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Marley Brinx Maid Get's Punished 00:35:26 2 days ago RedTube
Anal Punishment And Demotion Of A House Slave, Senior House Slave Lyla Storm Is Held In The Highest Regard As A Shinning Example Of Everything The House Has To Offer: Discipline, Duty, And Dedication To Service. Not To Mention She Can Suck The Chrome Off A Trailer Hitch, And Orgasm From Doing So. However, When She Is Put In Charge Of The Novice Slave Girl, Kristine Kahill, It Becomes Clear To The Household That Slave Storm Is Not All We Thought She Was. Strike One: Kahill Embarrasses The House When She Is Unable To Recite The Three House Rules, Honorific, Eyeline And Deportment. Slave Storm Is Punished And Given Her First Strike For Kahill's Failure. Storm Is Ordered To Teach The Underling To Suck Cock Like An Upper Floor Slave Should. The Long Two Girl Blowjob Is Sloppy And Deep As The Two Horny Sluts Gag Each Other On The Thick Hard Cock Over And Over Again Till Kahill Gets It Right. Strike Two: Kahill Makes A Fool Of Us Again When She Is Unable To Present Herself Properly For A Reward. Slave Storm Is Stripped Of Her Stockings And Garters For Kahill's Second Failure. The Two Slaves Are Order To Climb On Top Of A Rock Hard Dick And Take Turns Fucking It Reverse Cowgirl Style Till Their Thighs Are So Burned Out From Pumping It That They Cannot Stand Up. Strike Three: Slave Storm Reveals That She Herself Does Not Even Remember The Rules Or The Required House Positions! She Is Berated, Dressed Down And Stripped Of Her House Leathers. The House Stands Completely Embarrassed By The Lack Of Discipline This Eve, And We Have Nothing Left To Off Except Lyla Storms Anal Punishment. Storm Is No Longer A House Slave. Her Presence Is A Blemish On The Record Of This House And Her Ass Is To Be Punished For Her Transgressions. She Takes A Brutal Ass Fucking While Her Underling Slut Sister Smears Pussy Into Her Face In A Degrading Display Of Penance. In The End, Storm Is Covered In Come And Ordered Out Of Our Sight, Made To Slither Away Like A Come Covered Worm In Chains. Lyla Storm Is Officially Demoted, Busted To The Rank Of 'Trainee'. She Is Sent Back To The Basement To Be Punished Further And Re-trained In The Basics Of House Service On The Training Of O. You Can See Her Re-training On Now. 00:04:00 1 year ago HDZog
Two Gals Take Their Punishment For Theft 00:07:58 2 days ago ExtremeTube
The Training Of An Anal Slut, Day Two, My Mind Is Made Up To Use This Trainee's Ass All Week Long. In Fact, I Am Going To Only Punish That Pussy, And Reward Her Gaping Asshole. But First, The Lessonsa?? I The Labor The Former Hogtied Set Is A Mess Of Stinking Hay Leftover From Some Other Shoot. Our Sweet Little Slut Is Assigned The Task Of Cleaning This Dump. She Has About 20 Minutes Per Day To Give The Task, And I Am Up Her Ass All The Way, Every Day. The Guys In The Art Dept. Are Betting She Cannot Finish In Time. She Better. II The Conditioning I Tie Her Down In A Painful Arch That Presents Her Bad Pussy To The Camera, And To My Crop. I Kindly Explain To Her That The Premise Of This Scene Is Simple: When I Hear What I Want To Hear Out Of Her Yappie Little Fuck-hole, It Gets The Vibe. When I Do Not Hear What I Want To Hear, It Gets The Crop. III Blowing The Gimp The Gimp Is Always Horny, Always Hungry. Especially For Greedy Little Porn Star Trainees Like This Cock Slut. I Decide To Make It More Interesting, And Tether Her Pretty Tits To A Punishing Leash. Now She Has A Choice: Take The Thick Gagging Cock Deep In Her Throat, Or Suffer The Torment Of Those Pretty Tits Getting Pulled Off. IV Ass Slut I Build A Simple Contraption That Fastens Our Little Ass Piggy Down To The Floor Like A Dog To Be Fucked. Her Ass Is Pushed Up, Out And Open In A Lewd Presentation Of Her Goods. Before Having Her Ass Stuffed With Cock, I Decide A Vibe Blasting Her Dirty Pussy Will Be More Punishment Than Reward, And Turn It On High. This Update Includes: Erotic Manual Labor, Slave Training, Blonde Cock Sucker, Hot Blonde Fucked In The Ass, Nipple Leash, Nipple Torment, Predicament Bondage, Ass Plug, Slave Orgasms 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
Extreme Rough Punishment For Cheating 00:06:05 1 day ago xHamster
NextDoorBuddies Video: WRONG PLACE, RIGHT TIME, Marko LeBeau Has Made An Epic Mistake; Dressing In The Varsity Locker Room When One Is Not A Member Of The Varsity Squad Is Strictly Prohibited And The Punishment Is Simple. Not A Member, Then You Get The Member(s). Tyler Torro And Brec Boyd Are Well Versed On The Rules. Having Come Up In The System, They Have Made The Same Mistake And Been Made To Serve The Requisite Punishment, So They Have Little Compassion For Marko As He Pleads His Case Of Innocence. Instead Tyler Shoves Marko’s Face Into His Sweaty Crotch, Then Makes Him Repeat The Same Thing On Brec. Whipping Their Cocks Out, Tyler And Brec Take Turns Fucking Marko’s Mouth And There Is Nothing He Can Do About It. Moving Along, Tyler Bends Marco Over A Bench, And While Brec Shoves His Cock In And Out Marko’s Mouth, Tyler Does The Same With Marko’s Ass, Instantly Realizing When Marko Shrieks With Pleasure That He Enjoys It, And That This Is Maybe Not So Much Punishment After All. So Tyler Puts The Pedal To The Metal And Really Tries To Fuck Marko Extra Hard, But The Harder He Tries, The More Marko Seems To Love It, As He Reaches Down And Begins Stroking His Own Dick. Marko Figures If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them (off), So He Pulls On Their Cocks Longingly Until They Both Cum All Over Him, Whereupon He Is So Turned On That He Cums As Well. As He Does, Marko Thinks To Himself, “This Is A Mistake I’ll Have To Make Again Very Soon.” 00:05:42 3 years ago UPornia
Spanking Punishment Daddy Punish My 19 00:05:00 2 years ago RedTube
The Training Of Madison Young, Day One, Applicant Profile Age:26Sign:VirgoDisposition: Masochist Fears / Current Limits: Abandonment, Being Ignored. Strengths: Able To Channel / Erotisize Pain Very Well. Very Flexible And Well Versed In Bondage. Sexually Adventurous And Easily Excited. Orgasms Through Penetration. Weaknesses: Applicant Is Unfamiliar With Service And Considers Herself 'selfish With Her Kink'. She Does Not Understand How To Erotisize The Satisfaction That Comes From A 'job Well Done'. Experience: Many Years Experience In Commercial BDSM As Well As In Her Personal Life. Very Strong, Committed Player And Activist In Alternative Sexualities. Current Status: Currently Petitioning For A D/s Contract With James. Initial Observations: Applicant Wishes To Be Trained As A Service Oriented Submissive. Applicant Is A Greedy Little Cunt And Cannot Get Enough Cock To Satisfy Herself. Her Insatiable Appetite Is The Largest Inhibitor To Her D/s Experience Because She Is Currently So Involved In Her Own Pleasure That She Cannot See The Significance Of Service. She Is A Bondage And Pain Slut, A Good Thing, But Again She Derives Her Pleasure From Receiving The Sensations. Once Things Cross Into A Territory That She Does Not Find Personally Exciting She Begins To Close Down. Again, To Experience The Joys Of Service She Must Remain Open To The Dominant's Drive. Recommendations: Take Away Her Right To Masturbate And Punish Her Immediately For Infractions. She Has Already Broken This Rule. While Punishing Her Greedy Cunt, Teach Her The Difference Between Correction And Punishment. Applicant Can Be Evasive When Questioned. Teach Her The Value Of Answering A Direct Question Quickly And Succinctly By Ordering Her Into Very Stressful Positions For Extended Periods Of Time. Demonstrate Her Blow Job Skills And Refine Her Technique. She Is Very Sloppy And Needs To Learn To Give A Tidy Blow Job When Required. Order Her Onto All Fours And Teach Her To Pleasure A Cock With Her Pussy. Teach Her The Value Of Remaining Clean And Available For Use At All Times By Shackling And Scrubbing The Shit Out Of Her In A Cold Shower Room. Deliver Her To Her Quarters To Complete Her Homework And Video Journal, Where She Will Be Kept Under Curfew For Her Entire Week Of Training. 00:04:00 3 years ago HDZog
Kristina Rose - Filthy Whore - Live Show Part 1, The First Part Of Our Live Show Starts With The Amazing Kristina Rose On The Floor With A Wooden Spreader Bar With Spiked Ends Bound To Her Knees, Prying Them Uncomfortably Open And One Ankle Drilled Into The Floor With A Metal Cuff. She Chats With The Members Offering Them Friendly Responses With A Pretty Girl Smile.The First Challenge Is The 5 Minute Challenge. The Deal Is The Model Has 5 Minutes To Escape From The Bondage. If She Can Get Free, She Gets An Orgasm. If She Can't Get Free, Then She Does Not Get To Cum And Gets Punished. JP Binds Kristina In A Gag, Wrists And Elbows Strapped Together, Thighs Strapped Together, And Ankles Strapped Together. She Squirms And Tries As Much As She Can To Get Free. Her Breathing Is Labored And Moans Are Rhythmic... She Doesn't Get Free.Kristina Is Released And Gets Her Punishment For Not Being Able To Get Out - Cane Strokes On The Feet From JP And Flip Cat Strokes From Isis. Tears Roll Down Her Face From Fear Of The Cane, But She Takes It Like A Champ And Perseveres.After She Has Paid The Price Of Not Being Able To Get Free, She Is Asked To Crawl Across The Stage On Her Hands And Knees To A New Device. JP Straps Her Ankles To Her Thighs In Leather And Places Her Neck And Wrists In To Metal Stocks. She Looks Stunning. JP Has Kristina Try And Recite The Alphabet Backwards As He Adds Clamps And Ties Them To Her Toes. She Is Having A Hard Time Reciting Her Alphabet. They Asked Her To Also Recite Nursery Rhymes. She Fails There Too. JP Increases Her Predicament By Adding Tits Clamps Underneath The Top Row And Then Weights Onto The Clamps. JP Then Adds Weights To Her Toes Pulling Her Tits Both Up And Down. Finishing It Off, JP Adds An Enormous Clothespin To Her Tongue, Weighing It Down.JP Makes Kristina Beg To Suck Cock But She Is Is Not Very Convincing. JP Encourages Her To Talk About What A Dirty Whore She Is, What A Dirty Fucking Slut She Is.... She Begs And Begs And Finally Gets To Suck Cock. Her Mouth Gets Filled With Cock. She Services It And Streams Of Drool Seep Onto The Floor. The Giant Clothespin That Was On Her Tongue Now Gets Clamped On Her Pussy. JP Wants Her To Feel More Pain And Her Nipples Are Flogged. She Continues To Beg More Cock And Eventually More Cock She Gets. JP Flogs Her Breasts Again And Into A Frenzy. She Becomes More Overwhelmed And JP And Isis Come In And Remove The Tits Clamps.Its Time For Pleasure. Isis Vibrates Kristina To Orgasm As JP Pinches Her Breasts One More Time. Kristina Builds To An Intense Orgasm, Cums, Cums Again, And Cums Again! 00:04:00 2 years ago HDZog
Jade Nile & Adriana Chechik & Dana DeArmond In Mother's Secret Twins: Part Two Video, Dana DeArmond Settles In For The Night, Cleansing Her Face Observing Herself In The Mirror Fascinated By Her Vitality And Youth. But Dana Didn't Know What Was Going On In The Other Room, Until She Heard Jade Nile Moan From Enjoyment. She Hushed Adriana Chechik From Being Too Loud Knowing The Consequences Of Being Caught. Jade And Adriana Didn't Realize The Severity Of Defying Their Mother By Engaging In Sexual Pleasures Even Though They Knew This Was Strictly Prohibited And The Punishment Would Be Firm And Immediately Dealt With. Dana Watched Her Twin Daughters In Shock Licking One Another's Naked Bodies, Moaning From Being So Wet From Their Sexual Escapade. Dana's Rage And Jealousy Burst Out All At Once Seizing All Activity To A Stop Leaving The Twins Panic-stricken. Jade Puts All The Blame On Adriana, Apologizing To Her Mother Saying This Was Not Her Fault But Her Sisters. Dana Scolds The Girls Regardless Of Who Started It First. The Girls Deserved To Be Punished. And If The Girls Wanted To Share One Another, They Weren't Going To Leave Their Dear Mother Behind. After All, Dana Took Them In When They Needed Help, She Provided Them With Food And Shelter And Most Importantly, A Mother's Love. Dana Had To Make This Mess Right, So They Could Become One Happy Family Again.Dana Grabs Both Girls By The Hair, Demanding They Show Her How Much They Love To Kiss. Adriana Was Transparent Showing Uneasiness Towards The Situation But She Wasn't Expecting What Dana Had In Store. Dana Introduces Her To The 'punishment Stick', A Massive Strap On Dildo Ready To Be Used On Their Sinful Pussies. Both Adriana And Jade Lick The Dildo By Order Of Their Mother, Waiting To See Who Will Have Their Turn First. Jade Sucked Her Mother's Cock Vigorously, Deep Throating It Apologizing To Dana For Being Such A Bad Girl. But Adriana Was Going To Get The Cock First, Since She Was The Naughtier Of The Two. Jade Pleads With Her Mother, Wanting To Be The First One To Punished Since She Was A Bad Girl Too, But Dana Just Made Her Watch And Suffer As Her Sister Was Being Plowed. Wearing Her Out, Dana Instructs The Twins It Was Time For Bed All Falling Asleep Together. But Jade Couldn't Sleep; She Had Too Many Things Going On In Her Head. No Matter How Many Times And How Many Girls Came Into The House, None Of Them Were The Same And She Had To Escape From Her Mother's Grasp And She Had To Take Adriana With Her. Not Even Picking Up Any Of Their Things, They Just Ran, Ran As Far Away As They Could From Their Mother. But Will They Get Caught? Find Out More! 00:06:12 2 years ago Txxx
Punishing The Bad Girl Day Two, We Welcome Our Bad Girl Lyla Storm Back For A Second Grueling Day In The Basement. She Is To Be Tested For Endurance, Resolve, And Knowledge Of The Rules. She Will Do This With Trays Tied To Her Hands, Gigantic Metal Weights Pulling Her Down. She Proves Willing To Sweat Through Her Ordeal, But Makes A Serious Misstep. She Offers A Lazy Answer. Whatever You Want Sir. The Rest Of The Scene Is Spent With Her Vainly Begging To Keep Her Hair From A Shearing And Cumming Under Great Duress. Our Defective Little Whore Is Getting Better. She May Even Have The Rules Down. When Her Verbal Self Degradation Grows Boring, Her Big Mouth Is Stuffed With Gimp Cock. Despite Her Failings In The Rules And Regulations Department, The Trainee Can Suck Some Dick. With Her Cheeks Bulging She Fills The Drool Trough And Keeps The Gimp Grunting. She May Earn Back The Right To Slavehood Yet. Having Worked So Hard, She Is Allowed To Display Her Greatest Asset, That Greedy Pussy. Those Long Legs Prove To Be A Hinderance When Delivering A Good Disciplined Fuck, But She Perseveres, Sweating Like A Racing Horse And Cumming All Over Our Gimp. Just When She Thinks She Is Done, She Is Grabbed By The Throat And Shown What A True Slave Performance Looks Like, Bouncing On The Cock Until She Begs For Release. Her Spent Body Is Nailed To The Floor And Her Ass Flogged While She Begs For An Anal Punishment. She Can Only Watch Helplessly As The Gimp Crams Giant Dick Into Her Tiny Body. Seems Like A Good Time For A Chat About The Slave Positions, Wouldn't You Agree? 00:04:00 2 years ago Txxx
Kitty Puts On Chasity 00:01:13 2 days ago PornHub
Chanel Santini,Colby Jansen In Tender Loving Care: Nurse Chanel Cures Colby With Her Hard Driving Cock - TSSeduction. Welcome Back To Trenton Ducati's BDSM Dungeon. This Leather Clad Muscle God Is Ready To Punish His Slaves. His Black Boots Demand Worshipping And His Riding Crop Is Ready To Deliver The Torment. Straight Stud Mason Lear With His Hairy Chest And Full Beard Is Ready To Serve His Master. His Tight Jeans Come Off To Reveal His Tight Ass And Cock, Ready For Inspection By Trenton Ducati And His Crop For Corporal Punishment. Mason's Muscular Chest, Thighs, And Ass Take A Beating Soo Hard They Turn Red, While His Cock Gets Thicker And Harder. This Pain Slut Begs For More. Now Mason's Cock Is At Full Upright Attention And Is Begging For Torment And Cock Punishment. Trenton Knows How To Deliver A Brutal Beating To Mason's Thick Cock. Now It's Time To Pay Respect To The Muscle God. Mason Is Made To Worship Trenton's Perfect Muscular Chest All The Way Down To His Licking His Leather Pants Before His Hard Cock Comes Out For Deep Throat Cock Sucking. It's Time To Turn Things Upside Down And Mason Is Bound In Rope Bondage, With His Ass In The Air Fully Exposed And His Head Bent Down Low. First The Punishment, Trenton Brings Out His Huge Flogger And Tears That Ass Up Red. Mason Is Screaming With Pleasure As His Asshole Gets Ready For Trenton. But Before That Happens There Is One More Devilish Round Of Torment. Mason Is Bound And Blindfolded In Leather And Strapped Up With Electrocuting Pads On His Leg And Cock. Trenton Continues To Increase The Shocking Pain As Mason Screams Until He Can't Take Anymore. Finally Its Time, Trenton Turns Mason Around And Delivers A Huge Deep Anal Fucking. Mason's Ass Is Pounded Hard As He Is Bound To A Metal Mattress. Mason Takes A Huge Ass Fucking Before He Is Turned Around And Has A Huge Load Of Cum Shot On His Hairy Face. 00:04:00 7 months ago HotMovs
Liz Rainbow In Scream, Baby, Scream!! - PascalsSubSluts, Liz Rainbow 2: Scream, Baby, Scream!! It’s Understandable That So Many Of Our Decorous SubSluts Prefer Not To Have Pascal’s Penis Plunging Into Their Anuses During Their Introduction To PSS. Viewed From Afar, Our Entertainments Can Look A Little Inhibiting. Post-coital However, It’s A Different Matter. Invitations To Return For A Bit Of Posterior Rumpy-pumpy Are Nearly Always Accepted With A Gleeful Giggle (although I Must Admit That This Is Probably More To Do With The Double-your-money-by-coming-back Aspect Of The Offer Rather Than The Anal-invasion Bit, Something That The Cannier Wenches Have Clearly Been Factoring Into Their No-botty-first-time-round Employment Pitches. Bitches Ain’t Stupid.) Anyway, This Is Liz Rainbow’s Second Shoot And She’s Got A Tasty-looking Arsehole But It’s Not On The Menu. Well, It Is On The Menu But We Can’t Afford It Because It’s A Bit Pricey. So, Liz, How’s About We Pay You Our Usual Rate For Anal But Ditch The Bum-fucking And Just Beat You Up Instead? “Er, Ok.” (Smiles Sweetly.) Deal. Liz, Let Us Not Forget, Is One Of The Subbiest Sluts We’ve Ever Shot, A Tasty Barcelonic Senorita Who Craves Being Degraded And Physically Punished ‘a Extremos’. Her Fuckit List Looks Like This: - Half An Hour Of Incessant Corporal Punishment (spanking, Whipping, Beating, Etc) - Peppered With And Followed By Intermittent Crying - With A Fever Of Verbal Abuse - And A Whole Loada Face-slapping, - Face-spitting, - Choking, - Deepthroat & Face-fucking, - Vaginal Fucking, - Squirting, - Masturbation, - Exhibitionism - And Cum-swallowing It Really Is The Hardest And Most Sadistic Scene We’ve Ever Shot, And Involves Liz Getting Punished For Refusing To Postpone A Shoot She’s Come Down For Just Because Me And P Want To Spend The Afternoon On The Beach. It’s Totally Our Fault But We’re Not Really To Blame, A Subtlety That Women Seldom Manage To Get To A Handle On And Liz, Bless Her, Is No Exception. The Solo’s Only So-so And The Interview Likewise (because We Covered All That Stuff About Her Wanting To Become A Porn Star At Six The Last Time Round), But The Photoshoot Is Top-notch (just As Nasty As The Scene) So Make Sure You Don’t Miss It. That’s Your Lot. Value-packed As Usual. Ty Very Much For Watching. Andy 00:07:00 1 year ago Txxx
Intensive Punishment For Beauty 00:06:04 2 days ago KeezMovies
Cock Punishment For Mistress Angel Rose 00:03:03 1 month ago xHamster
Bad Kids Get The Ultimate Punishment 00:05:01 5 years ago RedTube
Cheyenne Punishes Her Boyfriend. Cheyenne Jewel Woke Up Late At Night And Went Into The Living Room After Hearing Strange Noises. To Her Surprise, She Found Her Boyfriend Naked, Reading A Porno Magazine And Masturbating Nonchalantly! Cheyenne Began Laughing At Him And Verbally Humiliating Him For Being A Wanking Loser! The Hot Redhead Began Punishing Her Loser Boyfriend By Kicking Him In The Balls While Wearing Fishnet Stockings! She Kneed And Kicked Him In The Nuts Several Times To Teach Him A Lesson. As He Fell To The Ground In Pain, Holding His Aching Testicles, She Stepped On His Nuts With Her Bare Feet, And Cheyenne Ordered Him To Lick Her Sweaty Feet By Shoving Her Toes In His Mouth. Then, She Continued To Kick Him In The Nuts With Her Bare Feet, Which Were Covered By Nothing But Her Fishnet Stockings! Cheyenne Jewel Noticed That Her Boyfriend Had A Serious Fetish For Big, Juicy Butts Since He Was Jerking Off To Naked Asses In The Porno Magazine. So, She Began Sitting On His Balls And Crushing Them With Her Bubble-butt! She Bounced Up And Down On His Ass, Nearly Rupturing His Testicles With The Weight Of Her Butt, And She Used Her Butt-cheeks To Squeeze And Torment His Nuts! If I Catch You Jacking Off To Porno Magazines Again Without My Permission, I Will Permanently Crush Your Tiny Balls, Loser! Finally, She Made Him Rest On The Couch So That She Could Begin Biting His Cock And Balls To Teach Him Who Owns His Genitals! She Began Biting And Gnawing On His Nuts While Using Her Tongue To Tease His Cock! Cheyenne Decided To Let Him Finally Cum By Sucking And Jerking Him Off All Over Her Pretty, Little Feet! He Exploded All Over Her Feet And Stockings, And She Punished Him Again By Kicking Him In The Balls And Ruining His Orgasm! 00:07:51 2 years ago HotMovs

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