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Chloe And Trisha In All Tied Up - PunishTeens, Trisha Finds Yards On Yards Of Rope In Her Moms Pantie Drawer. She Shows It To Chloe, Who Is Also Very Intrigued By It. She Suggests That Maybe Trishas Parents Are Into Kink, And She Might Be Right. After Gazing At The Rope For A Few Minutes, They Both Decide That Maybe This Is Something They Should Try, But They Have No Idea How Its Done. They Look Up Online How To Do It Properly, And When Chloe Gives Trisha The First Wrap Around, She Starts Getting Excited Right Away. Turns Out Chloe Isnt The Best At BDSM Knots, So They Decide To Call Richie Who They Know Is Super Good At That Kind Of Stuff. As Soon As He Gets There, They Immediately Lure Him To The Bedroom To Explain The Deal. Richies A Little Bit Perplexed. He Gets The Tying Up Part, But What Else? The Girls Basically Leave It Up To Him, And Thats The Worst Possible Idea They Have Had All Day. Turns Out Richie Was A Closet Sick Sadistic Fuck Who Took Overbearing Control Right Away As Soon As It Was Given To Him. He Lifts Chloe By The Hair And Sternly Tells Them Both To Take Their Fucking Clothes Off. Trisha Tries Talking Back, But He Firmly Grabs Her By The Mouth, Lays Down The Rules, And Demeans The Girls Every Chance He Can. He Throat Fucks The Shit Out Of Trisha While Chloe Is Forced To Watch. She Tries To Get Up, But Its Of No Use. Richie Proceeds To Brutally Cock Slap Both Of These Sluts So They Can Get A Dose Of What True Kink Is All About. He Then Gets Them Both On The Bed, Just In Time To Start Brutally Slapping, Fish Hooking, And Fucking Them Both In Quite A Raucous Manner. After That Ordeal AND A Demoralizing Shared Load To The Face, Its Safe To Say These Little Adventurers Might Stick To Vanilla Next Time They Go To The Ice Cream Shop. 00:09:59 7 months ago Txxx
Colt & Thomas Military Porn Video, Thomas And Colt Get To Know Each Other ... So As Major Wood Is Taking Their Photos Outside, I Am Inside Gearing Things Up For The Video Portion And We're Watching These Two In The Pool And Hot Tub. You Can Tell That Colt Is Really Happy About His Co-star And Thomas Seems Pleased Too. Thomas Lets Down Some Of His Macho Bravado And Lets Colt Enjoy The Fantasy As Colt Snuggles Up Next To Him In The Pool And Steals A Few Kisses. This Sweetheart That Thomas Is Being Won't Last Long Once Things Move To The Pool House. Thomas Is The First One In The Pool House And He And I Talk As He Sits On The Edge Of The Bed Talking Shit As I Ask Him If He Thinks Colt Wants It. Thomas Is As Good At Talking Shit As I Am And He Kicks Back On The Bed And Works That Huge Monster Right Up To Attention, Gettin' It Ready To Pull Rank On Colt. Thomas Is Hard As A Brick As He Tells Me What He's Gonna Do To Colt. Thomas Has A Plan Of Action In Place And I Go Out To Get Colt To Join Him. Once Colt's In The Pool House, I Let Thomas Take The Lead To See Where Things Are Gonna Go. Thomas Gets Right To It And Has Colt On His Cock Quicker Than You Can Say Hot Damn. Colt Seems In Love At First Sight. He's On The Huge Meat Like White On Rice And Thomas Is Telling His Cocksucker Exactly What To Do. Colt Is Hungry And He's Taking Matters Into His Own Hands. Doesn't Take Much Convincing Him That He's Got A Real Jewel Of A Cock In Front Of Him. Thomas Feeds The Hungry Sailor ... Thomas Tells Colt To Let Him Feed Him The Big Cock And Colt Obeys. Thomas Comes Up On His Knees And Fucks Colt's Face Fast And Hard And Colt Takes It All And Follows Thomas' Orders. Thomas' Dirty Talk Gets Colt Going And He Tries Hard To Take All The Cock Down His Hungry Throat. Thomas Slaps Colt In The Face With His Big Meat And Colt Just Loves It. Thomas Says He Likes Fucking Colt's Pretty Little Face. Thomas Starts Playing With Colt's Big Cock While He Feeds His Cocksucker. Thomas Tells Him To Be Still And Let Him Fuck That Face As He Skull Fucks Colt. Thomas Is Jerking Colt's Huge Cock And He Seems To Be Sucking Dick Even Better. He Makes Colt Take Control Of His Own Cock And Just Enjoys His Mouth. Ever Once In A While Thomas Will Rub And Play With Colt. Finally He Starts Rubbing That Tight Little Asshole. He Lubes Up His Big Finger And Sticks It In Colt's Ass While Colt Worships His Cock. He's Finger-fucking And Face-fucking Colt Who Is Moaning In Pure Pleasure. Colt Is Still Stroking Himself While Thomas' Finger Plows His Ass And His Big Cock Fucks His Mouth. The Feeding Frenzy Continues With Thomas On Top ... Thomas Positions Himself Over Colt And Fucks His Hot Mouth From Above While He Keeps Fingering His Tight Ass. Then, He Pulls Him Up In A Stand-up 69 Position And Sucks Colt's Cock While Colt Swings Back And Forth, Sucking Thomas. Thomas Keeps Fingering His Ass Puts Him Back Down On The Bed And Continues To Fuck His Face Hard. Thomas Asks If He's Ready For That Cock In His Ass And Colt Hums, 'mmm�hmmmm.' Thomas Is Throat Fucking Colt And Telling Him How His Cock Needs Some Hole. He's Telling Colt How He's Gonna Put It In His Ass And Make Him His Bitch. Thomas Bends Colt Over And Takes His Ass ... Thomas Stuffs His Huge Meat Deep Into Colt's Waiting Hole And Immediately Starts Pounding Him Fast And Hard. Colt Is Taking It Like A Champ For A Newbie And Thomas Isn't Giving Any Mercy. Colt's Cock Is Swinging Hard As Thomas' Dick Reams His Hole. Thomas' Huge Balls Are Slapping Against Colt's Ass Hard And Thomas Is Lost In The Moment. It's Obvious That Colt Is Lost In The Moment, Too As He Gives It All To Thomas To Use And Abuse. Colt Gives Thomas His Belt And Thomas Shows Colt What Pullin' Rank Really Means ... Colt Has Some Secrets And One Of Them Is He Likes To Be Choked. Thomas Takes His Belt And Wraps It Around Colt's Neck And Chokes His Ass While He Fucks The Hell Out Of Him. I Think Colt Wanted It Harder, But Thomas Kept Things In Line. He Gets Into The Power This Gives Him And Colt Loves It. The Belt Makes Colt Rock Hard As He Jerks His Di 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
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ExtraBigDicks Video: Ty One On, Ricky Larkin Is Back In The House This Week Looking Better Than Ever. Ricky Will Be Helping Us Welcome Back A Blast From The Past Ty Tucker Who Appeared On Our Brother Site A Few Years Ago. We Asked These Studs If They Could Have Anyone Interview Them Who It Would Be. Ty Would Want To Be Interviewed By Charlie Sheen. Ricky Would Want To Be Interviewed By None Other Than Stephen Colbert. We Then Flipped The Script And Asked If They Could Interview Anyone They Wanted To Whom It Would Be. Ricky Grins As He Answers Mila Kunis Just To Be In The Same Room With Her. Ty Would Want To 'interview' Super Model Heidi Klum. Both Of These Boys Prefer The Ladies Off Cam But Are Open Minded Enough To Do Male On Male Work. We Wondered What If Anything They've Learned From Being In This Position. Ty Learned That Not Everything Needs To Be So Restricted And Being Open With Your Sexuality Is Healthy. Ricky Started Off Not Really Liking It But He Didn't Dislike It Either. One Way Or The Other Both Of These Studs Agree That The Best Head They've Received To Date Have Been From Men. 'I Heard What You Were Doing With My Sister Last Night' Ricky Tells Ty, ‘these Walls Are Paper Thin. Ty Tries To Apologize But His Pleas Fall On Deaf Ears As Ricky Makes Him Pay. Payback's A Bitch As Ty Gets Dragged To His Knees And Has Ricky's Crotch Shoved Into It. Suddenly 'payback' Ain't Lookin' All That Bad! Lol Ricky Grinds His Growing Cock Into Ty's Face Before Undoing His Shorts So That He Can Get That Hot Mouth Around His Cock. Ty Doesn't Put Up Much Of A Struggle As He Services That Thick Dick. Ricky Grabs His Head And Starts To Fuck His Face Deep. His Smooth Balls Slap Away At Ty's Chin And Just As He's Getting Used To Sucking That Thick Meat Ricky Grabs Him And Throws Him On The Couch. He Straddles His Chest And Shoves His Cock Back In. He Fucks His Throat Deeper And Harder Making Ty Choke And Gag On His Oversized Cock. Ty Reaches Around And Grabs Ricky's Beefy Ass With Both Hands As He Helps To Steady That Cock Going Down His Throat. Ricky Then Gets Ty On His Feet And Strips Off His Jeans To Get At That Dick. Ricky Gets On His Knees And Bobs Up And Down On That Dick Taking It All The Way Down His Throat. 'You're Better Than Your Sister!' Teases Ty As Ricky Continues Sucking His Rock Hard Cock Gagging On It As He Shoves It All The Way Down His Throat.Ricky Savors That Cock For A While Before Wanting As He Bends Ty Over. He Spreads Ty's Smooth Ass Open And Dives In Tongue First. Ty Moans As He Gets That Ass Rimmed. Once Ricky Gets That Tongue Up Ty's Ass, There's NO Way He's Going Back To His Sister. Ricky Gets That Ass Wet Before Suiting Up And Giving Ty What He's Got Coming. Ricky Slides Inside As Ty Struggles To Accommodate Him. Ricky Starts Fucking That Ass Deep As He Delivers Doggy Style. He Holds Ty's Head Down As He Takes That Ass And Makes It His. Ty Begs For More And Ricky Complies Pulling Out And Sitting Back So That Ty Can Ride It. Ty Whimpers And Grunts As He Impales Himself Back On That Dick. Ricky's Not Cutting Him Any Slack As He Grabs His Tight Waist And Rails His Dick Up Into That Tight Ass Hard And Fast. Ty Is Groaning As His Ass Still Fights It. Ricky's Not Done With Him Yet As He Puts Ty On The Floor So That His Shoulders Are Holding Him Up As His Legs Reach For The Sky. Ricky Kneels On The Couch; Aims His Thick Meat South And Slides It Home. He Gets Into A Push Up Position Over Ty And Starts To Pile Drive That Ass Missionary. The Sight Is Spectacular As Ricky's Muscular Frame Repeatedly Sinks In And Out Of Ty's Sweet Ass. They Then Get On The Couch And Jack Their Loads All Over Themselves Side By Side Drenching Themselves In Cum. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia
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AJ Applegate, Cassidy Klein In Battle Of The Interns, Mick Blue Is A Powerful Lawyer, With A Dirty Mind And A Job To Get Done. He's Sure That His Two Favorite Interns Cassidy Klein And AJ Applegate Will Go Above And Beyond To Get The Job He's Offering Them. Among The Five Summer Interns Only One Can Be Chosen, And Mick Has His Eyes (and A Few Other Things) Focused On These Two Beautiful Candidates. Without Telling Them Exactly Why They're At His House On Such A Beautiful Day, He Hints That He's Willing To See How Badly They Want The Job. Well, AJ Takes The Hint Immediately And Is Eager To Pounce On Mick To Make Her Impression. Cassidy Is Instantly Jealous And Forces AJ Out Of The Way To Lay Seductive Kiss On Mick's Waiting Mouth. AJ, Now Left Out In The Cold Decides That She'll Get On Her Knees To Prove She's The Best. After A Great Deep Throating Session With AJ, Cassidy Uses Her Seductive Charm To Lure Him To The Bannister With Her Pussy Wafting His Way In The Open Air. He Takes The Bait, And Soon He Is Having His Way With Both These Gorgeous Interns. He Fucks Cassidy While AJ Takes His Cock In Her Throat, And AJ Even Eats Out Cassidy's Pussy When Her Throat Isn't Filled. He Has Them Both Suck His Big Cock At The Same Time. Before Long, AJ Needs Her Horny Wet Holes Filled, So She Climbs On For A Ride. Mr. Blue Directs The Whole Affair, Making Sure They All Have Their Fill. Cassidy And AJ Sure Get Theirs When He Busts His Nuts All Over Their Faces And In Their Open Mouths. 00:06:16 11 months ago HDZog
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CircleJerkBoys Video: Cum Logan Cum, Dayton O’Connor Is The Flavor Of The Week And Everyone Knows That This Sexy, Smooth 25 Year Old San Diego Native Never Fails To Please. Joining Dayton This Week Is Logan Drake. This Is Logan’s First Shoot Anywhere. A VIRGIN?! How Often Do You Hear That On A Porn Site? Logan Is 21 And From Virginia Beach, VA. With His Clean Cut Looks And Room Brightening Smile He’s In For Quite The Career. Dayton Is A Seasoned Veteran And Admits He Remembers His Very First Scene. If He Had To Do It All Over Again He Would’ve Been More Of A Champ About It. We Asked Logan What He Was Most Nervous About On His Way Here. Logan Blushes As He Admits Wondering Who His Co-star Was Going To Be. Mostly Logan Was Excited To Get Out In Front Of Everyone And Start A New Chapter In His Life. We Then Asked These Boys To Pick 3 Adjectives They Want People To Think About When They Ponder Their Careers As Adult Film Stars. Dayton Wants To Be Thought Of As Aggressive, Hot And Desirable. Logan Would Like To Become The Kind Of Film Star That People Know As Amazing, Sexy And Fun. Well, We Are Pretty Sure That Dayton Can Figure Out How To Have An Amazing And Fun Time With Mr. McSexy Sitting Right Next To Him.Dayton Is Kicking Back On The Bench Flippin’ Through A Gay Porn Mag And Groping His Dick When There’s A Knock On The Door. Logan Walks In Needing A Place To Crash For A Bit. As Dayton Goes To Get Him A Pillow, Logan Finds The Magazine He’s Hidden Under A Cushion. “What’s This?” He Asks. Dayton Blushes And Does What Anyone Would Do When Cornered, He Makes Out With Him… SCORE!! They Pull Off Each Other’s Tees As They Start To Explore Each Other’s Bodies. Logan Leans Back On The Weight Bench As Dayton Starts To Grope His Growing Cock. Both Of These Studs Are Naturally Smooth And Defined. Dayton Hauls Out Logan’s Cock And Starts Sucking On It. Logan Is Rock Hard In Seconds As He Gets His Balls Licked And Cock Swallowed. Dayton Bobs His Head Up And Down On That Dick While Letting His Fingers Roam South Getting A Sneak Peak At That Hot Ass He Has His Eyes On.Logan Then Gets On His Knees As He Strips Dayton’s Briefs Off. He Licks His Lips Before Sliding That Throbbing Cock Inside Them. Dayton’s Eyes Roll Back As The Newbie Shows Him Just What He Can Do On That Thick Dick Of His. Dayton Loves It As He Holds Logan’s Head And Face Fucks Him. He Impales His Cock All The Way Down Logan’s Throat. “Look At Me When You Do That” He Coaches As He Watches Logan Swallow Every Inch Of Dick He’s Given. Logan Effortlessly Deep Throats That Huge Cock At Will. The New Kid Got Skillz, Yo!Logan Then Gets On The Couch As Dayton Gets A Better Taste Of That Sweet Untapped Ass. He Licks And Fingers That Hole As He Jacks His Dick. “Yeah, Put Your Ass In My Face” He Grunts As He Gets That Hot Hole Ready For A Proper Fucking. His Fingers Open That Sweet Ass Up Making Way For A Much Larger Digit. He Lays Logan On His Back As He Lubes Up That Ass And Pushes Inside. Slowly That Hole Concedes As Dayton Starts To Fuck Away At That Ass. Logan Is Taking That Dick Like A Champ As Dayton Picks Up The Pace. He Slams That Cock Deep As He Holds Logan’s Legs Up. Dayton Then Starts To Have At That Ass As His Hot Little Waist Gyrates Sending That Cock Deeper Into Logan’s Ass. Dayton Then Bends Logan Over On All Four As He Slides In For More Doggy Style. A View From Below Gives Us A Spectacular Shot As Dayton’s Cock Slams In And Out Of Logan’s Ass. Missionary Is Next As Dayton Continues The Fuck Fest. This Position Usually Does The Trick And As Dayton’s Thick Cock Is Hitting Logan’s Prostate It Sends Him Over The Edge. “I’m Gonna Cum, Fuck Me Hard” Logan Grunts As Dayton Obliges Railing His Ass Deep. Logan Explodes All Over Himself With Dayton Pounding Him. Dayton Then Pulls Out And Unloads Another Huge Load All Over Logan. 00:06:00 1 year ago UPornia

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