air So That He Can Slide His Long Dick Deep Into Her Needy Twat. As Leony Writhes And Moans At The Full Feeling He Has Created Inside Of Her, Bella Watches And Massages Her Clit As She Enjoys The Show. But Will Isn't Only Interested In Leony's Pleasure. Pulling Out, He Presses His Dick Deep Into Bella's Tight Sheath While Bella Shfits Her Attention To Fucking Leony's Tight Hole With Her Fingers. The Trio Enjoys Their Amorous Romp, But The Tension Slowly Coils Inside All Of Them Until They Are All On The Verge Of Cumming. Will Lies Back On The Chaise So That Leony Can Ride Him Reverse Cowgirl Style While Bella Stimulates Her Tender Clit Until Leony Orgasms With A Gasp And A Moan. As Soon As Leony Finds Her Pleasure, Bella Pulls Will's Dick Out So That She Can Suck Her Friend's Pussy Juices Off Of It. The Girls Switch Places With Bella Mounting Her Man Cowgirl Style So That She Can Ride Her Way To Completion. As Bella Is About To Cum, She Rises Up Off Of Will's Member So That Leony Can Bury Her Face In Her Friend's Pussy And Lick And Suckle Her To Ecstasy. 00:08:32 3 years ago UPornia
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