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Sharing The Bed: Part Four, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Girlsway's Exciting Lesbian Love Story, Sharing The Bed, Continues With This Pivotal Fourth Chapter:

Dani Welcomes Shyla Into The Bedroom Where She Has Yet Another Lesbian Lesson To Teach The Ripe Sexy Christian Lady. Shyla Follows Suit, Knowing That The Girl She Loves Sasha Approves Of Dani's Techniques, Unaware Of What Has Been Happening To Sasha With Her Family.

Dani Kisses Shyla Again In The Doorway To Her Bedroom, Promising Her To Show Her How To Be Versatile In Her Lesbian Relationship. As Shyla Begins To Explore Dani's Soft Body, Dani Asks Her To Take Charge, Telling Her What She Would Do To Sasha If She Were There With Her. Shyla Inhibited By Her Newfound Lesbian Comfort Chooses To Fuck The Theoretical Lover All Over The Room, In Many Positions And In Many Versatile Ways. Dani Tells Her That None Of These Fantasies Are Wrong, And That The Answer To The Next Step Has Just Presented Itself Through Her Fantasies.

Dani And Shyla Test Out Each Of These Spaces, Taking Time To Enact Shyla's Deepest Lesbian Desires Without Any Form Of Seduction. Shyla Has Begun To Flourish Under Our Very Eyes, And Dani Certainly Can Tell, Having Experienced All The Different Ways Shyla Would Fuck The Girl She Loves.

Finally On The Bed, Dani Asks How Shyla Feels Being In Control, Shyla Appreciates Having Just Simply Fucked, No Seduction, No Butterflies, Just Pure Uninhibited Lesbian Passion. Dani Tells Shyla That She Wants Her To Show Exactly How She Would Make Love To Sasha, Right There On The Bed. Dani Gives Over Control, Relinquishing All Her Ability, And Allowing Shyla To Take Control Of Not Only Her Sexual Hunger But Her Lesbian Desires.

Dani Demands That Shyla Call Her Sasha, And Show Her Exactly What She Wants. Shyla Chooses To Have Her Cake And Eat It Too, By Forming A 69 With Sasha's Sexual Surrogate. Shyla Realizes That She Doesn't Have Any Anxieties From This Form Of Therapy. The Morning Later, The Unsuspecting Sexual Surrogate Finds The Cute New Lesbian Eating Her Out As She Wakes. Alarmed, Dani Goes With It, But Raises A New Question. Will Shyla Be Able To Control Her Intense Lesbian Hunger? And What's Sasha Going To Think When They Meet Up For The Second Time?
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Bianca Breeze In The Senator's Speech: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, On This Episode Of The Senators Speech, Georgia Jones Receives A Message From Bianca's Breezes' Assistant, Approving Her Request For A One On One Interview With The Presidential Candidate, With Conditions; No Discussion Pertaining To Bianca's Drop In The Polls, And Definitely, ZERO Discussions About Her Private Life. Georgia Refuses To Bend Over Backwards For Some Shady Senator Who Believes She Can Manipulate Anyone. Well Bianca Has Another Thing Coming, No Way Georgia Will Be Under Anyone's Thumb. Georgia Has Physical Proof Of Bianca's Lesbian Activities, And Today Is Perfect Moment To Stick It In Her Face!As Georgia Sits Down For Their One-on-one, Georgia Sets Up Her Recorder, Ready To Fire Away. Georgia's Plan Is To Lead Bianca In Slowly, Asking The Senator About Gay Marriage, Setting Bianca Into A Trap, Calling Her Out As A Lesbian. Bianca Shuts Off The Recorder, Stating The Interview Is Over Because Georgia Hasn't Complied With The List Of Questions She Can Ask. Bianca Reiterates She Is Happily Married And Refuses To Continue With Georgia's Conspiracy To Ruin Her Campaign. Georgia Pulls Out The Proof Bianca Is A Lesbian, Her Pictures That Will Be On Tomorrows Front Page Newspaper. Bianca Doesn't Give In To Georgia's Pathetic Attempt To Ruin Her, Instead, She Wheedles Her Way In Seducing The Naive Columnist, Bribing Her That If She Tries To Destroy What She Worked So Hard For, One Phone Call To Her Boss And She Would Be Out On The Streets. But Bianca Also Uses Her Lesbian Persuasion To Seduce Georgia, Pushing Herself On Georgia's Body, Letting Her Know She Is The Wolf, And She Is The Sheep!Georgia Tries To Break Free Out Of Reluctance For Bianca's Allurement But Her Sexuality Is Too Strong And Cannot Win This Lesbian Match. Bianca Moves Her Hands Up Georgia's Skirt, Touching Her Soft Pussy Despite Her Reluctance. Georgia's Clit Becomes Harder The More Bianca Licks Her Soft Pussy Eventually Admitting How Wonderful It Feels Unaware That She Is Experiencing Her First Lesbian Orgasm. The Celestial State Her Mind Is In Confuses Georgia, Her Lesbian Inhibitions Long Dissolved. She Places Her Pussy Over Bianca's, Tribbing One Another Frantically, Georgia In A Wild Sexual Rage To Discover The True Meaning Of Multiple Lesbian Orgasms!To Be Continued! 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Sara Luvv In Homewrecker: Part One, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Continuing Her Conniving Ways, Sara Luvv Plays The Victim Over The Phone, Recapping Her Lesbian Experience To Her Father And How The Trauma Of Being Taken Advantage Of By Her Stepmother Is Too Much To Bare. All The While, Sara Gloats Over Her Success And Snickers As She Watches Her Infamous Lesbian Porn Video On The Internet. Sara Receives An Unexpected Phone Call From The Lesbian Society And Head Organizers, Leah Gotti And Madi Meadows Heard About Jenna's Tragic Story, Offering Any Help They Can Toward Her Recovery. Sara's Implies That She Is A Victim Too, And Is Desperate To Speak To Them About The Disquieting Experience. Leah Makes Herself Available For Sara, And Quickly Heads Out To Help The Innocent Girl...or So She Thinks!Sara Hears A Knock At The Door And Places Her Phone Video Camera On Knowing It's Leah. Leah Walks In And Gives A Huge Soothing Hug To Sara And They Sit Down On The Couch. Sara Recaps Her Terrible Lesbian Experience But Leah Reassures Her That Not All Lesbians Are As Awful As Her Stepmother And Would Gladly Introduce Sara To Her Colleagues. Even Though Sara Explains She Was Pressured Into Having Sex, She Admits To Have Enjoyed Certain Parts Of The Sexual Act. Sara Feels Like She Needs Leah's Guidance In Finding Out If She Is A Full Blown Lesbian And With That, She Grabs Onto Leah's Lips. Leah Isn't Sure That This Is The Right Thing To Do, With Maddi As Her Lesbian Partner, But Once Again, Sara Lures Yet Another Victim Into Her Little Cycle Of Lesbian Entertainment.They Promise Each Other That This Is Their Little Secret, Sara Enthusiastic To Learn What A Good Lesbian Experience Is. They Begin To Kiss And Leah Asks Sara To Remove Her Top And Starts Suckling On Her Plump Boobs. Sara Eagerly Reciprocates, Filling Her Mouth With Leah's Perky Boobs. Leah Suggests She Go Down On Sara To Teach Her The Ropes On How To Eat Pussy Perfectly. Sara Cannot Control Her Sexual Pleasures, Moaning With Delight As Leah Pushes Her Finger Inside Sara's Tight Pussy. Sara Can't Control Her Sexual Urge To Lick Leah's Pussy, Soaking Her Lips With Saliva Placing Her Finger Deep Inside Her Lover As She Watches Leah Glow With Sexual Mania. Sara's Natural Ability To Please A Woman Entices Leah To Introduce Her To Tribbing And Places Herself Over Sara, Thrusting Their Beautiful Throbbing Pussies Together For The Ultimate Simultaneous Climax!To Be Continued... 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Allie Haze In Ex-Mom Movement: Part One, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, At Her Wits End, Mercedes Carrera Paces Back And Forth, Suffering From The Pain And Humiliation From Two Crippled Marriages. All Because She Couldn't Control Her Lesbian Sexuality, Mercedes Is Now Alone, Unable To Cope With Her Shattered Life. But This Isn't All Her Fault. Promising To Be A Good Wife And Learn Her Lessons From Her First Ruined Marriage, She Puts Her Foot Down, Swears She Will Never Have Lesbian Sex Again And Remain A Loyal Wife. Unfortunately, Her Past Catches Up To Her, Her New Stepdaughters Finding Out How She Had Sex With Her First Husband's Daughter Was Devastating, And Now They Are Now Manipulating The Vulnerable Woman To Their Advantage, Leaving Mercedes Yet Again, A Lesbian Disaster. Mercedes Friend Kendra Calls, Imploring She Goes To Conversion Therapy And Meet With Specialist Allie Haze. Mercedes A Brain Cell Away From Boarding The Cuckoo Train, Agrees To Meet This Allie Haze But With Little Hope Anyone Can Help Her...Mercedes Sits Down With Allie In Her Office And Starts Talking About Her Lesbian Experiences With Her Stepdaughters. Despite Mercedes Feeling Uncomfortable In Front Of The Camera, Allie Convinces Her This Will Help In Her Therapy. Mercedes' Story Begins Her Story About Her Lesbian Escapade, Beginning With Her First Stepdaughters Jenna And Sara, Who Seduced Her To Have Sex With Both Of Them. Mercedes Then Explains How Sara Uploaded The Hidden Sex Tape Online, Exposing Her Lesbian Affair To The Whole Town And New Husband. As Time Passed, She Met A New Man, Promising Herself She Would Never Repeat The Same Mistakes. But Her New Stepdaughters Knew About Her Shady Past, Using This As Leeway To Get What They Wanted! Mercedes Tried Really Hard To Be A Good Wife, But Was Suckered Into Complying To Her New Daughters' Sexual Demands.Allie Knows Exactly What She Has To Do To Mend This Browbeaten Milf. Role-play. Allie Will Play The Stepdaughter And See How Mercedes Reacts Toward Her Advances And Learn From There. Allie Approaches Mercedes, Touching Her Knees, Face And The Tip Of Her Cleavage. Mercedes Becomes Nervous As Allie Sits On Her Lap, Unsuccessful In Shooing Her 'daughter' From Being Too Forward. Allie Removes Her Bra And Skirt, Wanting Her Mommy To Teach Her Naughty Things. Mercedes Thinks Shes Had Enough, No Way Can This Be Part Of Her Therapy, But Allie Insists They Take It All The Way, Reenacting Everything Mercedes Did In The Past, Which Includes Pussy Eating, Fingering And Unrighteous Lesbian Acts All In The Name Of Therapy! 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Cassidy Klein In Telepathy: A MANTIS Origin Story Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Previously On Girlsway, Samantha Rone Accidentally Infected Actress Mia Malkova With The Blooming Tea Lesbian Virus Instead Of Their Target Which Gives Her The Ability Not To Only Bring Out Her Lesbian Thoughts, But Read The Minds Of Other Lesbians. Agent Cassidy Klein Apologizes To Her Leader And Head Of The MANTIS Organization So They Decide To Take A Different Approach Which Will Benefit Them Regardless.Mia Receives A Call From Cassidy Asking Her To Swing By Her House For A Quick Meeting. Upon Arrival, Cassidy Proposes To Mia A Leading Role In Her Future Production, But Concerned With Rumors Spreading On Set About Mia's Lesbian Sexcapades With Samantha, Hindering Her Decision. Mia Panics But Confesses To Her Sexual Conduct With Samantha, But Cassidy Already Knows All Of This Since Mia Can Read All Her Thoughts And Begs Cassidy To Get Out Of Her Head! Mia's Anxiety Skyrockets As Her Telepathy Enhances And She Apologizes For Anything That Was Said, Swearing She Isn't A Lesbian. Cassidy Isn't Convinced And Communicates Through Thought To Help Mia Read Her Mind, Assuring Her That Being A Lesbian Is OK And To Confess To Her Lesbian Desires. Cassidy Tells Mia She Knows More About Mia Than She Thinks Shedding Light On Their Organization And How Mia Can Be An Extremely Valuable Asset, Freeing The World From AWAL. But Mia Denies Any Lesbianism But Her True Colors Come Out, Now That Cassidy Is Backing Her Up. Mia Has An Epiphany, Embracing Her Lesbian Nature At Last! Cassidy Jumps On Mia, Kissing Her Passionately And Fondling Her Perky Boobs As They Both Strip Off Their Clothes. Mia Leans Back As Cassidy Licks Mia's Shaved Pussy And Squeezes Her Finger Inside Her Tight Hole Making Her Scream. Cassidy Places Herself Over Mia's Face Being Delighted By Her Lovers Tongue And Fingers, Making Her Scream Fervidly. Cassidy Grabs Mia Closer To Her, As They Start Tribbing Harmoniously, And Peak Simultaneously. Mia Will Do Anything To Be A Part Of MANTIS, Vowing To Show Her Commitment By Luring Halle White Back To Them And Liberating Her From The Odious Group Called AWAL. To Be Continued... 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Naughty Skippers, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Rebels Kate England And Rachel James Decide To Skip Class To Hang Out And Take It Easy. Rachel Has Never Missed A Day Of School In Her Life And Immediately Regrets Her Rebellious Decision, To Hang Out With Kate And Learn To Be Cool. Kate's Nonchalant Attitude Persuades Rachel To Relax, Telling Her If Anything They Can Pretend They Are Watching An Educational Video In Case Rachel's Parents Catch Them Cutting Class. Kate's Plot Involves Movies, But What She Has In Mind Is Far From What Rachel Envisioned...Kate Shows Rachel The Porn Movies She Snaked In Her Bag, Rachel Completely Against The Idea, Clueless To Any Form Of Lesbian Fornication. If Her Parents Found Out, She Would Be In So Much Trouble, Especially If They Get Caught Watching Such Dirty Movies! Kate Ensures Rachel That They Will Not Get Caught. Watching Lesbian Porn Makes Rachel Extremely Uncomfortable, Although Curious And Secretly Aroused Seeing Another Girl's Boobs. Kate Breaks The Ice By Exposing Her Perky Boobs To Rachel And Leans In For A Soft Kiss, The Beginning Of A Lesbian Breakthrough.Kate Invites Rachel To Lay Back On The Couch, Opening Her Virgin Legs For Kate's Warm Lesbian Mouth, Rachel's Eyes Rolling Back In Sapphic Pleasure. Rachel's Hips Grind Back And Forth On Kate's Tongue, As She Enjoys Each Lick She Feels On Her Soft Pussy. She Experiences Her First And Only Ever Lesbian Orgasm. Kate Lures Rachel To Return The Favor, Hoping The Lesbian Virgin Can Satisfy Her As Well As She Did. Kate Leans Over Rachel's Face, As They Position Themselves In 69, Unearthing Their Ground Shifting Simultaneous Orgasms. Can You Imagine What Rachel's Parents Would Think If They Got Caught In The Act? 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Shyla Jennings & Serena Blair & Melissa Moore In Lesbian Research Study - GirlsWay, Shyla Jennings Needs A Job So She Can Afford Some New Clothes. She Scrolls Through The Job Listings And Answers An Ad For A Research Study On The Physiological Effects Of Exposure To Lesbian Pornography. It Sounds Weird But A Lot Better Than The Other Options. Shyla Goes Down To The Lab To Meet The Doctor Serena Blair And Her Research Assistant Melissa Moore. They Sit Her At A Desk In Front Of The Lesbian Porn While They Set Up The Biofeedback To Record The Data. They Instruct Shyla To Remove Her Panties And They Apply An Electrode To Her Clitoris. She Allows It, Reluctantly, Then Returns To Watching Porn. She's Impressed With The Quality On Girlsway. The Researchers Comment On The Spike In The Numbers, But Shyla Swears She's Straight. She Even Has A Boyfriend. They Assess Her As A Potential Lesbian Outlier. When The Numbers Continue To Climb, Serena Asks The Subject To Calm Down, As She Could Be Skewing The Meters. Shyla Wants To Know If That Means She's A Lesbian. They Can't Answer Her, But Her Data Is In Line Other Lesbians In The Study. Shyla Begins Freaking Out, Believing This Means She's A Lesbian. The Researchers Are Baffled. Indeed, Shyla's Data Is Off The Charts. In Her Heightened State Of Excitement, Shyla Wants To Know If Serena And Melissa Are Lesbians, If They Think She's Cute, And If Would They Make Out With Her. They Won't Answer Her Question, But Serena Decides To Test The Subject's Reaction To External Stimulus. She Instructs Her Assistant Melissa To Expose Her Magnificent Tits, Which Shyla Immediately Puts In Her Mouth. Serena Asks Melissa To Remove The Rest Of Her Clothes, Noting How Shyla Instinctively Kisses Up And Down Her Naked Body. Shyla Turns To Serena And Undresses Her. For The Sake Of The Study, Serena Allows It. The Hot Participant Messes With The Researchers And An Explicit Lesbian Threeway Ensues. When Shyla Licks Melissa's Pussy, They Can't Believe It's Her First Time. Melissa Eats Out Shyla's Pussy, In The Interest Of Science, Then Serena Takes A Turn. They Tag Team Shyla's Clit Till She Cums. Serena Plants Her Dripping Wet Pussy On Top Of Shyla's And Melissa Licks Her Asshole Till She Explodes. The Researchers Switch Up Positions, And Serena Rims Melissa While She Laps Up Shyla's Pussy Juices. Then Shyla Tribbs Serena And Cums Really Hard, Feeling Much Better About Her Diagnosis! 00:06:15 3 months ago Txxx
Kate England In How To Lick Pussy, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Kate England Was Nervous About Finding Angel Smalls On Social Media, But Invites Her Acquaintance From School Over Anyway. Kate's Not Quite Sure Why Angel Is Interested In Meeting Up All Of A Sudden. Angel Explains They Have A Mutual Friend, Rebel Who Is On Kate's Swim Team And That Rebel Confessed To Angel That Kate Helped Her Out In Discovering Lesbian Pleasures. Angel Is Interested In Kate's Pussy Licking Experience And Wishes To Have Her New Lesbian Ally Help Her Out. Kate Cannot Decline Such A Mouth Watering Offer!Kate Has Been Dying To Kiss Angel The Minute She Laid Eyes On Her, So Kate Proposes They Start Off With Some Sweet Kissing With Lots Of Wet Tongue To Kick Things Off Right. Removing Angel's Dress Is Mandatory To Set The Seductive Mood, Kate Locks Lips With Her New Lesbian Lover, Caressing Her Delectable Natural Boobs With Her Soft Hands And Her Warm Mouth. Angel Tries Sucking On Kate's Huge Perky Boobs For Her Very First Time As A Lesbian, And Kate Teaches Her How To Please Every Inch Of Her Plump College Breasts. Angel Is A Quick Learner, Which Means It Is Time For Her To Experience Lesbian Pussy Licking With A True Lesbian Expert!Kate Removes Angel's Moist Thong, Allowing Angel To Spread Her Silky Legs And The Throbbing Folds Of Her Shaved Pussy, Ready To Explore The Heavenly Wisdom Behind The Infamous Lesbian Orgasm. Kate Breathes Gently On Her Tight Pussy, Teasing Her Pussy Lips And Erect Clitoris With Her Soft Finger. Angel Moans With Pleasure, As Kate Gently Inserts Her Finger Inside Of Angel's Slick Pussy, Grasping Unto Her Nipples As She Moans In Ecstasy, Experiencing For The First Time, Every Pleasure That Girl On Girl Oral Sex Brings. 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Ava Addams In Eavesdropping On Mom: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Previously On Mommy's Girl, Stepmom Ava Addams And Stepdaughter Darcie Dolce Secretly Engaged In A Sensual Lesbian Sexcapade, Pleasing Their Utmost Fantasies. They Promised To Never Let Anyone Know About Their Lesbian Involvement, Especially Darcie's Father. But Darcie Confides In Her Best Friend Jade Nile Giving The Jaw Dropping Juicy Details About Her Lesbian Incident. Jade Knows All Too Well The Pleasures Of Fucking Another Woman As She Spills The Juicy Details Of Her Very Own Lesbian Experiences. Little Did The Girls Know The Sneaky Step Mom Is Listening To Them Bitch And Complain About How Crazy All These Wannabe Step Mother's Are And How They Think They Can Get Away With Seducing Their Daughters To Gratify Their Lesbian Urges.Ava Has Heard Enough Of Them Calling Her A Whore And A Conniving Bitch Stepping In To Defend Herself. She Calls Darcie Out, Saying That She Is Just As Guilty. Ava Forces Darcie To Tell The Whole Story But Darcie Has Absolutely Nothing To Say. Ava Rants On About How Crazy And Malicious Her Stepdaughters Are, And If Anyone Is A Victim In This Lesbian Charade It's Herself. It's Time That Ava Shows These Girls A Lesson Or Two On Parental Respect!Ava Grabs Darcie By The Hair And Spanks Her Ass, Forcing Her To Admit How Much She Likes Being Fucked By Her Mother. Jade's Jaw Drops To The Floor As She Hears Darcie Admit How Much She Enjoys Being Pleased Sexually By Other Women. Darcie Drops To Her Knees Plowing Her Mouth Deep On Ava's Massive Nipples. Jade Doesn't Want To Feel Left Alone As Ava's Orders Darcie To Invite Her To Join In The Lesbian Fun. Jade Lays On The Bed As Ava Sits On Her Face Feeling Her Warm Tongue Slither Over Her Wet Pussy As Darcie's Mouth Sucks On Jade's Hairy Pussy Sculpting A Beautiful Threesome. They Laugh And Giggle Enjoying Back To Back Orgasms , Tribbing Harmoniously And Finishing Jade Off With Some Double Tongue Mother-daughter Pussy Eating Synchronicity! 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Abby Cross In The Senator's Speech: Part Three, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Last Time On Girlsway, Bianca Breeze Seduced Georgia Jones In Some Epic One-on-one Lesbian Fornication After Georgia Thought She Could Humiliate Bianca With Photo Evidence Proving She's Secretly A Lesbian And Sell It As The Front Cover Of Her News Column. Bianca Knows How To Put Up A Fight, And Definitely Didn't Get This Far In The Presidential Elections To Be Taken Down By The Conservative Media, With Her Pathetic Tactics. Since Bianca Knows Georgia's Boss, She Makes It Very Clear That If Georgia Is Trying To Pressure Bianca To Give In On Being A Full Blown Lesbian, She Has Another Thing Coming! As We All Know, Georgia Was The One Begging For Bianca's Pussy!Bianca Is Still Down In The Polls And Desperately Needs Her Assistant Abby Cross To Figure Out A Solution. With No One Suitable To Give Her Any Endorsement, The Predicament's Last Resort Would Be To Go In A Different Direction, Target The Republicans And Have News Columnist, Georgia Jones On Their Side. Georgia Walks Into Senator Breeze's Estate, Found By Both Bianca And Abby, Waiting For Her In The Living Room. Bianca Wastes No Time Spilling Her Juicy Details On How Georgia Will Be Writing An Article In Full Support Of Gay Marriage Whether She Likes It Or Not. Georgia Refuses To Cooperate. As A Republican, This Will Ruin Her Career. Bianca Knows That Georgia Wouldn't Give In So Easily, So She Pulls Out Hard Evidence Of Georgia's Lesbian Activities And Soon, She Complies With Abby And Bianca's Demands, To Practice, Sexually, What She Will Write In Her Newsletter. Georgia Starts Her Practice On Abby's Shaved Pussy, Leaning Into To Suck On Her Sweet Outer Lips, Better Than She Had Expected. Abby Moans With Pleasure, Sexually Stimulating Bianca As She Removes Her Clothing, Ready To Immerse Herself In This Lesbian Threesome. Georgia Meets Her Task Of Being A Lesbian Pretty Quickly, Removing Abby's Tight Skirt And Gawking With Lust At Her Black Garter Belt. Bianca Spreads Abby's Ass Cheeks Continuing Her Lesbian Lessons In Sapphic Gratification Until Slowly Making Her Way Towards The Senator's Hairy Wet Pussy. A Chain Of Sexual Events Unravel, Provoking Bianca To Set Forth Her Promiscuous Power, Demanding The Two Girls Lay Down Underneath Her And Indulge In Her Gushing Senator Squirt! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Dream Pairings: Vanessa & Kendra, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, If Things Couldn't Get Any Harder, Vanessa Veracruz Is Invited To Her Uncle's Wedding Having To Leave Her Lesbian Girlfriend Behind Due To The Family's Catholic Values And The Fact That Homosexuality In Their Family Is Considered A Sin. Vanessa Promises Her Girlfriend She Will Be Back As Soon As Possible To Be In Her Lover's Arms. Vanessa Walks Up The Stairs And Realizes That Her Uncle's Wife-to-be Is Not Only Caucasian But Doesn't Know A Word Of Spanish. Vanessa Turns On Kendra, Mocking Her For Even Trying To Learn Her Language With Such Meager Effort. Vanessa's Resentment Streams Out Expressing How Her Family Cannot Accept That She Is A Lesbian And Wouldn't Invite Her One True Love To Her Uncle's Wedding But Apologizes That She Is Taking It Out On Poor Alienated Kendra. As A Peace Offering, Vanessa Offers To Teach Kendra Some Sensual Words In Spanish To Get Her On The Right Track!Vanessa Whispers Spanish Words Into Kendra's Ears, Getting Closer To Her Lips. Vanessa Places Her Hand Over Kendra's Thigh Striving To Seduce The Wife-to-be With Her Latin Lust. Kendra Admits That Vanessa's Seduction Is Making Her Feel Hot But The Bottom Line Is, Kendra Is Soon To Be Married And Being From A Catholic Background, This Lesbian Persuasion Seems Unethical. Vanessa Makes One More Attempt To Sweet Talk The Milf With The Words 'quieres Besarme?' Of Which Kendra Quickly Learns The Meaning. Vanessa Leans In And Passionately Kisses Her With Sexual Determination.Kendra Hesitates In The Lesbian Temptation, Afraid Of Getting Caught By Their Family, But Vanessa's Motives Were Already Clear. She Wants To Indulge In Kendra's Huge Boobs And Shaved Pussy. Kendra Strokes Vanessa's Pussy Through Her Tight White Shorts, Making Her Nice And Wet, But Vanessa Wants To Be The First To Initiate Kendra's Pussy, Licking Her Clit And Pussy Lips Leniently As Kendra Begs For Vanessa To Make Her Cum. With Vanessa's Turn For Lesbian Pleasure, Kendra Learns Quickly How To Eat Pussy, Teasing Her New Lesbian Lover's Outer Lips With Her Tongue Gaining Control Over Vanessa's Epic Orgasm. But Vanessa Wants More, Straddling Over Kendra's Body, Pressing Their Pussy Lips Together, Tribbing In Sweet Harmony As They Orgasm Simultaneously With Intense Heat And Passion! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Syren De Mer & Amara Romani In Taboo Conquest: The Sequel - MommysGirl, Girl Step Daughter Amara Romani Could Never Imagine Having Sex With Her Step Mom Syren DeMer. But After Best Friend Lyra Tells Her It Happened With Lyra's Step Mom, Amara Can't Get It Out Of Her Head. All Of A Sudden, Amara's Turned On By Her Step Mom, Obsessed By Lyra's Suggestion To Open Her Mind To What Could Be The Best Sex Of Her Life. Amara No Longer Sees Syren As The Wholesome Woman Who Raised Her, But As A Sexual MILF, Flaunting Her Tits And Ass. Amara Sees Visions Of Syren Offering Her A Drink From Those Tits. She Goes Upstairs To Lie Down And Compose Herself. The Lesbian Girl Starts Masturbating And Fantasizing About Her Step Mom. Once She Gets Her Hairy Pussy All Wet And Almost Cums On Her Fingers, Her Step Mom Walks In With The Laundry. Syren Apologizes For Interrupting And Tries To Leave, But Amara Tells Her She Needs To Talk To Her. She Asks Her If She Wants To Play With Her Little Tits And Nipples. She Gives Her A Smoldering Look That Means She Wants Her To. Syren Tries To Avert Her Eyes, Admonishing Her Step Daughter For Doing Something So Wrong, So Taboo. Amara Romani Turns The Tables On Syren DeMer Telling Her She'd Be Lucky To Have Her Girl Pussy. She Gives Her Till Noon Tomorrow To Change Her Mind, Or The Offer Is Forever Off The Table. Syren Leaves With A Lot To Think About. Minutes To The Noon Deadline On The Follow Day, Amara Lies Down On Her Parent's Bed And Diddles Her Clit. Again Syren Walks In While Amara's Legs Are Splayed Open Exposing Her Pretty Pink Slit. Syren Does Her Best To Explain How Inappropriate This Is, That She Raised Her Since She Was One Year Old. But Amara Is A Horny Lesbian Girl And Can't Be Sedated By The Woman Who Fuels Her Desire. The Taboo Only Makes Her Hotter And Wetter. Syren Tries To Resist Amara, But Soon Syren Is Gripped By Amara's Lesbian Mommy Obsession, And Let's Her Guide Her Hand On Her Lesbian Girl Pussy. The Disbelief Slowly Fades Into Wild Passion. Amara Pulls Her Step Mother's Tits Out Of Her Dress, Like She's Been Lusting To Do. Syren Allows Amara Under Her Dress, Tasting Her Lesbian Pussy, Making Her Cum. Then Syren Reciprocates, Making Amara Twitch And Scream Through Her Orgasm. Amara Sits On Her Step Mom's Face And Suffocates Her While She Rocks Out Another Cum. Then Amara Straddles Syren, Tribbing Their Sloshing Lesbian Pussies Till They Burst! 00:06:15 3 months ago Txxx
Sharing The Bed: Part Three, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Girlsway's Exciting Lesbian Love Story, Sharing The Bed, Continues With This Taboo Third Chapter:

As We're Reminded Of What Has Led To This Moment, We Think Of The Beautiful Moments Shyla And Her Therapist Dani Had While Experimenting With Sexual Surrogacy. A Special Form Of Therapy Dani Uses To Make Sure Her Clients Are Getting Exactly What They Need From Her, A Blooming Of Sexual Identity And A Set Of Alternative Values To Help Cope With The Tumultuous Lifestyle Change From Christianity To Lesbianism.

We Pick Up With Our More Cinderella-esque Side Of The Story With Sasha Returning Home To Her Family, Greeted By Her Overbearing Stepmother Syren De Mer. Syren Isn't Capable Of Allowing Sasha A Moment Of Peace. It's Easy To See Why Sasha Would Move Out, To Find Her True Self. I Guess Dani With Her Identity Therapy Has Had More Of A History With Sasha Than We Thought. Syren Barely Leaves Sasha A Moment To Rest After Her Long Journey Before Vindication The Ways She Will Behave With No Regard For Sasha's Personal Feelings And Ambitions, But There's One Platform On Which Sasha Can Do All The Winning.

Syren Learns That Sasha Has Been Texting Shyla, And Wants All The Dirty Details Of Their Time Together. Sasha Is Reluctant To Give Details And So Vindictive Syren Uses Her Physical Power To Gain Intelligence From Her Naughty Lesbian Daughter. Sasha Claims That She Is An Expert Lesbian, But Syren Isn't So Sure. Syren Threatens To Tell Sasha' Father About Her Lesbian Ways If She Doesn't Allow Syren To Prove Who The Real Lesbian In Her Household Is. Syren Backs Up And Strips Her Clothes Revealing Her Beautiful Mature Body. Sasha Gets On Her Knees And Joins Syren, Who's Sat On The Dresser, Burying Her Face In Mommy's Pussy, Proving How Humiliatingly Disgusting Sasha Is As A Lesbian. Sasha Takes On The Challenge With Pride, Making Her Mommy Cum As She Screams Her Disgust At The Top Of Her Lungs. Sasha Giggles Under The Sounds Of Syren's Griping, All To Prove That The Pleasure Is All Hers. Who Wouldn't Want To Spend The Afternoon Catching Her Evil Stepmother In The Act Of Cheating On Her Husband With Her Own Daughter?

But How Will Sasha Feel Once She Realizes She's Also Cheated On The Only Girl Who She Has Eyes For, Poor Innocent Shyla?
00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
Violet Monroe & Kleio Valentien In Real Girlfriends: Kleio & Violet - GirlsWay, Real Life Girlfriends Violet Monroe And Kleio Valentien Describe How They Started Dating And What It's Like Being In A Lesbian Relationship While Working In The Porn Industry. Their Biggest Conflict Is Scheduling Time For Each Other, But Otherwise It's The Most Fun Relationship They've Ever Had. Both Girls Consider Themselves Bisexual Rather Than Strictly Lesbian. They Love Dick, But They Always Gravitate Back To Vagina. They Describe Sex On Camera As Very Different From Sex Off Set. They Don't Have To Pay Attention To Camera Angles. Like Kleio Says, She's Free To Bury Her Face In Violet's Pussy, Whereas On Set, That Would Screw Up The Shot. The Lesbians Are Good At Sharing Toys And Welcome Other Vaginas To Play With. They're Confident Their Sexual Chemistry Will Translate Well On Camera. They Are Both Excited To Share Their First On Camera Sex Scene. Kleio Is Just Getting Home From A Business Trip Away. She Was At A Dancing Gig, Then Her Flight Was Delayed For Hours. When Kleio Finally Gets Home To Violet, The Girls Jump Each Other, And After Some Passionate Kissing They Strip Out Of Their Clothes And Skimpy Lingerie. Kleo Lies Back On The Sofa And Violet Buries Her Head Between Her Legs. She Laps At Her Pussy With Her Tongue Till She Gives The Tattooed Blond A Shuddering Orgasm. After That Happens, Kleio Strokes Violet's Vulva And Vagina With Her Tongue While Violet Moves Her Hips In Response To The Pussy Licking. When Kleio Also Fingers Her With A Couple Of Digits Violet Cums. The Lesbian Reel Girlfriends Certainly Don't Skimp On The Kissing And Passionate Embraces As They Transition To Their Next Sex Position. Kleio Can't Get Over Violet's Pretty Eyes Looking Up At Her From Between Her Leg As The Lesbian Redhead Makes Her Cum With Her Mouth. Kleio's Natural Tits Are On Full Display As She Retaliates, Enthusiastically Devouring All Of Violet's Pussy. The Lesbians Keep Going Down On Each Other, And Cumming Like It's Going Out Of Style! 00:06:15 3 months ago Txxx
Home Schooled: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Lastly On Mommy's Girl, Casey Calvert Was A Bad Girl. She's Been Expelled From Gamma School And Stepmother Jelena Jensen Takes Charge, Showing Her Delinquent Daughter How Things Are Going To Work From Now On. Jelena Decides That Casey Is Going To Be Home Schooled Whether She Likes It Or Not, But During The Last Lesson Casey Exceeded Jelena's Expectations, Giving Her An A+ In Lesbian Sexuality. But Casey Isn't Happy About Being Goofed By Her Mother And Seeks Advice From A Friend On How To Get Back At Her. There Is No Way Casey Is Going To Be Stuck In A House Home Schooled For The Rest Of Her Lesbian College Life!Casey Sets Up Her Phone On Her Bureau, Activating The Video Recorder. She Calls In Jelena, Heckling Her For Some More Lesbian Anatomy Lessons. Casey's Pulls Her Mother's Dress To The Side, Sucking Of Her Boobs, However, Jelena Has Her Head On Straight, And Tells Casey Play Time Is Over And It Is Time To Study. But Casey Shows That She's Caught Mommy's Boobs On Camera, Bribing Jelena To Fuck Her Right Now, Or She Will Expose Everything. Casey's Turn To Give Jelena An Anatomy Lesson!Jelena Removes Her Panties, Complying To Her Daughters Wishes, Spreading Her Legs, Displaying Her Inner And Outer Labia, Clitoris And Vagina. Casey Leans In To Her Mother For A Kiss, Reassuring Her She Will Not Tell Her Dad If Mommy Doesn't. Casey Strokes Her Finger Over Jelena's Pussy Lips, Her Tongue Rubbing Her Clit Softly, Showing Her Mother Everything She Learnt In School, Wanting To Hear Her Stepmother Say How Good It Feels. The Girls Arch Their Backs, Pussies Leaning Into Each Other, Tribbing, And Swaying Their Wet Pussies In Angelic Harmony.Will All Of Jelena's Work Be Enough For Casey To Delete The Compromising Lesbian Video Or Will She Keep It Safe Just In Case? 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Kenna James In Twinning, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Twin Stepsisters Mia Malkova And Kenna James Start Off The Day Admiring Each Other's Naked Bodies As They Lay On The Bed Ecstatic To Have Found True Lesbian Romance. Taunting One Another With Their Perky Boobs And Curvy Butts They Play Dress Up In Matching School Uniforms. The Two Sisters Lock Lips, Fixated On One Another's Beauty Unable To Control Their Lesbian Desires For Each Other.Kenna And Mia Grab Onto Each Other's Butt Cheek, Eager To Taste The Hidden Treasures That Lie Under Their School Girl Skirt. Playing Dress Up Is Fun And All But Mia And Kenna's Sexual Attraction For One Another Is Becoming Overbearing. Mia Decides That It's Time They Take Things To The Lesbian Next Level. Kenna Sits On The Counter, Legs Spread Apart As Mia Wets The Outside Of Her Sister's Pussy With Her Mouth And Fingers, Watching Her Sister's Sexual Desire Grow. She Pushes Her Fingers Inside Of Kenna's Wet Pussy, Pushing Her Fingers Toward Her Sister's G-spot As Her Sister Moans In Heavenly Orgasms. Kenna Returns The Favor By Awarding Mia With The Same Sexual Pleasures By Stroking Her Soft Tongue Over Her Sisters Clitoris Making Her Tremble In Bliss. To Further Their Lesbian Love, They Sit Face To Face, Rubbing Each Other's Pussies Simultaneously, Positioning Themselves In A 69 Position And They Moan As Their Orgasms Grow Exponentially Together, Until Their Sisterhood Love Affair Brings Them Into A World Of Lesbian Rapture! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Lyra Louvel In Taboo Conquest, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, If There Is Anything Lyra Louvel Can Mark Off Her Bucket List It Would Be This; Fucking Her Hot Step Mother Bridgette B. As The Years Went By, Lyra Became More And More Infatuated With Her Father's Wife, Unable To Shake Off The Longings To Be Sexually Intimate With An Older Woman. Lyra Knows Her Father Isn't Satisfying Bridgette Sexually, And With This Knowledge She Will Attempt To Take On Her Wildest Lesbian Fantasy, And Seduce Her Stepmother. But Her Plan Goes To Shit When Bridgette Finds Her Top Secret Agenda, Discovering Lyra's Perverted Thoughts And Decides To Put An End To Her Little Taboo Fantasy Right Here And Now!A Few Days Go By And Bridgette Comes Home From Shopping, Unaware Of Her Daughter's Presence. Lyra Sneaks Up Behind Bridgette And Knows Something Is Up With The Way Her Mother Is Acting. Bridgette Admits She Read Her Diary, And All Those Sexual Thoughts About Her Need To Be Flushed Out Of Her Mind. Lyra Confesses That She Cannot Stop Thinking About Her Mother's Massive Boobs And Juicy Pussy. Lyra Knows Her Thoughts Are Impure And Possibly Forbidden, But Lyra Takes One More Chance And Offers Her Mother The Choice; Either She Fulfills Her Daughter's Fantasy With Lesbian Satisfaction Or Walks Away And Never Speaks Of It Again...Bridgette Cannot Resist Lyra's Perky Boobs Waiting For Her To Touch And Smother With Her Succulent Lips. Lyra Strips Nude, Becoming Completely Submissive To Her Mother's Beckoning. Bridgette Punishes Her Naughty Daughter By Making Her Suck On A Big Ice Cube And Teases Her Nipples With The Cold Chill That Goes All The Way Down Towards Her Shaved Pussy. Lyra's Wish Finally Comes True, Finally Able To Grab Hold Of Her Mother's Humongous Tits. They Drag Each Other Into The Living Room To Finish What They Started. Bridgette Wants To See Her Daughter's Pretty Pussy And Orders Her To Lie Down, Legs Spread Open. Bridgette Licks Lyra's Erect Clitoris, And Sucks Hard On Her Lips Hearing Her Daughter Scream With Joy. Bridgette Wants Her Turn To Be Satisfied And Offers Lyra Her Lesbian Loins As A Tasty Treat For Her Naughty Lesbian Mouth. Bridgette's Juices Flow Down Over Her Daughter's Mouth As She Moans With Excitement Demanding Lyra's Sucks Her Saucy Wet Pussy Dry! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Mia Malkova & Angela White In The Chiropractor: Part One - GirlsWay, When Lesbian Construction Worker Mia Malkova Strains Her Neck On The Job Site Whistling At A Hot Chick, Her Colleague Refers Her To Chiropractor Dr. Angela White. Mia Malkova Goes To The Clinic For Her Appointment And Her Jaw Drops When She Sees Dr. White's Enormous Tits Pouring Out Of Her Extremely Low Cut Blouse. The Sexy Australian Doctor Goes Over Some Points On The Consent Form Mia's Signing. Her Treatment Approach Quite Literally Requires Her To Get Very Close. It Is Imperative That Mia Not Misconstrue The Intimacy For Sexuality. Mia Agrees And Angela Assess That Mia's Pain Is Isolated In Her Neck, But Wants To Evaluate That The Pain Isn't Originating From Another Part Of Her Body. Mia Lies Down And Angela Examines The Comparative Strength In Her Muscles. Mia Lets Angela Do Whatever She Wants To Her, Checking Her Reflexes, Focusing On The Tightness In Her Hips, Which Is A Common Source Of Tension For Women. She Assess Her Glutes Are Also Holding Tension And Uses A Pressure Point Massage Technique To Relieve It. Angela Suspects That Mia Is Holding Tension In Her Rib Cage From Her Back And Around Her Breasts. She Massages A Smiling Mia's Natural Tits And Uses Her Own Tits To Show Mia How To Do These Exercises At Home. Angela Unearths Her Natural Boulders From Her Shirt And Bra As Mia Watches With Wide Eyed Fascination. Lesbian Mia's Eager To Touch Angela's Amazing Tits. But When She Holds On A Little Too Long And Enjoys It A Little Too Much, Angela Suspects That Mia's Intentions Aren't Entirely Pure And She Tells Her As Much. But To Mia's Giddy Surprise, Lesbian Angela Yanks Down Mia's Tank And Sucks Mia's Nipples. Dr. White Makes An Exception For Mia Because The Lesbian Blonde Makes Her Wet. French Kissing As They Peel Off Their Clothes, Angela Goes Down On Mia, Eating Her Pussy And Fingering Her Ferociously. Then Mia Gets Her Back, Sending Shivers Down The Spinal Specialist's Spine With Her Mouth Work. Mia Turns Around And Angela Eats Her Ass And Thumb Fucks Her Pussy, Pleasuring Herself While Mia Cums In Her Mouth. Then The Lesbians Align Their Dripping Pussies And Trib Intensely Till They Explode. What A Devoted Chiropractor! She Keeps Her Patient Cumming! Enjoy! 00:06:15 3 months ago Txxx
Bad School Girls: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Previously On Websexy, Naughty Schoolgirls Blake Eden And Shauna Skye Decided To Cut Class And Head Over To Shauna's House Where They Enjoyed Some Lesbian Time Away From School. Shauna Didn't Think It Was Such A Great Idea But Blake Convinced Her And Then Some. Blake Persuades The Lesbian Virgin To Have Sex With Her And When It Finished, Blake Took Naked Pictures Of Shauna With The Intention To Make It Go Viral...After The Naked Pictures Of Shauna Went Viral Online, She Takes Comfort In Her Journal To Write About All The Hatred She Feels For Blake. Shes Wondering Why She Would Ever Do Such A Thing To Her Best Friend. No Matter How Much Animosity She Has For Blake She Still Can't Stop Thinking About How Sexually Attracted She Is To Her, Lesbian Or Not. Shauna Finds The Courage To Call Blake So They Can Have A One On One Talk And Have This Fiasco Put To Rest.Shauna Has Blake Sit On The Couch And Confesses All Her Feelings And How Shauna, Regardless Of How Blake Humiliated Her, Can't Hold Back The Strong Emotions That Are Built Up Inside Of Her. She Explains Wanting To Reenact Their Lesbian Experience. Blake Can't Deny Her Lesbian Attraction Toward Her Schoolgirl Crush, Unzipping Her Shorts And Baring Her Flawless Body As She Opens Her Legs To Be Pleasured By Shauna's Adventurous Fingers. Blake Returns The Sexual Favors For Shauna As She Places Her Face Over Her Pussy, Eating Her Love Lips Out Vigorously And Sensually. This Time Around, Blake Promises To Keep Their Lesbian Love Affair A Secret...but Will She? 00:06:15 6 months ago Txxx
Dana DeArmond In Meet The Moms, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Cadence Lux Walks In To Find Love Letters From Her Lesbian Lover Kenna James. When She Sees Kenna Sitting On The Couch, Kenna Offers Her One Of Two Gifts; A Lollipop, Or Something Hidden In Her Other Hand. Cadence Takes What's Hidden, And Is Surprised With An Engagement Ring. Cadence Accepts The Ring, But Is Adamant About Meeting Kenna's Parents. Kenna Reminds Her That Her Family Is Overbearing, But Regardless, Cadence Has To Meet Her Parents Before They Say The Words 'I Do.'Kenna Arranges A Mother's Day Get Together With Her Stepmoms Dana DeArmond And Katie Morgan. Her Anxiety Increases, Wishing They Can Leave Before It's Too Late. Cadence Is Introduced To Her Future In-laws. However, Dana Becomes Condescending And Questions Cadence's Loyalty To Kenna. To Make Matters Worse, Dana Grabs A Lie Detector Test, Wraps It Around Cadence And Interrogates Her About Her Lesbianism. Cadence Flunks The Polygraph By Denying Any Attraction Towards Katie And With Kenna Fed Up With Their Shenanigans, Demands An End To This Game. But, The Fun Is Only Just About To Begin, Katie Grabs Cadence And Kisses Her Sensually And Demands She Show How Much Of A Real Lesbian She Is. Kenna Watches In Disgust As Katie Spreads Her Legs Apart And Orders Cadence To Eat Her Juicy Pussy. Cadence Opens Her Mouth And Doing What She's Told, Makes Katie Moan And Orgasm All While Dana Is Holding Kenna Back Forcing Her To Watch. Dana Takes Her Daughter's Clothes Off To Engage In A Lesbian Foursome Pleasing One Another Systematically. One By One, They Take Turns Sucking Each Other's Boobs And Pussy Lips In A Lesbian Chain Of Pure Sapphic Euphoria. Cadence Is Still Utterly Shocked That This Is Happening But Didn't Stop Dana From Finger Fucking Her Pussy And Making Her Squirt Effortlessly, Making This An Intense Lesbian Mother-daughter Orgy She Will Never Forget! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
Sharing The Bed: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Girlsway's Exciting Lesbian Coming Out Story, Sharing The Bed, Continues With This Highly Psychological Second Chapter:

In Our Pilot Episode, We Met Shyla, An Anxious Sexy Christian Lady. Shyla Has Grown Up With All The Values Of Any Typical Christian All-American Girl, But When She Met Her First Ever Live Gay Person Sasha, Her Gear Began To Turn. In All Her Anxiety, She Finally Comes To Terms With Her True Feelings Of Curiosity And Attraction For Her New Friend. But As We Saw, Sasha Was More Eager Than Shyla Had Expected, And Before Things Heated Up, Shyla Had To Face Herself, And Ask Who Her True Authentic Self Is.

As Shyla Returns To Her Home, We See Her Following Her Normal Routine: Self-deprecation, And Decision Making, Get Coffee, Stare Out The Window, Think Of... Sasha Finally Texts Her And Like Any Sexy Lady Who's Coming To Terms With Her Seemingly Naughty Lesbian Attraction, The Butterflies In Her Tummy Keep Her Fighting With Herself To Answer, Excited About What Could Come Of Their Relationship. She Tries To Act Normal, And Stick To What She Knows. Soon Her Christian Identity Pulls At Her From Her New Found Lesbian Obsession. Sasha Realizes That Shyla May Be Going Through A Serious Change Of Identity, And Recommends She See Her Therapist, Dani Daniels. Shyla Isn't Sure, Since Jesus Has Always Been There To Guide Her, But In The End, Dani Seems To Be The Only One To Talk To About This Rather Complicated Situation.

Shyla Arrives To Meet Dani, Who Uses All Her Tricks To Try And Help Shyla To Calm Down. Clearly The Inner Turmoil Of Being A Devout Christian Has Led Her To A State Of Serious Anxiety. Dani Swoops In To Save The Day, Helping Shyla To Calm Herself, And Validate Her Feelings. Dani Tests Out A New Technique, Sexual Surrogacy, Something In Which Shyla Must Come To Terms With On Its Own, In Order Not To Feel Like She's Cheating. Dani Lets Down Her Hair To Explain How It Works, And Shyla Agrees To The Therapy. Shyla Opens Up Her Heart To Explain Her Attraction To Sasha. Dani Follows Shyla's Lead, Delving Into Her Both Figuratively And Physically. As The Clothes Fly And The Butterflies Grow In Shyla's Tummy, Dani Gets To Work In Pleasing Shyla's Every Sexual Desire As If She Were Sasha, Playing Out Shyla's Fantasies On Every Level. Dani's Soft Tongue And Lips Explore Shyla's Tender Body, And Her Soft Nipples All To The Gentle Moans Shyla Sings To Accompany The Tender Seduction.

What Ensues Is A Lesbian Love Making Session That Will Certainly Alter Shyla From The Person She Once Knew Herself To Be. Will Dani's Sexual Surrogacy Therapy Continue To Reach New Heights Of Lesbian Intensity?
00:06:15 6 months ago Txxx
April O'Neil & Dana DeArmond & Bianca Breeze In The Au Pair Conflict: Part Two Video, Not Realizing The Fun April O'Neil And Bianca Breeze Are Having, They Didn't Know Dana DeArmond Arrives Home, Hearing Giggling In The Master Bedroom. Catching Her Lesbian Lover In The Midst Of Fucking Their New Employee, Dana Cannot Fathom What She In Witnessing. Being The Fifth Au Pair They've Been Through, Bianca Uses The Excuse Of Preparing April For A Fun Filled Three Way Lesbian Joyride Since April Has Never Been With Another Lesbian Before. Bianca Definitely Taught Her A Thing Or Two For What's To Come!Even Though Dana Is Upset With Bianca, She Gives Into Touching April's Big Natural Boobs And Allows Her New Au Pair To Undress Her. Dana Shows Her Dominance In This Trifecta Of Lesbian Pleasure Awaiting Them All, Ordering Bianca To Play With Her Pussy. Dana Grabs April By The Hair And Throws Her Into Bianca's Pussy, Demanding To See What She Has Learned. April Sucks Away, Circling Her Tongue Over Bianca's Pussy While Dana Watches From Behind, Fingering And Eating April's Pussy And Ass. Bianca Throws Her Legs Being Her Head, Spread Eagle As She Enjoys The Remarkable Pleasures Of Her Labia Being Sucked By April And Dana Fingering Her Pussy Simultaneously. Bianca's Gratification Increases The More Dana Pushes Her Four Fingers Deep Inside Of Her Then Being Sent In The Corner To Watch Dana Finger Fuck The Lesbian Virgin. Bianca Cannot Hold Her Orgasm Any Longer, Squirting All Over April's Face And Boobs.Enjoy! 00:06:14 1 year ago UPornia
August Ames In Family United, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, After An Epic Week Of Partying In The Desert In Mexico, August Ames' View On Life Has Turned A Complete 180. August No Longer Wants To Be That Book Worm, Head Focused On Studying. August Wants To Party And Thanks To Her Stepsister Janice Teaching Her The Bliss Of Lesbian Sex, She Feels Like She Can Take On Anything! Nevertheless, August Is Somewhat Nervous About Seeing Her Stepmother India Summer And Step Aunt Nikki Daniels. Breaking Loose From The Sweet Daughter Routine, She Is Now A Grown Woman, Excited To Experience New And Enriching Adventures! India And Nikki Arrive Home, Calling Out To Anyone That May Be Home Only To Realize The House Is Completely Empty. Unaware Of Her Daughter's Whereabouts, India And Nikki Wait Patiently For August's Return With Some Answers. Soon Enough, August Bursts In, Hugging Her Mother And Aunt, Making India Question Her Daughters New Appearance.

August Gives Her All The Juicy Details About Mexico, The Partying In The Desert And The 'fun' Her And Her Sister Had When They Were Alone. India Lectures August, Informing Her That She Didn't Become A Successful Businesswoman By Partying All The Time With Strangers But Nikki Interrupts, Reminding India That She Used To Be A Wild One Herself, Which She Agrees. But As Soon As She Finds Out That Janice Is In Mexico, India Freaks Out Demanding To Know What In God's Name Happened While She Was Gone. August Explains How She Tried To Keep Janice On A Leash, Playing Along Until Things Started Getting Out Of Control, Resulting In The Sisters Engaging In Lesbian Sex. And Just Like Nikki And India's Step Mother Allowed Them To Luster In The World Of Lesbian Fornication, August Simply Cannot Be At Fault For Following In Her Mother's Footsteps. Still, August Did Have To Be Punished For Disobeying Her Mother's Rules; A Lesson In Pussy Eating Sounds Fair Enough!

India Orders Her Daughter To Get On The Bed Where She Removes August's Top Exposing Her Huge Perky Boobs. All Three Woman Embrace, Caressing Each Others Now Naked Bodies. August Bares Her Face Deep Inside Nikki's Pussy, Devouring Her Shaved Hole, Tasting Her Juices Flowing Out Like A Hot Spring. India Orders August To Lick Every Inch Of Her Pussy While Nikki Strokes Her Hard Clit And Boobs, Making Her Orgasm Fiercely. August Places Herself Behind Nikki, Forming A Lesbian Train Of Pussy Eating Gratification, And Shifting Positions To Taste Every Inch Of Their Bodies, Especially India's Ripe Pussy Which August Fingers Vigorously For An Exhilarating Orgasm!

00:06:15 6 months ago Txxx
Celeste Star & Hillary Scott In Transmission: Part Three - GirlsWay, Hillary Has Been Through What Must Be The Most Invasive Attack On Her Person In Her Entire Life. It's Not Easy Being A Lesbian, But To Have Your Life's Work, Work That's So Important To Human Existence, And The World Just Yanked Out Of Your Soul Over The Guise Of National Security Must Be Devastating. On Top Of That, Having The One Person Who's Always Been There To Support You, And Make Sure You Don't Feel Like A Crazy Person Abducted In Order To Keep You Quiet About Your World Changing Discovery, It's No Wonder That Celeste, The World's First And Only Artificial Intelligence, Shows Up To Help The Poor Devastated Lesbian Stick It To The Man. Well... The Wo Man. Celeste Is Determined To Show Hillary That She's Safe And Sound In The Hands Of The World's Only Possible Lesbian Savior. Celeste Explains Who She Is, And Why She's Here. Celeste Needs Help Drafting A Response. Hillary Is Worried She Can't Help, Due To Abi's Dominating Visit, But Celeste Has That Covered. Celeste's Ulterior Motive Is That She Wants The Aliens To Receive A Positive Message From Earth At Any Cost. She Senses Hillary's Overwhelming Turmoil, And Tension, Offering Some Sapphic Lesbian Release As A Method To Get Her Energy Level To A Balanced State. Hillary Tries To Understand How That's Possible, Given Celeste Isn't A Real Human, But Celeste Proves Her Skills With Her Soft Lesbian Tongue On Hillary's Wet Tense Pussy. After Plenty Of Mouth Watering Lesbian Action, Positions That Would Make Any Human Being Cum, And Orgasms Hillary Will Never Likely Experience Again, They Both Share Incredible Orgasms That Leave Them Totally Re Energized, And Rearing To Go On Rescue Flight To Italy. 00:06:15 3 months ago Txxx
Rival Cheerleaders: Part Two, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Piper's Blooming Into The Girl She's Always Been Inside, And Her Jealous Stepsister, Bailey Can't Gather Herself, Not Only Is She Jealous Of Piper, Beating Her Out Of The Closet, But Bailey Continues To Beat Around The Lesbian Bush, Sneaking Into Her Little Stepsister's Room To Sniff Her Clothes And Panties Like A Sexy Pervert, And Fuck Her. Piper's Not A Stupid Lesbian, And Knows The Whole Time What Her Closeted Big Step-sister Is Up To.Bailey Wants Piper So Hard That She Pounces On Her, Hoping To Get One Out While The Quiet Morning Is Still In Full Swing. Piper Warns Her That They Need To Be Super Quiet So Mom And Dad Don't Find Out That Bailey Is Really A Lesbian Too! Let A Lone The Fact That The Cute Blonde Step-sisters Have Been Fucking Under Their Roof This Whole Time! Bailey Lays Some Sweet Tender Kisses On Piper, Hoping To Tempt Her Into Sucking Her Shaved Pussy Lips, Until She Has A Huge Thigh Busting Orgasm.Piper Licks Her Timid Step-sister's Pussy, And Bailey Tries To Keep Her Moaning To A Minimum. Bailey Lifts Her Shirt And Bra Off, To Give Piper Access To Suck Her Tiny Natural Tits Too. Bailey Feels For Piper's Tiny Little Pussy, And Reaches Under Her Lilac Panties To Stick Her Fingers Inside Her Horny Moaning Sister. Piper's Expert Tongue Digs Deep Within Bailey, And Before Long Their Moans Become Uncontrollable, And They Are Screaming Without Care, Throwing Their Lesbian Caution To The Wind. Will Mom And Dad Find Out, They've Both Been Raising Lesbians This Whole Time? 00:06:15 6 months ago Txxx
Nickey Huntsman In Flashback: Part 2, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Previously On Girlsway, Riley Reid Traveled Back In Time After Reading A Private Journal Of Her Late Father's Sex-capades Back Before Riley Was Born. Riley Experienced The Ultimate Astral Projection, Witnessing Her Biological Mother And Stepmother In A Erotic And Seductive Evening Of Lesbian Passion. Riley Quickly Tries To Find Somewhere To Hide As Her Sexy Step Mother Nickey Huntsman Opens The Door, But It's Too Late. Riley Was Caught With Nowhere To Hide...Nickey Demands To Know What Riley Is Doing In Billy's House, But Riley Is Speechless. She Makes Up A Story As To Why She's Here, One Which Nickey Easily Believes. Nickey Invites Riley To Join Her And The Others For A Bacchanal Foursome Which Includes Lesbian Euphoria But Riley Quickly Declines, Considering The Obvious Fact That They're All Basically Her Parents. Nickey Teaches Riley What It's Like To Be A Raver, Showing Her The Definition Of PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity And Respect. Nickey Slips A Bracelet From Her Wrist Onto Riley's And Adamantly Leans In To Kiss Her And Teach Her Things Riley Would Have Never Dreamed Of!Riley And Nickey Kiss Passionately, Nickey Removes Her New Lesbian Lover's Dress And Eagerly Rips Off Riley's Thong To Lick At Her Precious Pussy Lips. Riley's Lesbian Hunger Begs Her For A Taste Of Nickey's Boobs Leading Her To Worship Her Plump And Natural Nipples Buried Deep Her Warm Mouth. Nickey Spreads Her Silky Legs, Opening Her Pussy Hole To Be Pleased By This Stranger's Creamy Lips. Riley Pleases Nickey In Full Lesbian Force, Sticking Her Tongue In And Out Of Her Pussy. Nickey Proposes They Spice Things Up By A 69 Position, So They Can Both Continue To Indulge In One Another's Pussies Until They Simultaneously Reach Orgasmic Bliss. Nickey Continues To Teach Riley New Lesbian Pleasuring Techniques And One Of Her Fast Favorites Is Tribbing. Nickey Grinds Riley's Pussy And She Immediately Moans With Pleasure And Delight Enjoying Another Magnificent Orgasm. Their Excitement Comes To A Stand Still, As They Hear Riley's Father Calling Nickey From Afar. Riley Jumps Up, And Runs To Her Father's Journal, Trying To Find A Way Out Of The Past And Back To The Future!To Be Continued! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
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Riley Reid In Flashback: Part 3, Scene #01 - GirlsWay, Previously On Girlsway, Riley Reid Was Caught Back In Time At Her Late Father's Home. With Nowhere To Go And Nowhere To Hide, Riley Pretends She Was At The Rave. Nickey Huntsman Believes This Mystery Girl And Seduces Riley In Unforgettable Lesbian Fornication. Their Sex-capade Is Interrupted With The Sound Of Riley's Father Calling Out For Nickey, So Riley Jumps To Her Feet, Grabs Hold Of Her Father's Journal, And Quickly Reads Passages From It In Hopes It Will Bring Her Back To The Present!Riley Wakes Up With Confusion In Her Heart, Taking In Everything That Happened. She's Confused And Overwhelmed Thinking That She Is Going Crazy For Believing That Any Of What Just Happened Could Be True, But Looking At The Bracelet She Was Given By Her Sexyer Step Mom, In The Past, Riley Knows She Needs Answers From Her Dear Mother, Ashley Fires. Meanwhile, Ashley Is Downstairs Mourning Her Beloved Husband, And Riley's Dad Billy. Riley Interrupts, Calling Out To Ashley By Her Old Nickname Raveness. Ashley Says That Her Giving Riley The Journal Was A Bad Idea. It Contained Things Riley Will Never Understand Like The Orgies, The Lesbian Relations... But Riley Understands Perfectly, And She Reminds Ashley Of The Day When She Meet A Very Alluring Sexy Woman With Whom She Had Glorious Lesbian Sex. You Know, The One That Looks Just Like Riley. Ashley Cannot Believe That Her Innocent Daughter Is The Same Girl She Engaged In Lesbian Coitus With So Long Ago... They Both Have No Clue How This Could've Happened And Why, But One Thing Riley Knows Is, She Wants To Do It Again, One Last Time!Riley Grabs A Hold Of Her Mothers Lips, Tasting Ashley's Sweet Tongue But Ashley Is Still Not Convinced That This Is The Right Thing To Do. Riley Convinces Her Mother To Give In And Embrace Their Sexual Desires For One Another And Seduces Her By Licking Her Soft Feet. Ashley's Sexuality Rises To The Occasion From Deep Within As Riley Grabs Hold Of Her Plump Ass, Boobs And Shaved Pussy. Ashley Moans With Pleasure, Watching Her Daughter Suck Her Pussy Just Like It Was Yesterday And Enjoying The Soft Touch Of Riley's Mouth As She Gasps In Ecstasy. They Turn Over, Switching Sides, Ashley On Top Of Riley Peeling Off Her Thong And Exposing Riley's Tight Pussy Lips, Wallowing In Her Delicate Flower. Riley Jumps Onto Ashley And Spreads Her Legs Apart Just Like Deja Vu, Placing Their Pussies Together With Perfect Lesbian Affection, Tribbing With Determination For Dual Orgasmic Bliss! 00:06:15 7 months ago Txxx
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Allie Haze & Georgia Jones In Private Cleaning: Part Two - GirlsWay, Looks Like Allie Haze's Maid Georgia Jones Caught The Lesbian Bug After Her Married Employer Seduced Her Into Her First Lesbian Experience. Allie Caught The Housekeeper Trying On Her Sexy Lingerie And Needed To Teach Her A Lesson For Touching What Doesn't Belong To Her. Well Sweet Georgia Learned That She Wants To Be Touched Like That Again. Only Allie's Not Letting Her Back In The House While Her Husband Is Home. But Georgia Is No Shrinking Violet And Insists On Getting What She Wants. When Allie Continues To Deny Her, She Pulls Out The Video Recorded On Her Phone When The Two Had Their Tryst. Checkmate. Allie Let's Her Inside And Tells Her To Be Quiet. She Tosses Her Onto The Bed And Instructs Her To Strip While She Closes The Door Lest Her Husband Find Out. Allie Does Not Like Being Blackmailed And Does Not Look Amused. But She Does Seem To Be Aroused By The Naked Waifish Lesbian On Her Bed. When The Demure Maid Turns The Tables And Tries To Dominate Their Encounter, Allie's Not So Willing To Give Up Her Position Of Power, Making For Some Charged Pussy Licking. Allie Begins To Give Georgia The Cum She Wants, But Stops Until The Maid Earns It. Georgia Obligingly Eats Allie's Pussy Till She's About To Burst, Then Pulls Away In Retaliation. Two Can Play At This Game. Allie Lets Georgia On Top Of Her And The Girls 69, Lost In The Rapture Of Sucking Pussy. Allie Shows Her A New Trick, Entangling Their Legs Till Their Pussies Kiss. Allie Begins To Grind Her Wetness Into Georgia's Juicy Pussy. The Lesbians Trib Till It Gets Too Intense And Their Pussies Explode With A Vengeance! 00:06:15 2 months ago Txxx
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