Banged Hard On The Massage Table. Banged Hard On The Massage Table

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Serena Blair & Valentina Nappi In The Salesgirl - AllGirlMassage, Masseuse Serena Blair Sells Massage Tables As A Side Job. On Her Day Off From The Spa, She Heads Over To Visit Her Spa Owner Boss Valentina Nappi To Deliver Her Pitch For The Product. To Demonstrate The Features And Benefits Of Her A Massage Table, Serena Invites Her To Hop On For A Massage. Valentina Accepts Her Offer And Pulls Off Her Top And Skirt In The Middle Of The Room. Serena Is Uncomfortable With Her Boss' Flagrant Nudity And Offers To Give Her Some Privacy. But Valentina Defiantly Takes Off Her Bra And Her Panties There And Then. Valentina Is Open About Her Body And Assumes Serena Would Be Too Since She Massages Naked People All Day. Serena Tries To Bring The Conversation Back To Selling Points Of The Massage Table, But Valentina Diverts The Conversation Back To Serena Rubbing Her Ass Rather Close To Her Perineum. Serena Tries To Get Out Of The Awkward Situation And Tells Valentina That Her Husband Wouldn't Like Her Touching Her Intimately Like That. Valentina Points Out That Quite Rightly That He Isn't Here To See It. She Turns Onto Her Back And Asks Serena To Stroke Her Pussy. In The Interest Of Making A Sale, Serena The Salesgirl Begins Rubbing Valentina's Vagina Rhythmically. Valentina Seduces Serena Into Fingering Her But Serena Maintains A Professional Detachment, Even When Valentina Gets Close To Cumming. Then Valentina Requests That Serena Remove Her Pants So She Can Give Her Pussy A Massage. Valentina And Serena Switch Places On The Table And Valentina Massages Her Pussy Expertly Until She Cums. Serena Takes A Moment To Recover From Having Her Mind Blown, And Then Places Her Mouth Over The Pink Glistening Slit Between Valentina's Legs. Serena Slowly Moves Her Tongue Over Valentina's Swollen Clitoris Until She Brings Her To Orgasm. Valentina Licks Serena's Ass From Behind And Then Licks Her Sensitive Pussy So Well Serena Releases Another Cum. Valentina Wants To Test Out Some Tribbing With Serena, And The Lesbians Mash Their Juicy Pussies Together Till They Cum On The Table. Will Spa Manager Valentina Let Salesgirl Serena Make Her Commission? Click To Find Out! 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
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When Wein Lewis Comes Across His Lover Mira He Can't Help But Approach Her From Behind And Wrap His Arms Around Her Supple Body. Mira Reacts To His Touch Instantly, Turning In Her Man's Arms So That She Can Join Her Lips With His In A Kiss That Continues Even As Wein Helps His Woman Up Onto A Nearby Table. Breaking The Kiss, Mira Lays Back And Enjoys Her Man's Tender Caresses Up And Down Her Body. He Pulls Her Shirt Up To Reveal Her Small Breasts, And Then Leans Forward To Take One Hard Sensitive Nipple Into His Mouth. After He Gives Mira's Other Breast The Same Treatment, Wein Kisses His Way Down Her Slender Body, Paying Particular Attention To Her Tender Inner Thighs Before Focusing His Concentration On Her Slick Shaved Pussy. Wein Takes His Time Preparing His Woman With His Talented Tongue And Fingers, Suckling Her Clitoris And Gradually Opening Her Tight Sheath To Take In His Erection. When Mira Is Wet And Ready For Him, Wein Rubs The Shaft Of His Penis Across Her Dripping Slit And Then Pushes Himself Deep Into Her Warmth. The Feeling Is Incredible, But Mira Won't Settle For Just One Position. Climbing To Her Feet, She Turns Her Back To Her Man And Urges Him To Enter Her From Behind As She Props One Leg On The Table To Open Herself Even Wider For Him. When Presented With Mira's Incredible Ass, Though, Wein Can't Stop Himself From Worshipping Her With His Hands And Then His Lips. The Couple Shares A Searing Kiss Before Mira Turns Around And Her Man Presses Back Into Her, Pumping His Hips As He Entices Her Towards An Orgasm. As Pleasure Pools Deep Inside Of Her, Mira Returns To Her Original Position On The Table So That She Can Rub Her Clitoris As Her Man Drives Her Over The Edge Of Ecstasy. Primed For His Own Orgasm, Wein Pulls Out Of Mira's Still-pulsing Body And Pumps Himself Over The Edge With A Few Jerks Of His Hand Until He Cums All Over Mira's Shaved Mound. 00:08:00 3 weeks ago HDZog
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Karla Kush & Georgia Jones In Squirting Stories Volume Two: Cheaters Always Squirt - SquirtingLesbian, Karla Kush And Her Wife Sinn Sage Are Hosting A Dinner For Karla's Business Partner Georgia Jones. It's Been Two Years Since Georgia Divorced Her Husband And Joined Forces With Sinn To Start A Successful Business. When Sinn Leaves The Table To Fix A Snafu Upstairs In The Office, Georgia Joins Karla In The Kitchen. She Pulls The Housewife Away From The Dishes And Grabs Her Crotch. Karla Tries To Pry Off Georgia But She's Too Hungry For Pussy. Georgia Hikes Up Karla's Skirt And Hoists Her Leg Onto The Counter. She Fingers Karla's Pussy Until It Squirts For The First Time! Karla Doesn't Understand How Georgia Made Her Pussy Juice Like That, But She's Suddenly Thrust Into A State Of Confusion And Ecstasy, And Keeps Cumming All Over Georgia's Fingers. She Begs Georgia To Stop Making Her Cheat. Georgia Eases Up When Sinn Comes Downstairs, And Karla Regains Her Composure. But Sinn Gets Called Away On Business Again. Karla Darts Under The Table To Escape Georgia's Clutches, But Georgia Follows Her And Pulls Aside The Crotch Of Her Panties. Karla Is Paralyzed With Pleasure As Georgia Teases Her Clit And Juices The Squirt From Her Pussy. Georgia Knows That Cheaters Always Squirt. The Next Time Sinn Comes Downstairs, Georgia Silences Karla's Moans With A Hand Over Her Mouth. Sinn Doesn't See Her Cheating Wife Under The Table Getting Fingered By Her Business Partner, But She Finds The Puddle Of Squirt By The Sink. When She Leaves To Find A Mop, Georgia Decides It's Her Turn To Orgasm. She Plants Karla's Mouth On Her Pussy And Won't Get Up Till She Cums Hard In Her Mouth. Even Then, Georgia Refuses To Leave Karla Alone Until All The Liquid Is Juiced From Her Body. Will She Drain Her Pussy Before Sinn Catches Them?! Click To Find Out! 00:06:15 5 months ago Txxx
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Myranda In Myranda So Horny - FantasyMassage, Asian Petite Myranda Removes Her Black T-shirt Revealing Her Perky Small Tits And A Nipple Piercing.Her Jet-black Hair Neatly Tied In Two Braids, The Sexy Client Pulls Off Her Pink And White Jean Shorts And Slips Out Of Her Canvas Kicks. She Leaves On Her Panties And Hops On The Table Lying Face Down, Then Calls To The Masseur That She's Ready To Begin. He Sprays Oil Onto Her Back And Massages Her Lumbar Muscles And The Top Of Her Glutes. He Kneads The Muscle, Flesh And Fascia In Her Upper Back And Shoulders As She Relaxes Into The Deep Tissue Massage. The Masseur Moves To The Foot Of The Table And Applies Oil To Her Thighs And Lower Glutes, And Then To Her Calves And Feet. He Focuses On The Pressure Points In Her Slender Feet Before Asking Her If He Can Remove Her Underwear To Work On Her Glutes. Myranda Melts As Her Ass Muscles Are Kneaded And Massaged. The Masseur Lets His Hands Slip Between Her Buttocks To Rub The Tender Sensitive Area Around Her Bare Shaved Pussy. He Rubs Her Vagina With More Friction, Causing Her To Lift Her Hips Eagerly In Response. She Sits Up To Kiss Him And Fondle His Hardened Excited Cock. She Pulls His Erection Out Of His Pants, He Climbs Onto The Table And Fellates Him. She Licks Around The Bulbous Head Of His Cock With Her Pierced Tongue And Sucks Him Until He Is Ready For Insertion. She Positions Herself Onto All Fours And He Wets Her Tight Pussy With His Tongue. Myranda Responds Very Vocally When The Masseur Penetrates Her Pussy. He Fucks Her With Long Hard Thrusts Making Her Tiny Round Ass Shake. His Rock-hard Cock And Balls Are Going To Explode So He Changes Positions, Pulling Her Onto His Lap. She Leans Back With Her Legs Widespread, And He Fucks Her Juicy Pussy, Then She Straddles Him And Rides His Cock Till She Cums. With His Hands Cupping Her Ass He Pounds Her Pussy Nice And Hard. Then She Sits On His Face And Sucks The Cum Out Of His Cock. 00:06:15 8 months ago Txxx
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Chloe Scott & Kristen Scott & Bill Bailey In Sweet Competition Massage - FantasyMassage, Bill Bailey's Massage Business Is Going Through Tough Times. And His Beloved Family Is Such A Drain On His Expenses. To Keep The Business In The Black, He Must Fire Someone. But How Can He Choose Between His Masseuses Kristen Scott And Chloe Scott. He Gives Them A Chance To Prove Themselves Worthy Of The Job. But Kristen Is Down On The Whole Competition Thing. Bill Finds Her Skulking In The Massage Room. She's Worried It Won't Go Well For Her, And She Wants To Show Bill What She Can Do. Bill Wonders How She Feels About Using This Time To Teach Her A Few Things. He'd Like To Give Her A Massage. He Averts His Gaze While She Gets Undressed. She Tries To Relax On Table As He Pumps The Oil Onto Her Back. He Rubs Her Back And Bottom, Then Prods The Gap Between Her Butt Cheeks. Kristen Lets Him Rub Her Pussy Like That, Even Though She's Sure It's Not Appropriate, She Really Wants This Job. Bill Is Ready To See Some Of Her Moves. He Gets Undressed And Onto The Table, And Then Kristen Impresses Him With An Indulgent Blow Job. When He's Ready To Cum, She Strokes It Out Of His Dick.Once Bill Gets Back To Work In His Office, Chloe Drops By And Perches Herself On The Desk. A Call Comes In From His Wife While Chloe Is Being Flirty. He Has Trouble Following The Conversation Because Chloe Is Taking Off Her Clothes. She Presents Her Hot Naked Body And Gets Down On Her Knees As He Hurriedly Hangs Up The Phone. She Pulls Out His Cock And Begins To Suck Him Off Till He Shoots A Huge Load In Her Face. When Chloe's Done Ingratiating Herself To The Boss, Kristen Pops By Bill's Office Thinking She Found A Way To Keep Chloe And Her On Board. She Is Hoping To Show Him Her Idea, So Bill Follows Her To A Bedroom Where Chloe Is Lying Naked On The Bed. They Greet Him With A Third Round Of Head, Then Bill Lies Down And Both Masseuses Suck His Dick Outstandingly. Kristen Turns Around And Sits On His Erect Cock, Then She Rides Him Till She Convulses. Bill Gets Up To Fuck Chloe Who Is Lying With Her Legs Spread On The Bed. He Ploughs Her Meaty Pussy While She Plays With Her Clit And Cums On His Cock. Then He Fucks Kristen From Behind Till He Cums In Their Mouths! Who Do You Think Wins This Sweet Massage Competition? Click To Find Out! 00:06:15 2 months ago Txxx
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Emma In Swanlike Emma Cums - FantasyMassage, Brunette Masseuse Emma Receives Her Client And Asks Him To Undress. Once He Lies Down On The Massage Table, She Covers His Back With Oil And Begins To Massage It Into His Skin. She Reaches Over His Head With Her Long, Thin Arms To Rub The Oil Into His Buttocks. She Asks Him To Turn Over And Drizzles More Oil From The Bowl Onto His Chest, Then Down To His Hips And Pelvis, Working Her Way Around His Growing Erection. Then She Applies Oil Directly To His Penis, Paying Attention To The Shaft As Well As The Head. As She Expertly Massages His Glans, She Begins To Stimulate Her Own Nipples, Pulling Up Her Pink Top To Expose Her Big Natural Tits. She Lowers Her Torso And Strokes His Cock In Between Her Boobs, Then Unbuttons Her White Skirt And Slips Off Her Panties. While The Client Strokes Her Ass Excitedly, Emma Climbs Onto The Table, Straddling His Head In 69 Position. She Licks His Cock Gingerly, While He Takes A Mouthful Of Pussy. He Kisses Her Appreciatively, Then She Sits Over His Cock And Inserts It Into Her Wet Pussy. She Rides His Dick Slowly, Taking It All The Way Inside Her Pussy And Moaning With Every Creamy Thrust. He Grabs Her Ass And Speeds Up Her Rhythm Until She Explodes With Pleasure. She Dismounts From The Table Then Lies Alongside Of Him, Lifting Her Leg To Take His Cock More Deeply. Then He Stands Her Up And Fucks Her With Quick Jabs Of His Dick Till He Empties His Balls All Over Her Tummy! 00:06:15 5 months ago Txxx
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NubileFilms Video: Sweet Kisses, Silvie Luca Is Sitting At The Table Enjoying A Good Book When Her Lover Elisa Struts In With Something More Enticing Than Reading On Her Mind. Within Moments The Two Brunettes Have Their Lips Locked In A Sensual Makeout Session That Can Only Lead To More. Soon Elisa Strips Silvie Of Her Shirt First And Then Bends To Lick And Suckle Her Woman's Rock Hard Puffy Nipples. Dropping To Her Knees, She Slides Silvie's Panties Aside So That She Can Use Her Magic Tongue To Lick Her Woman's Already-swollen Clitoris And Draw Moans Of Pleasure From Silvie. As Elisa's Pussy Massage Continues With Both Her Talented Tongue And Her Soft Fingers, Silvie Can Do Nothing Besides Lay Back And Enjoy The Sensation. Her Gasps Of Pleasure Grow Louder And More Insistent When Elisa Slides Two Fingers Into Her Bald Twat And Thrusts Back And Forth Once She Has Found Her Lover's G-spot. With Such Devoted Attention, It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before Silvie Dissolves Into A Bone-melting Climax. With Her Body Still Humming Form Her Release, Silvie Turns The Tables On Her Woman. After Peeling Off Elisa's Dress, Silvie Kneels Behind Elisa's Warm Body And Buries Her Face In Her Lover's Needy Landing Strip Snatch. Silvie's Tongue Works Wonders As It Drives In And Out Of Elisa's Cum Craving Hole, Lubricating It Until She Can Drive Her Fingers In To Commence A Proper Pussy Pounding That Quickly Brings Elisa To Her Own Body-shaking Climax. The Girls Are Only Getting Warmed Up With Their Lovemaking, So Instead Of Stopping At One Climax Apiece They Simply Take A Moment To Exchange Sweet Kisses And Then Rearrange Themselves With Their Legs Spread Apart So That They Can Scissor Their Sensitized Pussies Together. That Pleasurable Sensation Soon Dissolves Into A Luxurious 69, With Silvie Laying Atop Elisa So That They Can Each Lick And Finger Fuck Each Other's Needy Fuck Holes. Already Warmed Up By Their Individual Climaxes, It Is Only A Matter Of Minutes Before Silvie And Elisa Drive Each Other To A Mutual Second Pleasurable Explosion That Leaves Them Both Sated And Smiling. 00:09:02 2 years ago UPornia
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