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MenOver30 Video: Dad's Bad Lad, Pretty In Pink' Seems To Be The Unplanned Theme This Afternoon, As We Get Better Acquainted With Today's 'garcons En Quete' (Boys On A Mission) And We All Know What They're Looking For. To Your Right, In A Dark Pink Tee Sporting The Phrase 'I Do My Own Nude Scenes' Is None Other Than Scott Alexander. Scott Is From Houston, TX And We Never Tire Of Seeing This Strappin' Texan. Our Fans Can't Seem To Get Enough Of This Tall 39 Year Old Queer Who's As BIG As A Steer -let Alone His Chocolate Thunder Stick. (Yeah, We Went There!) We'll Need To Ask His Co-star, Feliz Andrews, If He Could Give Us A Better Idea As To Why, Since He'll Soon Have Personal Experience To Draw From While Reflecting On All Things 'Scott'. Hailing From The West Coast Of Florida, Feliz Is 24 And Has Been On Our Site A Few Times. We're Always Happy To Have Him With That Sexy Body And A Smile That Could Brighten The Darkest Day. We Asked These Two If They Could Have A Fantasy Walk-on Role On Any TV Show What Would It Be? Scott Admits He's A Soap Opera Junkie And That He Would Want To Be On General Hospital. Hmmm. Feliz Grins And Says He'd Want To Be In A New Show On Cable Called 'HUNG'. 'Big Dicks Run In My Life' He Laughs And We Actually Have The Footage To Prove It. On That Note, Let's Give Feliz The Opportunity To Add Yet Another Notch To His 'bed Post' Repertoire.There's No Doubt That The Chemistry Between These Two Is Set To Boil As They Immediately Begin Kissing And Tugging At Each Others Clothes. They Make Out As They Get Better Acquainted And Better Un-suited For What To Come. Scott Licks On Feliz' Smooth Abs As He Undoes His Jeans And Pulls Them Off. Once Feliz Is Stripped Down To His Drawers, Scott Has Him Where He Wants Him As He Pulls Down His Briefs And Has His First Taste Of 'Happy'. Feliz Watches As Scott Starts To Suck On His Uncut Cock. Scott Swallows Every Delicious Inch As He Continues His Oral Assault. He's Nowhere Near Done With His Plans. As He Peels Off Feliz' Briefs, He Can Now Move On To Phase 2. Scott Then Gets Feliz On All Fours And Gets A Spectacular View Of The Next Course. Well, This One Is All-u-can-eat, And That Ass Just Screams 'BUFFET!' Scott Dives Into That Smooth Ass Tongue First As He Licks And Sucks At That Hole He'll Soon Plunder. Feliz Is Moaning In Ecstasy As He Gets That Sweet Ass Worshipped. Now It's Scott's Turn As He Lies Back And Gives Feliz Access To His Thick 8' Cock. We Guess Feliz Was Right, Big Dicks DO Come His Way —but We're Getting Ahead Of Ourselves. Feliz Strokes Scott's Uncut Cock As He Works As Much As He Can Take, Making Scott Moan And Want More.After Scott's Had Enough Of Feliz' Mouth On His Dick, He Wants A Deeper Fit, And Gets Behind Feliz Before Sliding His Cock Deep Inside Feliz' Hot Ass. Scott Is Soon Fucking Away As Feliz Grunts And Moans, Begging For More. Feliz Reaches Back To Kiss Scott As He Continues Taking A Pounding. Feliz Wants Easier Access As He Straddles Scott And Impales Himself On His Thick Cock. Scott Wastes Little Time Before Slamming His Dick Deep Inside Feliz. He Easily Bounces Him On His Dick As His Heavy Balls Slap Away At Feliz. Feliz Moans As His Ass Gets Stretched. They Kiss Passionately As They Continue Their Fuck Session. Scott Then Gets Feliz Up And Bends Him Over. His Prize Awaits. Within Seconds, He's Back To Fucking Feliz Doggy Style. The View From Below Shows Feliz' Ass Taking Every Inch Of Scott's Cock He's Given. Scott Pounds Away At That Hot, Hungry Ass. They Both Egg Each Other On, Begging The Other For More, Unable To Get Enough Ass Or Cock. Feliz Then Flips Around And Rides Scott In A Reverse Cowgirl As Scott Continues To Bury His Cock. The Only Thing Left Is Missionary, And Scott Takes Them Both Home As He Fucks The Cum Out Of Feliz Who Explodes All Over Himself. Scott Then Pulls Out Before Spraying His Own Seed All Over One Satisfied Feliz Andrews. Job Well Done. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
NubileFilms Video: Fucked Hard. Anticipating A Romantic Afternoon With Her Man, Paula Collects Flowers And Then Goes To Meet Dan Where He Waits On The Outdoor Patio. Dan Can't Wait To Get Their Sexual Interlude Started; He Pulls Paula's Miniskirt Until Her Bald Twat And Lush Breasts Are Uncovered, And Then Settles Paula On The Beanbag Chair He Just Occupied To Give His Woman A Long Pussy Licking And Fingering. The Brunette Babe Can't Stop Moaning And Rubbing Her Breasts As Her Man Works His Oral Magic On Her. Her Fingers Pinch Her Rock Hard Nipples Before Curling Into Dan's Hair To Keep Him Exactly Where She Needs Him To Be. Eventually His Efforts Pay Off As Paula Cums Around His Fingers With A Low Moan Of Pleasure. Standing Up And Slipping Off Her Dress, The Cock Craving Sweetie Sinks To Her Knees And Takes Her Man's Large Bulge In Her Mouth. She Uncovers Her Erect Treat With A Smile And Settles Back Onto The Beanbag To Get Comfortable For A Hot Blowjob. Her Mouth And Hands Work In Tandem To Deliver Amazing Sensations To Her Boyfriend's Engorged Cock. Dan Doesn't Want To Blow His Load Before He Gets His Woman Off Again, So He Pulls Paula Onto Her Feet And Turns Her Around. The Blunt Head Of His Dick Finds A Welcoming Warmth As He Slides Into Paula's Tight Sheathe And Thrusts Hard Enough To Make Her Full Boobs Shake. Unable To Keep His Hands Off Of Paula's Bountiful Breasts, Dan Pulls Her Up To Stand Up From Her Bent Position So That He Can Caress And Massage Her Tits As He Continues To Penetrate Her. The Couple Shifts Positions So That Paula Is Seated Atop Her Boyfriend To Ride Him Reverse Cowgirl Style. The Shift Hits Her G-spot Perfectly So That With A Few Minutes Of Hard Pumping Paula Gasps A Second Orgasm. Dan Is Not Far Behind, Pulling Out Of His Tight Wetness Just In Time To Spill His Seed All Over Paula's Flat Belly. 00:08:32 1 year ago HotMovs
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Waynes Worlds, We Have A Special Episode Today As We Welcome Back Girth Brooks. The Man, The Myth, The Cock Is Back To Show Us How It's Done And Welcome A New Edition To The Site, Tanner Wayne. For Those Of You Who Haven't Had The Pleasure, Girth's A Sexy Bostonian That's 30 Years Young And Packs An Almost 9' Cock That's About 7.5' In Circumference. He Credits His Polish Descendents For Giving Him His High School Nickname 'The Polish Hammer'. Tall And Hunky Tanner Is 24 Years Young And Originally From Nebraska. We Asked These Studs What Was The Last Thing They Watched On TV. Girth Caught Some Political Spin On CNN. Tanner Worked Up His Appetite Watching The Food Network. Other Than TV, Girth Likes To Either Work Out Or Fuck Some Dudes On His Free Time. Tanner Likes To Work Out On His Spare Time As Well; And Likes Pushing Himself And Going On Long Runs To Blow Off Steam. Everything Seems To Be Falling Into Place As Tanner Admits He's Not A Size Queen; But He Can Be Impressed. Well Today, Girth Is Going To Show Tanner Just How All That Big Equipment Works; The Proper Care For It...and Then Some.As We Begin We Have Girth Standing As He Gropes His Growing Crotch. His Hands Run Under His Tee As He Feels His Hairy Pecs And Abs. His Shirt Comes Off And Hits The Couch As He Continues His Sexy Strip Tease. He Undoes He Belt And Shoves His Hand In His Pants To Accommodate His Fat Cock That By Now Is Growing By The Second. He Pushes His Jeans Down And Starts To Tug On His Cock Through His Boxers. The Outline Of His Massive Cock Strains Against The Cotton Longing To Be Released. (Enter Tanner: Stage Right) 'Get Your Fuckin Hand On My Cock' Moans Girth As Tanner Kneels And Starts To Grope His Cock And Rubs His Face All Over It. Tanner Soon Pulls That Underwear Down To Get At The Real Deal; Opens Wide And Takes That Fucking Dick. Girth Moans As He Gets That Thick Cock Sucked On Giving It The Attention It Craves. 'Lick My Balls You Dirty Fuckin Whore' Girth Grunts As Tanner Does As He's Told Lapping At His Huge Nut Sack. Tanner Takes That Dong All The Way Down His Throat Driving Girth Wild As He Talks Dirty To Him And Tells Him Exactly What To Do On His Throbbing Meat. 'Stick Your Tongue Out' Girth Orders, Slapping His Cock On His Tongue Before Turning Around To Give Him Something Else He Could Lick, 'fuck Yeah Get That Ass You Dirty Whore' Tanner Eats That Ass Out Shoving That Tongue Deep Inside.Girth Can't Wait Any Longer And Pulls Tanner To His Feet Before Shoving Him Against The Wall And Ripping Off His Tee. He Manhandles Tanner As Girth Climbs On A Chair And Has Tanner Get Under Him So He Can Keep Licking His Hole. Girth Then Sits On The Floor And Orders Tanner To Drop His Pants And Sit On His Fat Dick. Tanner Doesn't Need To Be Told Twice And Is Soon Sliding Onto That Meaty Pole. Tanner Is Rock Hard As He Starts To Ride Girth As He Bounces Up And Down On It. Girth Groans As He Helps Bury His Meat In That Sweet. Girth Then Gets Tanner And Bends Him Over As He Slides Inside Him And Takes That Sweet Ass Doggy Style. 'Take All That Fuckin Dick, Filthy Whore' Girth Moans As His Balls Slap Away At That Tight Ass He's Stretchin' Wide Open. The Hornier Girth Gets The Dirtier He Talks As He Slams That Huge Cock Deep Into Tanner's Hole. Tanner Is Grunting As He Does His Best To Accommodate That Monster Dong. Pile Driver Is Next As Girth Gets Tanner On The Floor And Hoists His Legs Up Over His Head Giving Up That Sweet Ass For More Pounding. Girth Slams Inside And Starts To Do Squats Into That Ass And It Sends Them Both Over The Edge. Girth Pulls Out And Sprays All Over Tanner Who Joins Him In Covering His Chest Abs With Thick Load. As Soon As Girth Is Done, He Bounces Leaving Tanner On The Floor In Puddle Of Cum Saying Those Three Little Words ...'Girth, Call Me!' 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
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Henessy & Lola In We Love Tribbing: Part One Video, Henessy Is Always In Bed Before Lola, But Henessy Finds It Difficult To Get A Good Night's Rest Without Expending That Last Surge Of Energy At Dusk. Lola Is An Expert At Sensually Waking Henessy From Her Light Sleep To Get Her In The Mood For Some Sweet Girl Lesbian Sex. They Both Go Absolutely Nuts For A Good Tribbing, Just Like We Do Here At Websexy, So It Was A Perfect Fit To Shoot These Two Nubile Girls, Doing What They Love Most!Lola Takes Her Time To Gently Lull Henessy From Her Sleep Using Her Soft Touch. Henessy Responds With A Tender Kiss That Turns To Making Out. Henessy Gradually Finds Her Hands On Lola's Beautiful Sexy Nipples, And The Supple Skin On Her Small Tits. Their Breathing Seems To Get Louder As Henessy Pulls Het Wet Panties Into The Air Covering Her Round Ass. Just Before Removing Lola's White Cotton Panties, Henessy Feels Her Pussy Wettening Under The Thin Fabric. Lola Allows Henessy To Pull Her Clothes To The Side, Sucking Her Tender Nipples, And Gently Rubbing Her Sensitive Clit With Her Touch. Lola Loves The Sensual Touch But Needs To Climb Atop Henessy So They Can Rub Their Hungry Shaved Pussies Together. The Beautiful Sexy Lesbians Love Tribbing So Much That Almost Instantly They Are Moaning Louder As Their Breath Quickens. Lola Needs To Taste Henessy's Tits, And Take The Opportunity To Rub Henessy Through Her Panties. She Slides Her Hand Down Henessy's Panties Just Before Taking Them Off. They Continue Kissing, And Soon Go Back To Tribbing, Rubbing Their Wet Pussies Together, Letting Their Small Tits Move With Them, Jiggling When They Change Directions. As They Continue, Getting More And More Into Tribbing, Their Moans Gently Crescendo To Cries Of Pleasure. Their Soft Shaved Pussies Sticking Together. Lola Initiates A Break So That She Can Use Her Expert Fingers To Guide Henessy And Her Sweet Wet Pussy Closer And Closer To Climax, Moving On To Finally Taste Henessy's Tender Parts With Her Gentle Caressing Tongue And Fingers. Lola Makes Henessy Quiet While Licking Her Wet Shaved Pussy. She Inserts A Finger, Then Two, And Henessy's Gentle Moaning Becomes More Rhythmic, Until Henessy Finally Cums. Lola Slowly Slides Down Henessy, Who Kisses Every Inch Of Her Tender Thighs Until Henessy Guides Lola's Pussy Straight Toward Her Hungry Lips. She Uses Her Expert Tongue To Guide Lola Closer And Closer To Climax, Eventually Adding A Finger As Lola's Sounds Become More Fervent, And She Cums. Henessy's Moans Mean She Enjoys Lola's Sweet Taste, And As They Enjoy The Nectar Of Each Other's Loins They Kiss And Share I Love Yous. 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
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CircleJerkBoys Video: Just-in Sidehim, This Week We Have Two New Faces For You The First Of Which Is A 19 Year Old Windy City Native By The Name Of Brycen Cox. Chicago’s Own Will Have The Pleasure Of Savoring The Laid Back Flavor Of San Diego’s Lover Boy Justin Hawk. This Sexy 20 Year Old Is Happy To Be Here In Miami. We Asked These Boys If They Had The Chance To Have Dinner With Anyone They Wanted To Who It Would Be. Jake Gyllenhaal Is Brycen’s Immediate Response. Justin Would Want To Have Dinner With Usher. We Then Asked Them What Their Favorite Fast Food Restaurants Were. Brycen Loves In-N-Out Burger. “I’m A Huge Fan Of Cheeseburgers And They’re My Favorite. Justin Loves Him Some Zaxby’s And Their 20 Piece Chicken Strips. Mmm, Now Who Doesn’t Love Some Chicken From Time To Time. We Asked Brycen To Describe The Perfect Cock. Brycen Isn’t A Size Queen But He Can Be Impressed So He Likes Them 8” Or Above And Cut If Possible. We Then Asked Justin To Describe The Perfect Ass. “The Bigger The Better And The Deeper I Can Get In There” Well, With Those Things In Mind, Lets Get These Two Boys Started… Justin Is On His PDA When Brycen Walks In Sporting Wood After His Work Out. He’s Startled As He Realizes Justin’s In The Room And Asks Him For A Minute Alone To Take Care Of His “problem”. Justin Smiles And Assures Him He Could Just Help Him Out As He Reaches Out And Grabs Brycen’s Bone. Justin Starts To Work That Cock, Licking It Through His Shorts Before Pulling Them Down To Get His Mouth On The Real Deal. Brycen Moans As His Cock Slips Into Justin’s Hot Mouth. He Bobs Justin’s Head Up And Down On His Hard Cock Finally Giving It The Attention It’s Been Craving. Justin Savors That Uncut Dick As Brycen Climbs On The Chair To Fuck His Throat Even Deeper. Justin The Lays Back As Brycen Finally Strips Him And Goes Down On Him To Return The Favor. He Swallows Justin’s Cock To The Hilt As He Looks Up And Runs His Tongue All Along His Shaft. They Start Making Out As They Rub Their Hard Cocks Together. Brycen Then Gets Bent Over On The Couch As Justin Gets To Work Doing What He Loves To Do—eating Ass. Brycen Moans As He Gets That Hole Fucked By Justin’s Hot Tongue Getting It Ready For What’s To Cum.Once That Hot Ass Is Nice And Wet, Justin Gets Up Into Position And Slowly Shoves His Cock Inside. Brycen Moans As His Hole Gives Way. He Is Soon Getting Fucked Doggy Style As Justin Takes That Ass. Justin’s Smooth Balls Slap Harder And Harder Against Brycen’s Beefy Butt As Brycen Grunts And Whimpers In A Mixture Of Pleasure And Pain. “Yeah You Like That?” Justin Teases As He Grabs His Waist And Rails Him Deeper. Justin Loves To Give It Hard And He’s Fucking Brycen Like A Horny Jack Rabbit. He Pulls Out And Sits Back As Brycen Straddles His Cock And Impales Himself On It. Justin Just Watches As Brycen Rides Him Like A Seasoned Jockey. He Wants Every Inch Of That Cock In Him And He’s Not Shy About It. Justin Then Gets Up And Puts Brycen On His Back So He Can Fuck That Ass Missionary. He Lifts Those Legs Up And Slams Back Inside To Deliver More Hard Cock. Justin Picks Up The Pace And Fucks Brycen Faster And Deeper Sending Him Over The Edge. He Explodes All Over Himself As Justin Continues To Pound Him. Justin Then Pulls Out And Shoots His Load All Over Brycen’s Cum Covered Cock. 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
Breakfast Together, After A Night Of Hot Sex With Marco Rivera, Lara Wanders Out Of Her Man's Bedroom Wearing Just A Sheer Enticing Robe And Panties. She Heads To The Fridge, Opening It And Peering Inside As Her Nipples Pucker From The Cold. Marco Is There To Warm Her Up When She Closes The Door, Pressing Her Against The Appliance With A Deep Kiss That Soon Has Lara Wet And Ready For Her Lover's Hardness. Dropping To His Knees And Tugging Down Lara's Panties, Marco Runs His Tongue Through His Woman's Damp Folds, Sucking On Her Love Button For A Few Intense Moments Before Urging His Woman To Lean Forward Over The Kitchen Island. With Lara Bent Over And Opened For His Attentions, Marco Returns To His Knees And Worships His Lover's Shaved Pink Pussy While He Kneads Her Curvaceous Ass. Gradually, His Touches Come Closer To Lara's Tight Sheath Until He Finally Slides Two Fingers Into Her Heat To Find Her Dripping For More. Marco Takes The Opportunity To Sink His Erection Deep Into His Lover For A Few Incredible Thrusts As He Enjoys The Feel Of Her Luscious Bottom, But He Is Not Ready For Their Lovemaking To Conclude So Quickly. Backing Down, He Urges His Woman To Climb On Top Of The Counter So That He Can Alternate Between Suckling Her Tender Clitoris And Massaging Her Slick Folds With The Palm Of His Hand In A Sensual Assault That Soon Has Lara Squirming And Moaning For More. When He Can No Longer Take The Anticipation, Marco Joins Lara Atop The Counter And Lies Down On The Cool Granite So That She Can Mount Him Like Her Own Personal Stud. She Takes Him In Slowly, Enjoying The Friction They Generate Before Sitting Up And Pumping Her Hips Up And Down A Few Times While Her Perky Tits Bounce. They Readjust Their Position So That They Are On Their Sides Spooning, And With Just A Few More Deep Intense Thrusts Lara Climaxes With A Long Moan. While Her Body Is Still Humming With Pleasure, Lara Clambers Off Of The Island And Falls To Her Knees In Front Of Her Man So That She Can Take His Pulsing Dick Into Her Eager Talented Mouth. She Sucks Him Hard And Fast, Using Her Little Hands And Her Tongue To Draw Him Close To The Edge Of His Climax. When Marco Is Close To Cumming, Lara Leans Forward Against The Counter So That He Can Reenter Her Tight Warmth For A Few Last Thrusts Before He Withdraws And Showers His Lover With His Essence. 00:08:59 2 years ago HDZog
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Quinner Takes Al, We Have A New Face For All Of You This Week, Kyle Quinn. Kyle Is 25 And Originally From The District Of Columbia. To Help Make Him Feel Welcome We Invited Our Favorite Colombian Alexander Garrett. Alexander Is 35 And Now Lives In South Florida. Kyle Is A Skeptical Gemini Who Doesn’t Put All That Much Faith In Astrology; While Curious And Eternally Optimistic Alexander Reads His Virgo Horoscope Whenever He Gets A Chance. Well We Know What Time Of Year They Were Born; So We Wondered What Their Favorite Flavor Of Birthday Cake Is. Kyle Loves Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Cake While Alexander Loves Chocolate Cake. These Two Are Sexual And Love To Jack Off. Kyle Likes To Beat It On His Couch While Alexander Loves To Tug In Front Of The Mirror In His Bathroom. We Then Asked Where Was The Weirdest Place They’d Ever Had Sex. Kyle Had Sex In A Frat House While Alexander Says His Weirdest Place Was In A Car. Is That Weird? Hmm. A Confessional—now That’s Weird. We Digress, Now Where Were We? Oh Yeah, Well There Won’t Be Any Weirdness On Set This Afternoon Just An Awful Lot Of Nekidness…and A Whole Lot Of Fucking Going On.The Chemistry Between These Two Is Undeniable As They Go At Each Other Even Before We’ve Started Filming. They Make Out As They Slowly Peel Their Clothes Off. Kyle Runs His Tongue South Along Alexander’s Defined Abs As He Continues To Explore His New Playmate. He Pulls Down Alexander’s Jeans To Find His Cock’s Rock Hard And Waiting To Be Freed From Its Cotton Confines. Kyle Opens Wide As He Frees Alexander’s Uncut Cock And Goes To Work Sucking On It. Alexander Moans His Appreciation For A Few Minutes Before Stripping Off Kyle’s Underwear To Return The Favor. “Suck That Cock” Kyle Orders, As Alexander Swallows His Thick Cock To The Hilt. He Makes Sure To Pay Special Attention To Kyle’s Smooth Balls Which Just Launches Him Into Orbit. Kyle Is Writhing In Ecstasy As He Gets His Knob Spit Polished. Kyle Then Bends Alexander Over On The Ottoman So He Can Have Access To That Smooth Ass. He Dives In Tongue First As He Starts To Eat That Ass. Alexander Moans As He Gets A Hot Tongue Shoved Inside That Ass. Kyle Can’t Get Enough Of That Hole As He Laps And Sucks On That Hot Hole.Kyle Then Straddles Alexander And Squeezes Their Cocks Together As He Starts To Jack Them Together. Alexander’s Cock Is Rock Hard As Kyle Slides A Rubber On And Starts To Sit On It. Kyle Grunts And Groans As Alexander’s Thick Dick Starts Spreading That Hole Wide. Alexander Has Kyle Moaning Like A Bitch As He Starts To Pump That Thick Latin Dick Deep Inside That Smooth Hole. As Kyle Gets Better Acquainted With That Cock He Starts To Ride It Harder. He Loses Himself And Grinds Away At That Cock As Alexander Starts To Pound His Cock Up In To Him. “Awww I Love Your Cock In Me!” Moans Kyle As The Sound Of Alexander’s Balls Slapping His Ass Fill The Room. Then They Switch It Up As Kyle Bends Alexander Over And Gives Him Plenty Of Dick As Well. Alexander Moans As Kyle Starts To Pound That Ass Doggy Style. Kyle Slams His Meat In As Deep As He Can Making Alexander Grunt With Every Thrust Of His Cock. “You Like That?” Kyle Coos As He Continues To Tap That Ass. Then They Go Back To Basics Again As Kyle Gets On His Back For More Cock. Alexander Fucks Him Missionary Until Kyle Can’t Help But Bust A Load. Alexander Then Pulls Out And Unloads His Own Massive Load All Over Cum-covered Kyle. Muy Caliente! 1 year ago Txxx
MenOver30 Video: Good Morning Baltimore, Doc Rock Makes His Triumphant Return And It’s Payback As He Gets To Do Some Pounding Of His Own. Originally From Charlotte, NC, This 42 Year Old Was The Lucky Recipient Of A Phenix Saint Pound-a-thon. We Should All Be So Lucky. Today We Have A Special Lad Who Just A Few Days Ago Was Home In Baltimore Jacking Off To Doc’s Performance And Dreamt Of Being On The Receiving End Of This Bi Brick House. Careful What You Wish For Because Today, Joey Baltimore Gets His Wish Come True. Joey Is A Rookie And This Is The First Time On Camera For This Eager 27 Year Old. Well It’s Nice To Know More Than Just Mrs. Doc Who Gets That Cock. Doc Admits That From Time To Time He Has The Mrs. Strap One On To Peg His Muscular Ass. We Then Wanted To Know What Their Favorite Sexual Act They Liked To Do. Doc Loves Oral Both Getting And Giving. Joey Is A Consummate Bottom And Just Loves Getting His Holes Filled. He Also Loves Threesomes. America Needs More Boys Like This One. Let’s Let These Two Get The Party Started... Cuz We Never Wanna Be Tardy For The Party. Joey Is Talking To Doc About Seeing Him For The First Time And How Nervous He Is About Doing His First Scene With Him Of All People. Doc Pulls Him To His Feet And Tells Him He’ll Make Him Feel A Bit More Relaxed As He Starts To Make Out With Him. “Just Leave It To Daddy” He Says. They Start To Kiss Passionately When Doc Rips Off Joey’s Tank Top. Joey Swoons With Anticipation As He Heads South Landing On His Knees In Front Of Doc’s Growing Cock. Joey Is In Awe As He Looks Up At The Massive Pecs And Abs That Tower Over Him As He Gets His Throat Fucked. He Gags On That Dick As Doc Bobs His Head On His Throbbing Cock. Doc Then Pulls Off Joey’s Pants Wanting To Return The Favor And Joey Can’t Help But Tell Doc That He Feels Like He’s Dreaming As Doc Starts To Suck On His Uncut Cock. “You Like Daddy Sucking That Cock?” Doc Teases As Joey Watches His Idol Going To Town On His Cock And Smooth Low Hangers. Doc Then Gets Joey Back On His Knees To Keep Feeding Him Dick. “You Like Being My Bitch?” He Grunts.“Yeah Daddy, That Feels So Good” Joey Moans As Doc Starts To Eat That Smooth Hole. Joey Is In Ecstasy As He Gets That Hot Hole Prepped As Doc Tongues His Bung Hole. Once That Hole’s Nice And Wet, He Stands And Slides His Cock Inside. Legs In The Air; And Moaning Like He Just Don’t Care—Joey Takes That Dick Ball Deep. He Starts To Moan & Beg For Dick Like A Str8 Porn Slut As Doc Pounds Him. Joey Can’t Get Enough As He Begs Daddy To Give It To Him. Doc Watches His Cock Slide Into Joey’s Spectacular Ass Before Flipping Joey Over On All Four. “Yeah Daddy, Teach Me How To Take It” He Whimpers As Doc Takes What’s His. He Slaps Joey’s Ass As He Orders Him To Tighten That Hole On His Dick. Doc Holds Joey By The Waist And Impales Him Repeatedly While Joey Just Moans And Cries Out For More Of It. They Then Switch It Up As Joey Sits On Doc’s Cock. He Rides It In A Reverse Cowgirl And Asks Daddy For His Approval As He Grinds That Hot Ass All The Way To The Hilt. Fortunately, Daddy Loves The Way He’s Riding That Cock And Soon Has Him Back On His Back To Finish Him Off. He Pounds Joey So Hard That He Fucks The Cum Out Of Him As He Unloads All Over His Smooth Chest And Abs. Doc Is Next As He Blows His Baby Batter All Over One Happy Joey. 1 year ago Txxx
NubileFilms Video: Cater To You, Chloe Brooke Is Nude And Relaxed As She Enjoys The Touch Of Her Man Van Wylde's Hands All Over Her Body. The Massage Starts Off Innocently Enough, With Van Covering His Woman's Bottom And Legs In Oil. When His Touch Slides Down To Spread The Oil All Over Her Shaved Pussy, Chloe Can't Be A Passive Participant Any Longer. Leaning Backwards With Her Head Falling Over The Table, Chloe Pulls Her Man's Briefs Down And Uses Her Small Hands To Guide His Erection Into The Warmth Of Her Mouth. Van's Hips Pump Gently As He Enjoys The Velvet Caress Of Chloe's Lips And Tongue. Next, Van Settles Between Chloe's Legs And Laps Eagerly At The Juiciness Of Her Slit. His Persistent Mouth And Tongue Soon Leave The Blonde Kneading Her Slicked Up Breasts And Moaning In Pleasure. When Chloe's Pussy Juices Are Flowing Freely, Van Stands Up And Slides His Hard Cock Deep Into Her Tight Twat. He Settles Into A Steady Rhythm That Drives His Woman Wild While Simultaneously Rubbing Her Clit To Increase Her Pleasure. Needing To Change Things Up, Chloe Wraps Her Arms Around Her Man's Neck And Then Lets Him Lift Her Up. She Is So Slender That She Bounces Easily As Van Lifts Her Up And Down On His Dick, Creating Delicious Friction For Both Of Them Until She Reaches Her Climax On A High Moan Of Ecstasy. Lying Chloe Back Down On The Massage Table, Van Resettles Himself Between Her Thighs And Pumps His Hips Hard And Fast As He Pushes Deep Inside Her Welcoming Warmth. As His Orgasm Washes Through Him, Van Pulls Out And Releases His Cum All Over Chloe's Small Breasts And Flat Belly. 00:09:02 7 months ago UPornia
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MenOver30 Video: Special Delivery. Forgive Us For The Sinz We Intend To Revel In Whole-heartedly As We Indulge Ourselves To Even More Ricky Sinz. Yes Ricky Is Back This Week As We Welcome Back The Windy City's Inked, Heart Throb Aged 31 Years To Perfection. Ricky Is Looking Better Than Ever; And The Only One Happier To See Him Than We Are Would Be 22 Year Old Tristan Sterling. Tristan Is A Florida Native From Orlando And He's A Familiar Face On Our Brother Sites But Today He Becomes A Member Of The MenOver30 Gang...by Injection. We Asked These Two What Their Favorite Type Of Cuisine Is. Ricky Likes Asian But Admits He Likes To Eat Strange Things. He'll Try Anything. Tristan Likes All Kinds Of Food Except Seafood. As For Favorite Cuisine He Likes Italian And Thai. Thai Being One Of His Favorites, Tristan Admits That He Had One Of His Best Dates Ever That Started At A Thai Restaurant. As Far As Dating Is Concerned, Ricky's Never Had Much Luck. 'I Can't Think Of Any Good Ones, Just Bad Shit' Moans Ricky 'like Losing My Keys In China Town.' Well Ricky Won't Be Losing Any Keys This Afternoon. We're Not That Kind Of Studio. Tristan's Hanging Out When Ricky Comes In To Deliver A Package. Tristan Notices He's Packing More Than One As He Reaches For The One In His Pants. 'Oh You Want A Good Package Delivered!?' Grins Ricky As Tristan Hauls Out His Growing Cock. He Licks All Over The Shaft Before Sliding It All The Way Down His Throat. No Gag Reflex Has Its Privileges. Ricky Moans As He Grabs Tristan's Head And Starts To Bob It On His Rock Hard Cock. He Can't Get Enough Of That Hot Mouth On His Dick As Tristan Lands On His Knees In Complete Submission To Better Worship That Meat. Ricky Skull Fucks Him Deep And Hard As He Shoves Every Inch He Can Down Tristan's Willing Throat. Ricky Then Pulls Tristan Up By His Tank Top And Bends Him Over On The Couch. He Pulls Down His Shorts And Spits On That Hole Before Roughly Fingering It. Tristan Moans Like A Bitch As Ricky Fingers That Tight Ass. He Spits On That Ass Some More As He Continues To Work That Hole Making Tristan Moan Like A Str8 Girl. 'Spread That Fucking Ass!' Ricky Orders As Tristan Holds His Ass Wide Open.Ricky Then Puts Tristan On His Knees Again So He Can Get His Dick Back In That Mouth For More. His Cock Gets The Service He Needs Before He Turns Around And Offers That Hot Ass Up For Tristan's Tongue. Tristan Buries His Face Up Inside As Ricky Tells Him To Eat That Hole Like A Good Boy. Tristan Can't Get Enough Of That Ass As He Stands Up And Slaps His Cock On Ricky's Ass. 'Think You're Gonna Fuck Me, Bitch?' Ricky Muses As He Grabs Tristan And Forces Him Down. Tristan Whines As Ricky Takes That Ass Hard. He Slams That Dick Inside Him As Tristan Just Moans Uncontrollably. 'Fuck My Hole!' Tristan Begs As Ricky Obliges. He Pummels That Ass Giving Him All The Dick He Needs. Tristan Gets Cocky Ordering Ricky To Fuck Him Like He Means It. Ricky Grabs Him And Hoists Him Into The Air While Still Inside Him And Bounces Him On His Dick While Standing Up. Tristan's Eyes Bulge Open As He Gets That Hole Stretched Wide Open. Ricky, Still Fucking Tristan, Sits Down On The Couch And Orders Tristan To Ride That Fucking Cock 'til He Says Otherwise. Ricky Pounds Up Into Tristan So Hard It Makes Tristan Cum. He Shoots All Over His Happy Trail As Ricky Slams Inside. One Hot Facial Coming Right Up As Ricky Then Stands Over Tristan's Face And Unloads His Hot Cum All Over Tristan's Sweet Face. 00:06:00 1 year ago HotMovs
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CircleJerkBoys Video: A Chad, Chad World, We Can Thank Florida's West Coast For One Hung Hottie By The Name Of Chad Davis. Chad Is 21 And Lives In Sarasota FL And Is Here To Help Us Welcome A Hot Hispanic Hottie From An Island 90 Miles Off Florida's East Coast, Christian Ray. Christian Is 20 And Mixing In Just Fine With The Cuban Community Here In South Florida. We Asked Them If They Could Take A Cruise Anywhere In The World, Where Would They Want That To Be. Christian Would Take A Mediterranean Cruise To Get To See Italy And Italian Men. Chad Would Rather Stick Closer To Home And Just Cruise Around The Caribbean. As For Pets, Chad Has 3 Birds That He Felt He Should Adopt As A Family. Awww. Christian's Response Took The Cake Hands Down. 'I Don't Have Pets—just My Sister' …Moving Right Along, We Wondered What Specific Trigger Made Each Of Them Go From 0 To 60 In 5 Seconds. Christian Loves Kissing And Sucking. Chad Loves It When A Guy Is Hands On 'down There' And Not Afraid To Explore While They're Kissing Or Sucking. Chad Has Had Issues In The Past With A Few That Were Hesitant To Take The Party Favor He's Packing But If You Know What You're Doing And Do It Right It's Never A Problem. We Couldn't Agree More, Since We Agree Bigger Is Always Better.These Two Start Before We Get The Camera Going As They Make Out And Peel Each Other's Clothes Off. They Stand To Rub Their Cocks Together As They Continue Kissing. Both Have Tents In Their Briefs As Christian Slides South To Get A Better Look At The Tent In Chad's Boxer Briefs. He Pulls Out That Thick Cock And Opens Wide. He Starts To Suck On That Thick Cock As Chad Moans. Soon Chad Joins Him On His Knees As They Continue To Kiss. Chad Then Lies Down As They Maneuver Into A Hot 69. Christian Takes Top Bunk As He Bobs His Head Up And Down On That Hard Cock. Meanwhile Chad Has A Mouth Full Of ‘Carne Cubana’ As He Nurses On That Thick Uncut Cock. Chad Bucks His Cock Up Into Christian's Throat Trying To Get It In As Deep As He Can. As He Does, Chad's Fingers Find A Tight Ass He Will Soon Be Tapping. Christian Moans With A Mouthful Of Meat As He Gets That Tight Ass Explored. Christian Then Kneels To Get More Of Chad's Cock As He Goes Back To Savoring Every Delicious Inch He's Given. 'Chupe Me Pinga' Chad Moans In His Best Spanish. Incorrect—yet Incredibly Effective As Christian Shoves His Hard Cock Even Further Down His Throat. Chad Then Sits Back As Christian Straddles His Hard Cock Rubbing His Hot Ass Up And Down Against That Boner. 'Somebody Wants Something' Chad Grins. ...ya Think?Chad Then Suits Up And Gives Christian Just What He's Wanted. Christian Slowly Impales Himself On Chad's Thick Cock. That Cuban Ass Slowly Gives Way And Once It Does, Christian Starts Riding His Cock. Chad's Brows Furl As He Gets A Wave Of Erotic Sensation Washing Over His Body. Christian's Tight Ass Has His Hard Cock In Its Grip And Chad's Not Complaining. Chad Then Switches It Up And Gets Christian On All Four On The Floor As He Gets Back To Fucking That Hot Ass Doggy Style. Christian Grunts In Pain As Chad Can Now Bury His Thick Cock Even Deeper. Christian Is Taking It Like A Champ As Chad Continues To Pound That Hot Ass. Chad Then Gets Christian On His Back So He Can Sink That Dick Deeper. Christian Is Rock Hard As He Gets That Hot Hole Fucked. He Starts To Jack His Uncut Cock Faster As Chad Picks Up The Pace. Chad's Defined Abs Tense And Flex As He Shoves His Cock Into Christian's Hungry Ass. Chad's Cock Is Hitting That Prostate Just Right And It Won't Be Long Before It Sends Our Caribbean Cabana Boy Over The Edge. Christian Groans As His Cock Explodes Sending Jet After Jet Of Leche All Over His Smooth Chest. Chad Isn't Far Behind As He Too Unloads A Massive Load Sending His Own Milk Flying, Splattering All Over Christian's Cum Soaked Chest And Face. 00:06:00 2 years ago UPornia
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NubileFilms Video: Bedroom Antics, When Ryan Driller Joins His Woman Whitney Westgate In Bed, He Pulls Back The Covers To Find A Surprise-she Is Already Naked And Ready For A Good Time! Whitney Doesn't Waste Any Time Getting Started; She Pulls Ryan's Hard Cock From His Shorts And Delivers An Incredible Eager Blowjob With Her Warm Mouth. Ryan Is Quick To Return The Favor, Kissing His Way Down Whitney's Stunning Body Until He Reaches The Treasure Of Her Shaved Clitoris. When He Is Able To Slip A Finger Inside To Stroke His Woman's G-spot Easily, Ryan Can't Wait To Sample The Delicious Juicy Treat That Awaits Him Between His Lover's Legs. The Man Knows How To Use His Tongue And He Applies All Of His Talent To Making Whitney Moan In Pleasure. Although She Enjoys The Oral Pleasure, Whitney Is Eager For Deeper And Harder Penetration. She Mounts Ryan And Slides His Erection Up And Down Her Wet Slit Before Impaling Herself On Her Erection. Her Magnificent Tits Shake Without Restraint As She Rides Her Man Hard And Fast, Happily Taking His Deep Strokes As They Pleasure Her Tight Twat In Cowgirl And Reverse Cowgirl Style. Taking Things Down A Notch, The Couple Shifts To A Spooning Position So That Ryan Can Slide Into Whitney From Behind And Rock His Hips In A Rhythm That Feels Incredible For Both Of Them. Since His Woman's Big Boobs Are Within Easy Reach, Ryan Helps Himself To Their Bounty Before Sliding His Hand Down To Rub The Brunette's Clit Until She Reaches Her Orgasm With A Long Loud Moan. Whitney Isn't Interested In A Single Climax, So She Rolls To Her Hands And Knees And Thrusts Her Luscious Ass In The Air For Ryan To Take Her Doggy Style. Her Man Isn't About To Ignore That Invitation, So He Sinks Into Her Warm Sheathe From Behind And Goes To Town Pounding In And Out Of Whitney's Bald Pussy. The Petite Brunette Can't Keep Her Hands Off Her Jiggling Tits As She's Being Taken From Behind, Creating A Delicious Picture As Her Body Quakes With Another Climax. Wanting Her Man To Experience The Same Pleasure That He Has Aroused In Her, Whitney Settles Between Ryan's Legs And Uses Her Mouth, Hands, And Big Boobs To Bring Him To The Edge Until He Squirts His Cum All Over Her Chest. Even After Her Man Has Finished, Whitney Continues To Play With His Cock As She Enjoys The Aftermath Of Their Love. 00:08:32 7 months ago Txxx
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Top To Bottom, Trey Turner Is Back In The House And Brought A Friend Along. For Those Of You Unfamiliar With Trey, The 23 Year Old Fort Lauderdale Native With The Big Cock And The Boyish Smile Has Already Amassed Quite The Fan Following On Our Sites. His Friend Du Jour Is Johnny Rock. Johnny Rock Is 21 Years Old; Also From Ft. Lauderdale And Was Featured On Our Brother Site A Few Months Back. We're Glad To Have Him On EBD Where He And That 9' Cock Belong. We Asked These Two Floridians If They Were Relocated To The West Coast What They Would Miss Most. Trey Would Miss The Weather Here While Johnny Would Miss The Sun. (um, The Sun?) Moving Right Along, We Asked These Two When It Was They Figured Out They Were Packing More Than The Average Guy. Johnny Figured He Was Average Until He Got Into The Industry A Few Months Back. Trey Realized He Was Packin' More Than The Average High School Kid Back When His Class Mates Would Pull Theirs Out And He'd Feel A Tad Under Whelmed. Well, Here We Strongly Believe That There Are Only Two Kinds Of Folks: Size Queens... And Liars! Get Ready For An Extra Double Dose Of Big Dick. Johnny Walks In Pouting About How No Girl Can Take His Dick. Trey Who Was Perfectly Fine Just Reading Before Johnny Stormed In, Decides To Turn The Tables. 'Well, Have You Ever Thought About How It Would Feel Like To Be On The Other End?' That Was Enough To Peak Johnny's Curiosity As They Start To Make Out. Their Clothes Come Off As Trey Reaches Johnny's Tight Boxer Briefs Straining To Contain His Fat Cock. Trey's Not About To Back Off Now As He Hauls Out Johnny's Cock And Shows Him How It's Done. Johnny Moans As He Watches His Fat Cock Disappear. He Starts To Fuck Trey's Mouth As He Gets That Cock Deep Inside That Throat. Trey Loves That Cock; But This Isn't Gonna Teach Johnny The Lesson He Needs. Trey Lays Back And Lets Johnny Get To Work. He Goes Down On Trey's Cock As Trey Talks Him Through It. 'Rub It On Your Face' Trey Moans 'work My Pole!' Johnny Is A Quick Study As He Swallows Every Inch He's Told To. They Then Take Turns Working Each Other's Cocks Getting Each Other As Hard As Possible For What's To Cum.'Now It's Time For You To Feel The Pain That I Feel' Announces Trey As He Bends Johnny Over And Starts Sliding His Fat Cock Inside As Johnny Whimpers. Trey Starts To Fuck That Ass As Johnny Whimpers And Winces In Pain. 'Next Time, Be A Little Nicer!' Trey Gloats As He Mounts That Ass. What Goes Around Comes Around As Johnny Gets To Take His Turn At Bat. Somehow We Think Trey Is Grunting For Different Reasons As He Begs Johnny For More Of That Dick. Johnny Pounds Away At That Hot Ass As Trey Takes It Like A Champ. 'Don't Stop! Fuck My Hole' He Groans As Johnny Tries To Slow Down. Johnny's Cock Is Appreciated But His Lesson Is Only Half Way Through. Johnny Gets Put On His Back As He Gets Fucked Missionary. Trey Wants Him To Know Just What Those Girls Feel Like When He's Slamming Into Them Like This. Trey Pounds Him Hard And Rough As Johnny Goes From Wanting Him To Slow Down To Wanting More. Trey Can't Hold Off Any Longer As He Pulls Out And Unloads All Over Johnny's Defined Abs And Chest. Once He Does He Bounces Leaving Johnny To Take Care Of His Own Dick. Johnny Jacks Himself Off All Over His Chest And Cum Covered Abs. Here He Thought Trey Wanted To Cuddle... NOT! 1 year ago Txxx
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Gorgeous Brunette Adrianne Is Ready For A Night Of Passion With Her Man Alex As They Make Out In Front Of A Roaring Fire. Alex Strips His Woman's Bra And Panties Reverently, Pausing For Kisses At Every Opportunity. As Adrianne Leans Forward On Her Hands And Knees To Facilitate The Removal Of Her Panties, Her Beau Takes Advantage Of The Opportunity To Sweep His Tongue Up Her Lovely Shaved Slit. He Gets A Little Bit Naughty, Keeping His Tongue Firm As He Probes Into Her Creamy Hole And Draws A Moan From His Lover. Adrianne Takes Her Turn Stripping Alex From His Clothes Next, And Her Position On Her Knees Puts Her In A Perfect Position To Take Her Man's Hard Cock Into Her Warm Eager Mouth For A Long, Wet Blow Job. Knowing That There Is Plenty Of Pleasure To Come, Adrianne Leans Forward On Her Knees To Proper Her Upper Body On The Couch. Her Guy Enters Her From Behind, Thrusting Hard Enough To Make Her Medium Boobs Jiggle And To Draw Long Happy Moans From His Woman. Unable To Keep Herself Propped Up, Adrianne Slowly Sinks To The Floor As Alex Continues To Pump Deep Into Her Tight Twat. The Couple Shifts Positions, With Alex Lying On The Rug And Holding Adrianne's Hips As She Gives Her Stud A Wild Ride. As The Slender Beauty Nears Her Climax, She Climbs Onto The Couch And Lifts Her Legs High In The Air To Give Her Man Absolute Access To Her Needy Twat. Alex's Deep Strokes Quickly Send His Woman Screaming With Ecstasy As She Orgasms Around Her Man's Cock. Now It Is Alex's Turn For Pleasure, And Adrianne Knows Just What To Do. Kneeling Before Her Beau With A Huge Smile, Adrianne Sucks The Head Of Her Man's Dick And Pumps Him Fast Until He Decorates Her Face And Fills Her Mouth With His Cum. 00:08:00 3 years ago HDZog

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