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Colt & Thomas Military Porn Video, Thomas And Colt Get To Know Each Other ... So As Major Wood Is Taking Their Photos Outside, I Am Inside Gearing Things Up For The Video Portion And We're Watching These Two In The Pool And Hot Tub. You Can Tell That Colt Is Really Happy About His Co-star And Thomas Seems Pleased Too. Thomas Lets Down Some Of His Macho Bravado And Lets Colt Enjoy The Fantasy As Colt Snuggles Up Next To Him In The Pool And Steals A Few Kisses. This Sweetheart That Thomas Is Being Won't Last Long Once Things Move To The Pool House. Thomas Is The First One In The Pool House And He And I Talk As He Sits On The Edge Of The Bed Talking Shit As I Ask Him If He Thinks Colt Wants It. Thomas Is As Good At Talking Shit As I Am And He Kicks Back On The Bed And Works That Huge Monster Right Up To Attention, Gettin' It Ready To Pull Rank On Colt. Thomas Is Hard As A Brick As He Tells Me What He's Gonna Do To Colt. Thomas Has A Plan Of Action In Place And I Go Out To Get Colt To Join Him. Once Colt's In The Pool House, I Let Thomas Take The Lead To See Where Things Are Gonna Go. Thomas Gets Right To It And Has Colt On His Cock Quicker Than You Can Say Hot Damn. Colt Seems In Love At First Sight. He's On The Huge Meat Like White On Rice And Thomas Is Telling His Cocksucker Exactly What To Do. Colt Is Hungry And He's Taking Matters Into His Own Hands. Doesn't Take Much Convincing Him That He's Got A Real Jewel Of A Cock In Front Of Him. Thomas Feeds The Hungry Sailor ... Thomas Tells Colt To Let Him Feed Him The Big Cock And Colt Obeys. Thomas Comes Up On His Knees And Fucks Colt's Face Fast And Hard And Colt Takes It All And Follows Thomas' Orders. Thomas' Dirty Talk Gets Colt Going And He Tries Hard To Take All The Cock Down His Hungry Throat. Thomas Slaps Colt In The Face With His Big Meat And Colt Just Loves It. Thomas Says He Likes Fucking Colt's Pretty Little Face. Thomas Starts Playing With Colt's Big Cock While He Feeds His Cocksucker. Thomas Tells Him To Be Still And Let Him Fuck That Face As He Skull Fucks Colt. Thomas Is Jerking Colt's Huge Cock And He Seems To Be Sucking Dick Even Better. He Makes Colt Take Control Of His Own Cock And Just Enjoys His Mouth. Ever Once In A While Thomas Will Rub And Play With Colt. Finally He Starts Rubbing That Tight Little Asshole. He Lubes Up His Big Finger And Sticks It In Colt's Ass While Colt Worships His Cock. He's Finger-fucking And Face-fucking Colt Who Is Moaning In Pure Pleasure. Colt Is Still Stroking Himself While Thomas' Finger Plows His Ass And His Big Cock Fucks His Mouth. The Feeding Frenzy Continues With Thomas On Top ... Thomas Positions Himself Over Colt And Fucks His Hot Mouth From Above While He Keeps Fingering His Tight Ass. Then, He Pulls Him Up In A Stand-up 69 Position And Sucks Colt's Cock While Colt Swings Back And Forth, Sucking Thomas. Thomas Keeps Fingering His Ass Puts Him Back Down On The Bed And Continues To Fuck His Face Hard. Thomas Asks If He's Ready For That Cock In His Ass And Colt Hums, 'mmm�hmmmm.' Thomas Is Throat Fucking Colt And Telling Him How His Cock Needs Some Hole. He's Telling Colt How He's Gonna Put It In His Ass And Make Him His Bitch. Thomas Bends Colt Over And Takes His Ass ... Thomas Stuffs His Huge Meat Deep Into Colt's Waiting Hole And Immediately Starts Pounding Him Fast And Hard. Colt Is Taking It Like A Champ For A Newbie And Thomas Isn't Giving Any Mercy. Colt's Cock Is Swinging Hard As Thomas' Dick Reams His Hole. Thomas' Huge Balls Are Slapping Against Colt's Ass Hard And Thomas Is Lost In The Moment. It's Obvious That Colt Is Lost In The Moment, Too As He Gives It All To Thomas To Use And Abuse. Colt Gives Thomas His Belt And Thomas Shows Colt What Pullin' Rank Really Means ... Colt Has Some Secrets And One Of Them Is He Likes To Be Choked. Thomas Takes His Belt And Wraps It Around Colt's Neck And Chokes His Ass While He Fucks The Hell Out Of Him. I Think Colt Wanted It Harder, But Thomas Kept Things In Line. He Gets Into The Power This Gives Him And Colt Loves It. The Belt Makes Colt Rock Hard As He Jerks His Di 00:06:00 3 years ago UPornia
Dirty Cunt Talk When A Stranger Calls 00:08:00 3 days ago ExtremeTube
Blowjob Slut Talks Cocks 00:05:30 3 years ago PornXS
Adam Military Porn Video, We're Back Tonight With Another Brand New Hottie Streaming For You In Our War Chest Update. Adam Is One Sexy Ass Marine And Just As Playful As A Cute Little Puppy. That's One Thing I Love About Marines   They're Just Like Snuggly Little Puppies. They Just Want You To Pet Them And Rub Them And Love Them And As Long As You Do That, They'll Do Anything For You In Return.In His Solo Video (well, Semi-solo ... You'll See What We Mean) We Find Out Adam Has Been In The USMC For Three Years Now, Is 21-years Old, 5' 9' Tall, Weighs 150 Lbs And Is From Texas. And, He Just Got Back From Afghanistan Where He Spent Eight Months Alone With His Buddies. He Says There Was Plenty Of Homo-erotic Horseplay Like Doing The 'mangina' And Shit Like That. He's Got Several Tattoos And Of Course He's Sporting The USMC Motto. Adam Says He's Ready To Do A Bi Video And Thinks He Can Talk His Buddy Jameson Into Doing One With Him And A Hot Chick. Little Does Adam Know That Jameson Has Already Crossed The Line And Done A Scene With Another Guy. I'm Sure Adam Is Down To Do The Same And Time Will Tell. This Cute Little Devil Is Totally Comfortable With Himself And His Sexuality. You Can Tell He's Looking To Explore And He's Come To The Right Place To Do So.He Teases Us With His Hard Cock, Rubbing It Through His Boxer Briefs And Pays Plenty Of Attention To The Camera. This Marine Is Packing A Nice Sized Gun And He Loves Showing It Off. He Takes His Time Stroking It And Admiring It.In The Middle Of His Solo His Buddies Beat On The Door From The Other Hotel Room And Adam Doesn't Miss A Beat. He's Not Nervous At All About Being Naked In Front Of His Friends. I Decide That It Would Be Fun To Let One Of His Buddies Take The Camera But First I Tell Him To Whisper Some Encouragement In Adam's Ear And He Does. The Expression On Adam's Face Is Priceless As His Buddy Whispers In His Ear. I Then Decide That It Would Be Hot To Let His Buddy Finish Filming His Solo And Hand Off The Camera To Him. Adam Asks When He Should Nut And I Tell Him 'anytime The Director Tells You To' And From There His Buddy Takes The Reigns. His Buddy Tells Me To Go On In The Other Room That He Has Everything Under Control.Once I'm Gone, His Buddy Starts Talking Dirty To Him Saying, 'Look At That Big Cock.' Adam Grins A Mile Wide As His Buddy Keeps Egging Him On. Adam Gets Into Talking Shit Back To His Buddy And Talk About Fucking Sexy. You're Gonna Lose Your Beads Listening To These Two Tease One Another Back And Forth. Adam Asks His Buddy, 'Do You Want Me To Cum For You?' His Buddy Says 'Yeah.' As His Buddy Keeps Saying, 'Do It, Do It.' Adam Blows A Huge Load All Over Himself And Looks Up At His Director And Says, 'Is This What You Wanted?' Just As He Does Riley And Jameson Walk In The Room And I'll Let You See What Happens From There. 00:06:00 1 year ago Txxx
Insecure Guy Talked Out Of Surgery 00:05:01 4 years ago Tube8
ExtraBigDicks Video: Phil-em-UP, Two Hot Studs Grace Our Site This Week And We Have A Feeling You're Gonna More Than Like What You See. Phillip Aubrey Is New To The Site And Will Be Making His Debut. Along Side The Hung 27 Year Old North Carolinian Is A Familiar Face; That Of William Vos. William Is Now 31 And Originally From The West Coast Of Florida. We Asked These Boys What They Were Most Looking Forward To Happening In The Coming Year. Phillip Is Looking Forward To All Of It, Looking To Take The New Year By Storm. William Wants To Go Back To School And Hopes To Change Everything He Wants To Change About Himself. We Then Asked Them How They Prefer To Communicate In These Digital Times. William Texts Constantly; Where As Phillip Makes More Phone Calls Than He Does Text. We Then Wondered If These Two Ever Jerk To Mobile Porn. They Both Laugh As They Admit They Do However They Both Prefer Computer Porn. Well We're Thinking “size' Might Have Something To Do With That. William Admits He's A Card Carrying Member Of The Bigger Is Better Club. His Largest Cock Was Probably His First Who Was A Good 9' Plus. That's Definitely The Way To Make An Entrance. Well, Let's Make Ourselves Scarce So That These Two Can Get It Started...William And Phillip Are On The Couch Making Small Talk. Fortunately They Run Out Of Things To Talk About As William Starts To Grope And Undress Phillip. All This Talk About Phillip's Fat Cock Has His Curiosity Peeked. He Pulls Off Phillip's Pants And Goes To Work On His Thick Meat. Phillip Groans As William Swirls His Tongue All Over His Shaft. He Strokes It With One Hand As His Mouth Works His Swollen Knob. Phillip's Massive 8½' Cock Is Throbbing As William Takes His Time Worshipping It. Phillip Is Naturally Smooth And The Dedication To His Body Has Paid Off Nicely. William Then Gets Up As They Reconvene On The Floor. They Both Have Plenty Of Meat To Work On As Phillip Starts To Return The Favor. They 69 On The Floor Swallowing Each Other's Hard Cock. Phillip Then Gets Comfortable So That He Can Get A Better Appreciation Of William's Thick Cock. He Lies On His Stomach As He Nurses On That Thick Meat. He Can't Get Enough As William Watches Him Service Him. William Then Wants To Get More Of Phillip's Meat As Phillip Stands On A Chair And Fucks William's Face, Rubbing His Wet Meat All Over His Face. All That Oral Attention Is Making Phillip Hungry For More.Phillip Gets William On All Four As He Spreads That Smooth Ass Apart And Shoves His Tongue In. He Starts To Eat That Ass Making William Squirm. William Holds His Cheeks Apart Wanting To Feel That Hot Tongue Deep Inside Him. Phillip Then Gets Into Position And Starts To Slide His Fat Cock Inside That Hot Ass. William Takes It Like A Champ As Phillip Starts To Pound His Hole. Phillip Takes That Hungry Ass Doggy Style As His Balls Slap Away At That Hot Ass. They Move The Party To The Couch As They Lay Down And Continue Fucking. Phillip Holds William's Leg Up As He Slides In For More. William Begs Him To Keep Fucking Him As Phillip Continues To Pound That Hole. They Kiss Slowly As Phillip Slows It Down A Bit Giving Him The Chance To Ram It Deep Then Slowly Pull It Out Only To Ram It In Again. From There Phillip Gets On His Back And Watches As William Sits On His Thick Cock. He Spreads His Ass Apart As Phillip's Thick Cock Impales It. William Loves That Cock And Starts To Ride On It. Phillip Helps As He Slams His Dick Up Into That Hot Ass Sending William Over The Edge. William Shoots All Over Phillip's Chest And Abs. Phillip Then Pulls Out And Shoots All Over Himself As Well. 00:06:00 3 years ago UPornia
Brock & Bryce Military Porn Video, In Our Last War Chest Update We Watched Brock And Ron Go At It In A Side-by-side Double Jerk-off Session Where We Were Reminded Just How Much Brock Loves The Camera And How Fucking Horny He Gets When He Knows He's Being Watched. It's Clear He Really Loves The Attention. It Was The First Time He'd Shared The Limelight With Someone Else And We Quickly Learn That If He Feels Like Someone Else Might Steal His Show He'll Work Extra Hard To Keep The Camera's Attention On Him. Brock Is A Bundle Of Twisted-up Testosterone Just Waiting To Be Unravelled. Our Buddy Mike Quickly Recognizes This And Takes Full Advantage Of It By Teaming Him Up With A Tried And True Player On The Covert Missions Team.This Week Brock Is Back But He's Got Company Again. This Time It's The Super Adorable And Hung Bryce. Bryce Is Out Of The Army Now And He's Looking Better Than Ever. Mike Calls Him In To Help With His Plan Of Getting Brock To Take Things To The Next Level. Playing Right Into Brock's Love Of Attention, Mike And Bryce Work As A Beautiful Team To Take Brock Across The Line. But Mike Plays It Really Smooth And Let's Brock Call All The Shots, Giving Him Plenty Of Room To Put Himself In The Position It's So Obvious He Wants To Be In. You Can Lead A Horny Soldier To Water But You Can't Make Him Drink. You Have To Let Him Do That For Himself And Mike Understands This All Too Well.Bryce Gets Up To Go To The Bathroom And While He's Gone Brock Is Stroking His Hard Cock Hornier Than Hell. He Looks At Mike And The Camera And Whispers, 'I Think He Wants To Suck Some Cock.' He's Talking About Bryce Of Course And Mike Wastes No Time Getting Him To Repeat What He Said. It's Obvious He Wants Bryce's Hot Mouth On His Hard Dick And He Wants It Now. Mike Tells Him To Ask Bryce When He Returns And See What He Says. Now The Tables Have Turned And The Ball Is In Brock's Court. He Wastes No Time Making His Play And As Soon As Bryce Is Back He's Asking Away.Bryce Isn't The Least Bit Hesitant As This Is Exactly What He And Mike Had Planned All Along. He Gets Down On His Knees And Starts Servicing Brock's Cock, Working It Good. We All Know That Brock Likes His Nuts Played With And Bryce Is Sure To Pay Plenty Of Attention To The Nice Low Hangers. He's Deep-throating That Nice Dick And Licking Those Delicious Balls And Brock Is Just Loving It. You Can Tell Brock Is Sure Of His Control In This Situation And That's Just Fine. He's Getting What He Wants, Mike And Bryce Are Getting What They Want And So Are All Of Us.Bryce Makes Quite A Good Cock Sucker And He's All About Giving Brock Exactly What He Wants. As We Watch Bryce Perfect His Cock Sucking Skills, Brock Is All About It. He's Getting Into All This Attention And The Great Service He's Receiving From Bryce. After Enjoying A Long, Wet And Sloppy Blow Job Brock Shoots His Load All Over Himself As Bryce Jerks It Out For Him. But Brock Isn't Your Typical Straight Guy Who Gets His Nut Then Zips Up And Leaves. He Makes Sure To Give Bryce A Nice Hand Job That Brings Him Bryce To The Edge As He Explodes All Over Himself As Brock Jerks His Big Meat.Mike Is Proud Of His Accomplishment But He Isn't Done Yet. He Tells Brock And Bryce That They Are All Gonna Go For Some Food And Drinks And Talk About Something Else. Stay Tuned To Find Out What They Talked About And What Happened Next. 2 years ago Txxx
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