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When Wein Lewis Comes Across His Lover Mira He Can't Help But Approach Her From Behind And Wrap His Arms Around Her Supple Body. Mira Reacts To His Touch Instantly, Turning In Her Man's Arms So That She Can Join Her Lips With His In A Kiss That Continues Even As Wein Helps His Woman Up Onto A Nearby Table. Breaking The Kiss, Mira Lays Back And Enjoys Her Man's Tender Caresses Up And Down Her Body. He Pulls Her Shirt Up To Reveal Her Small Breasts, And Then Leans Forward To Take One Hard Sensitive Nipple Into His Mouth. After He Gives Mira's Other Breast The Same Treatment, Wein Kisses His Way Down Her Slender Body, Paying Particular Attention To Her Tender Inner Thighs Before Focusing His Concentration On Her Slick Shaved Pussy. Wein Takes His Time Preparing His Woman With His Talented Tongue And Fingers, Suckling Her Clitoris And Gradually Opening Her Tight Sheath To Take In His Erection. When Mira Is Wet And Ready For Him, Wein Rubs The Shaft Of His Penis Across Her Dripping Slit And Then Pushes Himself Deep Into Her Warmth. The Feeling Is Incredible, But Mira Won't Settle For Just One Position. Climbing To Her Feet, She Turns Her Back To Her Man And Urges Him To Enter Her From Behind As She Props One Leg On The Table To Open Herself Even Wider For Him. When Presented With Mira's Incredible Ass, Though, Wein Can't Stop Himself From Worshipping Her With His Hands And Then His Lips. The Couple Shares A Searing Kiss Before Mira Turns Around And Her Man Presses Back Into Her, Pumping His Hips As He Entices Her Towards An Orgasm. As Pleasure Pools Deep Inside Of Her, Mira Returns To Her Original Position On The Table So That She Can Rub Her Clitoris As Her Man Drives Her Over The Edge Of Ecstasy. Primed For His Own Orgasm, Wein Pulls Out Of Mira's Still-pulsing Body And Pumps Himself Over The Edge With A Few Jerks Of His Hand Until He Cums All Over Mira's Shaved Mound. 00:08:00 9 months ago HDZog
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Eric Masterson & Alix Lynx In Honey, It Started As A Footjob: Part One - FantasyMassage, Masseur Eric Masterson Visits The Luxurious Home Of Client Alix Lynx And Wealthy Husband Ryan McLane To Perform A Massage On The Premises. Eric Instructs The Big Titted Blonde To Get Naked In Next Room Where His Assistant Set Up The Massage Table. After Alix Lynx Struts Off To Get Undressed, Eric Gives Ryan Props For Finding Such A Hottie. Ryan Is Taken Aback By The Masseur's Unprofessional Demeanor, But He Is Otherwise Satisfied To Wait In The Living Room With Eric's Gorgeous Assistant. When Eric Enters The Massage Room, Alix Lynx Isn't Undressed . She's Not Comfortable Being Naked So She Keeps On Her Expensive Bra And Panties That Are Sexy As All Hell. Eric Is Rightly Concerned About The Coconut Oil Damaging Her Lingerie, But He Begins The Massage Working Around Her Bra Straps. He Identifies Some Tension In Her Lower Back. He Says It Must Strenuous Walking Around Such A Big House All Day. He Praises Her Husband For Being Rich, Lamenting That Some People Have To Work. She Insists She Still Has More Than Enough To Keep Busy. He Works On Her Muscular Legs And Comments That She's Still Wearing Her Strappy Stiletto Shoes. He Instructs Her To Flip Over And Asks Her If She Is A Parent. She Admits She Really Wants To Be A Mom But She Has Trouble Getting Pregnant. When Eric Pushes For An Explanation, She Confesses That Her Husband Has A Fetish For Footjobs And Therefore Never Cums Inside Of Her. Eric Looks At Her Spiky Shoes And Can't Believe A Footjob With Her Feet In Those Shoes Would Be Pleasant. She Clarifies That The Shoes Come Off. Eric Kinda Wants To Try That Out So He Takes Off Her Shoes And Asks Her To Describe Exactly How The Footjob Works. When He Drops His Pants And Exposes His Erection, Alix Tries To Shoo Away His Cock. But He Manipulates Her Into Proving Her Proficiency. Soon She's Fucking Eric's Cock Between Her Feet. She Even Advises Him To Use A Little Oil On His Cock For A Better Experience. Alix Is Hard At Work Impressing Eric, When The Masseur Decides To Get Back To The Massage. He Leaves His Dick Hanging Out Of His Pants And Takes Off Her Bra. He Gives Her Huge Knockers A Pectoral Massage And Meanwhile Tries To Kiss Her. When She Objects To His Advances, He Jumps Onto The Table And Sticks His Dick In Her Cleavage. He Reaches For The Edge Of The Table Till His Dick Accidentally Pops Into Her Mouth. Alix Is Pinned To The Table And Losing Patience, So She Offers To Suck Him Off So He'll Stop Pestering Her. Before He Busts A Nut, The Masseur Pops Off The Table To Takes Off Her Panties. She Says She Knows What He's Trying To Fuck Her With Her Husband In The Next Room. He Asks If He's Allowed To Insert Just The Tip And When She Says Fine He Thrusts The Entire Thing Deep Inside. Eric Fucks Her Pussy Vigorously, Which Makes Her Yelp And Moan. He Doesn't Want To Create An Awkward Situation For Alix, And Advises Her To Tone Down Her Moaning. But Alix Is Liking The Boning So Much She Cums Really Loud And Hard, Which Makes Eric Release His Cum Inside Her Pussy, And Out. Will All That Ruckus Make Her Husband Ryan Check On Them? Click To Find Out! 1 year ago Txxx
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Alex Greene & Ian Levine In Bubble Butt Massage XXX Video, In A World Where Every Massage Experience Is An Uncharted Course For Adventure, Ian Levine Makes Himself Comfortable On A Table Belonging To One Alex Greene, Of The Vineyard Spa. Ian's Heard Stories, In Fact He's Heard Particular Yarns Involving Alex. That's Why He's Taken Special Precautions To Ensure That Alex Will Be Massaging Him Today. Once They Meet, Alex Turns His Back So Ian Can Get Comfortable And Settle In For A Soothing Rubdown. Ian Chose To Wear Something Scant, Sexy, And Fun: A Playful Jockstrap That Displays His Plump, Rounded Buttocks Nicely.Alex Is Indeed Enticed At The First Site Of Ian's Gorgeous Rear End. He Gets Right Into The Rubbing. As The Pressure Increases, Alex, Only After Receiving The Green Light From Ian, Pushes The Towel Off Of Ian's Backside, Completely Exposing His Sweet Cheeks.Alex Massages In An Increasingly Presumptuous Manner, Titillating Will And Eager Ian. It's Not Long Before Alex Is Face Deep In Ian's Ass. He Licks The Tight, Pink Hole, Taking Breaks To Use His Thumb To Play With It. Ian Is Delighted To Have Such A Hot Guy Enjoying His Tender Hole. When Alex Moves Around To The Front Of The Massage Table, Where Ian's Face Is, He Pulls Out His Swollen Cock And Ian Gladly Accepts It Into His Mouth. All The Ass Play Was Making Ian Hungry For Fat Dick, And It Came Just In Time. After Slurping And Licking Alex's Fine Erection, It's Ian's Turn To Put His Throbbing Meat Into Alex's Mouth. Alex Gives Ian The Royal Treatment, Taking The Firm Cock Deep Into His Throat. Then It Becomes Time For Ian To Get The 'deep' Treatment.Alex Lifts Ian's Legs, Slides His Dick Inside That Tight Pocket, And Fucks It Hard. Ian Can Scarcely Believe The Power Alex Can Generate. Every Thrust Felt Like It Was Coming Harder And Faster Than The Last. Soon It Was Time For Ian To Flip Over So Alex Could Pound Him Doggystyle On The Table. Join This Extremely Intimate Massage Session At The Vineyard Spa And Find Out Why The Special Rubdown Packages Are Being Booked So Regularly! 00:05:59 1 year ago Txxx
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Alexander Gustavo & Brenner Bolton In His Crown Jewels XXX Video - NextdoorBuddies, Brenner Bolton Has A Repuatation For His Work As A Tattoo Artist, So When Alexander Gustavo Saunters Into His Shop With A Recommendation, Brenner Takes Alexander For A Cool Guy. As They Go Over The Details For What Alexander Would Like To Have Done, Brenner Notices His Lean Body And Nice, Tight Ass. When Alexander Lets Slip That He Is Low On Cash, Brenner Assumes Alexander Is Familiar With Brenner's Alternative Payment System, And Slips His Hand Between Alexander's Legs, Fingering His Taint. Alexander Shoots Off The Table In Shock, And Brenner Seems Confused. Apparently Alexander Wasn't Aware Of How Things Are Done Around Here, But Upon Hearing The Offer- Unlimited Tattoos For A Little Bit Of Extra 'attention'- Alexander Finds Himself Contemplating Something He Never Thought He'd Do. Moments Later, Alexander Is Back At The Table, As Brenner Slowly Begins To Fondle His Cock. Alexander Proves Hard As A Rock, Especially For Someone Contending To Not Be Interested, And Brenner Just Smiles With A Knowing Look On His Face As He Devours His Customer's Cock. Alexander Closes His Eyes As Brenner Works His Dick Better Than Any Woman Ever Has, And Little By Little, He Realizes That Brenner Is Doing Him More Than One Favor Here, So When Brenner Asks Him To Reciprocate, Alexander Finds Himself Strangely Into It, Falling To His Knees As He Begins To Suck Brenner Off. Brenner Guides Him Through The Process And Alexander Does Really Well For His First Time, But What Brenner Really Wants Is Some Of That Hard Cock, So He Advises Alexander To Bend Him Over The Table And Fuck Him Silly, Which Is Definitely More Than Alexander Bargained For, But Definitely Something He Can Get Into, As He Pounds And Prods Brenner's Ass With Reckless Abandon, Fucking The Cum Out Of Brenner Before Jizzing All Over Himself. As They Clean Themselves Up, Alexander Realizes He's Going To Be Covered In Ink In No Time.Enjoy! 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
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Serena Blair & Valentina Nappi In The Salesgirl - AllGirlMassage, Masseuse Serena Blair Sells Massage Tables As A Side Job. On Her Day Off From The Spa, She Heads Over To Visit Her Spa Owner Boss Valentina Nappi To Deliver Her Pitch For The Product. To Demonstrate The Features And Benefits Of Her A Massage Table, Serena Invites Her To Hop On For A Massage. Valentina Accepts Her Offer And Pulls Off Her Top And Skirt In The Middle Of The Room. Serena Is Uncomfortable With Her Boss' Flagrant Nudity And Offers To Give Her Some Privacy. But Valentina Defiantly Takes Off Her Bra And Her Panties There And Then. Valentina Is Open About Her Body And Assumes Serena Would Be Too Since She Massages Naked People All Day. Serena Tries To Bring The Conversation Back To Selling Points Of The Massage Table, But Valentina Diverts The Conversation Back To Serena Rubbing Her Ass Rather Close To Her Perineum. Serena Tries To Get Out Of The Awkward Situation And Tells Valentina That Her Husband Wouldn't Like Her Touching Her Intimately Like That. Valentina Points Out That Quite Rightly That He Isn't Here To See It. She Turns Onto Her Back And Asks Serena To Stroke Her Pussy. In The Interest Of Making A Sale, Serena The Salesgirl Begins Rubbing Valentina's Vagina Rhythmically. Valentina Seduces Serena Into Fingering Her But Serena Maintains A Professional Detachment, Even When Valentina Gets Close To Cumming. Then Valentina Requests That Serena Remove Her Pants So She Can Give Her Pussy A Massage. Valentina And Serena Switch Places On The Table And Valentina Massages Her Pussy Expertly Until She Cums. Serena Takes A Moment To Recover From Having Her Mind Blown, And Then Places Her Mouth Over The Pink Glistening Slit Between Valentina's Legs. Serena Slowly Moves Her Tongue Over Valentina's Swollen Clitoris Until She Brings Her To Orgasm. Valentina Licks Serena's Ass From Behind And Then Licks Her Sensitive Pussy So Well Serena Releases Another Cum. Valentina Wants To Test Out Some Tribbing With Serena, And The Lesbians Mash Their Juicy Pussies Together Till They Cum On The Table. Will Spa Manager Valentina Let Salesgirl Serena Make Her Commission? Click To Find Out! 00:06:15 1 year ago Txxx
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Myranda In Myranda So Horny - FantasyMassage, Asian Petite Myranda Removes Her Black T-shirt Revealing Her Perky Small Tits And A Nipple Piercing.Her Jet-black Hair Neatly Tied In Two Braids, The Sexy Client Pulls Off Her Pink And White Jean Shorts And Slips Out Of Her Canvas Kicks. She Leaves On Her Panties And Hops On The Table Lying Face Down, Then Calls To The Masseur That She's Ready To Begin. He Sprays Oil Onto Her Back And Massages Her Lumbar Muscles And The Top Of Her Glutes. He Kneads The Muscle, Flesh And Fascia In Her Upper Back And Shoulders As She Relaxes Into The Deep Tissue Massage. The Masseur Moves To The Foot Of The Table And Applies Oil To Her Thighs And Lower Glutes, And Then To Her Calves And Feet. He Focuses On The Pressure Points In Her Slender Feet Before Asking Her If He Can Remove Her Underwear To Work On Her Glutes. Myranda Melts As Her Ass Muscles Are Kneaded And Massaged. The Masseur Lets His Hands Slip Between Her Buttocks To Rub The Tender Sensitive Area Around Her Bare Shaved Pussy. He Rubs Her Vagina With More Friction, Causing Her To Lift Her Hips Eagerly In Response. She Sits Up To Kiss Him And Fondle His Hardened Excited Cock. She Pulls His Erection Out Of His Pants, He Climbs Onto The Table And Fellates Him. She Licks Around The Bulbous Head Of His Cock With Her Pierced Tongue And Sucks Him Until He Is Ready For Insertion. She Positions Herself Onto All Fours And He Wets Her Tight Pussy With His Tongue. Myranda Responds Very Vocally When The Masseur Penetrates Her Pussy. He Fucks Her With Long Hard Thrusts Making Her Tiny Round Ass Shake. His Rock-hard Cock And Balls Are Going To Explode So He Changes Positions, Pulling Her Onto His Lap. She Leans Back With Her Legs Widespread, And He Fucks Her Juicy Pussy, Then She Straddles Him And Rides His Cock Till She Cums. With His Hands Cupping Her Ass He Pounds Her Pussy Nice And Hard. Then She Sits On His Face And Sucks The Cum Out Of His Cock. 00:06:15 1 year ago Txxx
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Industrial Encounters Featuring Drew Cutler, Leo Forte, Industrial Encounters After Leaving Cameron Suspended From The Elevator Shaft, Buff Entersthe Electrical Room Instructing Leo Forte To, 'cut The Power To Thefreight Elevator,' And Walks Off. Drew 'the Dog' Cutler Drops In On Fortein The Electrical Room To Coax Him Into A Little Play. Forte Quicklyresponds, 'You Want To Play?' Forcing Cutler, Already Rock Hard, Downonto A Wooden Table Where He Instructs A Grinning Cutler, 'Don'tmove!' Forte Then Uses Heavy Webbing, Screws And A Cordless Drill Tosecure Him To The Table By The Wrists, Arms, Chest, Thighs And Ankles.Forte Starts The Action By Sucking And Licking Cutler's Feet And Toesand It's Not Long Before Cutler Utters His Signature 'ARUFF,' Moaningwith Approval. Forte Moves The Action To Cutler's Throbbing Cockwhere He Clamps His Thick Shaft With A Vice Grip Before A Little Suckand Spit Session. Forte's Saliva Producing Ability Is Legendary And Ahighlight In This Scene. Forte Then Stops The Action To Grab A Violetwand Which He Uses To Torture And Tease Cutler's Nipples And Cockuntil He's Ready For More Spit And Deep Throat Action. Forte Thenproceeds To Edge Cutler, Still Bound To The Table With His Ass, Throwingon A Condom And Riding His Cock To Near Climax Leaving Cutler Inagony. The Scene Builds In Intensity As Forte Releases Drew From Theheavy Webbing, Allowing Cutler To Pound The Pup With Full Force Untilhe Fucks A Hot Load Out Of Forte. Cutler Follows Suit, Unleashing Ashower Of Cum Over The Pup's Stomach. Featuring Fisting Central Men Drew Cutler, Leo Forte! 00:06:00 10 months ago Txxx
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