Cougar Deauxma Subdued & Tied Up By Arielle Ferrara & 2 Men!

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Mistress Vanessa Vixon Has Found Another Pair Of Balls For Her Collection - MeanHandJobs, Vanessa Vixen And Lance Hart Work Together. He Recently Got Put On A Project That She Really Wanted So She Confronts Him At Work. She Knows That He's Always Been Lustful For Her But He Doesn't Know About Her Sadistic Side. Vanesa Tells Lance In A Flirty Way That She's Going To Hurt Him Very Badly If He Doesn't Give Her The New Project. He's Reluctant At First. When She Drives Her Pantyhose Covered Foot Into His Balls, He Starts To Become More Compliant. Vanessa Starts To Get Turned On The More She Torments Lance. She Sits On His Lap And Gets Flirty. She Can't Resist Slapping His Balls At The Same Time. Poor Lance Doesn't Know What To Do. She's Starting To Like Him. She Tells Him That He Needs To Have Dinner With Him Or Else! The Story Continues With Lance And Vanessa At Dinner. While He Gets Up To Get Her A Napkin And Check On The Roast, She Drops Something Into His Drink. As Soon As Her Special Juice Sinks In, She Sits On His Lap And Tells Him Her Favorite Fetish: She Collects Male Genitalia. She's Going To Castrate Him And Cut Off His Dick To Add To Her Extensive Collection. When Lance Wakes Back Up, He's Tied To The Wall And She's Kneeing Him In The Nuts. She Loves Femdom CBT Play. Vanessa Is Getting More Turned On By The Idea Of Adding His Nice Set To Her Collection. She Teases Him With Her Body, Pulls Off His Boxer Briefs And Plays With His Cock And Balls With Her Feet While She Smiles And Talks About Cutting His Dick Off. Eventually She Leaves Him Tied To The Wall With Sore Balls So She Can Change Into Something Else. Vanessa Returns To Lance. He's Still Tied Up On The Wall. Now She's Wearing A Tight Leotard And Black Fishnets. At First He Starts To Try To Talk Sense Into Her, But He Quickly See's That She's Serious About Her Plan When She Starts Kneeing And Kicking His Balls. Her Knees And Kicks Are Much Harder In This Episode. She's Not Playing Around Anymore. Her Goal Is To Make Him Beg Her To Cut Off His Cock And Balls And End The Pain. She Tells Him All About Her Collection Of Dicks She Has At Home, Knees Him, Slaps His Balls, Then Leaves Him Tied Up For A While. Vanessa Returns In A Sexy School Girl Outfit With White Pantyhose. Now It's Getting Serious. She Wants Him To Decide Which Gets Removed First, His Cock Or His Balls? She Teases Him With Her Body A Little Bit To Remind Him Of What. Eventually She Breaks Him To A Point Where He Actually Asks Her To Cut His Balls Off! Poor Guy. Mistress Vixen Decides To Give Him A Mean Handjob Before He Loses His Member. 00:08:00 3 months ago Txxx
Tough Woman Ties Him Up And Teases Him 00:02:09 5 days ago ExtremeTube
ExtraBigDicks Video: Wade In The Shade, Niko Reeves And Wade Riley Make Their ExtraBigDicksdebut This Week. Nikko Is 23 And Is Originally From Los Angeles. West Coast Meets The South As 18 Yr Old Wade Proudly Represents Alabama. We Wondered What These Two Liked To Watch On TV And What Series They Like Enough To Buy. Wade Loves Grey’s Anatomy While Niko Likes The Sopranos. We Then Wondered What The Kinkiest Thing These Two Fine Individuals Had Gotten Themselves Into. Wade Admits He’s Been Tied Up In The Woods Before. He Says There Was Just One Woodsman Though By The Time They Were Done It Felt Like There Had Been 3 Of Them. Niko Blushes And Admits He’s Never Done Anything That Kinky But He Had Been With A Police Officer Who Handcuffed Him With His Real Handcuffs And It Made The Action That Much Hotter. Well This Afternoon We Won’t Need To Tie Wade Down And There Won’t Be Any Handcuffs For Niko. There Will Be Plenty Of Hot Hands Free Fucking And Sucking Going On So Without Further Ado… By The Time We Start Rolling Wade Is Rock Hard And Niko’s Hands Are All Over It. He Pulls Down Wade’s Pants And Starts To Grope His Boner Through His Boxers. “Nice And Thick Just The Way I Like It” Says Niko As He Tugs On It Before Pulling It Free. Wade’s Hard Cock And His Huge Low Hangers Stands Proudly At Attention As Niko Opens Wide. He Starts To Nurse On That Country Cock As Wade Reaches Down And Plays With His Own Balls. Wade Then Strips Niko So That He Can Return The Favor. Niko Moans His Approval As Wade Goes To Work On His Cock. Niko Loves The Attention He’s Getting But He’s Not Done With Wade’s As He Kneels On The Floor So That Wade Can Feed Him More Cock. Niko Laps At His Smooth Balls As Wade’s Cock Throbs At Attention. He Grabs Niko’s Head And Starts To Fuck His Face Trying To Get As Much Of His Thick Dick Down Niko’s Hungry Throat. Wade Then Bends Niko Over And Lets His Tongue Explore That Smooth Hole He’ll Soon Be Filling. Niko Can’t Get Enough As He Writhes In Ecstasy While Wade Tongue Fucks His Hot Hole And Slaps That Ass. Once That Hot Ass Is Ready And Wet Enough To Get Inside Of, Wade Suits Up And Gets Into Position. He Flips Niko Over Onto His Back And Slams Inside. He Starts Fucking That Hot Ass Hard As Niko Whimpers As He Takes A Pounding. Wade Buries That Meat Over And Over As Niko Takes Every Thrust. “Fuckin’ Tight Ass” Wade Moans As He Looks Down And Watches His Dick Disappear Into Niko’s Hot Hole. Niko Is Rock Hard The Entire Time Wade Is Pounding That Ass. Wade’s Relentless As He Assaults That Ass. He Then Switches It Up And Bends Niko Over So That He Can Fuck That Ass Doggy Style. Wade Gets Right Back To Pounding That Ass As He Slaps That Ass And Asks Niko If He Likes That (…purely Rhetorical, Of Course). Next He Gets Niko To Sit On His Dick As He Starts To Fuck Up Into That Worn Hole. Niko Gets Bounced Up And Down On That Massive Dick As Wade Starts To Jack Niko’s Cock. Wade Jacks Niko Harder As He Bounces On His Meat. Sensory Over Ride For Poor Niko Who Ends Up Exploding All Over Wade’s Defined Abs And Chest. Wade Keeps Shoving That Dick Deep Making Him Cum Even Harder. Wade Then Pulls Out And Busts His Nut All Over His Own Cum-covered And Very Happy, Happy Trail. 1 year ago Txxx
Vanessa Cage & JC Simpson Play With Their Bound Sex Slave, Vanessa Cage Has Lured Lance Hart Into Her Dungeon To Have Some Fun. He Thinks They Are Going To Hook Up But She Has Other Plans. She Teases Him And Lightly Knees His Balls At First, Letting Him Know That She's Into Some Freaky Stuff. She's Very Sweet And Flirty And Seems So Innocent In Her Pigtails And Purple Leggings. She Tells Him That She'll Suck His Dick If He Can Take A Little Ballbusting. After A Few Kicks, She Convinces Lance To Let Her Tie Him To A Wall. As Soon As He's Naked And Fully Restrained, She Leaves Him Tied Up With Sore Balls. Vanessa Returns To Lance In The Dungeon. She Has Left Him Tied Up For A Very Long Time. Honestly, I Kind Of Forgot About You. She's Wearing Black Pantyhose And A Tight Black Teddy. Now That He's Completely Restrained And His Balls Are As Blue As Possible, She Lets Loose With Some Real Hard Kicks. He Only Gets A Break When She Decides To Tease Him With Her Body To Get His Cock Harder And Hear Him Beg, Just To Giggle And Return To More Ball Torment With Knees, Kicks And Squeezes Vanessa Wants To Really Drive Lance Crazy. She Gets Some Lube And Starts To Jerk Him Off But Just Barely. Every Stroke She Gives His Cock She Counts And Then Kicks Him Or Knees Him In The Balls. She Is Very Seductive And Sensual With The Handjob Part And Heartless With The Ballbusting That Follows. That's What We Consider A Masterful Mean Handjob. She Leaves Him Again In Agony And With No Release On The Wall. Vanessa Returns To Lance After A Few Days. She's Just Getting Back From School And He's Begging Her To Untie Him But She Loves Having Him In Bondage. She Can Play With Him Anytime She Wants. He's Suffering From Her Ballbusting But He Can't Deny The Raging Hard On That She Gives Him. She Loves It. She Strips Off Her Tight Skirt And Teases Him Some More, Then Kicks His Exposed Balls And Laughs At Him And Smiles While He Moans. Then Starts With The Counting Handjob Game Again. She Runs Off With A Smile And Tells Him To Have A Good Time With His Blue Balls. Vanessa Has Returned To Lance And This Time She Brought Her Hot Friend JC Simpson. They Are Both Wearing Black Lingerie Teddies. Vanessa Tells JC About How She's Had Him Bound For A Long Time. JC Thinks This Is Awesome And Jumps Right In On The Ball Busting. The Two Hotties Joke Around With Each Other While They Torment Him And Giggle. They Joke About The Idea Of Castrating. Vanessa Was An Angel Compared To JC With The Ballbusting. JC's Legs Are A Mile Long And Her Knees And Kicks Are No Joke. As A Team They Are Terribly Sexy And Brutal. Especially When They Are Both On Their Knees Squeezing His Balls And Jerking Him Off, Telling Him How They Want To Cut Off His Balls And Keep Them In A Jar. Lance Finally Cums All Over Vanessa But His Huge Orgasm Is Ruined By JC Immediately After As She Torments His Super Sensitive Cock And Balls. 00:07:51 1 year ago UPornia
Mean Ballbusting Co-Worker, Alexis Rain Works With Lance. He's Always Wanted Her, And She Knows It. What He Doesn't Know Is That She Loves To Tease Men And Give Them Blue Balls. Even More Than That She Loves To Torment Men's Balls And Cut Them Off When She's Done. She Seduced Him Into A Trap, Gets Him Home, Ties Him Up And Plays With His Cock While She Abuses His Balls, Letting Him Know How She Really Likes It. She Leaves Him Tied Up, But She Will Be Back, And He Will Lose His Balls. Alexis Rain Returns In A Sexy Black Teddy And Black Fishnets. She Starts Teasing Is Cock With Lube, Rubbing Her Ass Against Him, And Talking About Castrating Him In A Few Different Ways. As Soon As His Cock Gets Hard, She Starts Slamming His Balls With Her Knee. Her Legs Are Strong, And Each Knee Is Serious. She Teases The Head Of His Cock, Mocking It For Being Sensitive, Then Knees Him Some More. Her Voice Is So Sweet, But Her Actions Are Teasing, Cruel And Brutal. When He Begs Her To Stop, She Just Knees Him Harder. Alexis Changes Into Dirty School Girl Outfit. She Still Has Her Co-worker, Lance, Tied To The Wall. The Day Has Come For Him To Lose His Balls. She Tells Him That She's Going To Stroke His Cock, But As Soon As He Cums, She Will Castrate Him. She Teases Him With Her Ass And Legs While She Strokes His Last Load Ever Out, Alternating Between Sweet Talk And Sexy Stroking And Brutal Knees And Kicks To His Balls Until He Finally Cums All Over Her Shiny Pantyhose And Leggings While She Laughs. 00:07:56 2 years ago UPornia
Kimber Woods & The Pope In New Pain Slut Proves Her Worth To The Popes High Expectations - HogTied, What To Do, What To Do, What To Do...with An Insatiable Slut That Hates To Be Told What To Do Or To Be Out Of Control? The Pope Knows Exactly How To Handle A Young Slut Like Kimber Woods In Her First Ever Hogtied Shoot. Kimber Starts Her Day Standing On One Leg With The Other Tied Wide Open, Exposing Her Tight-teeny-pink Pussy. But Before Anything Can Begin Kimbers Loud Mouth And Gift Of Gab First Must Be Taken Care Of With A Classic Red Ball-gag That Shuts Her Up And Makes Her Finally Appreciate The Predicament That She Has Submitted To. The Pope Begins To Slowly Work Her Over And Examines All The Parts Of Her Body. He Methodically Tests How This New Slut Reacts As His Giant Hands Work Her Over, Adding Nipple Clamps, Slapping Her Thighs And Punching Her Perfect Round Ass. This Gets Her Attention. Kimber Quickly Comes Alive And Begins To Feel The Popes Full Wrath As He Tenderizes Her Body With Floggers And Terrorizes Her Exposed Foot With Pointed-pain Like She Has Never Felt Before. The Pope Senses Her Hunger And Tests Her Pussy To See If It Has Gotten Moist. He Discovers That It Is Dripping Wet As This Pain Slut Takes What She Deserves. Nestled In The Loving Embrace Of His Choke-hold, She Gasps And Quivers Has He Leads Her To Repeated Hitachi-fueled Orgasms. And When She Reaches An Ecstatic Peak The Pope Walks Away And Leaves Her In Denial. This Is About What He Wants; Her Pleasure Will Be At His Discretion If And Only If He Thinks She Has Earned It. She Then Finds Herself Tied To A Chair Which Leaves Her Inner Thighs And Chest Exposed To A Constant Barrage Of Slapping And Hitting. As She Reaches A Frenzied State From The Impact Play, The Pope Crams A Vibrator Onto Her Clit; Switching Back And Forth Between Pleasure And Pain Until He Finally Lets Her Cum. Having Barely Caught Her Breath She Then Finds Herself Tied-up In A Rigorous Suspension That Tests The Limits Of Her Endurance. The Pope Attacks Her Feet, Causing Her To Squirm And Shake, Which Only Intensifies The Agony Of The Predicament. To Seal The Deal He Rams A Dildo Into Pussy And Watches With With Delight, As He Tears A Brutal Orgasm From Quivering Whore-hole. Having Already Run A Marathon, This Young Slut Ends Her Day As All Hungry Whores Should; On Her Back With Her Legs Tied Wide Open. The Pope Never Lets Up And Attacks Her Feet And Toes With Reckless Abandon. She Quickly Returns To A Heightened State Of Arousal As She Experiences Pain As She Never Has Before. And Just When She Can Not Take Another Second Of The Popes Sadistic Hands, She Finally Earns The Orgasms That She Has Diligently Worked For All Day. The Pope Plunges Her With A Big Dildo And Then Crams His Hand Into Her Pussy And Manually Drives Her G-spot Into The Biggest Orgasm Of Her Life. The Camera Never Lies And The Feeling Of Exhaustion And Defeat Is Palpable As We Watch Kimber Quiver In A Pool Of Her Mess. Kimber Is A Pain Slut Of The Divine Order!!! Welcome To The Kink Family!! 6 months ago Txxx
Tied Me Up 00:05:05 3 years ago Tube8
Mona Wales & Tommy Pistol & Cadence Lux In Scamming Squirting Slut Punished By Crazy Anal Housewife - TheUpperFloor, It's A Battle Of The Blonds As A Scam Artist Faces Off Against A Sadistic Housewife Resulting In Brutal Sybian, Squirting, Bondage, Anal, Humiliation, & Pussy Clamps. Cadence Lux Is A Hot Little Whore Running A Her Last Job, But Picks The Wrong Rich And Sadistic Psycho's To Pull One Over On. Before She Arrives From The Third Party Designer App Agency, Tommy And His Hot And Bothered Wife Mona Are Playing Power Games. Instigating Her Sadistic Husband's Wrath Is A Time Honored Tradition, So Mona Coyly Throws Her Collar On The Floor Leaving Herself Open To Tommy's Discipline. Panties Stuffed In Her Mouth And Pussy, Paddled And Flogged Until She Is Bound And Squirting On The Floor With A Cock In Her Ass, Choked Out On Her Husbands Work Tie, Mona Looks Like A Happy Little Sadistic House Whore. Until She Remembers The Decorator Is Coming... Cadence Will Be Sad To Find That The Cupboards And Drawers Are Empty, And There Is Nothing In The House To Steal Except A Single Silver Collar Draped Playfully In Front Of A Security Camera, As If For Her To Find. Walking Directly Into Her Fate, Cadence Takes The Necklace And Finds Herself Immediately Under Mona's Thumbs, Pussy Clamped Wide Open, Nipples In Tight Metal Clamps, Made To Gush And Squirt With Painful Orgasm After Painful Orgasm. Humiliated And Used Up, Cadence Scrambles Out Of The House, But Cannot Resist Trying To Steal One Last Thing Before Making It Out The Door, Landing Her In Tommy's Hands, And Then Bouncing On His Cock As He And Mona Decide What To Do With Their Newly Acquired Toy. Answer Is Wrap It Up Tightly In Black Tape And Place It On The Sybian For A Terrible Torrent Of Orgasms While Being Shocked, Face Fucked, And Made To Like Mona's Asshole. Once Cadence Is Thoroughly Objectified And Fucked Out, She Must Please Mona's Pussy And Clean Tommy's Cock As He Fucks His Wife's Gorgeous Asshole And She Relishes Every Orgasm. Tied Up And Thrown On The Bed, Cadence Is Fucked, Spit On, Humiliated, And Gushes Uncontrollably All Over Tommy's Dick Until The Stockholm Syndrome Sets In And She Promises Herself As A Pet To Tommy And Mona, To Keep Forever. 00:04:00 3 months ago Txxx
Young Whore Francesca Dicaprio Shamed, Tied-Up, And Fucked In Public - PublicDisgrace, Barcelona Is A Shameless City That Bears The Flesh Of Its Citizens With Great Pride. Margout Darko Has Secretly Fantasized About Being Humiliated In Public For All The World To See For Many Years And Has Dreamed Of The Day That Kink's Sadistic Masters Would Get Their Hands On Her. She Is Self Conscious And Is Embarrassed To Expose Her Secret Slutty Self To The Whole World. She Is Paraded Down The Street Will Being Shocked And Prodded Along With Electric Zappers. She Is Laughed At And Ridiculed By Onlookers As She Is Made To Kneel In Front Of A Picturesque Building With Her Perfect Natural Breasts Hanging Out Of Her Torn Dress. She Can Feel The Eyes Of Repressed People Judging Her For Her Wanton Ways. And, Amidst Her Shame And The Glaring Judgement Of The Public Her Pussy Grows Wet With Hunger And Desire. Her Masters Then Parade Her Through A Public Fountain And Make Her Look Ridiculous By Being Made To Carry Her Shoes In Her Mouth. Jaws Drop And People Stop In Their Tracks As This Shameless Whore Sheepishly Shuffles By Them While Being Ridiculed By Her Dominant Task Masters From Behind. Once Margout Is Warmed Up, She Is Escorted To A Public Party Where Hungry Guest Greedily Disrobe Her With Their Prying Eyes. Quickly She Is Stripped Bare And Punished For Her Transgressions In Public. The Crowd Cheers On And Laughs At Her While Her Back Is Relentlessly Punished By A Thick Wooden Cane. She Is Then Tossed Around And Slapped In The Face Until Her Gaze Meekly Scans The Floor Of The Room In Search Of Some Solace. But There Is No Mercy To Be Found. She Is Then Tossed To The Floor And Two Hung Guys Jam Their Massive Cocks Down Her Throat Making Her Gag And Spit Up All Over Herself. Her Drool And Filth Gets Wiped All Over Her Face As She Begs For More Cocks To Face Fuck Her. Once All The Cocks In The Room Are Rock Hard She Gets Tied Up In Restrictive And Tight Rope Bondage. The Ropes Dig Into Her Skin, Abrading Her Flesh Every Time That She Moves. Before She Can Catch Her Breath The First Cock Penetrates Her Tight Pink Pussy While A Woman From The Audience Shoves Their Pussy Into Margout's Face. The Men Take Turns Fucking Her Tight Whore Hole And Mouth While She Gasps For Her Air. And When She Reaches The Heights Of Bliss She Squirts All Over Herself And Cries Out As The Multiple Orgasms Roll From One To The Next. When The Crowd Grows Bored Of Her, The Men Blow Massive Loads Of Cum All Over Her Disheveled Face. The Crowd Laughs At How Ridiculous Her Jizz Coated Face Looks, Making Her Shame Complete And Her Disgrace A Complete Success. Margout Darko Gets Punished And Humiliated In Public And Fucked By Two Dom's While Restrained In Tight Rope Bondage!! 00:04:00 2 months ago Txxx
A Ballbusting Engagement, Olivia Convinced Her Martial Arts Instructor To Propose To Her By Breaking His Balls And Implying That He'd Eventually Get Laid. Now They Are Getting Ready For An Engagement Dinner, And They Are Arguing. Olivia Gets Sick Of The Argument Pretty Quick, And Kicks Derek In The Nuts. She's Half Dressed, Only Wearing Underwear And Fishnets And A Bra. She Commences To Break His Balls And Talk Sweetly To Him, Settling The Argument In Her Own Demented Way: Pinning Him To The Ground, Wrapping Her Sexy Fishnet Covered Thighs Around His Neck, Slapping And Kicking His Balls, And Keeping It Sexy And Sweet The Whole Time. Eventually She Ties Him Up To The Wall To Step Up The Teasing And Consequences. She Starts To Lube Up His Dick, And Brings Him Right To The Edge Of Orgasm, Just To Leave Him And Come Back. But When She Returns, She Doesn't Let Him Release, She Just Edges Him Again, Then Kicks Him Hard In The Balls And Leaves Him Tied Up To Suffer. She Teases Him More With Her Sexy Ass, And Eventually Grows Tired Of This Game, So She Unties Him, Apologizes, Then Drops Him With Some Hard Knees And Finishes Him With A Scissor Hold. Oliva Walks Off Ominously, She Isn't Done With Her New Fiance Yet. Olivia Returns To Derek. He's Still Naked On The Floor And Now She's Wearing A Latex Skirt And Black Pantyhose. Olivia Proceeds To Take Him Back And Forth From Please To Pain With Hits To His Balls And A Really Sweet Handjob. She Teases Him With Her Sexy Ass, Puts Her Feet And Ass In His Face, Stands Up To Kick Him In The Balls, But Keeps Going Back To Stroking To Keep Him On The Line. She Eventually Milks His Cum Out Onto Her Black Spandex Leggings, Giggling The Whole Time. 00:07:28 1 year ago Txxx
Jed Tied Up And Fucked 00:05:10 3 years ago Tube8
Chloe And Trisha In All Tied Up - PunishTeens, Trisha Finds Yards On Yards Of Rope In Her Moms Pantie Drawer. She Shows It To Chloe, Who Is Also Very Intrigued By It. She Suggests That Maybe Trishas Parents Are Into Kink, And She Might Be Right. After Gazing At The Rope For A Few Minutes, They Both Decide That Maybe This Is Something They Should Try, But They Have No Idea How Its Done. They Look Up Online How To Do It Properly, And When Chloe Gives Trisha The First Wrap Around, She Starts Getting Excited Right Away. Turns Out Chloe Isnt The Best At BDSM Knots, So They Decide To Call Richie Who They Know Is Super Good At That Kind Of Stuff. As Soon As He Gets There, They Immediately Lure Him To The Bedroom To Explain The Deal. Richies A Little Bit Perplexed. He Gets The Tying Up Part, But What Else? The Girls Basically Leave It Up To Him, And Thats The Worst Possible Idea They Have Had All Day. Turns Out Richie Was A Closet Sick Sadistic Fuck Who Took Overbearing Control Right Away As Soon As It Was Given To Him. He Lifts Chloe By The Hair And Sternly Tells Them Both To Take Their Fucking Clothes Off. Trisha Tries Talking Back, But He Firmly Grabs Her By The Mouth, Lays Down The Rules, And Demeans The Girls Every Chance He Can. He Throat Fucks The Shit Out Of Trisha While Chloe Is Forced To Watch. She Tries To Get Up, But Its Of No Use. Richie Proceeds To Brutally Cock Slap Both Of These Sluts So They Can Get A Dose Of What True Kink Is All About. He Then Gets Them Both On The Bed, Just In Time To Start Brutally Slapping, Fish Hooking, And Fucking Them Both In Quite A Raucous Manner. After That Ordeal AND A Demoralizing Shared Load To The Face, Its Safe To Say These Little Adventurers Might Stick To Vanilla Next Time They Go To The Ice Cream Shop. 00:09:59 1 year ago Txxx
Tied Up Guy Gets Sucked Off 00:02:02 1 year ago DrTuber
Mean Mistress Vanessa Vixon Gives Her Bday Gift A Ballbusting Handjob - MeanHandJobs, Lance Hart Was Tied Up And Given To The Sexy Dominant Mistress Vanessa Vixon As A Personal Toy For Her Birthday. It's No Surprise Vanessa Has Him Tied To The Wall In Tight Rope. She Loves Rope Bondage. She Makes A Deal With Him. If His Dick Can Measure Up To 10 Inches, She'll Let Him Keep His Balls. If Not, He's Getting Castrated. His Balls Will Be Added To Her Collection. She Pulls Down His Pants And Measures His Soft Dick. It's Not Even Close. She Kicks Him In The Balls And Teases Him, Laughing In His Face. He's Begging For Mercy. She's Wearing White Pantyhose, A Push Up Bra And A Short Skirt. Her Taunts Are Actually Helping His Cock Size But The Knees And Kicks To His Balls Don't. Vanessa Gets Down On The Floor And Measures Her Feet To Compare With His Dick. She Then Covers His Cock With Her Foot And Crushes It. She Even Plays With His Balls With Some Snap Kicks. Don't Whine Cause I'll Just Hurt You More. To Tease Him Even More, She Gets Some Lube And Starts To Stroke His Cock. She Gives The Best Mean Femdom Handjobs. Her Tits Are Amazing And Her Cruel Smile Cuts Right Through Him. They Usually Come With Plenty Of Hardcore Ballbusting. She Loves Her CBT Fun. He Still Doesn't Measure Up And He's Raging Hard. So She Leaves Him Tied Up For Two Days. She Really Wants Him To Experience Blue Balls One Last Time. On Her Return She Is Wearing A Sexy Teddy With Her Perfect Boobs Almost Popping Out, Black Pantyhose And High Heels. She's Come Back For His Balls. Vanessa Goes Over The Different Ways That She Might Remove Them While Lance Freaks Out. There's Nothing He Can Do. Because She Wants Him To Suffer A Little More, She Strokes His Cock Again To Make One Last Deal. If He Can Keep From Cumming, He Can Keep His Balls One More Day. So It's Either Blue Balls, Emasculation Tomorrow Or Release And No Balls. She Jerks Him Off All Over Her Teddy And Pantyhose While He's Begging Her To Slow Down. He Doesn't Want Her To Cut His Balls Off. 00:08:00 2 months ago Txxx
Tied Up Dick & Balls 00:01:37 2 years ago xHamster

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