Mischa Brooks And Nikki Hearts - Kiss Me Everywhere, Mischa Brooks And Nikki Hearts Have Done Everything But Each Other, So It's Time To Roll Camera For This 27 Minute Scene From Lesbian Goes Downtown Los Angeles! The Romantic Vibe Between These Beauties Draws You In As It Makes Them Melt Into The Sofa, Kiss After Kiss, Until The Kisses Drift Down Into An Altogether Stronger Sensation... You'll Be Squirming Right Along With Them As Those Kisses Do More Than Romance!

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NubileFilms Video: Double Pleasure. Dressed Only In Clingy Tops That Clearly Show Their Assets And Cotton Panties, Hayden Hawkens And Karina White Enjoy A Long Kiss That Soon Turns Into Much More. Stripping One Another Down To Reveal Their Exquisite Bodies, Hayden And Karina Caress And Lick Each Other's Tits. The Excitement Of Their Gentle Feminine Touches Builds Until Karina Cannot Stand It Any Longer. Hayden Pulls Karina's Panties Aside And Teases Her Friend, Running The Tip Of Her Tongue Along The Edge Of Her Shaved Soft Mound. Slipping Karina's Panties Off, Hayden Kisses Her Way Up Her Lover's Body To Suckle Her Voluptuous Breasts. Hayden Steals A Deep Kiss While Her Hand Slides Down To Massage Karina's Swollen Clitoris, Igniting A Fire That Only Her Lover Can Quench. Pushing Karina's Thighs Apart, Hayden Delves Her Tongue Into Her Lover's Sweet Pussy. Karina Writhes And Moans On The Bed As Hayden Makes Magic Happen With Intimate Kisses In Her Secret Places. She Longs To Tip Over The Edge, But She Does Not Allow Herself That Pleasure Until She Can Take Hayden With Her. Urging Hayden To Take Her Place On The Bed, Karina Presses A Vibrating Toy Against Her Sensitive Slit. Hayden Closes Her Eyes And Lets Her Companion Take Her Higher And Higher As She Massages Her Breasts To Enhance The Pleasurable Sensations Shooting Through Her Body. On The Verge Of Nirvana, Hayden And Karina Arrange Themselves So That The Vibrator Is Between Their Drenched Pussies, Touching Both Of Them In A Way That Drives Them Both To Swift Incredible Orgasms. As They Slowly Return To Reality, They Share A Loving Kiss And Press Their Naked Flesh Together As They Bask In Their Fulfillment. 00:08:32 11 months ago HotMovs
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 00:20:25 1 year ago HotMovs
NubileFilms Video: Token Of Love. Karina White And Her Man Michael Vegas Are Spending A Quiet Afternoon Together When Things Take A Sultry Turn. Michael Plants A Tender Kiss Behind Karina's Ear And Whispers A Naughty Suggestion, And Our Beautiful Brunette Is Only Too Happy To Take Him Up On It. Pressing Michael To The Bed, Karina Undoes His Pants To Free His Long Cock And Eagerly Laps Her Tongue Up And Down The Long Length Of His Shaft. After Taking A Taste, She Wraps Her Lips Around His Shaft And Sucks Him Deep. Happy To Return The Favor Of Oral Sex, Michael Rolls Karina Onto Her Back And Draws Her Tender Breast Into His Mouth To Suckle As He Helps Her Out Of Her Clothes. When She Is Bare And Ready For More, He Kisses His Way Down Her Slender Body And Settles Between Her Legs To Lap At Her Damp Warmth. Kissing His Way Back Up Karina's Body, Michael Cups Her Warm Pussy In And Massages His Palm Gently Against Her Sensitive Clitoris As He Kisses His Lover Deeply And Positions Himself So That He Is Spooning Her From Behind. With A Gentle Thrust Of His Hips, He Presses His Dick Deep Into Karina's Womanly Sheath And Begins To Pump Slowly In And Out Of Her. The Couple Exchanges Another Long Kiss And Then Karina Takes Control, Climbing On Top Of Her Man And Mounting Him. She Gyrates Her Hips, Bouncing Up And Down As She Fondles Her Perky Big Tits. As Karina Grows Closer To The Pinnacle Of Her Pleasure, Michael Settles Her Back On The Bed And Raises Her Legs So That He Can Reenter Her. A Few Minutes Of Wild Thrusting Is Enough To Bring Karina Over The Edge And She Cums With Wild Abandon. 00:08:32 9 months ago HotMovs
Angel Piaff & Ginie & Jess In Tandem Fisting - SapphicErotica, Ginie (dark Hair), Jess (blonde), And Nadea (blonde, Blue Dress) Meet In The Garden To Have A Three Girl Lesbian Orgy. Ginie And Nadea Kiss Deeply As Jess Removes Ginie S Top. Nadea Fondles Gine S Breasts From Behind While Jess Sucks Her Nipples. Then Ginie Removes Jess S Shorts And Pulls Aside Her Panties And Fingers And Licks Her Pussy While Nadea Strokes Jess S Swollen, Excited Clitoris. Nadea Cradles Jess In Her Arms And Gropes Her Breasts While Ginie Expertly Tongues Jess To Orgasm. Ginie And Jess Then Share A Deep Kiss. Next It S Ginie S Turn To Be Pleasured. She Lies Back And Nadea Inserts Fingers Into Ginie S Pussy While Kissing Jess. Then Jess Kiss Her And Suck Her Nipples While Nadea Eats Ginie Out Until She Comes. Then Nadea Lies Back And Jess Starts Going Down On Her. As She Licks Nadea S Pussy, Jess Works More And More Fingers Into Nadea Until Her Whole Hand Is Inside. Jess Fist Fucks Nadea, Moving Her Hand Inside Her Pussy While Stroking Her Clitoris Until She Comes. Next It S Ginie S Turn To Fist Nadea. After Giving A Thank You Kiss To Jess, Nadea Goes On All Fours, And Ginie Moves Behind Her. First Ginie Licks Nadea From Behind, Then She Begins Inserting Fingers One By One Until She Has Fisted Her. She Works Her Fist Inside Nadea S Pussy Using Powerful Strokes While Stroking Nadea S Clit And Licking Her Ass Hole. Then Jess Begins Rapidly Stroking Nadea S Clit While Ginie Fist Fucks Nadea Until She Has An Explosive Orgasm. Then The Girls Kiss And Cuddle While Reflecting On The Orgasms They Ve Had. 00:10:00 1 month ago Txxx
Maddy O'Reilly Has Waited In Just A Sheer Bra And Panties All Day For Marco Rivera To Come Home, And Now That He's Here She's Intent On Seduction. Dropping To Her Knees In Front Of Her Man, Maddy Helps Him Out Of His Shirt And Pants And Then Leans Forward Without Breaking Eye Contact To Lick Her Way Up Marco's Long Erection. Settling In For A Long, Thorough Exploration Of Her Man's Cock With Her Mouth, Maddy Alternates Between Sucking And Licking At Her Man's Penis In An Amazing Blow Job. As Marco Nears The End Of His Endurance, Maddy Stands Up And Slips Out Of Her Panties So That She Can Climb Atop Her Man's Erection And Sliding Him Home Into Her Tight Wet Sheath. She Rides Him Slowly, Bending Down To Kiss Him Before Guiding His Hand Up To Cup Her Sensitive Breasts. Climbing Off Of Her Stud, Maddy Takes A Moment To Re-lubricate Her Man's Cock With Her Mouth Before She Mounts Him Again Reverse Cowgirl Style. After A Few Hard Thrusts, Maddy Switches Places With Marco, Positioning On Herself On Her Hands And Knees With Her Ass High Up In The Air As A Supplication To Her Man To Take Her. Marco Pushes Himself Into Maddy's Luscious Warmth, But Then Pulls Out And Kneels Down So That He Can Eat His Woman Out From Behind. As Maddy Moans And Writhes In Pleasure From Her Man's Ministrations, Marco Once Again Rises To His Feet And Takes Her Doggy Style. The Action Is Fast And Furious As Marco Pounds In And Out Of Maddy's Pussy. The Passion Between This Couple Truly Ignites As Marco Leans Forward While He Thrusts To Kiss Passionately At Maddy's Neck And Back. Maddy Responds Instantly, Moaning And Whimpering At The Seduction. When Her Orgasm Is Nearly Upon Her, Maddy Turns Over To Lie On Her Back So That She Can Make Eye Contact With Marco While He Pushes Her Over That Last Little Cliff. Her Climax Rocks Through Her, And She Moans And Quakes As Pleasure Overcomes Her. The Moment Maddy Stops Shaking From Her Pleasure, Marco Reaches The End Of His Endurance And Pulls Out So That He Can Cum All Over His Lover's Slender Belly. Sated, The Lovers Come Together For One Last Kiss As They Bask In The Afterglow Of Their Encounter. 00:08:00 3 years ago HDZog
Chloe Amour & Kiera Winters In So Much Has Changed Video, Old Middle School Friends Chloe Amour And Kiera Winters Are Meeting Up For The First Time In Years, Now That Chloe's In College And Already Things Are Just Like They Used To Be. Chloe Is Surprised To See That Kiera Just Got A New Tattoo, On Tour With Her All Girl Band. Chloe Is A Sorority Girl, And Kiera Is So Interested To Know What Has Been Up With Chloe. She Wonders If Maybe Chloe Has Tried Something With Her Sisters... But Chloe Only Confesses To Taking Showers With Her New Housemates. Kiera's Band Has Gone A Bit Further... She Describes What It's Been Like To Explore Her Sexuality With Another Girl From Her Band. Kiera Asks If Chloe Would Be Interested In Fooling Around, And Chloe Is Hesitant, Knowing That They've Been Friends For A Long Time. Kiera Suggests They Share A Kiss, And Take It From There.Chloe's First Lesbian Kiss Is Everything Kiera Hoped It Would Be. They Share A Short Intimate Kiss Before Chloe Shows Her Approval And Soon They Are Making Out Like Chloe Never Expected. Kiera Pulls Off Her Top To Reveal Her Cute Bra, And They Continue To Make Out. Kiera Takes Off Her Bra, And Chloe Shows She Is Nervous. Some More Kissing Makes Chloe Feel A Bit More Comfortable, And Kiera Can Peel Off Her Shirt To Reveal Her Beautiful Small Breasts. Moments Of Making Out Later, Kiera Lies Chloe Back Gently To Suck At Her Tasty Soft Nipples, Pulling Her Panties Off, And Letting Her Get Into Position To Start Chloe's Lessons.Kiera Gently Kisses And Tongues At Chloe's Shaved Pussy Until Its Nectar Starts To Run Down Her Cheeks. To Chloe's Surprise The Pleasure Is Unimaginable, And It's Not Hard To Tell That She Has A New Found Pastime, That Will Keep Her Coming Back Over And Over Again. Her Cries Of Pure Intense Pleasure Validate Kiera's Expert Pussy Eating. Chloe Is Surprised That This Is Happening. Kiera Gets Chloe Into Position To Try Tribbing, And It's Clear That Chloe Likes It, By Her Gentle Breathy Moaning, And Her Closed Eyes. It's Almost As If She's In A Whole New World, Just For Her And Kiera. Kiera Is A Great Teacher, And It Doesn't Take Long Before Their Gentle Moaning Turns To Heavy Panting And Increased Rhythm, As They Writhe Their Bouquet Of Flowers Together. Chloe's Turn To Eat Pussy Has Come And She Rises To The Occasion Like A Champ, Kiera's Orgasm Is Better Than She Had Expected, And As The Afternoon Ages Into Evening, They Continue To Kiss And Dream About Their Futures. 00:06:00 2 weeks ago Txxx
NubileFilms Video: A Time To Remember, Bella Baby Is Just Waking Up From An Afternoon Nap When Leony April Finds Her And Decides To Help Her Friend Awake With A Long, Heated Kiss. When Leony Unties Bella's Halter Top And Pulls It Down, Her Lover Smiles Up At Her And Waits Impatiently For Leony To Plant Tender Kisses And Gentle Licks On Her Firm Perky Breasts. Leony Isn't Ready To Stop There, Though. She Urges Bella To Roll Onto Her Hands And Knees With Her Luscious Bottom Up In The Air, And Then Slides Her Friend's Panties Down And Off As She Peppers Bella's Ass With Kisses And Loving Licks. When Bella Returns To Her Back, Leony Parts Her Thighs And Delves Her Tongue Into Her Creamy Shaved Slit To Lap At Her Woman's Clitoris. Turned On And Incredibly Horny, Bella Isn't About To Let Leony Have All The Fun. She Sits Up And Helps Leony Out Of Her Shirt Before Wrapping Her Arms Around Her Woman And Indulging In Another Long Kiss. Then She Urges Leony To Take Her Turn On The Chaise So That She Can Return The Favor Of Eating Her Lover Out. The Girls Are So Wrapped Up In Pleasuring Each Other That They Are Surprised By The Arrival Of Their Friend Will. Walking In On Two Beautiful Women Making Love To Each Other Has Given Will A Hard On That Only Bella And Leony Can Fix, And Both Blondes Are More Than Happy To Help Him Out. Cupping Her Man's Hard Dick Through His Boxer Briefs, Leony Eagerly Pulls His Underwear Down And Wraps Her Eager Lips Around His Erection. Bella Is Soon Distracted From Feasting On Leony's Pussy By The Appeal Of Kissing And Sucking Will's Cock Alongside Her Friend. Wanting To Participate In The Lovemaking, Will Guides Leony So That She Is Leaning Forward With Her Bottom In The Air So That He Can Slide His Long Dick Deep Into Her Needy Twat. As Leony Writhes And Moans At The Full Feeling He Has Created Inside Of Her, Bella Watches And Massages Her Clit As She Enjoys The Show. But Will Isn't Only Interested In Leony's Pleasure. Pulling Out, He Presses His Dick Deep Into Bella's Tight Sheath While Bella Shfits Her Attention To Fucking Leony's Tight Hole With Her Fingers. The Trio Enjoys Their Amorous Romp, But The Tension Slowly Coils Inside All Of Them Until They Are All On The Verge Of Cumming. Will Lies Back On The Chaise So That Leony Can Ride Him Reverse Cowgirl Style While Bella Stimulates Her Tender Clit Until Leony Orgasms With A Gasp And A Moan. As Soon As Leony Finds Her Pleasure, Bella Pulls Will's Dick Out So That She Can Suck Her Friend's Pussy Juices Off Of It. The Girls Switch Places With Bella Mounting Her Man Cowgirl Style So That She Can Ride Her Way To Completion. As Bella Is About To Cum, She Rises Up Off Of Will's Member So That Leony Can Bury Her Face In Her Friend's Pussy And Lick And Suckle Her To Ecstasy. 00:08:32 1 year ago UPornia
NubileFilms Video: Dirty Thoughts, Wearing Nothing But A Bra And Matching Thong, Leyla Peachbloom Enjoys The Gentle Touches Of Her Man Denis Reed As He Slowly Peels Her Clothes Off And Seduces Her Eager Body. Denis Takes Control Right From The Start, Kissing His Way Down Leyla's Small Tits And Flat Belly Until He Reaches The Apex Of Her Thighs. Although Her Twat Is Hidden By Her Panties, That Doesn't Stop Denis From Pulling Them Aside And Diving In With His Eager Tongue To Deliver An Enthusiastic Pussy Licking. Once Layla's Thong Is Discarded, Denis's Tongue Spares Her No Mercy, Even Delving Into Her Tight Puckered Anus. He Spends Plenty Of Time Warming His Woman Up There, Using His Fingers To Probe Into Her Bottom As He Gets Her Nice And Wet. Leyla Isn't One To Lay Down And Let Her Man Do All The Work! When She Gets The Chance, She Takes Her Turn Kissing Her Way Down Her Beau's Body So That She Can Use Her Small Hands And Warm Mouth To Encircle Denis's Big Hard Cock And Begin A Slow Steady Blow Job. Her Bobbing Head Soon Speeds Up As She Finds Her Rhythm, Leaving Denis Groaning His Approval. When Her Man Is Ready, Leyla Crawls Forward To Position Her Needy Fuck Hole Right Above His Cock And Slide Down Onto Him Cowgirl Style. Again They Take It Slow And Gentle At First, But Leyla Wants Something A Bit Different. With A Smile She Pulls Her Guy's Cock Back And Presses The Head Of His Cock To Her Tight Rump For A Raunchy Ride. Laying Down On Her Back With One Leg In The Air, Leyla Takes Her Guy's Cock Deep In Her Needy Twat And Moans Her Ecstasy As He Gives Her A Hard Steady Ride While Rubbing Her Rock Hard Nipples And Sensitive Clit. They Keep That Pace For A Time As Denis Seduces His Woman Closer And Closer To The Edge Of Pleasure. Next Layla Gets Up On Her Hands And Knees And Offers Her Delectable Snatch Doggy Style In A Gift Her Man Doesn't Hesitate To Accept. He Rides Her With Just The Right Pace, Even Letting Layla Take Control When Her Orgasm Is Within Reach Until She Explodes With Passion. Seconds Later, Denis Can't Hold Back Any Longer. Pulling Out At The Last Moment, He Releases His White Wet Load All Over Leyla's Smooth Bottom And Then Clasps Her To His Chest As They Enjoy Sweet Kisses At The End Of Their Lovemaking.  00:09:02 1 year ago UPornia
NubileFilms Video: Token Of Love, Karina White And Her Man Michael Vegas Are Spending A Quiet Afternoon Together When Things Take A Sultry Turn. Michael Plants A Tender Kiss Behind Karina's Ear And Whispers A Naughty Suggestion, And Our Beautiful Brunette Is Only Too Happy To Take Him Up On It. Pressing Michael To The Bed, Karina Undoes His Pants To Free His Long Cock And Eagerly Laps Her Tongue Up And Down The Long Length Of His Shaft. After Taking A Taste, She Wraps Her Lips Around His Shaft And Sucks Him Deep. Happy To Return The Favor Of Oral Sex, Michael Rolls Karina Onto Her Back And Draws Her Tender Breast Into His Mouth To Suckle As He Helps Her Out Of Her Clothes. When She Is Bare And Ready For More, He Kisses His Way Down Her Slender Body And Settles Between Her Legs To Lap At Her Damp Warmth. Kissing His Way Back Up Karina's Body, Michael Cups Her Warm Pussy In And Massages His Palm Gently Against Her Sensitive Clitoris As He Kisses His Lover Deeply And Positions Himself So That He Is Spooning Her From Behind. With A Gentle Thrust Of His Hips, He Presses His Dick Deep Into Karina's Womanly Sheath And Begins To Pump Slowly In And Out Of Her. The Couple Exchanges Another Long Kiss And Then Karina Takes Control, Climbing On Top Of Her Man And Mounting Him. She Gyrates Her Hips, Bouncing Up And Down As She Fondles Her Perky Big Tits. As Karina Grows Closer To The Pinnacle Of Her Pleasure, Michael Settles Her Back On The Bed And Raises Her Legs So That He Can Reenter Her. A Few Minutes Of Wild Thrusting Is Enough To Bring Karina Over The Edge And She Cums With Wild Abandon. 00:08:32 4 months ago Txxx
CircleJerkBoys Video: Kiss It And Make It Better, Two New Faces Greet Us This Week As We Welcome Jackson Klein And Jordan Pierce. Jordan Is 23 And A Native Floridian Hailing From Vero Beach. Jackson Is 25 And A Midwesterner Originally From Michigan. We Asked These Two If They Were To Win $500 On A Scratch Off Lottery Ticket, What Would They Spend Their Winnings On? Jackson Would Spend The Money On Bitches. Bitches It Is. Jordan Would Spend It On Cigarettes. Not The Healthiest Of Pursuits On Either Side; But We All Have Our Vices. We Then Wondered What They Had In Their Refrigerators At Home. Jackson Has Beer And Some Health Food. Jordan Has Eggs And Ham In His. We Won't Go There. We Heard A Rumor That Jackson Is Packing More Than The Average Boy. He Didn't Realize He Was Hung Til He Started Hanging Out With Gay People. Go Figure! Jordan Isn't Mad At Jackson For Having A Big Dick Though He Admits Bigger Isn't Always Better. We Then Asked Them If They Were Nominated For Porn Awards What Category Would They Sweep. Jordan Wants To Win ‘Best Supporting'; While Jackson- And That Cock Of His- Feel They'd Be Perfect For ‘Best Over All'. Yeeeeeeah, ‘bout That. Lol Jordan Is Studying When Jackson Walks In Demanding A Band-aid. Jordan Doesn't Have One So Jackson Tells Him To Kiss It To Make It Better. He Gives In And One Kiss Won't Due As Jackson's Cock Grows With Every Kiss On His Imaginary Booboo. Jordan Undoes His Pants And Gets A Closer Look At Jackson's Hard On. Nothing A Few More Kisses Won't Fix. He Kisses It Through His Briefs As Jackson's Cock Struggles To Get Out. 'Whoa, That's Huge!' Is Jordan's Reaction Once He Frees It From Its Cotton Confines. He Opens Wide As Jackson Shoves It Inside. Jordan Savors That Dick, Taking His Time To Pleasure Jackson's Throbbing Meat. Jackson Holds On To Jordan's Head As He Starts To Fuck That Pretty Face Of His. Jackson Then Pulls His Meat Out And Bends To Kiss Jordan. They Make Out A Bit Before Switching As Jordan Watches Jackson Suck Cock. Jordan Moans As He Watches Jackson On His Knees Taking His Dick All The Way. Jackson Holds Still As Jordan Gets To Fuck His Face In Return. They Take Turns Sucking On Each Other Before Jackson Gets Jordan's Legs Up And Goes To Town Eating That Smooth Ass Out. He Laps At That Tight Hole Getting It Ready For More As He Slowly Teases It With His Skilled Tongue That's Burrowing Inside.'Fuck Me' Jordan Begs As Jackson Slides His Thick Dick Inside Missionary. Jordan Grimaces Trying His Best To Accommodate Jackson's Cock. Jackson Just Goes For It Taking That Ass At His Own Pace. Jordan Grunts And Groans In A Combination Of Pleasure And Pain As He Gets That Ass Used. Jackson Then Gets Jordan On All Four As He Gets Back In That Ass Doggy Style. Jordan Yelps As He Jackson Slams His Dick Deep Inside Him. Jackson Is All About Fucking Ass As Hard As Possible As Jordan Struggles To Keep Up. Jackson Slows It Down For A Bit But It Isn't Long Before He's Back To Slamming That Dick Deep Inside Jordan's Hole. Pile Driver Is Next As Jordan Gets On The Floor And Presents That Sweet For More Pounding. Jackson Aims His Meat South As He Slides His Dick Into Jordan's Worn Hole. He Fucks His Hole Slowly As Jordan Jerks His Meat Off. Jackson's Fat Dick Is Hitting Him In All The Right Spots For A Change As Jordan Shoots All Over Himself. Jackson Then Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Jordan As Well. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
NubileFilms Video: Feeling Blue. Lovely Blue Angel Can't Help But Smile With Anticipation When Her Man Renato Approaches Her From Behind And Cups His Big Palms Over Her Breasts. Responding With Unrestrained Eagerness, Blue Returns Renato's Kisses And Then Sighs With Pleasure As He Peels Her Bra And Panties Off To Kiss Her Puffy Nipples And Then Settle Between Her Legs. Using His Talented Tongue And Two Fingers And Moving Slowly At First, Renato Spends Plenty Of Time Worshipping Blue's Landing Strip Pussy Until It Is Dripping Wet And Ready For Action. Blue Is Not Shy About Wrapping Her Warm Eager Lips Around Her Beau's Erection To Repay The Favor Of Hot Oral Sex. She Licks And Sucks With Long Loving Strokes, Wriggling Her Bottom When Renato's Hands Wander To Her Ass. She Moans Around Her Man's Cock When His Finger Slides Back Into The Warmth Of Her Twat, And She Is Perfectly Content When He Urges Her Into A 69 So That He Can Resume His Erotic Pussy Licking. When The Lovers Are Too Horny To Stay Apart Any Longer, Blue Rises Up And Mounts Her Man's Dick Reverse Doggy Style. She Lies Back, Pumping Her Hips Slowly At First As She Enjoys The Intimacy Of The Moment. Things Get Harder And Faster When Blue Sits Up And Leans Forward, Giving Her Man The Opportunity To Take Control. Renato Doesn't Hesitate, Flipping His Woman Onto Her Back On The Couch And Spreading Her Legs Wide So That He Can Drive Into Her Waiting Heat. Blue Gasps And Moans As Her Beau Stretches And Fills Her With Hard Fast Thrusts That Make Her Full Breasts Bounce. When The Pleasure Overwhelms Her, Blue Climaxes With A Gasp Of Ecstasy That Turns Into A Groan When Her Man Leans Forward To Sweep His Tongue Over Her Puckered Asshole. Transitioning To Her Knees, Blue Leans Forward So That Renato Can Take Her Doggy Style As He Pistons In And Out Of Her Tight Wet Pussy. Gripping Blue's Luscious Ass Tight And Slapping Her As He Rides Her, Renato Brings His Woman To Another Climax Before Pulling Out And Showering Her Face And Waiting Open Mouth With His Love. Blue Takes Her Treat With A Smile, Reaching Up To Suck Him Dry As Their Lovemaking Comes To An End. 00:08:32 9 months ago HotMovs
Connor Maguire & Mike Demarko In Guys Kissing Guys Video, Conner Comes Over To Find Mike Demarko Sitting On The Stoop. He Needs To Talk For A Few Minutes, But Mike Is Hesitant. Mike Just Found Out That Conner Is Set To Marry His Sister, Who He Started Dating Her Behind His Back. Conner Came To Apolgize, But Mike Makes Hurtful Comments, Touching A Nerve In Him When He Says That Conner Was Just Experimenting With Him. Mike Tells Conner To Go, But He Just Puts His Hand On Mike's Thigh, Waiting For A Response, Subtly Asking Whether That's What He Really Wants...Conner Knows Mike Is Hurt, And He Moves In For A Deep Kiss, The Electricity Between Them Like Sparks Jumping A Short Circuit. Conner Pushes Mike Onto His Back And Kisses On His Chest, Tonguing His Nipples. His Mouth Slowly Moves Down To The Bulge In His Jeans, And He Kisses It Gently, Taking Them Off To Reveal Tenting White Briefs. Conner Takes Mike's Stiff Member Into His Mouth, Moving Up And Down The Stiff Shaft. Mike Stops Conner, And He Begins To Reciprocate, Kissing Him Passionately As His Hands Explore, Touching His Chest, His Firm Cheeks.. Conner Lays Mike Down On The Bed And Begins To Fuck His Furry Ass. As The Momentum Increases Mike Moans In Ecstasy. Climbing On Top Of Conner, He Begins To Ride Him As Their Lips Lock, And Their Tongues Intertwine. Conner Flips Mike Onto His Back And Mike Explodes Onto His Belly, Thick White Ropes Of Cum. Conner Cums Shortly Afterward, And Lays Down On The Exhausted Bottom, Kissing Him Passionately. 00:06:00 11 months ago Txxx
Wolf Hudson & Robert Axel In Guys Kissing Guys Video, Robert Axel Is Running Beside Wolf Hudson In The Park, Encouraging Him To Push Himself Harder And Harder With Sets Of Pushups And Sprints. But Unluckily, Wolf Soon Overdoes It And They Have To Cut The Workout Short. Robert Helps An Injured Wolf Through The Doorway, Laying Him Up On The Bed With A Sprained Ankle. While Robert Is Icing Down Wolf's Ankle, Wolf Tells Him How He Appreciates Him And Thanks Him For So Much He's Been Able To Achieve He's Been Since He Met Him. Robert Feels Much The Same Way, Inspired As He's Watched Him Overcome The Obstacles He's Faced. Robert Checks Wolf's Ankle For Injury, And Warms It With His Hands From The Cold Ice. He Begins To Slowly Massage His Foot, Increasing The Blood Flow To His Tender Appendage. As The Massage Begins To Creep Up To Wolf's Calf He Is Clearly Enjoying The Pressure. That's When Robert Catches The Glances Wolf Is Sending Him, And Their Gazes Meet. Leaning In For A Kiss, Wolf Takes A Chance And They Being To Make Out, Tonguing Each Passionately. Robert Climbs On Top Of His Injured Student And Massages His Chest While He's Kissing Him With Building Intensity. Soon They're Naked, The Hulking Men Rubbing Their Leaking Cocks Together. Wolf Leans Over And Takes His Trainer's Thick Black Meat Into His Mouth, Sucking Up And Down. Stopping The Sexy Blowjob For A Few Seconds So That He Might Kiss Him Again, Robert Returns The Favor, Sucking On Wolf's Dick And Sucking On His Hefty Balls. Wolf Moves Onto His Stomach And Robert Begins To Rim His Tight Hole Sensually, Getting His Protege's Ass All Wet For His Thick Black Cock. Their Lips Touching Again Every So Often, Robert Moves Wolf Into A Spooning Position, Giving Him Full Access. Robert Lovingly Kisses Wolf's Head, Spooning Him. Soon, Wolf Needs Wants To Return The Favor, And They Flip Their Positions, Wolf Fucks His Ebony Trainer. It's Not Long Before Wolf Brings Himself To The Edge And Cums Over His Own Abs. Then He Begins To Make Out With His Trainer, Sending Robert Over The Edge, His Dick Becoming A Cum Fountain, Pulsing Puddles Of Cum. 00:05:59 11 months ago Txxx
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NubileFilms Video: Lick, Coming Up To Join Her Lover Leila Smith, Evfrat Mai Runs Her Fingers Through Her Long Brown Hair And Contemplates The Beauty Before Her. Joining Her Lover On The Bed, Evfrat Pulls Leila Close And Gives Her A Lingering Kiss Before Sliding Her Woman's Spaghetti Straps Down Her Arms To Unveil Her Little Breasts. Leila Whimpers With Pleasure As Evfrat Latches Her Eager Mouth On To Her Beaded Nipples, But She Isn't Willing To Let Her Woman Do All The Work. As Evfrat Suckles, Leila Takes The Opportunity To Press Her Fingers To The Warm Apex Between Her Lover's Legs And Then To Relieve Her Of Her Shirt. Both Topless, The Girls Fall To The Bed In A Loving Embrace As They Exchange Heated Kisses. Evfrat Is The First To Break Away And Take Things Further, Kissing Her Way Down Leila's Body And Then Tugging At Her White Wet Panties With Her Teeth Before Pulling Them Off. She Presses Her Face Forward, Using Her Tongue To Eagerly Feast On Leila's Slick Slit And Her Fingers To Probe Deep Into Her Lover's Body. The Girls Switch Places So That Evfrat Can Have Her Turn In The Spotlight. Turning Onto Her Belly With Her Bottom Up In The Air, Evfrat Spreads Her Legs To Open Her Delectable Shaved Pussy To Her Lover's Attention. After Burying Her Face In Her Woman's Warm Wetness, Leila Urges Evfrat Onto Her Back, And Then Onto Her Belly Once Again. With Each Turn, Leila's Touches Get A Little Harder And More Certain As She Drives Her Woman Towards A Joyous Orgasm. Evfrat Won't Leave Her Woman Without Plenty Of Pleasure, Too. Curling Up Next To Leila, Evfrat Resumes Her Pleasurable Assault On Her Lover's Body With Her Fingers Knuckle-deep In Leila's Tight Sheath And Her Mouth Roaming Leila's Upper Body. With Such Deliberate Attention, It Is Not Long Before Leila Loses Control And Cums With A Long Moan Of Ecstasy. 00:08:32 3 months ago UPornia
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