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Kathryn Dupri Submits To Leather Restraint, Welcome Kathryn Dupri. Her Stunning Blue Eyes Are Very Expressive In Restraint And Today She Submits To Leather. Leather Is A Deceiving Tool Because It Looks So Comfortable And Delicate. However It Has No Yield And The Edges Are Felt Under Any Weight Bearing Activities Which Acts As A Deterrent... A Predicament Of Sorts To Discourage Movement. Each Position Curves Her Body In Ways That Accentuate Her Breasts, Tattoos, And Great Ass. In Scene One, Claire Makes A Mesh Mask Of Sorts And Binds It To Her Face Using Rubber. Her Waist Is Hoisted Up To Present Her Cunt. The Hands Are Behind Kathryn's Head Exposing Her Breasts And Arms For A Variety Of Torment. In Scene Two She Is Strapped. Tightly. Leather Straps Cascade Down Her Body. Leather Mitts Enrobe Her Hands, Making It Very Difficult To Try And Unbuckle The Straps. A Tight Leather Corset Cinches In Her Abdomen And Tight Tall Ballet Boots Prevent Any Escape Attempts. A Leather Head Harness And Whiffle Ball Gag Complete The Face Treatment. A Perfect Toy To Kick With Claire's Tall Leather Boots. In The Final Position, Kathryn Is Folded In A Kneeling Knees Forward Leather Strap Hogtie Suspension. Her Arms Are Encased Into Leather Opera Length Bondage Mitts Woven Together To Form A Type Of Leather Box Tie. Her Legs Are Pried Open With More Straps. Escape Has Never Been Possible For This Bitch, Nor Will It Be. She Is Under Our Control. Helpless. Vulnerable. Fucked. 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
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Neal In Leather Military Porn Video, For Several Years Now I've Had A Fetish That Only Comes Out At Certain Times. Usually It's When We Have Big Parties And Things Get Crazy. In My Closet I Keep Several Sizes Of Leather Outfits And Usually I Can Find Just The Perfect Fit For A Guy Who Is Up For The Challenge Of Putting One On. Sometimes It Comes In The Form Of A Dare Or A Bet Or As The Result Of Losing A Game Of Pool And Having To Choose Between A 'man Thong' Or Putting On The Ass-less Leather Chaps. Last Year Or The Year Before We Featured A Scene In The War Chest From One Of These Crazy Parties That We Entitled Four Play. Among Some Of The Crazy Antics In The Video Was Styx, Fox And Scorpius Dressed In Leather. Styx And Fox Took Things Pretty Far And Did Some Pretty Hot Play While Dressed In The Leather Digs. But Other Than That Much Of This Has Never Seen The Light Of Day Here On The Site.The One Thing I've Found Over The Years Is That Most Of The AD Guys Look Damn Good In Ass-less Chaps, Vests And Harnesses. It Just Seems To Be The Perfect Fit For Them. And, They Usually Are Very Curious Once We Pull It Out To See What They Look Like In It. In Fact, I've Had Guys Ask To Try It On Even When They Weren't The Ones Losing A Bet Or Dare. They Gravitate Toward It For Some Unexplained Reason. Usually, The Look Fits. Maybe Its All The Machismo That Goes Along With The Territory Or Perhaps Its The Well-defined Bodies They Have Or The Rough Look Some Of Them Portray As A Result Of Their Ink Work. Either Way, It's A Damn Sexy Sight To Behold To Me.Another Thing I've Discovered Is That A Lot Of The AD Guys Are Actually Pretty Good Dancers And If They Didn't Spend Their Days Blowing Shit Up, They'd Be A Great Addition To The Line-up Of Your Local Gay Strip Joint. Most Have Never Considered It, But With The Help Of Some Booze And Good Music You Can Usually Get Them To Give It A Try. Such Was The Case With Neal (you'll Remember Him From A More Recent War Chest Update) One Night We Had A Birthday Party For A Friend Of Mine And She Kept Commenting On All The Hot Guys. I Knew Neal Could Dance Because He Talks About Clubbing It All The Time And Dancing The Whole Night Away On The Dance Floor. I Jokingly Asked Neal If He'd Do A Strip Tease For My Friend Since It Was Her Birthday And He Was Way More Than Willing.So, Tonight's War Chest Update Came As A Result Of That Party. I Already Had The Leather So We Set Up A Special Solo Shoot For Neal To Don The Leather And Do A Little Bit Of 'dancing' Before Getting Down To Business And Jerking Off. The Result Was Really Hot. Without Music, He Just Went Through The Moves And Put On One Hell Of A Show And He Looked Damn Good Doing It In The Ass-less Chaps And Leather Get-up. The Way This Guy Teases Us Is Out Of This World. It's Mesmerizing To A Degree And You Can Tell He's Having A Lot Of Fun Getting Us All Riled Up As He Shakes His Bubble Butt And Jerks His Cock. He's Intent On Jerking His Cock Slow And Deliberately. He Ends Things Out With A Great Cum Shot.Now I Know There Will Be Some Of You Who Don't Care For This And That's Perfectly Understandable. But, I'd Suggest You Still Take The Time To Watch It Before You Make A Final Decision. And, Remember, There's Always The Rating System That Will Reflect The Overall Consensus About It, So Be Sure To Use It. The Rating System For Each Video Lets Us Know Loud And Clear How Much You Like Or Dislike Something And We Certainly Pay Attention. The Rating System For Each Video Lets Us Know Loud And Clear How Much You Like Or Dislike Something And We Certainly Pay Attention. Now, Go Give Neal's Leather Show-off Video A Chance To Entertain You And If It Doesn't Be Sure To Rate It Accordingly. 00:06:00 3 years ago UPornia
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Lorelei Lee Is Bent In Unforgiving Device Bondage, Sweet, Seductive, Blonde Hair And Blue Eyed Lorelei Comes Back To Device For Another Serving Of Pain And Predicament Bondage With A Side Of Hard Black Cock In Her Ass.SCENE 1 Innocent Lorelei Wearing A Pretty Pink Dress With Nails And Eyeshadow To Match Gets Crammed Into Metal. Bending Over, Her Waist Is Secured In A Pipe Box And Her Neck Is Trapped Parallel To Her Back Preventing Her Moving Up Or Moving Her Ass Out Of The Way. Her Wrists Are Bound Above Her Head In Thick Leather Cuffs Strappado Style That Are Attached To A Metal Frame. Her Ankles Are Strapped In Leather And Spread Wide Too. Completely Vulnerable, There Is No Way For Her To Escape Having Her Breasts, Cunt, Or Ass Being Played With. Ripe Pickings.SCENE 2 Her Torso Is Strapped To A Leather Bar Crucifixion Style. Her Knees Are Elevated To The Height Of Her Arms, Straight In Front Of Her And Are Also Strapped To Metal. Her Ass Is Precariously Balanced On A Miniature Perch. Her Mouth Is Pried Open With A Plumbing Gag. She... Is... Fucked. To Better Illustrate To Lorelei Exactly How Helpless She Is, Claire Goes After Her Feet With Cruel Piano Wire. Writhing In Pain, Its Clear There Is No Escape. Amused, The Last Thing On Claire's Mind Is Stopping...SCENE 3 The Ultimate In A Bondage Lover's Predicament Arsenal - Lorelei Is Bent Into A Severe Back Arch And Stuffed In The Mouth And The Pussy With Cock That She Cannot Escape. The Leather Straps Are Angled And Held Taut With Chain. Her Back Is Pushed Into The Arch With Pipe And Her Mouth Pried Open With A Spider Gag With No Rite Of Refusal To The Cock In Her Mouth... Cumming, Breathing, Terrorized, More Cumming... 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
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Chanel Santini,Pierce Paris In Chanel Santini Fucks Her Sex Therapist - TSSeduction. She's Back. Cherry Torn, The Crown Jewel Of Kink.com's Bondage And Fetish Culture, Returns To Serve Under The Sadistic Boot Heel Of The Pope. She Dives In Head First And Is Quickly Inverted In A Full Suspension By Only Her Ankles. The Rough Leather Straps Shackled To Her Shins Dig Into Her Flesh Making The Slightest Of Movements A Lesson In Primal Misery. But A Girl Like Cherry Relishes The Pain. The Sensations Of Discomfort Shoot Through Her Nervous System And Make Her Tight Pink Pussy Wet With Joy. The Pope Shackles Her Wrists Together With Heavy Metal Chains Making Her Predicament Inescapable. Cherry Shrieks With Terror As The Pope Punches Her Big Natural Tits And Her Firm Curvy Ass. She Tenses Her Stomach Muscles As The Pope Torments Her Abdomen With Clenched Fists And A Heavy Flogger. She Begs To Cum As Her Throat Is Choked And Her Breath Is Restricted By His Giant Hands. But The Pope Isn't Ready For His Pain Slut To Cum, And Grins From The Joy Of Her Orgasm Denial. Cherry Pouts From The Humiliation Of Being A Slave And Not Being Allowed To Do Anything Besides What Her Dom Wants Her To Do. Next She Is Bent Backwards Resting Only On Her Knees. The Searing Pain Of Being Stretched Out Is Punctuated By The Popes Brutal Corporal Punishment That He Unleashes On The Front Of Her Body. The Sting Of A Thick Cane On Her Sensitive Tits And Nipples Makes Her Cry Out And Beg For Mercy. The Pope Only Laughs And Stifles Her Plea's By Gagging Her Throat With A Massive Dildo. Once It Is Wet He Jams The Dildo Into Her Greedy Cunt And Coerces Cherry To Her First Of Many Involuntary Orgasms. She Begs To Cum As Her Body Quivers With A Rush Of Endorphins And Adrenaline. But Just Before She Explodes A Giant Orgasm The Pope Denies Her The Pleasure That She So Greedily Needs. Lastly The Female Slave Is Bent Over A Wooden Post With Her Ass Propped Up In The Air Held In Place By Thick Leather Belts. The Pope Ruthlessly Attacks Her And Torments Her Vulnerable And Exposed Ass With A Heavy Leather Flogger. Each Thud Excites Cherry Until She Reaches A Frenzied State And Her Whore Hole Drips With Desire. The Pope Then Reaches His Giant Man Hands Into Her Pussy And Uses His Fingers And A Vibrator To Stimulate Her Into A Transcendental State Of Bliss. Cherry Begs To Cum And Finally When The Pope Has Grown Tired Of His Masochistic Piece Of Meat He Lets Her Cum Once Last Time Before Leaving Her Whimpering In Pits Of His Dungeon Until He Wants To Toy With His Plaything Again. 00:04:00 6 months ago HotMovs
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Lydia Black In Slender Brunette Newcomer Gets Her First Taste - FuckingMachines. Wearing Only A Leather Dog Mask And A Jock Strap, Hands Resembling Paws Bound In Black Tape, Brian Bonds Barks Like A Dog And Wags His Tail In His Cage, Waiting For His Master, Jonah Fontana. Jonah Enters The Room Wearing Black Leather Pants And Boots, Holding A Crop, And Asks His Puppy If He Wants To Get Let Out Of His Cage And Play For A While. After A Couple Of Excited Barks, Jonah Lets His Puppy Out Of The Cage And Gives Him A Scratch On The Chin. Brian Sits Like A Dog In Front Of Jonah And Begs For His Bone. Jonah Tells His Puppy That He'll Have To Earn It And Crops His Back And Inserts A Butt-plug Puppy Tail Into Brian's Asshole Before Whipping Out His Hard Pierced Cock. Through The Leather Puppy Mask, Brian Sucks His Master's Cock While Getting Cropped. In The Next Scene Brian Is Bound With Rope On His Back To A Circular Table. Jonah Comes In And Removes The Mask's Muzzle And Replaces It With A Spider-gag In Brian's Mouth. Jonah Cuts Brian's Jock Off With Scissors And Sucks His Pup's Hard Cock. After That, Jonah Applies Clover Clamps To His Pup's Nipples And Across His Stomach And Even More Across His Ball-sack. Jonah Sticks His Hard Pierced Cock Through The Spider-gag In Brian's Mouth And Fucks His Face Before Painfully Removing All Of The Clover Clamps. In The Final Scene, Jonah Ties His Pup To The Outside Of His Kennel With His Ass Sticking Out. Jonah Crops His Ass And Back Hard While Brian Whimpers. Jonah Then Removes Brian's Butt Plug And Replaces It With His Cock. Jonah Fucks Brian's Ass Deep And Hard Sticking His Fingers In Brian's Mouth Making Him Taste His Leather Glove. After A Hard Fucking, Jonah Releases His Pup From The Cage To Give Him A Treat And Shoots A Huge Load All Over His Leather Mask. 00:04:00 6 months ago HotMovs
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Aiden Starr,Ramon Nomar,Karlee Grey,Vanessa Sky In Anal Submissive Sluts Ravaged & Squirting At Holiday Winter Orgy - TheTrainingofO. Tied To The Corner Of Christian Wilde's Dark Dungeon Stands The Muscly Bound Stud Seth Santoro, Awaiting An Intense Punishment, Wearing Only A Jock-strap And A Chain Stockade, Hoping To Please Christian With His Suffering And Show Just How Much He Can Take. With A Bit-gag Between His Teeth And A Blindfold Covering His Eyes He Cannot See Or Speak Therefore Increasing His Sense Of Pain. Christian Starts By Rubbing Oil On Seth's Bulging Muscles. He Cuts Seth's Jock, Revealing His Hard Cock And Torments Seth's Dick By Repeatedly Slapping It With His Hand And A Crop. He Asks Seth Which Muscle He's Most Proud Of And Through The Gag In His Mouth He Muffles The Answer, Chest. Right Away Christian Goes Wild On Seth's Chest, Hitting It Hard With The Crop, Pinching And Biting His Nipples, Then Sucks His Hard Cock As A Small Reward. Christian Unties The Rope And Commands Seth To Get On His Hands And Knees. Quickly Seth Obeys And Drops To The Ground Crawling Aimlessly As Christian Kicks Him In All Directions With His Tall Leather Boots. Christian Places His Leather Boot On Seth's Back Like A Proud Hunter Then Makes Seth Lick The Other Boot Clean. He Licks All The Way Up Christian's Leather Pants And Gets To Christian's Big Hard Cock And Sucks It As If He Were Starving For It. In The Next Scene, Seth Is Bound And Naked On His Knees On Top Of A Box. Christian Wastes No Time And Grabs The Flogger And Administers A Brutal Session Of Flogging On Seth's Back, Chest, And Stomach. Christian Then Applies Clothespins With Long Strings Attached To Them To Seth's Skin, Starting From His Chest And Going All The Way Around To His Back And Then Staples The Strings To The Floor. Looking Pleased, Christian Slowly Walks Around Seth Kicking The Clothespins Off With His Boots. He Then Bends Seth Over And Shoves His Big Meaty Cock Into His Asshole. He Pounds Seth's Ass Deep And Hard Until He Sends Cum Flying Everywhere Blowing A Huge Load All Over Seth's Face. 00:04:00 6 months ago HotMovs
The Training Of Sarah Jane Ceylon, Day Three, Training Report Progress Review: Previously, The Trainee's Performance With Two Dominants Was Stimulating. Her Sexual Availability Is Remarkably Slutty. Her Ability To Orgasm From Pounding Penetration Is Gratifying. The Process Through Which She Experiences Pain Is Opening Up. New Techniques And Requirements Of Training Are Taking Her Into Unfamiliar Territory And She Is Adapting Well. She Displays A Very Strong Commitment And Willingness To Learn. Goals Progress: Focus And Self Discipline: Still Easily Distracted And Requires More Work Here. Presence During Corporal Scenes: Shows Improvement,finding More Intensity In Scenes When Present Slave Positions: Covered 'attention', 'present Ass' And 'down' But Vastly Overestimates Her Ability To Maintain Them. Basic Protocol: Has Received Several Canings For Breaches Of Protocol Recommendations: Further Position Training In Head Box, Focusing On Stress Positions And Endurance. Add Measures Of Objectification And Humiliation By Stuffing A Hard Cock Into The Glory Hole On The Head Box. Correct Her With A Harsh Caning For Earlier Mis-steps In Addressing Her Dominant, See That She Gets The Point. Lock Her In Quarters To Meditate On Filthy Stories To Entertain Her Dominant, Which She Will Deliver While Riding A Rubber Cock To Orgasm For His Amusement. Teach Her A Lesson In Boot Cleaning, Leather History, And Cock Worship. Cover Her Face In Come And Dismiss Her To Begin On Her Homework Assignment For The Evening. Extra Studies: Clean A Half Dozen Pair Of Leather Boots By Tomorrow Morning. 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
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